Superbowl Foods and Plans

Is anyone watching the Superbowl this weekend?  I’m not.

Is anyone cooking anything special for the Superbowl this weekend?  I’m not.

But I know many of you are either watching it or cooking things, so I’d like to refer you to my Game Day Recipes Post

Everything from (Kale) Chips and Dips and Hummus

To Guacamole


To Vegan Chili

To Vegan Fajitas

I think my Cheezy Veggie Bake would also be a hit with game-day fans

Please Check out the Game Day Recipes Post for More Recipes and Inspiration! 

Everything in that post is vegan and gluten free, but you don’t have to tell the meat-and-potatoes-screaming-at-television-crowd that info.

And if you want more inspiration, check out Jenna’s or Jessica’s Posts.  Now, those girls can cook.  I really need to get my in touch with my inner nacho when I read their posts.

From my last post about my love for all things vanilla, glad to hear I am not alone in my vanilladdiction. I liked hearing how you incorporate vanilla in your life.  One can never have too much vanilla if you ask me!  And a few people said that you don’t “love” vanilla, but you do love chocolate.  I can live with that.

I think Game Day Fans would enjoy Chocolate Covered Oreo Balls.   I do.


1. What are your plans for Superbowl Sunday?

Scott will watch the game out of the house with friends. That way when screaming at the TV ensues, I don’t have to hear it.  Nothin’ but zen over here.

I am working.  I would rather be working than watching football.  Not really a sports fan.   Although the commercials are usually entertaining.

2. What recipes are you thinking of making?  Or what would like to be eating?

I doubt I am going to make anything just for the game.  I have to work and won’t be watching it anyway.

Plus, I much prefer sweets to typical or the stereotypical savory game day fare, anyway.   So if I do make something, it will be a dessert.  But I don’t need it to be Superbowl Sunday just to make a dessert.

Have a great day!


  1. I am most def. NOT watching the game! Haha I am not exactly a sports fan, however the commercials are hilar so I spend some quality time watching those:) Perhaps I’ll make some Superbowl Commercial food?:)

  2. I’m NOT watching the superbowl. I’ll be working too—my Man is going ice fishing and then doing boy-superbowl things after that, so I’m (almost embarrassingly) excited that I can spend the entire day doing work. I love the feeling of getting huge amounts of work done!
    I’ll probably try and make something yummy for myself though—but that’s just a normal day for me, not in spirit of the “stuporbowl.” I always joke with people about going to work next day full of crappy food and tired—just walking around in a stupor.
    Enjoy your non-superbowl weekend!

  3. I’m going to Florida for a bachelorette weekend so probably won’t be watching…but will probably manage to consume plenty of junkfood anyway!

  4. Is anyone watching the Superbowl this weekend?
    ABSOLUTELY!!!!! Go Steelers!!!!!

    Is anyone cooking anything special for the Superbowl this weekend?
    Raw Taquitos
    Raw Chick-un fingers
    Crudite with peanut dipping sauce
    Raw Sweet Potato chips

    Anyone wanna come? Got a 52 inch plasma with surround sound.

  5. We do not watch the Super Bowl. Neither one of us cares about it at all. I have no idea what I will be making that day. As for the vanilla extract, here is what I do…put two split vanilla beans in a glass bottle or jar and add a cup of unflavored vodka. Store in a dark, cool place for two months. Shake the bottle every couple weeks to get all the beans distributed throughout the vodka. We do this in the vodka bottles and normally have a couple going at a time. It seems expensive at first, but ultimately it is cheaper. Also, buy cheap vodka since it has less flavor. You could also use bourbon, but we just stick with vodka. Makes great Christmas gifts for bakers too!

    • I have heard about this exact method and read about it tons. Just never have done it because I read that you have to shake the bottle daily. And not sure if that would happen :)

      And cheap vodka having less flavor tip…ok, good to know, I would have thought to use something higher end b/c of the opposite but that’s good to know!

      Thanks, Sarena :)

  6. sigh, now that i’ve moved home, i dont have many friends around town… soo as of now, my superbowl plans are nonexistent. but that tdoesnt mean i cant cook up a storm and have my own party, right?!

  7. I won’t be watching the Superbowl…but I’ve been enjoying everyone’s Superbowl posts, ha! Don’t like football…but I like seeing all of the food that goes with it! :-)

  8. I’m not a huge sports fan — but I do usually watch the “big” games: vikings vs. packers, super bowl, “important” twins games, etc. But thats about it! Jason isn’t a big fan either.

    We’ll probably have the tv on for the game on Sunday but I doubt we will sit and watch much of it. It will be background noise as I do laundry, vacuum, etc (normal Sunday stuff for me!)

    We’ll make a few drinks for Sunday (also normal for us!) but nothing else really special!

  9. Averie, I love fajitas and these looks fabulous..I am going to add them to my list to make.
    Oh and if you have a sec, check out my post today-I need your mommy advice :) I kind of already know what you would say but hearing it from you would be better :)
    Thanks hon–xoxo

  10. Nope…not watching the game. Felt like a huge lame-o when I turned down several party invitations. Just not my thing. I’d rather sleep, read, work, play games with the kids, or even do laundry for that matter. :)

  11. We are trying to make plans but have none as of yet-it will be a last minute decision:)

  12. YES of course I’m watching the game! It will be a nice distraction from everything else I should be doing that day. I won’t be making anything special though. I’d like to have a big party, since I love a good party, but I have too much going on. I’d need to kick everyone out the minute the game was over. :)

  13. Hey Averie….
    I’ve been a lurker for awhile but just wanted to let you know I made your chocolate peanut butter and oat bars last nite and I LOVED them…. Thanks for the recipe~~!! They were super quick to make too!

  14. I’m not opposed to watching the game, but I’ll be too busy doing practice massages and homework on Sunday to catch any of it!

  15. I totally forgot it was Super Bowl Sunday so I didn’t plan any healthy eats! Which I am bumd about, but I’m like you I could really care less about the actual game, although I will be visiting my family. I did plan on making your kale chips and using my dehydrator this weekend hopefully they will be ready by Sunday.

  16. Not watching and Not cookin! :)

  17. I’ll be working at the Y. Will be interesting to see if many people come in that day.

  18. I’m not watching the superbowl. Mind you, I don’t watch many sports, so no surprise there ;)

    I’ll be snowshoeing on both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday my hubby is having some people over for a “build day” – meaning scale models. In preparation for that, I’ll be making some of your coconut chocolate snow balls, and the crispy rice squares with chocolate nut butter icing. I’m sensitive to the glue that they use, so I’ll be outside in the sunshine & snow having fun.
    Sunday is more snowshoeing followed by house cleaning and food preparation for the week ahead.

    Will Skylar be watching the game with Scott? Does she like football?

  19. As a Pittsburgher I am certainly watching the superbowl! But I’m more looking forward to hanging out with people during the game than the game itself. Actually I’m more excited for the hockey game earlier in the day. Whoops! Oh, and the Glee episode AFTER the bowl : ).

  20. My fam is watching it hence i will be also…but my nephew will be there so i’ll probably be busy playing with him! We r bbqn on sunday! they are big meat eaters so there’ll be burgers, veggie ones for my boyfriend and some roasted vegetables. can’t wait to eat and have some drinks!

  21. I most definately AM watching the game. Especially since my team the GREEN BAY PACKERS are playing in it!!!! I am having a housewarming/superbowl party on Sunday and have about 20+ people coming over (mostly family). I am making 2 chili’s (veggie and not) and lot’s of dips, salsa, guacamole, spinach and artichoke dip, etc….. also lots of house cleaning to do as well…. but excited for the family time none the less!! I will be snacking on the raw veggies and hummus and eating my veggie chili.

    GO PACKERS!!! :D

  22. Not sure on the Superbowl, I’m not looking forward to it, but the family is. Great recipe ideas.

    1. Not sure yet, maybe a gathering at my sister’s house.
    2. Kale chips, maybe Gena’s new dip recipe, hummus, etc.

  23. to be honest…I dont even know who is playing in the superbowl! hahaha I probably will not do anything football related…Jason is not a football or really sports guy…he does the motorsports (and will be snowmobiling this weekend) so I will probably be hanging!

    that food does look delicious! I would go straight to the oreo balls!

  24. hah! like you, i am definitely not participating in superbowl sunday. never have, never will! i kind of hate football ;)

  25. I love watching football- but I’m not team specific, I just like watching the sport because its sort of zen, and you can pay attention and then do something else for awhile and catch right back up. Plus, it gives me something to look at while drinking beer :)
    Maybe I’ll make this acorn squash/ mango soup I’ve been wanting to try.
    I need to add that that cheezy veg bake looks incredible. I’m sitting here at my desk eating, and it still is making my mouth water. Thanks for all the recipes!

  26. There aren’t words to describe how much iI detest football. I’d rather clean toilets than watch the Superbowl. But I might have to make guac regardless – who needs an occasion for guac??

  27. I’ll probably watch the game, but not really follow closely. I don’t care about either team. Boring!

  28. No football for me, I didn’t even know what day the Superbowl was until I read this post.

  29. I don’t watch the superbowl but I generally host the few family who live in town.

    Interestingly I used to have a crazy sweet toothbug since I gave birth to my first child 15 months ago I will choose savory/salty snacks everytime. (unless it’s dark chocolate with sea salt).

    I want to make the kale chips but the last 2 times I bought nutritional yeast it had ZERO flavor. Not even the slightest hint of that weird cheesiness I know it is supposed to have … Hmmm. What kind do you buy? Is it a certain brand or bulk?

  30. Apparently I’m going to a Superbowl/hot tub party – don’t really watch football, nor can I partake in the hot tub, but I haven’t been to one before and decided what the heck – it’s an excuse to bake something. I’m bringing lemon blueberry cornmeal scones – not exactly football food, but they’re yummy all the same!

  31. I am definitely watching the super bowl!! I’m a Packers girl and I’m sooo pumped. As far as game day recipes, I need to talk with my mom about what she’s making, but I am definitely making your “puppy chow!” that stuff is so good!! Maybe I will try the kale chips, that sounds good!

    Also I love vanilla. I missed that post but vanilla is one of my favorite scents!

  32. I really don’t know anything about football, no matter how hard I try to understand it- it just never clicks! Either way, I love the social aspect of watching the game with friends so I’ve invited my grad school class over to watch the game! (we’re a small group of 10)
    I’m making your oreo balls for the party! Can’t wait :) I also made your coconut dark chocolate thing…but I ate it all lol

  33. Happy belated birthday to Skylar! A couple weeks ago I made chili and had never thought of adding potato until after glancing at your blog the night I made it. It was awesome and my boyfriend LOVED it too! I’ll be working during the super bowl also, but I’m not too disappointed since the team I “root for” isn’t in it.
    I also finally tried the High-protein option raw chocolate chips cookie balls yesterday, they were SO good!! I plan on making a vegetable bake in the next few days and am totally excited. Thanks for the recipes, as usual they never fail to please.

  34. You KNOW I’ll be watching the game! And probably drinking beer and eating gross bar food. I’m 3000% sure I’ll feel terrible on Monday, but hey, it’s the Packers in the Super Bowl!

  35. I have never watched a single superbowl— or any NFL game to be honest! Football is just not my thing.

    I still need to try your kale chips!

  36. We are big football fans, Go Packers!! I have to pull for Greenbay since Flynn plays for the team (he was LSU’s Quaterback). I have no idea what I am cooking for the big night but I am sure it will include some buffalo dip!

  37. Im such a huge fan of football! Im counting the days till Sunday! Im thinkin healthy bar food. Plus some wine. Its my weakness!=)

  38. we are watching the game (Go Packers!) and I’m making all kinds of fun stuff… I really like watching for the commercials, and I only sorta pay attention to the game… :D

  39. you know, I don’t like football, but the thing I really hate about the Superbowl is that it’s the one day I year I actually join to watch it, but everyone talks the whole time and I don’t pay attention!

    gotta love the commercials though. even though they rarely live up to the hype.

    hmmm, my boyfriend likes Kale chips…wonder if I could make a batch for the whole crew

  40. Not watching the Superbowl … I just watch CFL :-)

  41. It is a bit weird to see avocado as “food” ^_^ in my society, avocado is “drink”, so u can have avocado float (with ice cream), avocado juice, iced avocado…..
    I think, it is obvious that i’m not watching superbowl, that sport is sooo not common in my home country ^_^

  42. awesome thanks for sharing

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  46. We don’t do football at my house. Never have. It’s all about hockey here. HA! Besides we were out of town at…..a hockey game!! :)

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