Stevia & Salsa

I was lucky enough to find this box on my doorstep

With two bottles of liquid stevia from NuNaturals that I won in Valerie’s Give Away

I love Stevia!


I have a Post dedicated to some Stevia Recipes.  Like….

….Overnight Chocolate Brownie Protein Oats

…Or Vegan GF Cinnamon Raisin Banana Oatmeal Muffins.

Feel free to replace some of the white & brown sugar with stevia.

These muffins are a 1 bowl and a spoon recipe. No mixer required. 5 minutes to throw a few things in a bowl, stir, and bake.

See my Stevia Recipes Post for more ideas!

The fun continued on doorstep with some salsa.  I received this Pace Salsa because I am a FoodBuzz Featured Publisher.

What am I going to do with it?  Other than just dip chips into it?

Well these recipes come to mind….

Vegan (Crock Pot) Chili
You can make it in a crock or on the stovetop.  Whatever is easier.  Just add a jar of salsa to the chili recipe.
Salsa is in the recipe for Hearty Vegan Southwestern Sweet & Spicy Soup

Or make some Hummus + Add Salsa for HummuSalsa

Vegan 4-Ingredient Hummus (garlic and onion free)

From my last post about Wine & Whines, it was great to hear what your whines are.  Good ones!  It’s good to let them out sometimes.  And I enjoyed hearing your fave wines, too.

No wine for me tonight but maybe some Chocolate Covered Oreo Balls would work.  Edited to add: if that link doesn’t work, the Oreo Balls are linked in the Recipes Tab and that like does work.   Thanks for your patience everyone.  My web team is hard at work on fixing the links.

Housekeeping details:

For anyone who’s not able to read this post directly from my site (i.e. when you try to click off your reader or click off from your email subscription you’re getting a page not found error), be patient.  It’s your servers not updating my new blog move and hosting.  There is nothing you nor I can do, other than to just wait and be patientThank you for your patience! I’ve been told by a few of my Canadian readers, they still aren’t able to just go to my site directly and see posts.

The majority of the links in my Recipe Page are fixed and for what hasn’t been fixed, it’s being worked on, and you should have full access to all the recipes within a day or so.


1. Favorite way to use salsa?

I know tons of bloggers who use it as a salad dressing, as a veggie dip, or obviously as a chip dip.

2. Favorite way to use stevia?  Or if you haven’t tried it, what are you waiting for?

p.s. If you want to save money on stevia or on anything really including dry goods, spices, seasonings, body wash, protein powder, use my Coupon Code to save $5 on your first order. Enter Code AVE630 at checkout. Click Here to Shop.

3. What’s Happening on Hump Day for you?

I am working, taking care of Skylar, getting a workout in, dealing with my blog migration issues, and running around like crazy.

See you later!

69 comments on “Stevia & Salsa”

  1. I’m not a huge fan of plain chips and salsa- but if the chips are on a salad with beans, then salsa makes a good dressing!

  2. I need a good substitute for my AM oats when my banana isn’t ripe, it doesn’t get sweet enough! Off to buy stevia this weekend :) Liquid form!

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  4. I love salsa and carrots!!! Try it! I want to try the liquid stevia..maybe one day I’ll win a giveaway!

  5. My hump day was had a high and low … I was home from work with a really bad headache today, but I did book a trip to NY!!!!

    I like salsa on nachos with lots of cheese, onions, tomatoes, olives and jalapenos.

  6. You totally caught my attention by this post title…I love ’em both! Salsa definitely for salad dressing, along with greek yogurt as “sour cream”. love it!

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