While They Were Watching the Game

While other people were watching the Superbowl, Skylar and I headed for the mall.  And thankfully, it was pretty empty.  I surmise most people were glued to the tube.  Not me.

I took this pile of empty MAC makeup containers and brought them to the MAC Store

Tip: Every 6 empty MAC containers = 1 free lipgloss/lipstick so save them and turn them in for your freebie!


I traded them for a few other items and…..

…Prrr.  I love Prrr

It’s really iridescent and has great shimmer.  And you can play around with liners from Plum to Spice and change its look.  Super versatile and on your lips, it doesn’t look nearly as coral as in the tube.

I love MAC, period.

I also picked up a couple new-to-me MAC facial cleansers

If I don’t like them, I will bring them back.  But I am going to give them a try.

I have serious love for This Stuff so it’s a hard act to beat.

Since it’s essential to have snacks with when going to the mall, I brought this snack bar with us.  A homemade Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Bar

And while other people were watching the game, I took advantage of the low 70s and sunny weather and went for a 20 minute run and then 20 minutes of yoga/lifting at home

This is what I saw.  I like this scenery better than football.

Stop and smell the roses the Bird of Paradise

And while other people were watching the game and eating Superbowl Food

…This is what I had for a snack:  Special K bars

The underside is pure heaven.  Peanut Butter + Brown Sugar + Karo Syrup + Vanilla.  Perfect after a hard day at the mall.

From my last post about What I Know, it was fun to hear what you know.

And it seems there are tons of Maybelline mascara fans out there too.

And also I am glad that my discussion of Rules are Meant to be Broken resonated with you, too.  Not all “rules” are set in stone.  I always enjoy learning what rules you break, or would like to break.


1. Did you watch the Superbowl?

As you can see from this post, no.  I was way too busy buying makeup and being outside.

2. If you did watch the game, did you enjoy yourself?

3. If you didn’t watch the game, what did you do this weekend?

Fill me in on your weekend and what’s in store for your week?

P.S. If you’re just catching up on weekend posts, here are mine since Friday night.

Have a great week!

59 comments on “While They Were Watching the Game”

  1. I didn’t watch one second of the super bowl cause I was coaching but I really don’t care that I missed it! I made those special k bars fully planning on sending them to a friend but um they are almost gone.. hehe! I’m not really a make up person but I may become one for the free stuff, thats a great deal.

  2. I made your Special K bars for the game and they were a huge hit! I was impressed by how easy they were to make and how delicious they are. Thanks for sharing your grandmother’s recipe!

  3. awww what a lovely Sunday!! I didn’t watch the game either! It was 70* here, no better thing to do than SURF, so I found myself at the beach! :) on my way home I went by New Fronteir’s (a knock off of whole foods) and it was EMPTY! (I LOVED IT!) I hope your week is off to a great start!

  4. Haha, That’s awesome! I was out shopping too, and it was quite nice seeing that everyone stayed home to watch the game. However, I was not running given the whole snow situation in the midwest… I seriously need to move :)

  5. 1. No I didn’t watch the superbowl…LOL…I literally do not understand that game. Watching football is totally comical and bizarre. I am more of a basketball person…basketball is much more elegant and sexy :)

    2. I went to “extreme” Yoga at my gym which was awesome!! Then I treated myself to lots of steam room/sauna time. Then I went to TJs and got some of that unsweetened baking chocolate and raw honey and made some oat bran chocolate cookies and read my ‘old lady porn’ romance novels all afternoon.
    I really enjoyed myself!!!

  6. I love Mac! I buy so many of their products! I also had a good time watchin the game with my family but I was sad at the outcome, I was rooting for the steelers!

  7. LOVE the new blog! Could hardly tune into your old one over my work network at all. I sort of watched the game, but mostly wished I was sleeping since I had a big headache. This week I want to cook 2 new meals for my family.

  8. Awesome time to go to the mall! I wanted to do a snow trip, but hubby wanted to watch the game. :-P Wow, that’s a huge cosmetics haul – sweet.

    The weather was perfect here too, lots of long dog walks and camera playing.

    1. Eh, sort of. I’ve never been a huge superbowl fan.
    2. I did from doing other stuff around the house. THe commercials weren’t even that good this year.
    3. Went out with sisters, shopped and tackled house stuff.

  9. We watched a few commercials and a few minutes of the game. Not into it at all!

    I’m so jealous that you had the option of going to the mall! Our stores still have primitive policies; they close at 6:00pm on Sundays!! I kid you not. I was talking to someone who lived in Los Angeles several years ago and they were like, “I’m going to Home Depot.” And I’m like, “It’s after midnight, no you’re not.” They’re like, “Uh, our stores are open 24 hours.” :shock: The west coast is so ahead of the rest of the country! lol

    • Yeah the game was on at 330pm here (b/c it’s pacific time) and the stores are open til 9 or 10 at the malls. Target and other stores like that usually midnite or 24 hrs. And Home Depot, Rite Aid, groc stores, 24 hrs :)

      And it was 75F and sunny and the mall is open-air/outdoors so it was perfect. :) Not to rub it in or anything. lol

  10. That’d be the perfect time to go to the mall- while everyones watching the Superbowl. I went shopping just before and it was SO PACKED!!!

  11. Ooooh I love Mac! I love Prrr too! u have great taste ;-)

  12. Good for you on getting out into some beauty during the ‘bowl’! We were out on a boat in the wilderness–cold but supercool too. On the road and crappy connection, but wanted to say hi.

  13. Nope, didn’t watch it … but I did have a great weekend!

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  15. ooooh girl, you’re speakin my language with all those MAC bags!! And I never knew that you could get a free gloss with 6 empty containers!! Thanks for the tip! I will definitely be saving mine!! I LOVE the color of that gloss!! I recently got a similar color from Smashbox that I am just loving right now!


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