Mango & Balsamic Rice, Beans, & Mixed Vegetables

Need a one-pot meal that comes together in under 15 minutes, will feed your family, makes planned leftovers, costs pennies per serving, and happens to be vegan and GF?

This recipe should do the trick.


Mango & Balsamic Rice, Beans, & Mixed Vegetables



1 c dry rice (I used Uncle Ben’s brown rice)

1 can beans (I used garbanzos or try pinto, red, black, navy)

1 to 2 cups mixed veggies (I used 1.5 cups of diced carrots, broccoli, and Brussels’s sprouts)

1/3 c Mango Chutney/Salsa (or use jelly, i.e. mango, apricot, peach; or try a sweet-ish fruit-based salsa or chutney)

1 Tbsp Balsamic Vinegar (or regular, rice wine)

1 Tbsp Seasoning Blend (I used Mrs. Dash Caribbean blend)

2 Tbsp Honey (to keep this vegan, omit or use agave)

2 Tbsp EVOO (optional)


Cook the rice as directed on the box (with water and optional butter) until about 85% done.  (For me, this took about 8 minutes)

Add everything else, stir, cover and simmer for another few minutes until liquid is absorbed or your vegetables are done to your liking.  (For me, this was about 4 more minutes)


Here’s a Visual Guide

Rice is about 90% done.  Then, add everything else.

Stir and cook a few more minutes


The big chunks of mango (above) are “surprise” bites that I love

The veggies were not overcooked and had a bit of texture and crunch.  I detest over-cooked vegetables.  Blech!

The flavor was wonderful.  A little bit of heat from the red pepper in the mango salsa, the balsamic gave it some tang and balanced the sweetness from the mango and honey.  And the chickpeas added protein and made it a one-pot success.

And it was also successful because it made planned leftovers.   Love your leftovers. I do.

Like today’s recipe?  Also try my Caribbean Coconut Rice with Garbanzos, Veggies, and Peanut Butter.  It works, I promise.

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I’m glad you like my last post about bodysprays!  Seems like lots of you are fans and thanks for filling me in on your go-to scents.

And everyone had different days of the week that they are busiest.  Mondays are my busy day, for sure!

Here’s a one pot snack.  Or a one little bowl snack.

Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate


1. What’s your fave one-pot meal?

Mine are any of the bakes (Salsa Baked Beans & Veggies, Cheezy Veggie Bake) or rice dishes like this one.

And I never buy ingredients just for a recipe like this.  It’s called shopping in my own kitchen and use things up that are taking up space or getting old.

2. Do you like leftovers?

I know some people hate them and would prefer to eat something “new” every meal but leftovers are a huge time saver and money saver, too.

Cook once, eat twice = saves time

Cook in bulk once rather than starting from scratch with completely new ingredients for a completely new meal = saves money

I am a fulltime working mom, a blogger, I try to keep my grocery budget at a minimum, and I try not to live in my kitchen just to feed my family.   Therefore, leftovers are my best friend.   For all you young beautiful people, if you don’t like leftovers now, you may change your tune when you have a family, kids, house, fulltime job, and want to “get off the hook” for meal prep.  Leftovers will save you.

3.  Anything exciting happen in your day today?

I am expecting a package in the mail I am excited about.

Enjoy your day!

81 comments on “Mango & Balsamic Rice, Beans, & Mixed Vegetables”

  1. That looks amazing! I have had a huge craving for black beans, rice and mango but I think this has replaced it! I love one pot meals. Yesterday I made a tofu sausage, rice and veggie one pan meal and it was delicious :-)

  2. 1. My favorite one pot meal is chili!
    2. I love leftovers and always make enough food to have leftovers for lunch.
    3. The exciting thing happening today is that my second e-book is being released!

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  4. Leftovers save the day every time. I send them to work with my husband for lunch and have them for lunch myself sometimes. Major money and time savers. It’s usually cheaper (and not much more work) to just make extra of something you have planned than to make a whole other meal.

  5. Leftovers totally depend on my mood. My husband loves them, sometimes I like them, sometimes I don’t!

  6. My Favorite one pot wonder meal has to be cup of brown rice, cup of water, can of cream of chicken, cup of water…stir it up, lay two chicken breasts on top, cover and bake on 400 for 40 mins…..amazing…Pretty good as well if you add a head of Broccoli

    But to your question about leftover. Shoot I make extra of almost everything so I can have leftovers! I think leftovers of 90% of what I make taste better the next day! Better taste and you have the cooking already done! What more could you ask for!

  7. This looks delicious! We love one pot meals in our house. :)

    We’re trying to get better about leftovers. I’m not a fan, but I find if its the right kind of leftovers, I”ll eat them :)

  8. my fave one pot meal is CHILI!!!
    love leftovers because then i don’t have to cook (truly, not a fave activity, sorry to say) plus in a meal like chili, the flavours improve.
    i like the looks of this recipe (the rice, beans and mixed veg).
    have a super tuesday, averie!

  9. I LOVE one pot meals, as a student that makes life ten times easier!

    That gf mac and cheeze looks delicious! Is it made with quinoa?

    I am excited to get a package too! I love gifts via snail mail:)

  10. I love that you put garbanzo beans in there! Sounds like a delicious recipe!

  11. My favorite one pot meal is vegetarian chili! So warm and comforting in the winter!

  12. That looks so light and summery to me right about now. I love soups or chili as a one-pot meal. I used to be a casserole queen at one point.

  13. Great flavor combo– I’m marking this one!

    Hope your package comes!

  14. I love one pot meals! :) They make life so much easier. Bookmarking…

  15. I love one pot meals — like soups, stews, chilis, etc. They are especially good if they are all thrown in the crockpot — super easy.

    I love the looks of the rice and I am with you on hating overcooked veggies. Yuck.

    Thanks again for your help/advice via email yesterday, I do appreciate it!

  16. That rice dish look sooo good! I’m definitely going to try it. I rarely make one-pot meals (somehow I end up using every dish in my house to make dinner) but I love the easy clean up. And now I’m off to check out your GF mac and cheese. Yum!

  17. I want fresh mango right now. And this dish.

    Leftovers have literally saved my life this week. Without frozen soups and that giant spaghetti squash I baked earlier, I wouldn’t have had time to eat dinner!

  18. That looks really great! I love left overs, especially to grab for lunch. I work about a mile from a strip of restaurants, and everyone always wants to go out for lunch. I would much rather eat something that I brought in, saving money and saving time trying to figure out where to eat!

  19. Mango and balsamic–what a fabulous combo!!

  20. i was just talking with someone how we love one pot meals- so easy and perfect. love anything with quinoa or rice and veg :)

  21. Your Mango & Balsamic Rice, Beans, & Mixed Vegetables dish looks yummy. Might have to try that one soon.

    My hubby is making us a huge crock-pot full of soup. Should last us 3 days, and the crock pot is so easy to clean :)

    Leftovers are great. Especially in the summer when we spend all day at the paintball field. I bring a cooler with leftovers, snacks, and green smoothie for us.

    I got my new BlendTech blender carafe in the mail. The 3 quart, with a 4″ blade. Used it for the first time this morning. So much better than the standard carafe – which I loved & used daily up until today.

    Will we be hearing about your mail package on the blog soon? Suspense is building :)

  22. I never used to like leftovers. But, now I appreciate them so much. I make a lot one-pot meals. Too many to name and I love them all.

  23. Looks so light and yummy!!! I like throwing random veggies and sauces together and see what happens:)

  24. What a creative way to spruce up a salad! Love it

  25. leftovers are the best! I love one pot meals, I think my favorite is chili

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