Running Errands & Bringing Snacks

Yesterday I had to run out to my second home, i.e. the grocery store.

I had to pick up some produce and essentials since I’ve been eating lots of these.

With Vegan Slaw Dressing


I pour it after I finish taking pictures so my salad doesn’t get soggy.

Add some Tofu for extra protein

Green Tea & Honey Ginger Tofu

You can’t exactly taste the green tea per se, but I think if you marinate it longer, you possibly could detect it more.

And after going to my second home, I also went to:

The Bank

The Post Office

And Rite-Aid for some toiletries.

Basically I ran around like a mad woman in the rain with a 4 year old in and out of her carseat a bazillion times.  And people cannot drive in 1/16th of an inch of rain here since it rarely happens.  Talk about chaos on the roads. Thankfully it’s back to normal and sunny again and in the low 60s today.

She’s a pro at errand running, though!  Just don’t forget the water…

…and the snacks!

Like a No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Bar

Peanut Butter Swirled through the center excites me.

Or homemade Vegan GF Crackers

You can take them in the sweet or savory direction.  Also grain and nut free.   Just seeds in these.

i.e. Homemade Mary’s Crackers

From my earlier Wish List Post, I loved hearing what’s on your wish lists!  Vita-Mixes, immersion blenders, cooking gadgets, and trips seemed to top the list.

And thank you for the insightful comments about Does Money Make you Happy?  Lots of wonderful perspectives and thoughts on where the juncture of happiness and money meet in your life.  I don’t think money makes anyone happy per se, but I think it does make life easier and less stressful.  But it’s important to find non-material things to make your heart go pitter-patter and sustain your happiness.

Dessert: High Raw Vegan Peppermint Patties


1. What errands have you ran lately?  Or anything on your errand running list you need to tackle?

It seems like I just went to Target

Recently replenished my stash of dry goods and non-perishables (most of which I ordered online to save money though)

But it’s a never ending job keeping things stocked up!

Not to mention, the bank, post office, there is always something to be done and somewhere to go.

2. When you go out, do you bring snacks with?  If so, what?

With a small child, snacks are key!   Snacks can save a situation from turning into a meltdown.  Or prevent a minor little blip on the radar from becoming a massive.

I have a post with fast, easy, and healthy snack ideas

And there is also a section in my recipes tab for kid-friendly snack ideas, too.

3. What’s on deck for the weekend?

I am working, hopefully spending some time with the fam, and maybe doing some creating and cooking in the kitchen.

Right now I am going out for a run and a quick at-home workout to follow.  See you later!


  1. Ugh– I feel like I’m CONSTANTLY running errands! I can only imagine how it’s going to feel when I have kids!

    Re: Madeline– I KNOW!!! We missed you last night– some day, the three of us need to meet up altogether!!! Someday…sigh. :-)

  2. I went food shopping today. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try to plan ahead, I usually wind up going to the grocery store several times a week. Either I forgot something, we run out of something at home, or the store didn’t have what I needed in stock. Sometimes I would prefer to go just once a week, but it doesn’t happen! If I know I am going to be out for several hours, then I will bring a snack with me. It makes it easier than being out and getting hungry and not knowing what or where to get a healthy snack! Enjoy your weekend! :)

  3. I always bring snacks on errands (and water!)–especially when I have my son with me! My last errands were to Target and Costco. That was last weekend–but it seems like just yesterday! :)

  4. Aww, I love her tiny klean kanteen- too cute!

  5. I don’t always bring snacks when I run errands, but I always have a bottle of water — it never leaves my side.

    I go to Target at least once per week ir not more, and I get to the grocery store 2x at least as well. Thankfully our bank has a branch IN the grocery store so I can usually kill 2 birds with one stone there, and it is in the same strip mall as our gym, so once again, I can do a bunch of things in one trip.

    This weekend — we are going to Treasure Island casino to see the Pawn Stars (have you heard of/seen that show on History Channel?) and possibly sell some stuff (or at least try to!) Then we’ll probably hang out there for a few hours and maybe play bingo, etc. Other than that its the same old stuff!

  6. My errand today was taking my “samples” to the doctor…that was interesting to say the least. While I did not pack snacks for that trip, I do normally take snacks everywhere I go…like I am a two year old. I don’t care what I do this weekend as long as I can be outside.

  7. I never STOP running errands. Three kids = three reasons on TOP of the already millions I’ve created for myself and Ryan to need things. Usually crafty stuff and groceries. :)

  8. Averie- I have to laugh… because you are ALWAYS buying new body wash?!?! Do you have an entire stocked cabinet or do you shower as much as I do?!?! haha… everyone laughs at me bc I shower 2-3 times a day- I love showers and good smelling body wash! That tofu looks to die for! YUM! Also, I must try this slaw dressing….ASAP.
    ****Skylar’s locks are so gorgeous!

  9. Wow, Skylar’s hair is so long!

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who lives at the grocery store. Sometimes I feel ridiculous about how often I go. But I guess that’s how it goes when you eat a lot of produce. Yesterday I went to Target to get coffee and Target brand Crystal Light and today I really need to go to Staples to buy ink.

    I don’t tend to take snacks with me unless I’m going to be gone all day, and then I’ll bring a meal with me.

    BTW I just wrote a post about the Ralphs Hot Sweet Mustard that you recommended – I bought it because of your post! Thanks very much for the rec, I love it :)

  10. I always b ring snacks when I go out – and days like this past Sunday (which was major errands running around for me) and I knew I would be out over lunchtime, I even brought a lunch with me. I posted it on Tuesday:

    I am sure people thing I am crazy considering I was at Whole Foods that day and could have bought lunch there, but I had plenty of yummy produce to eat and if I pack a lunch or snacks, I don’t have to worry about looking for food when I am out, which considering my various food intolerances is worth it.

    I need to make some of your soy recipes. I used to avoid it, but I find that I can eat tofu, tempeh, miso and tamari with no problem now.

  11. Love seeing Skylar in her cool black lotus tee shirt & rad zippy sweatshirt!! She is getting sooo big and even more beautiful by the day. All of your noshes look great here – especially that honey ginger tofu. Which I just stumbled ;)

    • Thank you for stumbling! I still don’t even fully “get” it….lol. Thank you though :)

      And your hand me downs have gotten us thru the winter! Every single thing is worn, washed, repeated! She adores all her Marla clothes!

      From the last comment…the camera lens, yes, worth it. Getting it. Probably ordering it….soon :)

  12. I just came back from running errands — and I’m exhausted! The bank, fed ex, the pet store, the market, and applying for a special health insurance. whew! I had a square of raw chocolate to sustain me, but now I’m ready for dinner. And my husband has taken over the kitchen to make channa masala — his specialty.

    • i meant to reply to your last comment about health insurance. girl. I could tell you stories. Basically it would take me hours to tell you about our situation.

      hang in there!

    • thanks averie! I have had a strange belly ache for over a month, and without health insurance, I’ve just sort of had to ignore it. But luckily, today we got a free care service through the local hospital based on income. Thank goodness! It was the highlight of my month. Now, I’ve just got to wait a bit to get an appointment…hopefully it’s nothing major…I’ve already had my share of health problems! I eat mostly veggies, beans, and nuts, so at least I’m doing all I can to stay healthy. Yoga helps too!
      Your comment meant a lot to me — thank you — it’s nice to know I’m not alone !

  13. Haha, I was watching the news yesterday morning and the headline was ‘California bracing for rain.’ It hardly rained here yesterday, but it was enough to cause a huge panic on the roads!

  14. Hey averie! I’m kind of a new “official” reader. I love your blog, and your recipes really are inspiring! I am so excited to make the pb protein bars. Thank you! Did I just read you only do 20 min cardio/strength per day?? That’s amazing. You look rockin’. I dream of the day when I will convince myself not to work out like a maniac. Looks like you’ve found what works well for your (mind and) body. xoxo
    P.S. I love that toothpaste :)

  15. Wow–she’s growing into such a beautiful girl!!! Love the look of that produce.

  16. Aw man, the vegan slaw dressing link doesn’t work! I’ve been meaning to look at that recipe and see if I can make it :)

  17. Wedding errands have been done this week and will be done next week when I go back home to PA for some wedding stuff needed done! My mom, sis, and I are doing the cake tasting ; ) yummy!

    This weekend Mike is taking me to a surprise dinner tomorrow night! Im excited! Rest of the weekend will be chill ; )

    Skylar is soooooooo sweet!!! I love the pics of her even more with the better camera!

    Have a great night love! xoxo

  18. Skylar looks straight up gorgeous in that picture of her looking away. Gor. Geous.

  19. When I run errands, I always bring a reuseable bottle full of water.
    Skylar is such a beautiful little girl! :-)

  20. I always tote what I like to call “Survival food & water”! My purse almost always has a Larabar in it or a baggie of trail mix!

    My last errand run was on Sunday. Went to the library, the recycling center, and the grocery store and whew!…after a week of being sick, that really takes a lot out of you! I was pooped!

    I plan on doing a little baking this weekend and I’m also getting to meet my little sister’s boyfriend for the first time! They’ve been dating for 6 months and I’ve never even seen him in person!

  21. I keep snacks in my purse because I too am subject to a meltdown if I’m hungry and can’t eat! ;)

  22. Oh gosh – just want to say that I’m lovin’ the crispness of your pics! “Fresh” is the word that comes to mind.

    Skylar looks like a little Julianne Hough there (from Dancing With the Stars) or even Ali Fedowtoskly (former The Bachelorette) ! Does she come after you or Scott more?

  23. Our Local Grocery store Marsh Supermarket, should just rent me a back room to live in so I dont have to get out and drive there everyday, I eat really fresh and really close to the earth as much as possible so I run errands what seems like everyother day for things like apples, pears, bananas, romaine, spinach so we get the freshest possible! But really….id rent a room so i wouldnt have to leave and get out in the Indiana Winters….haha

  24. I understand the grocery store being “home away from home.” Gotta love being a mom!

  25. I ALWAYS have snacks with me!! Larabars, dried fruits and nuts, hummus-quinoa-raisin bowls in tupperwares, fruit, veggies…I am snackalicious:)

  26. No plans for the weekend yet, but it is a long weekend, so I am pretty excited!

  27. I always try to throw a protein bar in my purse – but if I’m running to Whole Foods I usually just rely on their delicious samples :)

  28. I usually have snacks somewhere on my person. Us skinny people need a lot of food!
    PS- Skylar’s hair is gorgeous!

  29. Look at Skylar’s hair! It looks just like her mommy’s! So gorgeous. :)

    I try to limit my errands because I don’t have a lot of money. But when I know I’m going to be out and about for awhile, I tend to bring water and a small snack, usually some cereal, a granola bar, or a cookie. Basically something that can’t go rotten or smushed in my bag.

    When I do buy things like body wash, it is usually in bulk which saves me money and reduces the amount of times I have to go out and buy it. :)

  30. I had to make a quick stop at Micheal’s today to return a frame that didn’t work out… oh well, $30 back in my pocket!

    And ack! your next question reminded me that I have a string cheese sitting in my purse that needs to get back in the fridge asap. Thanks for the reminder!

  31. living in the desert I know how just a little bit of rain= no one knows how to drive anymore! especially running all my errands i.e. my second job

  32. I think I dislike every errand except ones that involve food shopping and food accessory shopping.

    p.s. that PB swirl made my heart flutter!

  33. I am an errand machine. I am queen of doing a little here and there, which means I am always runiing errands, but they never are more than 15 min stops. I’d rather do that than a whole day of them.

    I’m going to a martial arts class on Saturday!

  34. That reminds me, I need to get shampoo!! LOL!

    Lots going on this weekend but I’m going to try a new flourless chocolate cake recipe!! Very excited about that! Check out my cocktail recipe tomorrow, I think you’ll really love it!!


  35. i love running errands!!… yesterday i got some things for a foodie swap in the states so that was exciting!!.. i ALWAYS pack snacks if im out long.. usually larabar type things and then nuts and whole fruits!

  36. I always have some snack in my purse and when i’m longer outside house than i take some Muesli and apple : )

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  40. Yikes, busy day! Ah yes, always needing fresh produce here too. Cute Skylar pics, can’t believe how long her hair is getting.

    1. Target – two trips this week for pet food and last minute things for hubby, good thing it’s right near my job.
    2. Yes, usually a Klean Kanteen of water and maybe some snacks depending on how long I’ll be out, my work desk is always littered with fresh fruit.
    3. A long run than a massage which I’m sure I’ll need after! Maybe a little clothes shopping and eating out with my sisters too.

  41. This weekend holds lots of errands…groceries, Costco, Shopper’s (similar to Rite Aid)…not to mention a hockey game and a soccer practice. And housework/laundry. But Monday is a holiday were I live so I’m looking forward to a 3 day weekend! Hope you enojoy a lovely weekend, too!

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