Gum It Up

I had a really busy day!  I ran errands, had a two hour appointment across town, but still found time to go to the grocery store and re-stock my fresh produce stash.

And I found some of my favorite gum.  I hadn’t seen it in awhile and I was worried they had phased it out.

But I found it in a 3-pack.  Whew!


I came home and made a salad.

Dressed the salad with Orange Coconut Lemon Pepper Vinaigrette

And added Sesame Ginger Maple Tofu

Snacked on some Cinnamon & Sugar Peanut Buttery Chickpea “Peanuts”

Not the prettiest food but I can assure you the taste is fantastic!

From my last post about Willpower & Restraint, I loved hearing whether you consider yourself to have either, and in what situations you are better than in others.  For as much as I do love to spend money and treat myself, I can be the polar opposite, too, and talk myself out of purchases.  Many of you mentioned you’re similar.

And yes, it is a great mall. For those of you who don’t have a mall in which you really need to “try” too hard to practice restraint, just move to San Diego.  We have plenty of restraint-and-willpower-worthy malls!

Dessert: Raw Vegan Apple Crumble

If you want a no-bake recipe that will please harsh critics, this one will deliver.  I loved baked crisps and crumbles as a kid! And I love this one just as much and it’s fast, no-bake, and without the stick of butter most crumbles call for.


1. Do you like gum?  If so, how many pieces per day do you chew?

Yes, I do.  I’ve gone through phases of life where years have gone by without chewing any and then, bam, I re-discover my love of gum all over.

I have a 3 stick per day, maximum.  Any more than that and I can feel my jaw hurt!

2. Favorite gum?

Currently love Extra Key Lime, Extra Strawberry Shortcake, and for awhile there was an Extra Mango Smoothie that I adored but I haven’t seen that in six months.

Most any of the Orbit or Extra flavors, I like.  As an aside, my sister is a chemist for Wrigley and develops gum.  She created Maui Melon Mint!

I prefer fruity gums to minty ones.  For minty flavors, I just want mints, usually.

3. Did you get a workout in?  Do you like to chew gum while you’re working out?

Yes and it was sunny, but cold!   If you missed my dressing for winter workouts post, I wore the same thing today that I always do.

And yes, I put a stick of key lime gum in when I set out for a 20 minute run.  And it was great!


  1. oh wow the chickpea peanuts look divine! but then again i think anything covered in cinnamon sugar and buttery goodness is!

  2. I’m so uncoordinated that I feel like I’d choke if I ran with gum in! You have talent!!
    The chickpeas look amazing- is that a new photo of them!?

  3. I actually don’t chew gum!! I get too addicted to chewing, so it’s easier to restrain altogether!

  4. 5 gum, spearmint flavor. I chew about a pack a day! Such a bad habit :(

  5. I’m a peppermint stride gal. It lasts the longest and gets rid of garlicy breath in a milliseconds. I used to be a “chain” chewer when I was really into my eating disorder. probably because I wasn’t chewing REAL food. Now I’m at about two sticks a day. And I actually chew half a stick at a time. I have a teeny mouth so half a stick it perfect for my bitty mouth ;)

  6. I love the dessert flavored gum. I like minty kinds, but sweeter mints or fruity. I’m going to try that apple crumble within the next few days… I’ve been meaning to and now I finally have the ingredients, or at least ones that could work to make it my own! I was just wondering if you’d have any tips for someone who wanted to move basically cross country? My bf and I live in LA and want to move to Cali, but it seems impossible with our budget. We wouldn’t have jobs or know anyone, and I remember you saying you had done it before with no initial plan. Any tips???

  7. I love gum. I ran out a while ago though and haven’t bought any since because I get way too addicted to it. When I do chew gum I go through four or five pieces a day, and I like to chew on Orbit mist in peppermint spray. I haven’t tried chewing gum while working out but now I kind of want to.

    Also your chickpea “peanuts” look amazing.

  8. I actually have a “gum problem.” I love it. It’s a way to keep my mouth busy without mindlessly eating a lot of food. I can go through a pack or two a week no problem if I am not careful!

  9. I love gum. Extra watermelon is my standby, but I’m loving Extra Strawberry Shortcake right now, too. I chew a few pieces a day — more if I’m out and about than when I’m at home.

  10. I go through phases with gum, I really love gum while driving :D
    And yes, I did my workout today

  11. Totally unrelated… remind me to make your tofu recipe. ;)

  12. Hey girl! The produce looks fabulous. Especially those grapes. I am totally a gum girl. I usually get Trident or Orbit. I’ve tried to cut back…I’m so bad! I did get a workout in- last night I took Body Attack (low impact) and this morning I walked for an hour. Fabulous. Now its work time….

  13. You need to come to New York…I see all the crazy flavors of gum every day! I’m obsessed with the stuff. Probably half a pack a day. Keeps me from dying of boredom in class/while doing homework. I love the key lime flavor too, as well as Orbit Sweet Mint. And I just rediscovered my love for old-school Doublemint. It’s so underrated! I’ve never tried working out with gum, and given the level of my current addiction, I don’t think I should encourage it :)

  14. girl, i’ve got a secret.
    i used to chew gum the way most people smoke cigarettes.
    we’re talking a pack-a-day habit, here.
    Extra’s Polar Ice. I couldn’t live without it.

    Then over the summer i lived on a farm that was a 20 minute ride from any store, and i just decided to quit. cold turkey.
    I can’t start back up again, because then I won’t be able to stop again!

  15. I love cardamom gum that I saw in stores a couple months ago but haven’t seen recently. I think it was made by Orbits? Also, sometimes I pick up a Zantham (sp?) gum at Whole foods. artificial sweeteners mess with my stomach in a big way so I like a slightly less crazy gum.
    love this post. the fruit crumble and salad look great.

  16. I love gum and put myself on a 2-stick max or I’d chew a whole freaking pack. I blame it all on my mom b/c she’s a gum addict as well.

  17. love visiting your blog…every morning i smile…there is always a picture of beautiful wholesome pics…of fresh fruits and veggies…and because of you and your inspiration, i have managed to shed many pounds…

    thank you.

    just needed to tell you.


  18. ahhhh…i hate when i mess up…i guess it’s too early for me…i meant to write…”there is always a picture of beautiful wholesome goodness”…DUH!

  19. There are days when I feel like I chewed an entire pack of gum — but some days I have none. I usually have a pack in my purse and we have a stash of 6-8 packs in the kitchen “junk drawer”. Sometimes I feel like it and sometimes I don’t!

    I do like those “dessert flavors” although usually I’m a wintergreen fan.

    I do like to have some gum when I go out for a run — mostly because if I don’t, I tend to grit/grind my teeth and having a piece of gum keeps my jaw moving.

  20. I chew gum like it’s my job, unfortunately.

  21. I have a mild ahem…obsession with mint gum. Green eclipse to be exact. In fact, I spent about $25 on it yesterday(it was on sale at Target…I got probably 12-15 3 packs for that).

    It is calming to me and can keep a burgeoning panic attack from becoming full-force and it helps my stomach feel better when it’s upset…

    A gum addiction is very common in individuals with my phobia(emetophobia…fear of vomiting)

  22. Those chickpea peanuts sound addictive!

  23. I have a MAJOR gum addiction. Extra classic bubblegum flavor is like crack to me.

  24. I love that you blogged about gum! Mostly because I love gum! I probably have 6 pieces a day? I like it especially because it keeps me from getting a dry mouth when I’m talking all day training or working at the store. And it also keeps me from mindlessly munching while at home :) Excel Mist (which I think is Orbit in the US?) and Trident Layers are my favourites.

  25. I love gum! and I love trying all the new crazy flavors. and I even chew it while I workout.

  26. I love gum! Sugar free.. extra is my favorite.. the spearmint. I used to smoke for many years and sugarfree gum helps me.. also, in the past when I would be super busy working in restaurants in a stressful environment it helped me release stress by chewing to music while I mass produced a huge amount of food!

    I want to lick the tofu off the screen.

  27. Sounds like a crazy day. Yum, lots of great eats here.

    1. Sometimes, I haven’t bought it in awhile though. I used to be a huge gum chewer, but kind of fell out of it when I went high raw – odd, right?
    2. Extra back in the day.
    3. Yes in our home gym while watching Sex and the City 2 and ick, not worth watching!

  28. I was super busy yesterday, too! Still working on an email to you :D

    I bought grapes yesterday, too!! They were only $1.57 for a plump bunch! We ate them all in one day!! :shock:

    Those chickpeas look soooooo yummmmmy! I have to try them roasted sometime. Just woke up and now I am craving a salad or a spring roll! That’s so funny. You make me feel all tropical and summery. :lol:

  29. THat is my favorite flavor of Extra!!! Soooo good!

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  31. Your salads always look so pretty, Averie! I love the way the cucumbers are sliced with their elegant edges. I tend to eat the same old salad and it isn’t very pretty – simply spinach, monukka raisins (the worlds best available only at Whole Foods for 2.99, actually pretty good deal, look for them!) if I am out of raisins, I use dates. So spinach monukka’s sprinkling of parmasan cheese, pinch of salt, and EVOO. I could (do) eat it every day and never tire :) I don’t exercise restraint on my spinach/raisin addiction at all. I do exercise restraint on my lululemon athletic gear tab – I love their clothes!

    As for the gum, I like to chew it in the afternoon. A piece or two (or three if I am going out at night I will pop some gum) per day. I like orbit wintermint. I think it was one of their original flavors. Simple, satisfying, in fact, I want some right now! Here’s to smackin’ your lips!

    Have a lovely day. It is a “balmy” 46 degrees here in Maine! Running without mittens or a hat!

    As for the gum, I don’t run or exercise with gum.

  32. I used to be a big Gum chewer / addict. I would easily go through a pack a day. Had to ditch the Gum habit due to reactions to artificial sweeteners. Amazingly, I don’t miss it.

    My old favourite was Cinnamon flavoured Dentyne.

  33. That is too freakin’ cool about your sister!!! :)

  34. Oh my gosh! I had no idea about your sister! How random and cool!

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  36. When I am at work I probably go through a few pieces a day … I don’t have a fave though.

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  38. I do like gum….one that tastes like spearmint. I find it so refreshing. And I will workout with gum in my mouth, esp if I’m running/walking outside. My throat tends to get dry otherwise…

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