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Housekeeping detail that I am so proud to announce: All Links have been restored and the pathways are correct!  No more Page Not Found errors!

So if you were desperate for a recipe in the past 48 hours (I got quite  few panicky emails from people in dire need of recipes), or had Yoga FAQs, or wanted to see some Popular Posts or Workouts, everything has been restored.  Ahhh. You don’t even know how happy this makes me.  Thank you, Dustin and Jenn!  I bow down to them and kiss their feet.   They are The Best!

Remember when I reorganized my pantry?

Well the things I totally forgot I had gifts just keep coming.  Like these Brad’s Raw Chips.

Hidden treasures like an un-worn Bebe Shirt and MAC makeup galore probably excite me more than chips, but hey, it’s always exciting to find things I forgot about.

These are tasty and if you like Cheeze-I’s or Doritos, you could maybe pretend you’re eating one of those with these.  Not really, but ya know, I’m trying to find the silver gluten-free lining because I loved both Cheeze-Its and Doritos when I was growing up.


I can definitely taste the garlic and scallions in them.  For me, that’s not great because I am not a fan of garlic and onions.  But if you’re looking for a GF Vegan cracker or chip, other than say a Mary’s Cracker, these are good.  They are far lighter and less dense than a Mary’s, too.

Or just make your own crackers….

Vegan GF Crackers

Vegan GF Crackers i.e. Homemade Mary’s Crackers!
Or, if chips are your thing…
Try Raw Vegan Kale Chips
Raw Vegan Kale Chip Recipe
And if you like Cheeze-It’s or Doritos, you’ll probably like…
“Spicy Doritos” Cheezy Dip
“Spicy Doritos” Cheezy Dip

From my Sights Around Here post…

and Being Silent, or not. Many of you said you struggle with being silent.  And that you explain yourself and talk in circles many times when really, you wish you could just have more golden silence moments.

And being pyschic, as I mentioned, I am and some of you said you are too.  Cool, maybe we can get together and have a premonition that I’m going to win the lottery.

Dessert: Vegan GF Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies with Peanut Flour

I love the semi-translucent parts.  That’s where the Peanut Flour + Butter + Sugar turned into a mouthgasmic experience.
Vegan GF Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies with Peanut Flour


1. How’s your week been going?  Anything new or exciting?

To say my life has been full,  and full of “new and exiting things” is an understatement of epic proportions.

The Blog Move and all the behind the scenes glitches that have come with it but that are mostly done.  It’s totally worth it for me to have moved.  I love blogging from WordPress, I love my new blog, all of you seem happier with the page load times and layout, but just getting to this point has been “new and exciting”.   Like a new glitch around every corner. Remember that Wine & Whine Post.  Yeah.

And work has been really busy for me.

Of course, family life and being a mother, wife, head chef, lead dishwasher, and the best toilet bowl scrubber around keeps things “exciting”!

Seriously though, it’s all good.  I’d rather have my life be full of exciting things and stay busy.

2. What would you be more excited to find: Food or Other Things?
It kind of depends on the food for me.  I would be more excited to find cookies than I would be to find my old CD collection from 2005.

But I’d be more excited to find $10 bucks stashed in the pocket of jeans or a MAC lip gloss I forgot about I than I would be to find a bag of chips in the back of the cupboard.  Just being honest.

Would you be more excited to find food or something else?  Or would it be a case-by-case basis?

3. When it comes to gifts or shopping for yourself, do you prefer to buy one big really awesome thing, or many smaller (less expensive) things?

Hard call because sometimes that one really big item is totally worth it.

But other times I think, well would I really use, say a Kitchen Aid Stand mixer enough to justify buying one?

Or, would I rather have 10 other smaller things like new coffee mugs, a new shirt from F21, restock my ‘good’ shampoo and conditioner, etc.  Because I could buy a lot of little things for the same price.

But in the end, I would probably remember the Stand Mixer and the other things would be forgotten about.

Are you of the One Big Ticket Item or the Spread it Around mentality?

43 comments on “Food Or Other Things, Big Ticket Items”

  1. ahhh YOUR peanut flour cookies look DIVINE.. i honestly cannot fault anything you make Averie- you are a culinary GENIUS!!!!!

  2. I’ve wanted to try those raw chips, but the price tag always stops me. I can (and do, often!) make my own delectable chips for so much less!!

  3. I love finding new things, or old things that have been forgotten. I usually find more food items than anything else, which isn’t very often. As far as getting one big vs. lot’s of little – it depends on what I am wanting and how bad. Take that kitchen aid mixer for example. That baby will be mine next weekend. I have wanted one for a while. Well J.C. Penney’s is having a two day sale, I have about 3 coupons I can use, so that lovely little addition will be mine for around 130$…gotta get it! Or my Tom’s shoes – I really wanted another pair of those so I opted to spend the majority of my Christmas money for that one purchase as opposed to a day of shopping; however, for my birthday I wanted more little things than one big. I guess it changes with me :)

  4. Yum, the chips look great, I’d love the garlic and onion flavors. And more great snack ideas here.

    1. Long, can’t wait for the weekend! It’s been a good week though.
    2. Depends, food is exciting, but so is a huge wad of money.
    3. Depends on what I want, last year I got lots of little things for Christmas and that was awesome. This year a new camera and that was awesome too. :-)

  5. 1. Yes! I just started Nursing School and I finally figured out how to take Blood Pressure correctly :-) Yippy!!
    2. Food!
    3. Small things. I would like to have better willpower, but I find that sometimes I need a latte or a snack when I’m out and that ends up being all my “extra” income- just to clarify I dont’ buy lattes out a lot, but I pretty much get $10 extra bucks per week so there it goes!

  6. I have to say I broke my tooth on a mary’s cracker and I’ll never eat them again! anything softer is a huge plus for me. I’ve had mixed experience with Brad’s. One time they were stale but it probably was the store’s fault.

    Usually don’t like to buy much except small things but if I really have my heart set on something big I’ll get it. For Christmas I usually get a bunch of smaller things and it’s more fun to open.

    I never really “find” food, I guess my cabinets are not that big! One time I found a macaroon in the freezer that I forgot about and that was a score. Otherwise of course I’d rather find money.

  7. there’s no chip out there that I love more than the dehydrated “nacho cheeze” kale chip….nothing.

  8. the cookies look awesome! Need to get myself some peanut flour.
    I would rather find “other things” than food! Of course, it’s always fun to find food- but I love when I find a piece of jewelry or a nailpolish I had forgotten about!

  9. I love the new blog! Especially because I can read it all now; my computer used not to be able to display the old one properly for some reason (it did the same with Mary at Bites And Bliss) but now I can read everything! :-)

  10. I prefer small things. I bought some new notebooks for school and it made me happy- it’s really the little things in life!

  11. I love the new site! I was a bit confused for a while when all of your posts in my Reader were old, but now I see you got a total makeover. Gorgeous!

  12. those chips look sooo yummy — I don’t think they have them in my area, though :(

  13. You’re probably going to do this anyway, but I for one would _love_ to hear your thoughts and comparisons at some point on blogger vs. wordpress: of course, I’m very curious as to why you made the move, but as I said, it really does look great.

    I don’t know that there’s much new here this week, just getting better at ice-driving and trying to catch up with work.

    For me, finding goodies like that would have to be case-by-case. Mostly ‘things’ would probably be more exciting than food (because I usually know what all we have food-wise!)

    Big-ticket items: I’m so glad I got my Vitamix! But most of the time I prefer to avoid those big spends…

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  15. I like to buy lots of little things-makeup, shoes, clothes, jewelry, ktichen gadgets and fun food items…I feel like I get more when I do it that way

  16. Keep up the good work. Your site was informative.

  17. I like to buy a bunch of smaller things … there are usually no big ticket items that I really want.

  18. Nice post. Thought, i have a problem. I am trying to see your site on my Iphone, i dpn;t know what’s the problem. I see only the first page. Thx.

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