Grocery Runs, You Should Try…

I’ve had a super busy day today but needed to swing through TJ’s and the regular grocery store.  Thankfully they share a parking lot and I can hit both in warp speed if I don’t get too caught up just browsing the condiments aisles.  Plus I was just at TJ’s on Monday and showed you my stash from that trip.

My stash today.  This isn’t everything and it’s hard to see the 3 lbs of potatoes for $1.69 and the 99 cent/lb apples but they’re there.

19 cents each.  It’s cheap to support our Banana Habit & Snacks

69 cents….

…With that red pepper, I should make some “Spicy Doritos” Cheezy Dip

“Spicy Doritos” Cheezy Dip
Or some Raw Vegan Kale Chips

Raw Vegan Kale Chips  

Scott likes these

And Katie recommended the Dr. Praeger’s brand.  And I trust her with my life.  I’ve never had these before and I am not really a burger girl.  Although I did used to enjoy Morningstar soy burgers about 10 years ago, but just because I love ketchup.  I used to have a little burger with my ketchup.

I stopped eating red meat as a child.  I just never cared for it and became a self-proclaimed I don’t eat red meat girl from a very young age.  So I don’t really like things that are made to taste like meat….

…But I have been craving horseradish lately.  So plan to smother the burgers in this.

I also have a Vegan Slaw Horseradish Relish Dressing that’s homemade and very easy if you want to make your own horseradish dressing.

The  Vegan Slaw Horseradish Relish Dressing is great over veggies and salads

Organic Carrots at my regular grocery store are pretty much permanently “on sale” for $1.50/bag.  That makes them cheaper than conventional (which are $1.99/bag).  Go figure.  So with carrots, we have organic.

With other things?  Nah, not so much.  I have explained why I don’t usually buy organic before.   

The bottom line is, if I have to choose between buying organic apples or conventional apples, and the organic ones are going to put me into debt, then I happily buy conventional.  Any fruits or veggies are better than none, the organic vs. conventional status, not withstanding.  That’s my logic.  Do what works for you, your needs, your comfort level, and your budget, of course.

From my post earlier today about Fast, Easy, and Healthy Snacks, glad you liked that one and it was fun to hear what your go to snacks are!

Thanks to everyone who said you like little one-minute “recipes” ideas

I also linked the post in my Recipes Tab where at the bottom of the Recipes Tab, I have what I call “Themed Posts”, i.e. a Game Day Recipes Post, a 4th of July Recipes Post, a Caribbean Themed Recipes Post.

So now there’s a Fast, Easy, & Healthy Snacks link, too in the Recipes Tab all the way at the bottom of that tab.

And many thanks to everyone who’s been writing to me lately saying I should write a cookbook.  I used to get told that all the time or asked if I had any plans to do so.

I always said I wasn’t interested in pursuing a book deal since there’s lots of effort, energy, and oftentimes heartbreak and rejection after thousands of hours of work up front submitting proposals that don’t necessarily materialize.   And I just didn’t feel strongly enough that that was something I wanted to pursue.

I still am not actively pursuing a book deal but if one fell in my lap, I wouldn’t say no.  Who would?

Many thanks for the kind words and encouragement from you all if that ever becomes part of my life’s plans that you’d buy my cookbook.   That seriously has been making my day the past few. 

1. Have you ever been told you should do something by others?  Did you pursue it or discount it?  Why?

I have been told by people that I should write a book, open a holistic counseling business, do more fitness competitions, go back to school, become a personal trainer, you name it, people have suggested lots of things to me.

Some of these things I have tried, some I haven’t. 

Not that I don’t want to try them nor do I have any fears about trying them, but with my work, family, and life commitments these days, I have to really focus in on what is truly important and truly captures my interest before I just dive off the cliff and jump in headfirst to all sorts of diverse projects.  Which is what I used to do.

Life is different with a family to support and real world responsibilities.  I can’t just gallivant off to Costa Rica for a month and become a yoga teacher these days.  I am sure glad I did it 10 years ago, though.  And then I followed up last year and became certified at the highest level.

2. How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?
I’ll happily rub it in that it’s high 60s, sunny, and perfect right now in San Diego.  Time to go for a power walk! 

See you in the morning!

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