Target Essentials – What are Yours?

Hi Friends!  How did your Sunday turn out?  Hopefully you took it easy as I imagine most of us have to go back to work or school on Monday if you’ve had a long weekend or time off.

I didn’t take it easy.  

I was running errands, went to Target, have been cooking, and getting things organized for the week. 

And I worked out, too.  Thankfully I did some yoga and core exercises inside and then went for a quick 20 minute run outside earlier today because the weather has gotten worse as the day has progressed and it’s raining now. 

Today Skylar and I went to Target and stocked up on some essentials.


Toilet paper, Kleenex, and my Target now has groceries, too


I like Target brand light red kidney beans (which are lighter in color and thereby easier to camouflage than other beans I’ve tried) for Scott’s food because he’s not a huge bean fan.  Or so he thinks.  He has no idea all the beans he eats but doesn’t know.  

 And they are 66 cents a can.  It’s the little things that make me happy. 

I use them in things like Vegan Chili

And in the Spicy Vegetable Corn and Bean Soup I made earlier this week

I picked up some razor blades at Target, too.  The best razor blades.  Period.   I’ll save money on beans but I won’t skimp on razors.  6 for $19.99 is robbery, but smoothness counts.

I’m a Carmex Addict.  I have it in every room, purse, bag, and car.

Cheap, smells good, works for me. 

I love Palmer’s Cocoa Butter lotion and have been using it for about 15 years.  I have tried tons of other lotions.  For the price, this stuff is impossible to beat for my skin.

 And hair conditioner for Skylar.  I use sulfate-free vegan GF shampoo & conditioner that I adore and won’t skimp on my hair, either.

My goal was to walk in and get out for under $100.  I spent $101.33.  Nothing like blowing a Benjamin on random things that we “need”.  Ahhh, Target the Money Pit.  Gotta love Target, though! 

From my earlier post today with a Product Review and what Good Things in 2011 have already happened for you, I am glad the year is off to a great start for most of you.  If it’s already off on the wrong foot, that would….suck.

Dessert: Vegan GF Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies with Peanut Flour 
The perfect combo Peanut Butter + Chocolate, in cookie form.

Vegan GF Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies with Peanut Flour

1. Best thing you’ve ate or done this weekend?
I’ll shut up about my camera and picture-taking and leave you with these two self-portraits I just snapped.  I am so happy about the camera!  And it should be noted that I have ventured off totally auto settings and am using the P setting as well as Macro.  I am proud of that!

Other best things were being productive and getting errands ran, groceries bought, and doing it with a smile and with a preschooler in tow in the rain. 

2. Do you have work or school on Monday?
I am working, indeed.

3. Things you can’t live without from Target? (Or similar store for the non-US readers or non-Target shoppers)
Their 16.99 Champion Sports Bras as mentioned previously, are awesome.  My opinion only, but I love them more than $40 Nike and Lulu sports bras.

I also try to buy all my paper products like toilet paper, Kleenex, paper towels, etc there.

My “soaps”: bar soap, pump soap for hands, dishwasher pellets, laundry detergent, body wash, shampoo & condition for the family.  

All those items are so much cheaper than at the grocery or drug store, so when I know I need to replenish my supplies, I get them there.

Have a great first week in 2011, everyone!

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  1. you are so good at blogging you exactly know what to put in each post.

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