2011 Intentions

Hi Friends!  I hope you’ve had a good day.  I have been buried in housework, cooking, cleaning, and mail sorting.  This is another reason people say you need a vacation after your vacation because you come home and work really hard on getting everything done.

With 2010 almost over, I am sure many people that you know in your life, friends, and family members, and bloggers around the ‘sphere are going to start posting and sharing their New Years Resolutions for 2011 with you.  I am kind of going to do that.

Why kind of?

Well, as I explained last December, I dislike the word resolution because resolutions are easily broken

I prefer the word intention.  You cannot break an intention the way you can “break your New Years resolutions”.

Also, goals are great to have and I do set goals but I feel like they leave gray area and aren’t always resolute enough.  More “one day I hope to” rather than “one day I will”.   

That’s why, again, I prefer the word intention.  If I say, “a goal of mine is to xyz…”  vs.  “I intend to do xyz…”  The later feels much stronger and has more conviction and a greater chance of happening for me.

Semantics?  Yes.

Important distinctions for me, nevertheless?  Yes.

So with that, here are my Intentions for 2011:

1. Pay off my credit card debt and Save Money
I never had credit card debt in my entire life until 2009.  I spent 2010 digging out of a financial hole that was the result of buying real estate in a location I didn’t like and in a horrible economy.  Can’t change the past.  Can only change the future, which means that I intend to pay off my credit card debt in 2011.  Period.   After my debt is paid, I want to start saving more money.

2. Work Hard 
Most people say they want to “find balance” in their life.  Balance their work, family, spouse, kids, exercise, food choices, etc.  I don’t want to find balance per se.  I want to work hard, work a lot, work to pay off my debt because only after working hard will I be able to find peace and find balance.  The work has to come first. 

3. Blog Changes
There are a number of changes coming (all great!) for my blog.  Making sure they happen, with as little stress or snags as possible, is my intention.

4. Diet & Exercise
I intend to continue to eat a plant-based diet, exercise similarly to how I currently workout, i.e. 20 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of yoga/lifting/core work, each day.  I am very happy with my current dietary and exercise paths.  I have no intention of changing things.  Rather, I intend to maintain what I am already doing.   Along the lines of health, I do intend to get at least 6 hours of sleep per night, no matter what.

From Here

5. Marriage
I intend to be a loyal, faithful, hardworking, giving, and loving partner to Scott.  We can all always “do better” in our relationships and it’s my intention to give 110% to our marriage.

6. Parenting
I intend to be a patient, loving, kind, compassionate, gentle, and caring parent to Skylar.  I intend to be the best I can be.  This intention, above all others on this list, is my #1 priority.   The buck stops here, so to speak.  If this intention is not met, then everything else on this list is for naught.  Period.  

Christmas Morning 2010

7. Time Management
I intend to allow for some personal, discretionary and unaccounted for time each day, i.e. “blow off” time and “time wasting” in each day.  Some people need help focusing and being more effective.  I need to work on being more “whatever” and less goal-oriented.  Each and every second of my day is accounted for.  I would like to change that and be able to blow off the afternoon or day or my email inbox or my blog post or whatever it is, as needed.

8. Mental Attitude
I intend to stay positive about life, about what I have.   I am Grateful for all the things I do have.  I should never let the stress and pressure of life impact me to the point where my mental attitude about the big picture of life is skewed.  We all have “down days” but overall, I keep a good attitude about things and I plan to continue this and to continually remind myself that life is a journey; stop and smell the roses, and stay positive about life even in the face of stress or adversity.

9. Friends
I love my internet friends and friends I have made from my blog.  However, I spend very little time in my San Diego day-to-day life with my real life friends.  I intend to change this.

10. Slack
I intend to cut myself some slack if I cannot be the best blog reader and commenter on others blogs, or the best mother/wife/friend/sister/daughter/worker/household chore do-er/organizer/planner, etc.  I am only one person and intend to cut myself some slack if I can’t do it all.  Or do it all, every single day. 

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From my post earlier today about my new DSLR Camera that I just purchased, thanks for cheering me on as I attempt to familiarize myself with This Beast

And it was interesting to read what in your life has gone according to plansAnd what has not.  And what you do about it and how you handle these situations.   Or if you listen to those voices inside your head or to the Universe if it ever speaks to you either encouraging you or warning you about something.

And it was interesting to hear who suffers from Buyers Remorse and why you do or don’t usually find yourself with it.

1. What are Your 2011 Intentions?

2. Can you relate to any of my intentions?  Anything on my list that you plan to put on yours?

3. Do you think the choice of words we use in matter?  i.e. Intentions, Goals, Resolutions, etc.   
Not only for this topic, but I do think that the words we choose, the labels we attach or don’t attach to everything from someone else we know to the food choices we made to how we think about our own life or personality traits or body image or self-construct, that the words we use, do matter.  Sometimes they are very subtle, but I do think they matter.  Then again, I tend to be analytical about these types of things and can ponder semantics for a long time!

Have a wonderful rest of your Wednesday.  It’s so chill, rainy, and cold here!  I am about to make a cup of Vegan Guiltless & Fast Vanilla Hot Cocoa

See you tomorrow!

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