Hair Pictures, Learning Curves

Hi Friends!  How’s it going?  Here’s a few pictures of my new color.  Not “new” per se, but touched up color.  Ahh, the clean feeling of fresh roots is so nice.

I left the salon with wet hair and came home and blow-dried my hair myself.   I’d rather just dry my own hair which takes me 10 minutes but at the salon, a blowout takes 45 minutes or more.  No time, no thanks.  That was a pre-child, pre-fulltime working luxury.  I am just happy to get my hair done so gladly will bail on the time-consuming blowout. 
Taking self-portraits with my DSLR is a different experience than with the P & S.  It’s heavier and harder to hold steady in one hand.  And focusing it is a different challenge than with my P & S but it’s a learning curve I am loving!
At this point I had snapped about 20 pics and that camera was getting heavy!

I loved hearing everyone’s take on snarky and snappy comebacks from my earlier post.

The things people have said to you, and what you’ve said back to others.  Some snappy, some snarky, and some…unmentionables. 

And what you find funny, and not funny, was interestingVery good stuff!  I had so many chuckles and jaw drops reading all of your comments, so thank you for keeping my email reading interesting and fun!

Oh and regarding my beer belly and pregnancy story and the pregnancy pictures, thank for everyone who said I was a cute pregnant lady.  And that the woman who told me that was off her rocker.


Dessert: Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Cherry Balls
Chocolate and cherries go so well together! 

Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Cherry Balls

1. Do you stay in the salon for the blowdry?  
I don’t as I mentioned.   I am too impatient and busy to sit through it!  But I would gladly sit extra time for the head, scalp, and neck massage in the shampoo bowl area.  Heavenly.

2. Do you have anything that’s a Learning Curve for you right now that you’re working on learning?  Or any recent learning curves?

My new camera is one of mine. 

And when I first got my Vita-Mix about 4 years ago, I made lots of…mush and purees.  I think most people do when they first get something with so much power!  It’s easy to turn things to mush in a hurry.  Smoothies, dips, hummus, soups were in full-rotation when I first got my Vita.  But after the learning curve phase was over, I was able to branch out and create things like  Raw Vegan Chocolate Donut Holes and Vegan Gluten Free Pancakes in it.

I’m going to get a workout later on and I’ll see you back later a jam packed recipe post.

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