Merry Christmas Eve! Are You Sugared Out?

Hi Friends!  Merry Christmas Eve to everyone celebrating!  I’m going to spend some time with the family at the beach today if it’s not raining but so far, it has been.  Sigh.  We are leaving on Monday and time is ticking so I hope the weather cooperates for our last few days here in Aruba.  And ticking by very fast as is always the case with vacations!

I think there’s been plenty of sugar around the ‘sphere and I am a prime sugarfest offender from my last few days worth of posts.

12 Days & Recipes of Christmas 


Well these homemade granola bars are health with no added sugar, though!


But this post has zero “health food” in it!
Friends’ Dessert Recipes I want to Make

The sugarfest continued…
Chocolate Covered Oreo Balls

….So how about just a big fresh salad and veggies with a nice, easy, light vinaigrette:  Holiday Orange Spice Vinaigrette

Paired with Mango Ginger Maple Tofu

Mango Ginger Maple Tofu

Thanks for everyone’s compliments on my new DSLR camera that’s on order!

EOS Rebel T2i EF-S 18-55mm IS Kit

Please chime in if you have photography tips, tips for how to use the camera or DSLRs in general, websites you’ve found helpful for cameras and photography.  I want to learn so fill me in on great sites.

And yes, the camera is a huge investment but worth it to me, for so many reasons.

Case in point, capturing memories like Gingerbread Man decorating in better quality.

1. Are you sugared, sweets, or desserted out?  
I think many people are because just yesterday:
Angela discussed Balance and Planning for Our Health
Tina posted her Confessions of a Sugarholic
Meghann wrote about No More Chocolate

It takes a lot for me to get sugared out because I always eat tons of fresh produce.  If I wasn’t doing that though, yes, I would be sugared and desserted out.

Case in point, airline travel.  Not having much produce for 36 hours when we were traveling here and eating more processed food than usual in airports, just makes me feel awful and out of balance.

2. Do you find it hard to resist certain foods? (for some people this is sugar and dessert, for others it’s fried or salty foods, etc.)  Do you try to?  Do you care?
We all know that starting from Halloween, then onto Thanksgiving,  Chanukah, Christmas, and New Years, one can really have sugar and sweet treats at every corner.   And just when you think it’s done, there’s Valentine’s Day and the Easter Bunny. 

I love desserts like nobody’s business, but I also balance it with exercise, a healthy diet, a good attitude (because nothing is worth getting that worked up about)..and moderation.

It’s all about moderation for me:
I will see food again. 
I don’t have to eat everything I see at this party, today. 
I will have the chance to eat this particular food item, again.
I don’t need 3 pieces, today. 
I can have one today, one next week, and one at the next party type thing. 
I don’t need to have 4 cookies if all I want is a bite. 
However, if I want 3 cookies today, that’s fine, too.

That’s how I balance things in my own world.

I don’t deny myself things I really want unless I know they will make me sick.  I just try to use common sense and roll with life’s punches (and holiday parties) and not stress out.  What’s the point of getting my undies in a bundle over two cookies?  No point, if you ask me!

Tell me your thoughts about this!

3.  What are your plans for today, tonight, and tomorrow?
We are hopefully going to the beach today, tonight having a low key dinner at home, Santa will come, and then tomorrow morning, discovering what new toys Santa brought!

I’m off to do my workout on my Aruba Workout PathTo sweat out some of those sugar toxins, right?  hah!

Merry Christmas to all who are celebrating!  Be Good, Santa’s on his way tonight!

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