Fun & Productive

I’ve had a nice weekend so far.  It’s been fun because…

I’ve been enjoying the 74F and sunny San Diego weather

I went on a power walk with Scott and Skylar


I heated up the last of my Chipotle Salsa Lentils & Mixed Vegetables leftovers.   Leftovers save my sanity.

And it’s been productive because…

I worked.

I cleaned.  Swiffering my floors always makes me feel productive.

I did laundry.

I sat at my desk making Valentines for Skylar’s 18 friends for her  Valentine’s Day party.

Each child is the lucky recipient of either a mini Crunch bar or a mini Butterfinger bar inside their Valentine.

x 18

Meaning, Skylar is likely going to come home with 18 types of candy.  Sugar much?

From my last post about Being Grateful and Thankful, thanks for chiming in with all the wonderful things you’re grateful and thankful for!  I love hearing those things because it reminds me, and reminds all of us, that we all have so much that is good. Which enables us to stop sweating the small stuff when we focus on all the wonderful things we all have.

Dessert: Coconut Banana Cookie Bites (Raw, Vegan, GF)

You can make these in the oven if you don’t have a dehydrator.  Or don’t have the patience for your dehydrator.  Ahem, that would be me lately.


1. How has your weekend been so far?  Have you done anything fun or productive?

Next up on my list is to blog about a recipe I created this morning.  I was productive in the kitchen.  And now I have to get productive at my keyboard.

2. How’s your weather?

I won’t rub it in that it’s been perfect here

And that the flowers are blooming and I can feel the days getting slightly longer with each passing day.  I love that. Spring is maybe in the air.

3. Any big Valentine’s Day plans?

I  mentioned our plans, or lack thereof, here.

Have a great V-Day Weekend!


  1. gorgeous photos!!

    leftovers saves lives= fact. haha

  2. Hey gorgeous – we had some nice weather here finally (50’s and sunny) but nothing like your temps! So happy you’re having nice weather. No V-day plans for us. I will maybe try to make a nice dinner tomorrow, but no gifts or going out for us.

  3. Leftovers definitely save lives. Lunch: leftover homemade pizza. Dinner: leftover veggie stir fry with rice and quinoa.

    Fun today: 4 mile walk with friends, then off to pick up my wine from my wine club (and do a little tasting), lunch, a little ice cream. Then I took my son to the park. Now I’m home, having a little Malbec, and thinking about starting dinner.

    Weather also perfect here in the 70’s, we hung our landry out to dry.

  4. We worked on organizing our garage today and clearing out some clutter to donate. It was pretty warm here today too. Gorgeous!

  5. You and Skylar are so beautiful together! Perfect mother/daughter photo :)

    This weekend has been low-key, but fun. Dance practice, projects, errands.

    My weather = FREEZING!! Brr.

  6. Frrrreeezing here in NYC. Ugh wish I was still in Florida with my family.

    Too bad you can’t put some your delicious raw desserts in the Valentine’s instead ;)

  7. You look fabulous and glowing in that picture, Averie!

  8. A kid cant go wrong with a Butterfinger or Crunch Bar! PS…its 30 here in Indy..super….Enjoy that warm weather…

    As for Valentines I’m making homemade garlic hummus, homemade marina sauce, homemade whole wheat noodles, and homemade brownies, roasted zucchini boats filled with corn and bean salsa, and slow roasted Roma tomatoes for the ol lady for our Valentines day

  9. It is warming up in Saskatchewan!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so nice to not be freezing all the time :-)

    I have to make or buy some valentines treats for my students.

  10. I always get such a kick seeing photos of you and Skylar with your matching mother-and-daughter 1000 megawatt smiles! Scott sure is a lucky fella to have all those happy smiles gracing his life.

  11. I wish I had a bunch of a Valentine’s day cards to give/ receive! those were the best!

  12. Sounds like a nice weekend :) Good family time and productive activities always make me feel so good! The Coconut Banana Cookie Bites look just awesome. The weather here is improving! Its supposed to be nice tomorrow and all next week! I can’t wait. Valentine’s day plans…not much! We don’t really do a lot to celebrate the holiday. We got new running shoes- thats about it;)

  13. I love days where I can just bust through every thing I have to do and feel so accomplished. I went to town organizing my recycling today, because it was more productive than obsessing over a job interview I went on yesterday for a job I realllly want.

    Aren’t those Valentines toooo cute?? I feel like holidays are so great for kids – such fun, pleasure! I’ve never really been big on it, I just don’t care too much, but we’re doing it this year because it seems like fun. We’re going out to dinner at Blossom (Matthew Kenney’s restaurant) and he sent me a bouquet of vegan chocolate roses. That’s a man :)

  14. Ahhh I have to make those dessert bites! They look so yummy:) My weekend has included an AWESOME spin sesh, it was rockin and kicked my batooty! And plenty of hulu:)

  15. What a cute idea for valentines, I’ve never seen ones where the candy comes inside.
    The weather has been perfect here in Santa Monica too – it was 80 degrees today and not a cloud in the sky! I love watching the days get longer too. Even when it’s sunny and warm, longer days make a huge difference.
    The extent of my Valentine’s Day plans are to cook a nice meal for my boyfriend and eat some chocolate – maybe it’s time I thought of something more exciting to do.

  16. Productive yes, but not the kind of productivity I need right now. Gah…you reminded me I need to do laundry. And I hate laundry.

  17. Hi Averie,
    I have to ask… I have noticed in your pictures that your skin looks so much smoother in the last several months. What are you doing different??? Please do tell!!!

  18. hi love!

    I dont know what is up with my blog commenting system?!! Sorry about that!

    Yes Phyto is awesome!!! I love love love it!!!

    I always have to get it at sephora and my lancome serum and eye cream I stocked back up on too!!!

    I hope you have a wonderful night! I Love that pic of you and Skylar! so so so cute!!

    Love you!

    Thanks for the sweet comment, yes Mike and I trying to save as much as we can , I just put alot of money away for Anthony in a 5/29 college fund and some away in a roth fund just for me to have for future ; ) its always good to save money, the world is scary, who knows how the economy will be . ttyl! xoxo

  19. I know fashion isn’t your thing, but I love that blue baseball sleeve style shirt on you. It’s your “color”, if you will ;)

  20. Don’t you love the feeling of being productive! And, Im soooo jealous of your weather.. hopefully warm weather is coming soon.

  21. YES!! Been loooooving the warmer weather! It’s going to be in the mid 70’s all week! Wahoo!!!

    I love the little valentines, so cute!! You are such a great mom for making all of those, Skylar is a lucky girl!!


  22. Argh, it’s 10 degrees here! Gorgeous photos, amazing flowers… I hadn’t realized that Valentine’s day started so young!

    Been listening to the Great Health Debate and sharing some thoughts on my blog every other day, been trying to get things straightened out… I’m hoping to make a few chocs at least for V-day. Hope you have a happy one, and looking forward to reading your latest kitchen creation.

  23. You really do live in paradise!!

    Skylar is always smiling so big, she makes me want to smile! :mrgreen:

    Averie, you are GORGEOUS teeth!! Must be all the yoga making strong bones. :)

    Such a good mommy stuffing itty bitty candies in little envelopes, lol. So cute!

  24. have* TYPO

    We need to install a comment EDIT for you, LOL. I saw one the other day, so cool! Gives you 5 mins to edit your comment.

  25. wow lotsa of candies comin up for skylar!

    it’s been amazing up here also in the bay! loooving it!

    went to power yoga and yin yoga today so it has been glorious!
    cleaned the bathroom and my bedroom today so that made me feel good. i love showering in freshly cleaned bathroom!

    tomorrow i’ll be having brunch with a buncho my high school gf’s! some i haven’t seen in 10 years! so excited!

    just cuddling in bed right now watching pride n prejudice. my bf is cooking me eggplant parmesan for vday! :)

  26. :*( when I saw the first picture I wanted to cry. Alberta [Canada] looks nothing like that right now. It’s so windy it sounds like our roof is going to fly off any moment. Wow, what I wouldn’t do to go back to San Diego. You live in the most amazing place ever!

    Those cookie bites look absolutely delicious!

  27. My sweeties is far away, so we will have to celebrate when we see one another later this week!

    The Valentines you made for Skylars friends are super cute. Too bad you couldn’t stick apples in them!

  28. Isn’t the whether gorgeous?! We are so lucky we live in So Cal. Brag all you want! And I have jury duty on V day. sigh……

  29. Leftovers are so awesome!

    I am seriously jealous of your weather.

  30. OH my gosh im SO JEALOUS OF THAT WEATHER!! it is absolutely beautiful! im looking out the window right now in London and its pouring rain………
    your cookie bites look awesome! i def dont have a cool dehydrator like you do, so oven it would be!

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  32. Well I don’t mind all the weather bragging since our weather is nice this weekend too. :-) Looks like a very productive day! My sister had to create little Valentine’s gifts for her kid’s classes too stocked with toys and candy – crazy, we never got that as a kid! :-P Valentine’s day is another Halloween I guess.

    1. Good, nice and relaxing.
    2. Perfect, in the 60s and sunny.
    3. We’re going out to dinner and having a fun, little gift exchange.

  33. Awww, you’re such a good mama for getting all of those valentines together! Valentine’s Day is so fun when you’re a little kid!

  34. We had a perfect spring day today too!! Just magical! :D

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