New Camera Lens Ordered, What’s on Your Wish List?

Hi Friends!  TGIF!  I hope your day has been good.  Mine has been busy!

I’ve been loving my new camera so much.  But, due to the flukes and strange chain of events when I bought it that I mentioned, I never got the upgraded lens I wanted to.  Until now.

This is what I ordered:

The Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 II  Standard & Medium Telephoto

EF 50mm f/1.8 II

I also ordered a Hoya – 52mm UV(0) Haze Glass Filter to protect the lens.


I am so excited! 

I like my new hair color.  But I really am in lust with my new camera.   This isn’t the new lens, yet.

Taking pictures around our neighborhood…

…And Pictures of Skylar will be even more fun with my new lens! 

Many of you told me she looks so grown up in these pictures.  I agree!

And I can’t wait to see how the new lens does with food close-ups, too.  I want to start taking new pictures of desserts.  

Like my Vegan Maple-Nut Chocolate Oaties

Vegan Maple-Nut Chocolate Oaties

From my post earlier today about Making Sushi and Wraps at Home, thanks for everyone’s feedback about what you like to wrap up, make, and what your method is (using a sushi rolling mat, or not)

As an aside, about 25 comments on that post went straight into my spam folder and I have no idea why, but I fished them out.  The next 25 comments or so seemed to stay out of spam which was encouraging.  But if you commented and your comment seemed to just “disappear”, it’s been rescued from the spam landfill.   I happen to think it has something to do with the video I embedded in the post but that’s just a hunch.

Anyway, if you missed any of my wraps or dipping sauces, check out that post.

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1. What’s on your agenda for the weekend?
I am working, working out, spending time with the family, cooking, cleaning, errand-running, and am just pretty busy.  But that’s ok!

2. Do you have any items on your wish list?  
I know the holidays are over and most people probably aren’t thinking of buying things or gifts, but as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t wait until December to buy things.  If I want something and I’ve thought it through, and if I know I will use it, want/need it, and it’s feasible for me to buy it, I do.

Other things on my possible Wish List Include:
A sushi rolling mat

Cuisinart Food Processor (I only have a Vita-Mix).  See This Post for my ranking of Kitchen Appliances

A Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

Cute dishes.  They make for better food photography.  It’s all coming down to that the pictures lately for me!

Camera equipment

And body spray.  I can never have too many of those!

What’s on your Wish List?

See you tomorrow everyone!

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