Remembering Birthdays, Friends & Connections

Yesterday I snapped a couple photos of the sky.  Isn’t it just so blue and perfect?  

I would love to say this is a retouched photo or color-enhanced in some way.  
Nope.  That’s Mother Nature’s finest blue right there.

But don’t be too envious of the perfect 75-80F temps we had for a few days in San Diego.  They ended today.  It’s dreary, foggy, damp, and ugh.

Speaking of Mother Nature, it was fun to read your thoughts on the Full Moon and if you’re feeling any effects from it.   Lots of you said that yes, you have been noticing a few moon-related things now that I mentioned it and were glad I did.  Glad I could help.  I aim to please.

And I loved all the talk about Astrological Signs.  And who has a new sign.  And who cares. It was nice to read your thoughts on signs and how much stock you put into them.

Many of you told me that the change is only for babies born after 2009, and there are different chats, Eastern vs. Western, and that some charts have changed and others haven’t.  I know for all you inquiring minds, google is just a click away to research it all.


Today I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to my wonderful friend, Madeline!

Without her and our Coffee Meetups in Phoenix, I don’t think I would have survived those 9 months.

Here’s our Last Phoenix Meetup May 31, 2010

And here was our First Meetup in November 2009

And there was a nearly weekly or bi-weekly standing coffee date.  I lived for those 90 minutes each week.

And here was our meetup when she was in San Diego for a day, August 2010

Madeline watched Skylar grow up from a diaper-wearing baby to an almost pre-schooler!
She has moved to the Northeast where she’s living large and in charge with a spiffy new life and I am thrilled for her.  Even though I miss her tons!
 Happy Birthday, Madeline I hope you’re having a cocktail tonight and I wish I could join you!

Dessert:  If I was making Madeline a birthday cake (from my current recipe arsenal), I think I would make her my Vegan Peanut Butter Banana Bread Cake (Gluten/Soy-Free) because I know she loves bananas and nut butter.

But I may make it bread form rather than cake form because Madeline likes bread.  Her beer bread recipe makes me wish I wasn’t GF!

Madeline’s Pumpkin Beer Bread

But my banana bread is GF so hopefully she would settle for it.
Vegan Peanut Butter Banana Bread (Gluten/Soy-Free) 

Vegan Peanut Butter Banana Bread (Gluten/Soy-Free)  

And I’d top it with some Vegan Vanilla Softserve with Chocolate Sprinkles 

 Vegan Vanilla Softserve with Chocolate Sprinkles 

1. Do you remember your friend’s birthdays?  Or your relatives birthdays?
I admit, I am getting worse and worse about this.
I am great with my immediate family and relatives.
I am decent with childhood or friends who I’ve had for years.  Or I at least am within a week.
Other times, I am horrible.  Even sometimes for people I’ve known for years, I still can’t remember their birthday off the top of my head.  I guess that’s a benefit to the digital age, I could set electronic reminders for all this stuff.

2. Has anyone important in your life ever forgotten your birthday?
Sadly yes, this has happened to me.  But I lived.  And, I think the person felt worse than I did, actually.

3. Have you ever met someone that you had a great bond with and that you shared a time in your life together that you’ll both always remember vividly?  
I met Madeline in Phoenix and we both needed a friend, to put it bluntly.  She was not thrilled with her life and circumstances there, nor was I.  And we came into each other’s lives at a perfect time.  And even though it’s likely we’ll never live in the same city, I will never forget our awesome coffee dates and I cherish our friendship.

I have had other friends who I met through yoga and we went on a yoga retreat together.  Because of that shared experience and the deep connections we made in that short week, we still keep in touch.  Actually, it’s my friend Diana who I’ve posted about before.

And I have other friends, either online friends or real life friends, who I was there for them, and they were there for me, at an important time in my life or me in theirs, and even though we may not chat tons now, I will never forget what they meant to me at that time.

Tell me about your special connections with friends!

See you later gang!

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  1. I am a total girly girl!! I love to shop shop shop, love anything pink, and love makeup and doing my nails. On the flip side, I consider myself very emotionally strong and really dedicated to my schoolwork…not so much my workouts…need to pick up on more of that ;)
    I also can’t stand fake-ditzy girls (and guys!)…it bugs me to no end and I actually once called a friend out on the way he was acting in regards to that and it ended our friendship…

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