Wish List & Does Money Make You Happy?

I have a few things on my Wish List:

1. This camera lens

EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM

It’s really expensive.   And I think I am going to buy it anyway….

…After I handle Item #1.  Which is so imminently close that by month’s end it will be done.  And the noose from my neck will be gone.

The practical side of me cannot in good conscience buy something like that until I take care of business.


2. The Rules are Meant to be Broken side of me would like to blow off work and spend a week back Here

3. An immersion blender

4. Cute dishes

Cute dishes were on my last wish listAnd probably will be on the next one, too.  Or I could just raid Jenny’s stash.  Or Jenn’s stash.

These are from Antrho.  So pretty and spring-like.

And how cute are these Nesting Owls from Urban Outfitters

5. Roller Skates!

I haven’t roller skated since the 80s (Rollerblading took over in the 90’s/2oo0’s for me but haven’t done that in ages either)

How impractical but oh so right and oh so cute are these skates

From my last post about my Chocolate Stash and what you keep stashed on hand, and what you’re going to make next with chocolate, and what I should make next, thanks for the fun comments!

Dessert: After fantasizing about my Wish List items, it’s time to fantasize about a Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowball

Or perhaps a Turtle fantasy…

No-Bake Vegan Turtles


1. Do material items make you happy?

I am not going to lie.  Life is easier with money than without.  Anyone who says that money doesn’t matter has never been poor or has never wondered how they were going to eat tomorrow or keep the lights on next week.  Money does matter.

However, money doesn’t necessarily make one happy.  Look around Hollywood.  Many of those people are rich and unhappy.

Material items are nice, and if they make you happy, and you can afford them without going into debt, knock your socks off.  Buy, spend, and enjoy.

But many times, after purchasing an “amazing” item that cost a fair amount of money, there is a let down.  The said “amazing” item isn’t fulfilling long term.   It’s fine, but it doesn’t make you all warm and fuzzy, day in, day out.

For me, that reinforces that happiness cannot be bought long term.  There has to be something else to make one happy other than just stuff.   And I believe that has to come intrinsically.  It has to come from within.

Only you can make you happy.  No one else can.  No things or items can do it.   You have to do it.  Gotta dig down deep and figure out what makes you tick.  And what makes you happy.  And it’s probably not going to be a new camera lens, a new sweater, a Vita-Mix, or a trip that will sustain your happiness.  Although I wouldn’t complain if anyone wanted to hook me up!

2. What’s on Your Wish List?

No judgments passed. If money was no object, what would you like to have?

Get crazy and extravagant!

3. Has your week been going by fast?

Mine has!  Probably because I’ve been so busy!

71 comments on “Wish List & Does Money Make You Happy?”

  1. Those roller skates are brilliant!
    1) I always say I want just enough money to be comfortable, but not so much that it becomes a burden. Things are not so important to me. I rarely go anywhere besides work, the gym, and my parents, grandparents, & in-law’s houses. What is important to me is people. I would like to have more money only so that I could give without hesitation. Random, anonymous acts of kindness are the best!
    2) A vitamix, fun plates, a real home gym & trainer… This is random, but I would really like to start an art collection!
    3) My week has gone by fast and slow. It depends on the particular moment really! How’s that for confusing?!

  2. Yes, I agree fully. Money can’t buy happiness but being poor is scary! I grew up with very little $ and it was always a source of stress for my mom. Money can buy security which is important. First item on my list would be buying a home. I live in NYC and I’m sick of paying rent! But everything here is so freaking expensive!!! Also, a vitamix. And a BMW 3 series!

  3. Really good post Averie. Money doesn’t make a person happy. Of course, it helps to buy all the essentials, pay a mortgage etc but real happiness comes from within and can’t be bought. It’s interesting to view Ireland now that we were in a recession. In the boom Celtic tiger years, there was a lot of money in Ireland but I don’t think people were necessarily any happier, they were just chasing more material things and wanted bigger houses, fancier cars and clothes etc. I think now people have more time for each other, a lot of socialising is done at home and I think people here laugh more and are now enjoying the simple things and more important things in life.

    Anyway if I had a wish list- would love to fly to California in the morning and go on a big shopping spree and sit out in the evenings in the warm weather with a cocktail with friends, that would be heaven. I’d also love to have a double jacuzzi bath at home, an unlimited book supply and new clothes.

  4. Material things in life dont really get me going, Im happy with being surround by great healthy food, and loving family.

    However, if I could pick one place to spend my whole day it would be in my kitchen, therefore if someone gave me a blank check to a kitchen store to fill my cabinets and drawers with all types of cooking gadgets, tools, storage, prepers, ect I think I would put the money to great use…

    PS that immersion blender is at the TOP of my kitchen list as well!!! What a coincidence!

  5. While non material things are great and all, we still need to live and eat, which isn’t cheap! Plus, it is nice to be able to do some small things like go out to dinner or buy a new pair of shoes if you have a hankering to! I would love love love to spend a week some place warm with nothing to do except lay on the beach with a beer in my hand. Instead, I’ll just be excited about the fact that it will be 65 degrees in Philadelphia on Friday…

  6. I love those nesting owls, the plates, and a new immersion blender would be wonderful! I agree, having money doesn’t necessarily mean having happiness, but it sure is nice to treat ourselves sometimes. I am currently dreaming of all sorts of new sewing equipment, like a serger, a large cutting table, storage bins – and I could use a new pair of jeans too. Hopefully the wish fairy shows up here soon!!

  7. those cute little material things make me happy for the time being, then I forget about them. So, retail therapy is only temporary but hey, sometimes it is needed. Right?
    Love the plates!

  8. Oh, I love those owl nesters!!!

    I have credit card debt too, which I never had until 2008 — medical bills, even with personal health insurance that I was buying, added up to more than I want to think about. That paired with getting married made one heck of a debt hole to crawl out of. About a month ago I split up the debt into two different cards with 0% interest for a year (sure as heck beats the 19% I was paying before!) I’m not sure if I can pay it all within a year, but we just did our taxes and I plan to put some of the refund toward reducing my debt. It would feel SO SO SO nice not to have that “noose around my neck” too!!

    Material things used to make me happy, but my husband and I have been through a super rough year, financially, and after going without buying things, I realized that at the end of the day, corny as it sounds, if I have my health, the love of my husband, and food in the fridge — that’s all that matters.

    I would, however, like some new clothes. I worked on a farm this summer and also lost 30 lbs — my wardrobe is not doing so well right now!

  9. I wish I could be one of those people who didn’t want monetary things, but I’m not. I like “things.” But I’m not one who has to have flashy jewelry, fancy cars (hell don’t even have one at the moment), or even designer clothes. But I like to look nice, I do like my more expensive makeup, and man do I like my kitchen gadgets! My wish list would take all day ;-) At the top of it….getting a freaking car.

  10. Yep, I totally agree– money doesn’t make me “happy”…but it sure does make things easier! And while I think you have to search within yourself and your life to find happiness on your own…it’s a lot easier to do that searching when you aren’t preoccupied with empty bank accounts and overdue bills.

    And I’m not going to lie…pretty clothes from Anthro make me happy :-)

  11. You had me at the roller skates-hilarious….love ’em. I’m compulsive when it comes to shopping so you DO NOT want my response!

  12. I wouldn’t say material things make me happy…but they definitely make me more comfortable!

    Right now I would love a food processor, a VitaMix (or at least a more powerful blender than I have now!), a Garmin or something similar that can track running mileage, a trip to someplace warm would be nice too!

    I am so happy it is Thursday already! So yes, my week is going by quickly!

  13. Those roller skates are amazing! I was obsessed with roller skating as a child… I had Popples and Barbie ones. :)
    I definitely don’t think money makes you happier, but does make things easier. Having a ridiculous amount of money is necessary though — just enough to do what you want (that’s the ideal, anyway). I think it’s easier because it’s something less to worry about..but happiness shouldn’t be based on “things” because they will never satisfy you. That being said, there are still material things I’d like to have, and I’d love a Vitamix. :)

  14. Obviously you need those roller skates so you can skate around taking photos with your new lens! :-)

  15. Mike’s mom got me an immersion blender for Christmas and I love it- though I wish I could find more uses for it!!

    Material things do make me happy, but never in a life-changing way. I mean, yes, I love my camera, I love shoes, I love chocolate, I love stuff like that, but…in the end, I could own Godiva, be a pro photographer and have a closet full of Louboutins and it wouldn’t mean anything if I didn’t have people to share it with. Material things can make life more fun, but they never make it inherently better.

    That being said, what’s on my wish list? Louboutins, of course. They’ve been on there for years, and I WILL get married in blue ones!!

  16. I love those plates! Okay I love anything from Anthro.

    I’m not sure money makes happy, but it does make feel comfortable. It’s more like no money would make me unhappy. Of course there are still some material things I would like (vitamix!), but I’m content without it.

  17. I don’t think money makes you happy, but having enough to cover life’s expenses and not having to worry all the time about paying bills and such certainly makes you less stressed and more likely to enjoy things….

    My wish-list: my student debt paid off(obviously I mean right now instead of me plugging away at it for 10 or 25 years….), an Ipad(even though I have an iphone, an imac and a macbook, oh and 2 ipods…I want the whole set…LOL…), a home gym, my hubby to decide what he wants to go back to school for and actually be able to stick with it…

  18. This week has gone by super fast! Material things don’t make me happy, but you have to have money to survive these days. I can’t say that I don’t like having or getting things from time to time, but all in all, I am pretty simple…good food, good times with family and fresh air…that makes me happy!

  19. I would love to skip school & my internship to hit the beach! I say we have a blogger retreat in Aruba ;)

    On my wish list now: a food processor, Naturally Nutty Cinnamon Vanilla Almond Butter, and a pair of Louboutins!

  20. hi averie!

    great post! i like looking at people’s wish lists! those owls are super-duper cute (and making me want to pop over to UO to check ’em out!)

    A material thing doesn’t necessarily make me happy but if it has a purpose (i.e., a cooking/baking utensil), I get excited about what I can do with it!

    My wish list: travel, travel, travel! There are so many places I want to visit for the first time and lots that I want to re-visit.

    I can’t believe it’s Thursday and that the long weekend is almost here!


  21. I agree, only YOU can make YOU happy, but material items may help reinforce self-love along the way ;)

  22. I do enjoy some material things, but I also hate clutter and lack of space. Not to mention I don’t like to have debt. They don’t make me happy, but sometimes they make life easier.

    At the moment my wish list is pretty small. Just counting down the days until Barbados :)

    My week has been flying by, and we have another busy night coming up. Woooosh!

  23. some material items make me happy – usually things related to blogging or fitness I find. Like my netbook and dslr when I got those. Or new workout clothes or if I got a Garmin. Fun items. I don’t get super excited about clothes shopping for example.

  24. I love those roller skates! The last time I roller skated, I fell so hard, I bruised the inside of both kneecaps and they hurt like crazy for months. I don’t think I’ll be getting back on the wheels anytime soon. :-)

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