Neighborhood Walk Photos, Stop & Smell the Roses

Hi Friends!  It turned out to be a nice day here, low 60s and sunny so Skylar and I went for a little walk around our neighborhood.  Gotta love “winter weather” in San Diego.   Here’s a sampling of what we saw on our walk.   And it gave me a chance to practice taking pictures with my new camera.

 Can you see the bee in the center of the Bird of Paradise Flower? (photos above and below)


 I love Indian and Eastern-influenced artwork, statues, and ganesha.

Of the ones I saw today, she’s my favorite

Pretty and fun, but probably not something I’d want long term.  I’m still loving the Master Bedroom Decor that I picked out from West Elm about a year ago.  Duvet & Pillows here and Dressers & Desk here

These look like the Cherry Blossoms on my half sleeve Tattoo!

Without changing my foot positioning or my arm angles, and just using the zoom on the lens, I can get different shots so easily!  See above and below.  Same flower, just zooming in and out.

I think this is my favorite shot of the day

What do you think of that backpack?

I need to figure out why sometimes when I’m shooting in the sunlight, why the picture isn’t “bright”.  Something to do with lighting, aperature, shutter speed, f-stops, all that jazz that’s still Greek to Me.

Skylar’s Rock Camera

The dancing and being silly pictures were captured nanoseconds apart.  Something my P-n-S could not have captured.   The pesky delay would have tripped me up.

Self-portraits are tricky for the reasons mentioned with the DSLR.  But do-able.  Kind of.

And that concludes our little walk.

From my earlier post today about what Fitness Experiments You’ve Tried, what’s worked and what you’ve liked and haven’t liked as much, as well as what you want to try in the future, it was wonderful to read about everyone’s journeys and paths.

As I mentioned in the post, I have evolved from cardio to yoga to lifting to incorporating it all in a streamlined way

 I loved hearing what your evolution and fitness path has been as well!

Dessert: Raw Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies
You don’t have to keep these raw.  The dough is edible as is, without baking.  Mmmm, that’s a thought.  But you can also bake them in the oven if you don’t have a dehydrator.  Or even if you do have a dehyd but don’t have patience, the oven is always a good option.

 Raw Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies

1. Do you ever walk around your neighborhood and take time to “stop and smell the roses”? 
Between walking with a child, and a camera, and trying to take some pictures.  We definitely took time to stop and smell the roses on this little stroll.  Both literally and figuratively. 

It’s nice to enjoy the journey and just stroll, savor, not rush, and take in all the sights and sounds around you sometimes.

2. What would you see in your neighborhood or on a walk in your area right now?  Sunny, cloudy, snow, flowers, dirty snowbanks, parked cars, wide open spaces..tell me!
I love to see what people’s “real world” and “real life” looks like.  Not just pictures of their food.

Food is really not that interesting to me after reading hundreds of blog posts each week.   I’d rather see pictures of Real Life!  Not just food. 

If you missed my post a few days ago about all the flowers, cactus, and other sights around my neighborhood, check This Post out.

Have a great night everyone and see you in the morning!

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