Algae & Trying Anything Once

I received these Sun Chlorella samples to try.

Not sure what chlorella is?  It’s algae.

Why would you want to eat algae?  Some benefits:

Fiber: One serving of Sun Chlorella contains more dietary fiber than many leading fruits and vegetables.
Prebiotics:  Sun Chlorella works as a prebiotic that helps promote the growth of good bacteria and improve your body’s digestive health.
Greens: One serving is equivalent to one serving of fresh green vegetables (without the pesticides)!
Protein: Ounce-for-ounce, chlorella has more protein than steak or soy.
Chlorophyll: Sun Chlorella has the highest chlorophyll levels of any plant-based food source. This aids in expelling harmful toxins from the body, providing natural and gentle detoxification.



They also sent me a couple sample packets of their cream


I used to take blue-green algae pills regularly before I got pregnant and during my pregnancy.  Like many supplements, I didn’t really perceive tons of noticeable benefit or changes, but I figured that the algae was working its magic on me internally.

And like many supplements I’ve tried over the years, I kind of forgot about algae when I finished my last bottle and never got back into the habit.  But now, I am glad to have these new algae samples to try.

In food matters, I heated up the last of my Ketchup & Mustard Lover’s Protein & Veggie Mash

And paired it with a nice big salad

For the dressing, I used the juice of half an orange and followed my 30 second recipe for Holiday Orange Spice Vinaigrette.   You can make the dressing even on non-holidays.  Shocker.

For dessert, I snacked on a Mounds Ball

From my last post about Mounds Balls and Surprises, it was fun to read about the fun and good little surprises happening in your world.

And I’m glad you enjoyed all the dessert ball recipesI need to surprise myself and find some time in the kitchen and make some of them.

Dessert Idea: Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate Chip Cookies



1. What are your thoughts on supplements?

I’ve posted before about my thoughts.  In general, I prefer a food over pills approach.  However, there are exceptions.

For the supplements I do take and “endorse”, check out this post.

For instance, I always take as probiotics, and I order them from To save $5 off your order use code: AVE630

And stock up on your stevia, protein powder, nutritional yeast, supplements and more while you’re at it.  Never pay retail again!

2. Would you ever try algae?

As I mentioned, I used to take it years ago, just ran out, and never got back into the habit but looks like I am about to get back into the habit again.

3. What have you given an “I’ll try anything once” approach to?

My list includes:

Sun Warrior Brown Rice Protein Powder


Hemp Seeds


Coconut Oil


Hemp Protein Powder

Dulse Flakes


Some of those items may not be considered too “out there” or “crazy” but it depends on one’s perspective, past, and exposure to non-mainstream foods/products, too.  So what isn’t too “crazy” for me may be totally far-fetched for another.  Some people don’t even know what nooch is, let alone having tried it.

I am somewhat adventurous and will try many things once.  But not everything!

Things I won’t try (again) or have tried in the past and I am not a fan of: meat products, garlic, onions, hemp protein powder, dulse flakes, durian fruit, and overcooked mushy peas.

What have you tried once?  Anything you don’t want to try once? Or won’t try again?

74 comments on “Algae & Trying Anything Once”

  1. Like you, I choose food over pills every time. Though I do like the idea of Spirulina and Chlorella as “boosters”.

    I’m curious about your experience with Hemp Protein powder. What about it didn’t you like?

  2. Blood sausage. Or, as it is called in Europe, “black pudding”.

    Even before I was vegan, I was sooooo sick. Now it would be better; I’d probably just throw up! :)

  3. I tried oysters once. Never again. NEVER.

  4. i really like your stance on supplements! actually i first want to say that i really think some skin care products (just like this one u posted) is a great way of feeding your skin from the outside and protecting it from a lot of different external elements..without hurting the skin or causing irritations. but back to the supplements, i love trying different ones. i generally stay away from brands or categories that have a lot of ‘media hype’ involved…i always try it tho just to see if its something that may work for me…but if there is no significant benefit i usually toss it aside. sometimes i take a supplement that really helps, like holy basil (for stress and relaxation) but if my mom takes it, it does the opposite for it really is about trial and error, using our own judgement, and in the end, critiquing what it is we are looking to gain from ‘said’ supplement.

    Great post Averie! <3

  5. I still have to make that ketchup lovers veggie mash looks sooo good and right up my alley… I am sure a little boca crumbles would be good in the mix as well…

  6. What’s the Chlorella Cream? Have you tried it? How is it?

    Shhhh… don’t tell my husband that Chlorella is algae. He is takes it daily as I told him it would help make up for the lack of greens in his daily consumption.
    I enjoy taking my Chlorella tablets daily, and make sure any green powders I use (mainly when travelling) have it as an ingredient.

    Try it list: Soy powder, Whey powder (flavoured and plain), soy milk, pre-packaged almond milk, coconut right off the tree, hemp protein powder, coconut oil, coconut cream, coconut milk, maca, home made nut milks, chia seeds, flax seeds, stevia, dulse, kelp flakes, nori sheets, sushi (I didn’t want them to tell me what I was eating, though love it now), dim sum, rice paper, oyster, escargot, and wasabi soy nuts.

  7. I once tried sea urchin at a sushi restaurant. Uh, not again. Didn’t taste like anything to me, and the texture was mushy. So much for a so-called delicacy.

    Algae looks like something I’d be into. Enjoy it.

    I’m so glad I tried kombucha (addicted!), nutritional yeast (love!), and stevia (a staple for me now).

  8. Sounds like a neat product! Very cool.

  9. this is so hard because I feel like I like SOOO many things.. Not a big fan of white potatoes, even though I find myself trying them time and time again… I’d choose a sweet one any day of the week… I’m also and definitely a food over pill girl. I try to incorporate as many wholesome nutrients as I can, vegetarian diet permitting

  10. I used to be 100% food over supplements gal, but that was before I realized I was gluten and dairy intolerant and just how bad a shape my digestion was in. Now I take a lot more supplements, mainly because I am deficient in Vit D, magnesium etc, and I do take a multivitamin as an insurance policy, and of course probiotics. I hope eventually to pare back, though I am always going to take things like a probiotic.

  11. I tried hemp milk and will never try it again LOL, i was not a fan of it

  12. I used to take a multivitamin, but now I take pills of condensed fruits & vegetables called JuicePlus. My mom got hooked and started me on them, and though I don’t really *feel* the change after a few months, I do believe my immune system has been incredibly strengthened! Everyone around me has gotten sick this winter and I’ve stayed perfectly fine, even though my eats haven’t been clean 100% of the time.

  13. I take supplements and then stop and then take them again and then stop. I don’t know if you NEED to take them, but I think if you think they work…then go for it. It’s hard to say. I do think oil of primrose helps me, but I can tell a difference with them.

  14. I agree about food over supplements. But sometimes, if my diet is lacking something, a supplement is a nice way to make sure my body has everything it needs. I’m currently taking probiotics and chlorella, and sometimes take cranberry pills for bladder health. Flax seed oil is something I take at the end of the day if I realize that I didn’t get enough fat in my meals that day.
    As someone who used to work in a health food store, I admit I get a little giddy and excited when going into the supplement section at whole foods or any other local health food store. I’m a dork.

  15. I’ve heard that chorella is great for you but I’ve never tried it. I actually just bought chia seeds for the first time on Tuesday! Yes, I’m THAT late about the chia seeds lol. more like I’m that cheap about the chia seeds! Those things are pricey, as is everything else huh.

    So my “I’ll try it once” list is:
    seaweed (not in lurve with it)
    nooch (lurve)
    miso (not sure if I like it or not)
    protein powder (I currently use Amazing Meal)
    banana soft serve ♥
    chia seeds (still need to try them)

  16. I try to stay away from supplements and not use them at all. The only time I take anything really is a multivitamin and if I have a headache I’ll take excedrin, b/c I usually just got straight to migraines and get sick to my stomach.

  17. I always hear about chlorella, but I’ve never tried it. I’m definitely leaning more towards the natural products these days though! Hmm.. ordered Coconut Butter a few days ago, so that should be arriving today! I’m so anxious to try it. :) I didn’t know what nooch was until a few months ago, and I’m a recent vegan!

  18. I don’t think I’ve told this story: Years ago I went to a health fair and won the door prize, which was a gift basket filled with about $50 of stuff from the various booths at the fair, one of which was a bottle of blue-green algae in juice form. I took a swig, and my mouth started tingling in a very unpleasant way. Within half an hour, all of the soft tissues in my mouth and upper throat were numb and swelling up! It took several hours to subside.

    WORSE THAN THAT…it apparently sensitized me to something (enzymes?) so that I was unable to eat raw fruits or vegetables for the next several months without having the same swelling/numbing effect! Cooked was OK, which is why I’m guessing enzymes. But can you imagine not being able to eat raw fruits or vegetables for several months? It was horrible!

    So…I will NEVER, EVER try anything with blue-green algae again!

  19. I definitely like the food over pill approach, but do take supplements – preferably WHOLE FOOD supplements… like algae! Or other dehydrated powders, etc. I’ll try anything once or twice. It takes a kid 7 tries to start liking something, so i try and try again too.

  20. I’ve been curious about dulse….I love nori, so I thought I’d like it. Apparently not. :D

  21. Hi love!! it’s been a while! :)

    So… if it’s healthy, I will try anything once. Definitely. I love experimenting with new and “superfood” things. Algae is definitely a love of mine. I love the benefits and I love how it turns everything a super dark green color. You know it’s healthy just based on that. ;)

  22. Love algae, haha I have heard of those Chorella tablets but never tried them. I love try new things all the time, I am willing to try just about anything ….well almost haha

  23. Personally, I don’t like anything hemp… I just don’t like the taste!

  24. Very interesting on the algae, I’ve never tried a supplement. Let us know if you like the products.

    The Mounds balls look amazing, I could totally use a little extra chocolate this week!

    1. I have mixed thoughts on supplements, I take B12 and calcium, but that’s about it. The lack of regulations kind of scare me and, having family in the medical field, I’ve heard horror stories of people developing health issues from taking tons of supplements they thought were doing them good.
    2. Sure and I have in raw recipes.
    3. Just about anything – as long as it’s vegan now. :-) I’m a lot more opened minded about trying new foods than I was in my 20s.

  25. Those cookies look AMAZING. Seriously, my mouth is watering!!

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