Chocolate Stash & What to Make Next

Lately I’ve been trying to thin out my cupboards and organize them more.  That’s code for, I’d rather not spend money on non-perishable grocery items until I use up what I have on hand.

Case in point the Curried Ginger & Raisin lentils were made with all on-hand ingredients

And so were the Microwave Blueberry Banana Oat Cakes


And so were the Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Snack Bars

Speaking of Chocolate, when I was going through my cupboards I realized I have quite a stash.  And this is just a fraction of it.

I did do a post about what my on-hand cupboard and pantry staple items are, and yes, chocolate is clearly a key item.

Chocolate makes the world go round, right?

Since we’re talking about a Chocolate Stash, if you need Chocolate Recipes ideas, I have a whole page dedicated to them.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

Chocolate Covered Oreo Balls
And Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Fudge Balls are just some of the ideas in my Chocolate Recipes Post

From my last post about picture taking in public, it was interesting to hear everyone’s comfort levels.  Some of you are very comfortable and you don’t care at all about snapping away while others are more conservative and self-conscious about it all.

It seems that a point and shoot may make things a little easier and more comfortable than lugging a DSLR out, too.

And it was great to read about what you used to think was a big deal, but have now realized, isn’t such a big deal after all.   I think it’s great when we can keep life in perspective and not sweat the small stuff as much.

Lots of great comments on that post.  Thank you!   And thanks to all the first time commenters, new blog readers, and de-lurkers for stopping by and saying hi!

If you need anything else to get your Chocolate Monster going, try a No Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ball with Chocolate Chips.  You can add a high protein option to them, too.


1. Do you have a stash of anything on hand?  If so, what?

I like to keep a stash of paper products (toilet paper, kleenex, paper towels)

Toiletry items (shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, floss, body wash, soap, etc.)

Household items like cleaners and detergents

And of course, I keep a stash of all things sweet and wonderful on hand from sugar to chocolate!
I’ve posted about my cupboard & pantry staples before

2. Do you keep chocolate on hand?

This is a super silly question for me…yes!

3. What should I make next with chocolate? Or what are you going to make next with chocolate?
Cookies, cakes, pies, snack bars, dessert balls, frosting….So many options.
Let me know what you’d like to see me make next!  What are you making next?

39 comments on “Chocolate Stash & What to Make Next”

  1. I have a stash of odd grains, and canned legumes.

    not very exciting.

    not as much as chocolate.



  2. I usually have a stash of beans/lentils (canned), paper products, feminine products … and Almond Milk.

    I also currently have a stash of liquid hand soap (the Body Shop was having a sale :-))

  3. How about a healthy chocolate cake vegan style?! I’m curious to see what you would come up with!

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  5. We always keep a stash of paper towels, tp, dish rags, etc. :) I would probably hoard all sorts of other fun stuff but my apt is already popping at the seams. :)

  6. We have also been thinning out the cupboards and the fridge / freezer before buying more food at the store. And then making meals that give us more than 1 meal.

    Served your GF PB Marshmallow squares with Chocolate frosting to our dinner guest last night. I cut them up into tiny bite-size pieces and put them out on a platter. His thoughts “these are addictive!”

    Just restocked our personal care stash: deodorant, toothpaste (for hubby), and shampoo. They were all on sale, so we bought 3-4 of each.

    I keep dark chocolate on hand, as well as some semi-sweet chocolate chips to be used in baking / unbaking.

    Next? It might try the PB Fudge.

  7. oh my gosh! chocolate stashes are tHE BEST!! i currently have a mega nut butter stash… i have 10 jars open.. yeah, you read it right

  8. I’d say that like you, I always have Kleenex, toilet paper, toothpaste, etc on hand. I buy all that stuff at Costco b/c I like the “bulk” aspect of it. Other than that I stash canned beans, for sure. It can be a bit ridiculous at times. HA! Currently, I’m hoarding the v-day cinnamon hearts like its my job. I <3 those things. ;) As for chocolate, I always have 1 Lindt dark sea salt & one Lindt chili chocolate bars hanging around. I eat 2 squares after dinner each night as a "dessert".

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