Awards, Tidbits, & Trivia

I have been given a few awards lately so I thought today it would be fun to post a few facts.

First, Tyrah gave me the Cherry On Top Award

I am supposed to share 3 Things that I Like:

1. I like sunshine, blue skies, warm weather, and the ocean.   They make me happy and I could never imagine living anywhere but San Diego.  Or Aruba.



2. I like all the friends I’ve met through blogging.  It’s amazing how blogging has changed my life in so many wonderful ways!

3. I like chocolate.  I like peanut butter.  But I am really liking No Bake White Chocolate & Mango Cookie Dough Bites lately.


Emily and Terilynn gave me the Stylish Blogger Award

I am supposed to share 7 Things About Myself:

1. I get whistled at, catcalled at, or honked at at least once per day.  This, along with calling me “an amazon” because I am quite tall, absolutely repulse me.

2. I want to go to India.  I want to see the good, the bad, and everything in between.  It is a pilgrimage I will take one day because that is where my yoga, my heart, my soul, and my consciousness will grow.

3. I wash my hair every three days.  I like it best on the second day.  And yes, I still love my Brazilian Blowout.

4. I’ve thought about writing a book about my life.  The things I have seen, done, and experienced. It would not be a cookbook.  There are already plenty of cookbooks out there.  Not sure I could add anything “new” to the world of food, recipes, and cookbooks. I do feel, however, that my life story is unique and sometimes have thought about documenting it.  But writing a book is dauntingand it may happen one day.  It may not.  You never know.

5. I’ve thought about adding to my tattoo.  It may happen one day.  It may not.  You never know.

6. I hate loud talkers.  Along those lines, bad breath, nose and ear hair, and unibrows are also dealbreakers.

7. I love photography!

I am glad that you enjoyed my last post about Food Styling: Props, Books, & Photo Quality.  It was fun to hear how much you do or don’t care about photo quality.  For some of you, you’re really into making your pictures look as amazing as possible and for others, you try, but you don’t care too much.  Snap it, and forget about it type thing.

I loved hearing where you buy cute dishes, props, tablecloths, kitchen tools and such, too.  And yesterday, I kinda went on another blog-related shopfest, too.  Cheap thrills, baby. For $30 bucks, I can buy so much and get so happy and excited about it!

Maybe dessert excites you like it does me.  No Bake Vegan Rum Cake Balls are exciting.  Any dessert with rum in it would have to be, right?


1. Do you enjoy reading random factoids and trivia about a blog author?

I do! It helps me “get to know” them better and in a more behind-the-scenes type way.

Also, I am passing along the awards to anyone who wants to post about them on their blog.  They are yours for the taking, enjoy!  Some of us daily or multiple-times-per-day bloggers need to mix it up every now with something different and fun.

2. Tell me something you Like or something About Yourself!

3. How’s the weather in your area?  And did you workout today?

I will be going for a glorious run outside.   It’s supposed to be in the low 80s and perfectly sunny on Thursday.  Good thing I quit the gym and can savor the sunshine and fresh air!

Enjoy your day!

45 comments on “Awards, Tidbits, & Trivia”

  1. A book on your life experiences would be interesting, based on the “snippets” that you have mentioned on this blog.

    Rum desserts? Oh yeah! I made the Frozen Chocolate Coconut Fudge recipe from Tropical Traditions last night – and added 2 oz of rum to it. Just enough to add taste and not effect the freezing / hardening.

    Birds: I like hearing the birds in the morning before the sun comes up. I also love seeing gaggles of geese flying in the air, or coming in for a landing. Breathtaking!

    Weather: yesterday was sunny and 8C so I left work early to get out there and enjoy. Strolled through the back yard with the cats on leash if you can believe it – they don’t get outside much. Most of the snow is gone now and the backyard is showing signs of spring: tulips coming up, birds pecking for worms, squirrels running to & fro.

  2. Hehe, I used to be called an Amazon woman too thanks to being 6′ tall with long curly hair. And I wash my hair every three days too, sometimes more in the summer thanks to sweating in the heat.

    1. Yes, they’re fun.
    2. I love being in nature either hiking, mountain biking, beach or anything appreciating natural beauty.
    3. Perfect today, high in the 80s and sunny. Perfect for a little gardening, just wish I had time for it! :-P

  3. random factoid posts are the best. i love reading about people, and finding out the little things that make them unique. plus, it’s interesting WHAT people choose to share about themselves!
    i sooo hope you can make your desired pilgrimage to india happen, when the timing is right. THEN i think you should write your book!
    would love to know how you would add on to your tattoo! (i want to get #3, for me; i know what i want, and where i want it. am waiting for the timing to be right!)
    enjoy that sunshine!

  4. Man…I want to live in So-Cal soooo badly. The weather…the year round gardening….yes yes yes. I’ll take it. (ok…I’m just reeeally over winter here ;)) love your fabric stash from yesterday. It really is amazing what a little bit of spending on photography props can do for your happiness. Haha. :)

  5. Yes, yes, yes, write a book!! It would be incredible, I’m sure! :D

    Our weather is pitiful right now. Dreary and still on the chilly side. :(

    Something I like: I like you! hehe I also like sunlight for my photos which I don’t have very much of right now. :(

    Dislike: Bad drivers and people oblivious to the world in grocery stores. I can’t stand when people walk slowly—deliberately–right in your path and take up room in the aisle or don’t pay attention to someone standing behind them. I basically don’t like inconsiderate people. :P

  6. Love the facts! sunshine, blue skies and the ocean are a few of my favorite things too :) A good part of the reason I love Charleston! I try to wash my hair only ever other day but should probably push it to every third!! Yummy desserts :) Something about myself: I can never seem to pick a favorite color. I bounce back and forth between a few….I think its yellow (most of the time)

  7. Fun facts! I do love reading random facts about bloggers. Happy almost Friday! :-)

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  9. zomg Averie, you’re brilliant. This has nothing to do with the post above, but I was hungry for a snacky thing and decided to make a version of your blueberry oatcake only I turned it into a quinoa apple cinnamon cake (banana, gluten, sugar free). It was delicious in every way possible. I’m totally blown away! I’ll have to do a post on it soon. Zomg I’m going to be making these at least a couple of weeks. I’m SO full and SO satisfied right now.

    Thanks for the inspiration :)

  10. I think random trivia is fun, although I don’t always remember it. Or I’ll remember a random fact, but will forget which blogger mentioned it. Yup, gotta work on the old noggin’ of mine.

  11. I actually love random facts about anyone, whether I know them or not. I also like sharing them.
    The weather here in the Rockies is looking up a little, I’ve haven’t had a chance to work out yet though:( soon.
    Random fact about me…I’m totally a creative type. I’ve pursued and won awards in creative writing, visual arts, theater, singing and piano. I’m editing my first novel and I’m trying to get back into art on the local scale.

  12. Fun reading the “trivial” facts! What part of India? Do you like Indian food? Is there an ashram or a teacher there that you would spend time with?
    Catcalls are annoying, but I guess make the most of it. It may or may not happen when you are 90, and maybe you miss it? I know…just trying to make the best of a sometimes annoying situation. It’s particularly fun when really obnoxious overweight men with the unibrows, nose hair, and all cat call at tall thin blonde girls. That’s precious :)
    Of course at 90 you will be so enlightened and detached from your body you won’t miss the catcalling after all :)

    • not sure what exact part, but southern india. I like indian food, yes. will i miss catcalling? hell no!

      • If you like Indian food, check out Anupy Singla’s “The Indian Slow Cooker” book. It is nearly all vegan & she uses dried beans, unsoaked (you can soak if you want though). The recipes are amazing & so simple to make. 15 minutes of prep time and you push a button. I have blogged through lots of them. I do try to eat a lot raw, but I LOVE Indian food & always eat way too much of it. I have zero control, unlike you!! I practice yoga sometimes, but not enough to actually have control over my food senses :)

  13. Random fact posts are some of my favourites on people’s blogs!!

    I too want to see India. It is on my top 3 list!

  14. I do like hearing little tidbits about bloggers’ lives. Sometimes the little things are where we connect the most.

    It was gorgeous here today. Can’t say that too often for Fresno. :) Ryan & I went for a deliciously long walk outside and talked and talked about our day(s).

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  16. I love reading random info. I love sunshine. I love Indian foooood. :)

  17. I’m a bit of a loud talker, but in a good way. ;)

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