Busy Monday & New Bodysprays

Mondays are always the busiest day of the week for me.  I am always slammin ‘n jammin handling emails, phone calls, work, errands, life, you name it.

I took time to inhale ingest some plants.

With homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing


And Sweet & Sour Honey Lemon Tofu

I went to town on my sale fruit finds.  I am practical that way.

I love it when grapes are super crunchy.  These were perfect.

And with the sale bananas, I made some “baked” pumpkin pie spice bananas

From my trip to the mall yesterday, I neglected to mention that I also stocked up on bodysprays!

I have worn Dark Kiss for a few months and dig it.  Black Amethyst is something I wore a year or so ago.  Both of these are heavier, more “sexy scents”.  The words of Bath & Body Works, not mine.

Carried Away is their newest scent.  It has jasmine in it and I love it.  It’s light and spring-like.

I made time for an quick workout with some core work on my ball and a little yoga, too.  It’s gorgeous here (77F and sunny!) and I went for a run in my sports bra and shorts before I did my indoor workout moves.

I’m glad you enjoyed my last post about What I Did While They were Watching the Game.  Shopping always beats tv for me.  And glad I could help you out with my MAC makeup tipSave your containers!

Seems like many of you blew off the game, too.  But for the die hard fans I hope you enjoyed all that screaming and shouting and tackling.

Dessert/Snack:  Vegan GF Peanut Butter Banana Bread


1. Best thing you ate or did over the weekend?

Mine was going shopping with Skylar.

She loves going to the MAC store and Bath and Body Works with me.  She practices smelling all the scents at B&BW and at MAC her eyes are as big as saucers with all that makeup!  Then again, I think my eyes still light up when I see all that makeup.

2. What’s your busiest day of the week?

Mine is Mondays, hands down.  Everyone seems to “need” me on email, on the phone, and life just seems so busy for me on Mondays!  My work at least is usually quieter on Mondays.  It’s crazy when going to work is a reprieve from the Monday Insanity of my personal life.

3. Are you a body spray fan?  Any favorites?

I am a huge fan!  See this post for some of my faves.

I rotate through them but love vanilla scents, the scents I showed in this post of course, also Velvet Tuberose from B&BW, and there are some from Victoria’s Secret that I like, too.

From Target/drugstore, I really like this Dove one.

Have a great night!


  1. You seriously kill me with your weather updates. 77? I thought today’s low 40s were a heat wave…and went out in only two layers. That was a poor choice.

    Busiest day is probably Tuesday. Class STRAIGHT from 12-6:30….it does not make me happy, but I’ll take it for 4 day weekends!

    I usually just wear perfume in lieu of body spray, but in middle school I was obsessed with B&BW cucumber melon. So clean smelling. I wonder if they still make it??

  2. I love those scents of body sprays! And I just had a veggie filled meal like your salad and feel great : )

  3. Not bodysprays per se, but I loooove Yves Saint Laurent’s Cinema perfume :)

  4. Nice weather and it’s actually pretty similar here! :-)

    1. Went out with sisters.
    2. That varies depending on my work load.
    3. Such, currently using one from Bath and Body Works.

  5. I’m loving this warmer weather! :-)

  6. Ahhh pb banana bread!! Giiirl you are killing me, now I wish I had ripe bananas!

    Slash crunchy grapes are the best!

  7. love japanese blossom from bath and body works.. my busiest day is tuesday! best thing i ate was spinach artichoke dip (a la oh she glows) and it was SO good!

  8. I am with you on loving crunchy grapes! They are the best!

    Busiest day? For at home stuff, Sundays because I am scrambling at some point to get caught up on laundry, etc for the workweek, but Thursdays when it comes to work stuff — last minute stuff that has to be done before the end of the week, etc. Tues and Wed are the “easiest” days for me.

    I love body spray — B&B Works Brown Sugar Fig is my favorite

  9. I’m so jealous of your weather!! It was 31 today here lol.
    My fave scent is Amber Romance from Victoria’s Secret!

  10. My busiest days are Tuesdays and Thursdays, when I have class and work. I try not to dread them too much- it just makes it worse!

  11. Busiest day varies from week to week all depending on how many orders we have, etc. But usually the beginning of the week is the busiest. I wish we had that type of weather here, hopefully spring coming soon!

  12. busiest day is probably thursday and friday: longer days at the store, plus mega errands plus workouts plus social stuff – could always use a couple more hourS1
    you’re training skylar well to become your number 1 shopping buddy!! nice!

  13. I love Bodycology’s coconut lime body spray. I always smell like coconut anyway though, because I use coconut oil as a hand lotion. I also use it as a moisturizer on my face at night but the smell is usually gone by the morning…so when I want some extra scent I spray a little bit of coconut lime. I like that it is fresh smelling and not too strong or overwhelming. Most perfumes and fragrances give me headaches and sometimes allergic reactions.

    Mondays are busy for me too. Actually, every day is pretty busy for me right now! An intense full time program plus keeping a job will do that to you. :) Not that I’m complaining. Life is good.

  14. Absolutely no bragging about your weather ;-) Love that picture of Skylar by the way. It would make for a gorgeous black and white, maybe cropped slightly offset…

  15. Oh girl! Im sooooooooo not loving your nice weather : p lol! U are so lucky! I should live somewhere where it is warm all year around!

    Love bath and body works sprays! I will have to smell the newest one you got, sounds like one I would like!

    Have a great night and that is a SUPER cute photo of Skylar! xo

  16. Averie old friend! :) I love the new wordpress design, good call on migrating over! And your photos are beautiful. I am viewing this for the first time off my blackberry and on a real computer so I’m seeing all the beauty for the first time. Its a nice blog to navigate on the blackberry too.

    I have this crazy cheap body spray I love from Calgon. I don’t even think they make it any more which is of no consequence because I bought so many of them when they did and still have it. Everyone says I smell wonderful when I wear it. Hawaiian Ginger I think its called.

  17. Wednesdays are my busiest day because I have work all day, and then class in the evening.

  18. We took the boys to eat at a local Mexican restaurant Saturday night, they love tacos!

    We did watch the game, we are football fans but this year wasn’t as exciting.

    I would have to say Monday’s are my busiest and sometimes Wednesday’s are.

    I love body sprays..Japanese Cherry Blossom is my fav at B&BW & Lovespell from VS.

  19. I love body sprays! Bath and Bodyworks has so many fun options for little $.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog– I know it sounded kind of like a “I’m quitting” post, but I’m totally not!!! Just trying to go the route of quality over quantity…I know you’ve done the same thing and totally get where I’m coming from :-)

  20. Mmm, baked pumpkin spice bananas..that sounds so delicious!

  21. Crunchy grapes are where it’s at! I have to keep them in the fridge or they become disgusting to me within hours.
    I cannot believe how adorable your daughter is. She always seems so happy, which is awesome, because certainly not all kids are like that!
    The weather was gorgeous here in Santa Monica too. Gotta love southern California!
    Best thing I did over the weekend – definitely camping at Joshua Tree National Park. So. incredibly. beautiful.

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  23. I do believe I am the die hard fan you refer to…link doesn’t work. I’ll just assume its me and that I won the award! :)

    I don’t think I have a busiest day. They all seem equally busy lately. Today was (is) crazy though!

  24. Monday is the busiest, hands down! Love getting through that day because the rest of the days aren’t so nuts by comparison (even if they’re still pretty nuts!) :)

  25. my favorite scent is Givenchy Irresistable!

  26. Best thing i did and ate this weekend: hanging out with my family for superbowl. my 5 mo old nephew would cry every time we would shout and cheer for the packers. lol he’s adorable!
    burgers my sis and i seasoned were perfectly bbq’d by my brother. it was an awesome day.

  27. 1. just hanging with my kids
    2. busiest day , probably twice a month Fridays
    2. Used to love these, have not tracked down one good lately

  28. Hello! I have not been around for a while, and I have to say your site looks AMAZING! I love the re-vamp! Your amazing, as always, and I am glad that you made it through your busy Monday.

    I love my grapes extra crunchy too!

  29. i LOVE body spray! mainly because the scents are soooo much nicer smelling than perfumes! i like fruity smells so im all about that :D
    the busiest day for me is always Monday’s too-! probably because its just that much harder to get back into things after the weekend!

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  31. Best thing on the weekend: getting outside in the fresh air to do some snowshoeing.

    My busiest day is also Monday. Back to work, home for dinner, then off for “girls night” with my friend and her daughter (and their dog). Back home, make lunch for next day, check email, chat with hubby, go to bed.

    Haven’t tried body sprays, as I’m sensitive to perfumes and scented products.

  32. I would probably say the best thing I ate this weekend was a huge bowl of frozen yogurt (with 4 flavors) – my favorite flavors were cookies and cream & coffee :)


  33. inhale those veggies girl!! I’m right there with ya!


  34. I like this post, enjoyed this one thankyou for posting .

  35. The best thing I did over the weekend was attend a Big Brothers, Big Sisters fundraiser dinner/auction with friends. It was a fun, kidless night out and we scored some great items all while supporting a great cause.

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