Roasted Veggie Dinner, Fave Food Network Shows

Does anyone watch Barefoot Contessa?  Ina usually roasts a chicken for Jeffrey on Fridays, with potatoes, usually.  I wonder if she wears an apron?

Last night I didn’t roast a chicken, but I roasted some potatoes for Scott.

Ginger Roasted White Potato Wedges

And I made another Cheezy Vegetable Bake
I used Brussels sprouts, peas, and green beans in addition to the other veggies I used in my original recipe.
And the soup I poured over it all before roasting was a can of minestrone I had on hand.  Just use what you have!   Don’t buy something just special.
It turned out so well.
Who can say no to roasted veggies + cheeze?  I know Jenn just made a great brock + cheesey combo.
Cheezy Vegetable Bake
From my last post about Aprons and Messy Cooks, it was fun to hear who’s messy, who’s neat, who’s in between.
And who remembers to wear an apron?  Most of us seem to forget or just skip the aprons.  Or, I don’t want to get a super cute apron messy!
If I hadn’t gotten around to playing Ina and roasting any taters or making veggie bakes, Scott will always settle for ice cream.  Mint Chocolate Chip is his favorite.  My spin on that is Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Softserve



1. Best Thing You’ve Done or Ate so Far this Weekend?

I had a productive day at work, I ran errands Friday afternoon, and got my grocery shopping done for the weekend.  I think.  Hopefully I don’t suddenly remember I “need” something from the store.

2. Do you watch the Barefoot Contessa, aka Ina Garten?
I used to watch her tons and although she cooks with a ton of fat, butter, gluten, and does.not.skimp on ingredients ($50 worth of cheese and $50 worth of fresh fruit for appetizers for two people kind of not skimping) that woman can cook.
I am inspired by anyone who can cook, and cook well. Even if it’s not how I can or would choose to eat, I have major respect for her.  And wish I could have her cook for me one day!
3. Do you watch any Food Network shows?  Who’s your fave host or fave show?
I used to watch tons of Food Network before I had a child + FT job + blog + everything else.  I feel like I “know” many of the hosts of the shows, i.e. Paula Deen, Giada, Ina, Tyler, Bobby, Sandra Lee, Rachel Ray, Anthony Bourdin.  Yes, Food Network, Bravo, and E! were and still are my staples.
Be safe and have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. i JUST made a note to self to make the veggie/cheesy bake for dinner one night next week – i really can’t wait to try it!
    LOVE food network, but like you, i don’t have the time to watch it a lot any more. the husband and i used to watch barefoot contessa some evenings, and just marveled at the butter, oil, etc that she used. cracked us up!
    my favourite show is top chef (pvr that one) and i don’t like iron chef. and anything else is good “background noise.” you DO start to feel like you know the shows’ stars! (kinda like reading blogs!)
    have a great saturday, averie!

  2. I love BFC, but like you don’t have much time to watch TV! When I do watch I like all the raunchy reality shows and can’t miss Grey’s and Private Practice. Have a fab weekend!!

  3. Hello! Have a good weekend!
    But I live for shows on Food Network…most watched network in our house..But Barefoot Contessa is the ONE show I hate…she rarely makes anything that “normal” everyday people and families make on an everyday bases……her ideas are really good but just a little to fancy for us folks in the midwest…Rachel Ray 30 min meals is a staple and a show ill tune into every night and Paula Dean when im feel like splurging on a unhealthy buttery dish…ha

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  5. I used to watch the food network a lot…and would sometimes just have it on in the background since it doesn’t necessarily require full attention….but no time for that now. I don’t have cable, so I’d have to go to the gym to watch it if I really wanted to!
    Paula Deen always cracked me up—I remember watching her make a krispy kreme breakfast casserole…I always wonder who actually eats that stuff!
    I worked last night so I can have free time later today…… happy about that!

  6. Okay, where in the world have I been? Your site looks AMAZING! When did you begin self hosting and who are you going through?

    I love roasted veggies – my favorite!

    • I posted about it this week…all week…and the glitches :) It’s been QUITE the migration but it’s all over with and without the help of a web team of professionals it never would have happened. It’s been months in the making. But i am so happy now!

      I went with Bluehost, their VPS server option with my own dedicated server IP.

  7. I live for Ina. The food network is on in my house 24/7!

  8. Yum! That bake looks delicious! I don’t like any of the *actual* cooking shoes but go for the competition ones like Challenge, Worst Cooks in Amaerica..things like that. Also Unwrapped’s pretty cool :)

  9. Your vegetable bakes always look so darn good! I do watch Ina every once in a while. I think she has great ideas (you just need to tone done the fat and expensive ingredients a bit ;)). Josh thinks she is soooooooooo boring. He always complains when she is on haha. She is a little monotone. Weekend has been good over here so far. Last night we had a date night in with TJs tacos for J and a taco salad for me. Then we caught up on the DVR!

  10. I miss having cable for the Food Network! I am soooooooo out of the loop… I haven’t had cable for 7 years! :) I have a feeling when Alex and I move out alone that is going to change, lol!

  11. I was just watching Barefoot Contessa when I was working out yesterday – love Ina! my favorite show though is probably Diners, Driver-ins, and Dives :)

    Have a great weekend! :)

  12. i love ina, her voice is so soothing. have you seen this? :)

    i have a soft spot for rachael ray, too – watching 30 minute meals inspired me to start cooking more, many years ago.

  13. where is your RAW VEGAN CHEESECAKE recipe??????

  14. Giada is my fave Food Network personality. I used to watch that channel non-stop, but some people just started to get on my nerves, so i don’t watch it as often. Plus most of what they make is nothing I’d ever eat in a million years.

  15. Paula Dean. That accent. Those white teeth. The hands covered in so many diamonds its a wonder she can bend her fingers. And ohhh the butter. That show is pure entertainment.

  16. I love Guy, bc of his passion for food– it’s just so evident by his facial expressions, sounds and gestures haa. Also love Bobby Flay (he inspires many of my vegetarian grilling!), Giada and EMERIL. I have so many memories of watching Emeril with my dad while growing up.

    I’m also a Top Chef (on Bravo) fanatic.

  17. I’m dying for some of your cheezy veggie bake!!! It always looks so good, and I really miss my cruciferous veggies. (Give the babe gas). :( So, please enjoy a big serving for me.

    I am a complete mess in the kitchen, but never wear an apron. I have several – thanks for the reminder.

    Don’t really watch much Food Network, but I do love Diners, Drive-In, and Dives, and yes, Barefoot Contessa can cook. I made some of her brownies once. I think they called for 1 pound of butter and a pound of chocolate. In other words, they were amazing. She also has this really good eggplant spread recipe that I love.

  18. I watch a lot of cooking shows on the Food Network and Cooking Channel and it’s not a good idea when I’m hungry! :-P I wish there were more vegan shows, but I can still pull inspiration from the non-vegan stuff. The potatoes look great and so does the softserve, yum!

    1. Not much yet, just having a relaxing morning drinking coffee, so that’s good I guess. :-)
    2. I haven’t watched much of that one yet.
    3. Yes, Good Eats, Diners, Drive Ins & Dives and Rachel Vacations to name a few.

  19. That’s great that we can take the loans and that opens completely new chances.

  20. You had me at ginger! Those potatoes sounds AWESOME!
    I LOVE the food network — I haven’t had TV since I moved out of my parent’s place about 5 years ago, but they have cable at my gym, and I always turn it to the food network. Giada DeLaurentis is one of my favorites, and Anne Bartell’s Secret of a Restaurant Chef. The Cooking Channel has some great Indian chefs, too!

    This weekend I’m planning on making cookies and, to keep things balanced, a green smoothie. And tonight my husband is making channa masala — his night to cook is Saturdays, and that’s what he always makes — but I don’t complain, it’s good!

  21. I want to eat your veggie bake right out of my computer screen!! I just have a feeling that if I try to make it myself, it won’t be as nice as yours…
    I loooove Ina; I watch her at least once a day (I have the TV on in the background all the time…). She is such an amazing cook and I really enjoy her mild temperament. I rarely get recipe inspiration from her like I do from Iron Chef or from Rachael Ray, but she is def one of my faves.

  22. Surprisingly, I actually don’t watch much of the foodnetwork!!! I like peruse all of the foodie-blogs instead :) I can actually get to know you guys!!!!

  23. I love Food Network. Even though I’m vegan and try my best to eat a good chunk of raw food, I just love seeing what everyone creates. Giada, Rachael Ray and Iron Chef are my favorites! Now that a new season of cupcake wars with a vegan bakery is coming soon, I can’t wait to watch that, too. I plan on making this cheesy vegetable bake in the VERY near future. It just looks so good!! I can only hope it comes out as good as yours looks :)

  24. I wish I could find some good canned soups around here!
    This recipe looks so easy and tasty ;)

  25. That veggie bake looks wonderful…have to add that to the “try soon” collection. I love to watch the Food Network, but just like you I rarely have the time. I usually get my fix while on the elliptical or treadmill. I do like Ina – my favorite has to be Giada, I actually made one of her recipes last night. It was the best thing I have eaten this week, along with last night’s dessert – Roasted Butternut Squash & Goat Cheese Pasta and my very own Honeydew-Lemon Granita :)

  26. Very appetizing article!

  27. Those roasted potatoes and the cheezy veggie bake look YUM YUM!

    I love Ina Garten!! I used to watch her nearly every day! In fact, I used to be glued to the Food Network, I watched just about everything they had on. Since we moved to this house the TVs aren’t noticeable from our office, so I we just listen to the news or cartoons throughout the day, but mainly satellite radio now. I must reunite with my love for Barefoot Contessa and my other Food Network favorites, I used to get sooo many ideas!

    Although, I get more than food ideas from Ina: I think I almost convinced Dustin that we MUST live in the Hamptons! hahahaha

  28. FoodNetwork, E and Bravo are pretty much the ONLY stations I watch :) It is sad I know but oh well, I like em!

    Did you know that Ina had no formal training at all? She used to work in the White House! Haha. I read some bio about her cuz I was wondering how she is so damn successful.

  29. Wow those veggies look amazing! :)

  30. Cheesy Veggies are YUM. I’m thinking I might need to take a break from the norm tonight.

    I never watch the Food Network. I’ve tried, but I’d rather be in my kitchen actually cooking than watching someone doing it on tv.

  31. I used to watch Food Network ALL the time, Ina & Giada are my favorites. However, since I had a baby, tv watching has declined considerably!
    I’ll have to try your veggie bake, it sounded DELISH :-)

  32. I love roasted veggies so much…especially brussels. I’m not a huge potato fan though. I find them to be pretty tasteless and if I’m craving that texture, I much prefer the taste of sweet potatoes or other squashes.
    I used to watch the food network a lot more than I do now. I loved Nigella Lawson…her laid back attitude and carefree joie de vivre just made me feel happy. And she really loves food and is just so passionate about it. We get a few different shows in Canada also…so there are probably a few shows I used to watch that you’ve never heard of. I also would watch them even though the cooking styles are so different from mine, because it is pretty fascinating what some people are able to come up with in the kitchen.

  33. Love the Food Network! Paula Deen, Alton Brown, Ina Garten and Tyler Florence are a few of my faves :) The best thing I eat this weekend will be tonight, an evening with the girls!

  34. Best thing I ate was the Mexican Flavored Crusted Tilapia I made, Check it out on my latest post. I also made some great vitamin muffins that I loved! I really like the mint soft served and want to make it tonight, Pete loves ice cream too like Scott!… the link however didn’t work. Don’t mean to keep telling you that over and over because I’m sure that’s annoying but I love your recipes so much that I thought I would bring to your attention that the link is down… I love watching the food network rachel ray is great!

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  36. I made the cheesy bake and I loved it! Thanks so much for the recipes! I need quick, easy, and healthy. I have a baby, a three year old, and a ftj. I made the vegan peanut butter cups your amazing, I couldn’t believe how easy it was. So glad I found your blog, I’m hooked :) Enjoy the rest of ur weekend!!

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  39. I love French Cooking at Home or French Food at Home … I forget what it is called. I also love Iron Chef.

  40. Best eats: No Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Crispies with PB Fudge from Oh She Glows:
    Made them today with Almond Butter. We both had a piece after dinner and loved it.

    I don’t get the Food Network, but I do enjoy watching Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. As well as some of Jamie Oliver’s shows.

  41. Your potatoes look fabulous!!! I love watching the Food Network! And I like Ina, too, although I can’t afford her ingredients! LOL

  42. I generally love Italian food especially that vegetable soup.

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