Challenge: Zodiac Sign & Does It Fit

It’s been over a week since I last posted about any Challenge Topics.  I figured today was a good time to tackle another topic.  I am not doing them in order or all of them, for any one just tuning in. Since it’s a Full Moon today, I thought it was also a good time to talk astrology and Zodiac signs.

Day 7 of the Challenge – My Zodiac Sign and If It Fits my Personality


I’ve posted recently about how the whole Zodiac signs and system was recently changed.  I have been told it’s only for babies born after 2009 and it’s not necessarily for Western astrological signs.   Feel free to google it all.

For me, I have never been into my zodiac sign which is Gemini (or was but now some may say I’m a Taurus based on this chart).


Sometimes people will ask, oh what’s your sign and I will tell them and they may say something like, “You remind me of my sister who’s also a Gemini.”  For me, that means nothing.  I don’t know enough about signs, never paid attention to signs that much, and so can’t compare, contrast, or draw parallels between people’s personalities and traits based on their sign.

I also think that if you look hard enough for a trait, you can find it.

For example, from this Site

Gemini Strength Keywords:

– Energetic
– Clever
– Imaginative
– Witty
– Adaptable

Gemini Weakness Keywords:

– Superficial
– Impulsive
– Restless
– Devious
– Indecisive

I think anyone can be considered energetic at times.   As anyone can be considered restless at times.

Sure, I do think of myself overall as an energetic person, and I do get restless.  But I don’t think those things or traits necessarily define me.  Basically, the self-fulfilling prophecy theory is at play.  If you wish or will something into happening or look hard enough to find something, chances are, you will.

Things from that site that I agree with 100% about me:

“Gemini are extremely independent. They will not be pinned down by anyone or any rules. They need to experience the world on their own. Change and freedom are extremely important to Gemini, they will never let anyone dictate them, they are extremely independent and freedom is essential to their mental well being.”

“Gemini make very interesting and exciting friends. They like to leave their mark on everyone they meet.”

In a nutshell…”Gemini people are many sided, quick both in the mind and physically. They are brimming with energy and vitality, they are clever with words. They are intelligent and very adaptable to every situation and every person. Gemini are curious and always want to know what’s going on in the world around them. They are not one to sit back and watch the world go by, they want to be involved.”

Things I 100% disagree with about me:

Regarding frienships, “They are very flighty and will disappear for a long time as they meet new friends and explore new places.”

“Gemini tends to disperse their energy on different tasks and not just focus on one thing thus leaving a trail of unfinished projects in their wake.”

“One downfall of Gemini is their superficiality. Instead of looking deep into a person’s real qualities, Gemini will judge a person by the way they treat them. This can lead Gemini to have wrong impressions of people and can cause problems ion relationships.”

There are countless things that are spot on, and then other things that are spot off.

I am psychic and intuitive and place more stock in energy, and just an overall vibe that’s not easily specified or tangible than I do in astrology.  That seems much more fixed and based on birth time, year, etc.  I guess that seems so limiting to me.  I am the queen of not liking labels or rules.

Or maybe its my true Gemini nature prevents me from fully getting into astrology or taking it at face value.  After all, the site did say, “Gemini are extremely independent. They will not be pinned down by anyone or any rules.”

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One of the reasons I wanted to post about Zodiac today is that because it’s also a Full Moon today.  This post discusses some ways in which the full moon can effect us.

Full moons are known for contributing to everything from insomnia, sleep disturbances, irritability, moodiness, heated interpersonal exchanges, to computers and tech-related things being glitchy and malfunctioning.  More info here I’ve also posted a full moon list of things to do and try

During a Full Moon, the world is filled with excess prana, or life force energy. Technological or mechanical glitches are notorious during Full Moons.   Computer problems, car problems, appliances breaking.

For example, during this month’s full moon my ice maker in my fridge broke and the next month my microwave broke.

But full moons are not all about glitches and insomnia and excess energy.  Many people believe that Full Moons are a time of good luck and good fortune.

From my earlier post on Cookbooks and Book Reviews, thanks for telling me you enjoyed that post.  I’m glad!   My goal was to somehow organize nearly two years worth of cookbook and book reviews into one post, and have things all linked from one central post, and now I do.  My own personal housekeeping stuff, never mind me.  I also went back in and added a few more book review links that I had neglected to mention, i.e. Thrive Diet, Go Dairy Free, My Sweet Vegan, and a couple others.

I loved reading your comments about what books you love, what books you’re dying to get your hands on, and what books you always refer back to.  Amazing array of books you came up with and shared!  I think my wish list just got longer.

Is anyone ready for something warm, hearty and easy tonight for dinner?

How about a one-pan meal: Cheezy Vegetable Bake

Or maybe you’re just ready for a one-pan dessert: Vegan GF Rice Krispy Treats with Vegan Chocolate Frosting


1. What is your sign?  Both old and possibly new?

Since I hardly have Gemini figured out, I definitely am not going to even bother with Taurus.

2. Does your sign fit you? In what ways yes and in what ways no?

I think we’re all mixtures of it fitting and not but what specifically fits for you?  Or doesn’t?  Or do you even follow this stuff, or care?

3. How much stock do you place in Zodiac signs or astrology?  Or in Full Moon type phenomenon?

As I said in the post, to some degree, yes I place some stock but the self-fulfilling prophecy stuff is what gets me.

I am drawn more toward Vedic astrology than I am to Western astrology, although much of that is Indian Greek to me, too.  My former yoga guru is who I learned the most from and I would love to take his yoga classes more frequently just to absorb more.  Here’s an online site where you can get a free Vedic chart.

I find information about the moon really interesting and how that effects us.  Probably more so than talk of our “signs”.  But it’s all fun to read about and ponder.

Have a great weekend!


  1. My sign is Scorpio and it fits me to a T!

  2. I grew up with Pisces as my sign. Generally we are suppose to be “go with the flow” type of people that also enjoy routines and calm environments. In that case, it does fit me but with everything there are always so many exceptions. I was more into the zodiac when I was younger, because it was another way for me to identify with something, and as a result feel included or like I belonged somewhere. But now I just don’t care.

    I am generally a calm PERSON, not a calm Pisces. But sometimes it is fun to read what my horoscope is just for something different. I disagree about how a Pisces needs someone around to “ground them” back into the real world. But I do agree about the part from that site you posted, about living in two different worlds (real and imaginary) in order to escape pain. Funny how I have mental illnesses despite all the options!

    I love full moons. There is nothing more beautiful than being at the beach during a full moon.

  3. I’m a Taurus and there is definitley things I agree with 100% but then there are other things that are so far off! who knows!

  4. I am a Sagittarius, but in the new chart I would be the “new” sign, it starts with an O. But I thought the “new” signs were for people born after 2010 or something like that?

    Yes I’ve had people comment “oh I can tell” — I don’t know what my sign means or any of that so it means nothing! I think that the strengths/weaknesses could apply to anyone. But at the same time, I know nothing about it, so I could be wrong. I’ll admit when I don’t know something!

    Have a nice weekend Averie!

  5. I think they make the descriptions of the signs SO general….they can be molded to kind of fit anyone. I am/was a virgo. I do think the description of being…super type A fits me. But I don’t really follow the whole sign thing either. I keep forgetting that I want to make your cheesy veggie bake- looks so yummy! Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I find zodiacs fun to follow although I don’t take them into account very much. Horoscopes are interesting whenever they happen to come true, though!

  7. I’m a gemini too I agree with most of the description except I dont think im superficial and im not energetic all the time. I am definitely indecisive and impulsive haha :)

  8. Great post, I guess I don’t fit mine since I rarely agree with horoscopes. :-)

    1. Cancer, same for old and new.
    2. Not really, but I hardly pay attention to horoscopes either forgetting to look them up or frustrated that they’re never accurate.
    3. I think there is something to full moons, always a wacky week for me. But I don’t put much stock into horoscopes.

  9. Not into astrology at all. None of my horoscopes have ever seemed predictive of anything, and they tend to be so general and vague they could fit anyone. I definitely do not fit my sign. I’m a Leo. Leos, among other things, are supposed to be flamboyant and love being the center of attention and taking the lead. Nothing wrong at all with those traits; they just are totally not me. At best, I tolerate being the center of attention if there’s just no way around it. I actually am very quiet, and would much rather give that “honor” to someone else. I’m not at all a clothes horse, nor do I like flashy accessories. I generally run around in jeans and a t shirt, or a t shirt dress, and seldom where makeup. I think my preference, if I thought I could get used to it, would be to move to a nudist colony and dispense with the whole clothing thing entirely. :) Now, the moon is something else. I am always aware of the phases of the moon. Astrology in general seems so completely open to interpretation. The moon is a real physical presence and we know it affects the tides and so forth. I can be almost reclusive, but I do tend to want to venture out a lot more, especially at night, when the moon is full. As it wanes, and the nights get darker and darker, I get more and more circumspect.

  10. I’m a Gemini too, and I agree with everything you said, down to the parts that fit my personality and those that don’t. And I also think you can find your personality traits, or some of them, in any of the signs. I don’t buy that stuff at all. That’s the scientist in me though. :)

  11. I’m a Capricorn with an Aries rising and am pretty true to both of them.

    I’ve had my jyotish chart done by quite a few vedic astrologers (grew up in a eastern indian movement) .. it’s interesting to go back and listen to some of them from when I was a teenager.

  12. Taurus Strength Keywords:
    – Dependable
    – Persistent
    – Loyal
    – Patient
    – Generous

    Taurus Weakness Keywords:
    – Stubborn
    – Laziness
    – Possessive
    – Materialistic
    – Self-indulging

    Yep… I am all of those things in a pretty big way. :)

    I have a friend who is really into astrology (which shocked me considering how incredibly smart he is… like… genius material), but he has my chart on file and refers to it every now and again and can pinpoint stuff in my life that totally seems related to what is going on in my chart. He gets into the really technical aspect of it though, which I have no interest indulging for myself… reading about the moon being in such and such planet kind of makes my eyes glaze over. :)

  13. Ooh I’m a gemini too! TBH I don’t really believe what they say about individual starsigns; I think I could read my one and believe every word and say it matched me, then read one for a scorprio or taurus, and feel exactly the same. I think they’re pretty generic..but then I’m a sceptic :P

  14. I am a Scorpio (old) I haven’t looked into the new stuff, I refuse to change! I do agree with the scorpio being a dead hit for me. It goes with me so well, but I honestly do not put much merit into my sign or the whole horoscope stuff.

  15. I’m a huge follower of Zodiac and i love to see the compatibility between signs! Pete and I are supposedly very compatible because he is a Leo and I am a Libra. It interests me to see if I picked partners before pete that were not compatible to me and the reasons the relationships go sour according to zodiac.
    I also have a women who is psychic read my cars every 6 months or so. She usualy head on and predicted several relationships I’ve had! Awesome post!

  16. Very interesting – I’ve never believed in the zodiac, especially because I feel no more similar to the people who happen to have been born in the same month as me than anyone else. Then again, I have never believed that the full moon has had much of an effect on daily life either. But I can’t deny the fact that 1) I have felt extremely and unusually energetic for the past 24 hours, 2) I had insomnia last night with almost never happens to me these days, and 3) the power in my apartment building went out for 10 minutes or so last night. That is pretty interesting to think about.

  17. Ahhhh I am astrology crazy! I trust my horoscope so much, except sometimes I am a doubter and think to myself that it is so easy to just make up a horoscope, and then through self-fulfilling prophecy people would think it’s right. BUT I am a Leo, and all of the personality traits match me:)

  18. i don’t really ‘believe’ in horoscopes just because i really think that anyone can associate with any of them if they’re told “thats them” but i do think it’s fun to read horoscopes and i definitely see a lot of traits of mine in common with tauruses but i don’t get people who make life decisions based on their zodiac signs especially when thye just go up and change them on people one week!

  19. Eek – have to check out that Cheezy Bake!!! Looks good.

  20. I don’t believe in zodiacs, but apparently I fit the Virgo sign pretty well!

  21. I am either a Libra or a Virgo … but I don’t care either way. It is all a hoax in my opinion!

  22. I also have always thought that the attributes of the zodiac signs are quite general. I’m a Cancer (oh how that used to upset me when I was younger…telling people I was a “cancer” and having the other kids taunt me for “being a disease”).
    Anyway, I am sensitive as cancer people are known to be, but many of the other things are totally not me. One thing that I see on every single description of cancer traits is being clingy, which always makes my friends and family laugh because I’m the opposite of clingy. I’m very independent and it is hard for me to ask people for anything…and I need space and time to myself every day. But it’s okay that it doesn’t all fit..sometimes it is just fun to read horoscopes even if its completely off haha

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  24. My mom was a gemini! and oddly enough, had a twin brother!
    It does sound a lot like how she was! Astrology is just fun for me, I dont take it too seriously. I sometimes wonder if these astrologies are self fulfilling prophecies. Like we unconsciously act a certain way because that what we read about ourselves.
    Have a great weekend!

  25. Hi Averie! I’m thrilled to have discovered your blog after you post on mine! The vegan rice krispie treats look too, too good to be true :)

    I completely agree with you about the self-fulfilling prophecy thing (and I’m gemini too!). The thing that irritates me about astrology readings (like the ones in the newspaper each day, for particular starsigns), is you can always interpret them to fit your day, and just “make” them right in your head. Not for me! I prefer to think I’m more in control of my life ;)

    • I can’t believe i am awake..I just posted a post 2 secs ago and saw your comment and wanted to say hi :)

      I have seen your comments on Heabs, Gena’s, Sarah/Pea, (pretty sure that’s you) and today I clicked over and was so happy i did :)

      98% of my desserts are vegan and GF. There are a few exceptions, i.e. Oreo Balls and Special K bars, but most of it’s all vegan and GF :) and choclatey!

    • Teehee, yep those comments would probably be me! Although I never think of people reading my comments… I must sound so silly sometimes :P I’m not strictly vegan or GF myself, so your recipes are perfect :)

  26. My sign is Aquarius (new sign, Capricorn). My mom was really into this stuff, so growing up I had my full chart done a couple times and it always depressed the crap out of me! I felt like nothing fit. OK, some stuff fit, but it was a bleak reading (so I recall) and thus I am much more skeptical about horoscopes than my adorable mother. I am sure skepticism is a Capricorn quality, LOL! Who knows…

    As for FULL MOONS, I totally believe in them having a huge impact on human behavior. People get all kinds of crazy and this past week was filled with random altercations. I believe that the moon is very powerful. I did a mild “Full Moon Cleanse” yesterday; no processed food, no meat, no alcohol. My yoga teacher said fasting on a full moon is recommended in Ayurvedic medicine – something about the subconscious being very close to the surface – so I gave it a whirl. Results? I woke up today feeling amazing. But I had crazy dreams!

  27. I used to looove astrology and put a lot of weight into it. I really do think that the way things were lined up the day you were born can have an affect on you. But modern Western astrology is a joke. I’m an Aquarius and don’t really fall into the typical Aquarian category which is supposed to be adventurous, humanitarian, energetic, etc. I’m a lot more introverted and creative than my sign says I should be. And my horoscope is usually completely off the mark.

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