Hair Appointment & Chickpeas

I spent a few hours at the hair salon today getting my color touched up.

Before hair (picture from this post two days ago)

After picture

Ahhh, much better.


While I was at the salon I picked up my favorite shampoo and conditioner that I’ve raved about before.

It’s called Unite and it’s sulfate-free as well as all of these things:

Vegan, Gluten Free, Sodium Free.  Sounds like my diet most days.

I also picked up my favorite Leave-In/Detangler called It’s a 10

As the name suggest, it is A Miracle.  A couple sprays and it will cut through the worst of tangles, no gloppy buildup, does not weigh fine hair down.  I love this stuff.

All that time in the salon made me hungry for some Cinnamon Sugar Chickpea “Peanuts” with Peanut Flour (If you don’t have peanut flour, so sorry.  You could try coconut flour, almond flour, or skipping flour and make this alternate but similar recipe)

And for dinner, I re-made my Mango Balsamic Rice with Garbanzos & Mixed Vegetables recipe

And it makes planned leftovers.  Cook once, eat twice.

From my last post about Cooking or Making Things at Home vs. Buying Pre-Made, it was interesting to hear what you find easier to make at home and what items, for the time/energy/expense involved that you feel you’re time and money ahead to just buy pre-made.

Different strokes for different folks and I always find it interesting to read what one person finds too labor-intensive, another person would gladly make at home to save a little cash.  And likely get a better-tasting, “healthier”, finished product.

And thanks for not thinking the lettuce-chopping tutorial was too silly.  And a few of you had some keep your lettuce crispy and last longer tips, too.  Thanks.

Dessert: No Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Balls (with high protein option)


1. What’s on your agenda for the weekend?

I am working, possibly getting together with a friend, and hopefully spending time with Skylar, getting some good workouts in, and some quality kitchen time in, too.  I hope.  I haven’t had much kitchen time this week.

2. Have you ever left the salon with wet hair?   Or tell me about your fave hair products!

I do all the time!

I’ve posted about it before, but in a nutshell, I am just too impatient to sit there for a blowout so I don’t.  I have things to do!   Like blog.  And be a mommy.  And go to work.

Not to mention, after a long appointment, the last thing I want to do is sit there any longer!  I can dry and flat iron my own hair in a fraction of the time it takes at the salon.  Maybe not with as good of results, but whatever.

3.  Do you like Chickpeas?  Or do you call them garbanzo beans?

Yes, I do.  But I do have to watch my consumption of them because too many beans and me just do not get along.

And I usually call them chickpeas but sometimes call them garbanzo beans.

Need Chickpea recipes?

Coconut Rice with Garbanzos & Vegetables (and Peanut Butter, too!)


Cinnamon Sugar Roasted Chickpea “Peanuts”

What do you like to make with chickpeas?


62 comments on “Hair Appointment & Chickpeas”

  1. Stunning hair!

    This weekend = salsa club, auto show, studying.

    I like to make hummus with chickpeas.

  2. Your hair looks great! I need a haircut so badly! I say chickpea or garbanzo beans…love them no matter what you call them!

  3. LOVE chickpeas and those look great! I can’t wait until it’s warm enough for me to get into mango, I love mango brown rice I will for sure try your recipe! And your hair looks fabulous!

  4. It’s a 10 really is a miracle-worker! My friend & I buy it from Ulta when they have a 25% off coupon. It’s expensive but it lasts forever.

  5. I adore chickpeas! Until this year, my younger son hated them.. it was so irritating to deal with!.but now he loves them. I always had a rule that you had to try the food you hated twice a year.. and now he loves both chickpeas and zucchini…. which he used to despise!

  6. I love chickpeas, especially in your coconut rice dish!!! I also love them in soup, hummus, and many other things.

    I have your roasted chickpeas on a to-make list!!! I can’t wait to get around to making them!!!!

  7. Weekend? What’s that? LOL

    Yes, when I’m in a hurry I tell them I’ll let it air dry. I need a cut and dye really badly! Your hair looks great! I need that sodium free shampoo, lol.

    Looooce chickpeas! I love all beans. I have to try your roasted chicks, they look sooo good!

  8. Ooh, I’d discounted that recipe because peanut flour doesn’t exist in Australia, but I love the idea of using coconut flour instead!

  9. Goodness Averie you are just too pretty, I love your hair all touched up it looks great! Those chickpeas have been calling my name, I may have to go invest in some peanut flour asap :-)

  10. your hair looks great!!

    with chickpeas, i like to put in salads, make hummus, make socca (from chickpea flour)…yup sometimes i’ll have chickpea 3 ways: hummus spread on socca topped with chickpeas! haha
    all so good!

  11. Your hair looks great! I love chickpeas, but I know what you mean about too many haha!

  12. I suddenly want to spend all weekend doing fun hair things….

  13. I love chickpeas! They are so versatile!

    I am in NEED of a major hair styling! And a new shampoo! My hair is oily, would ur brand work for me ?

  14. Your hair looks fantastic!! I’ve been debating dying my hair for a while… I’m just not sure!

  15. I feel like you were just at the salon!! How often do you have to get touch ups? I love highlights but I just can’t be bothered to keep up with them so my hair is always the same….

    DAMN girl, you are a skinny minny! Do you ever find that grains make you bloat? I tend to stay away bc I think, like most people, I have a slight gluten intolerance so grains can make me a bit puffy.

    • It’s been 9-10 weeks. So awhile. I’d rather have it look classy than rooty :) I could push it to 12 weeks I guess…but why :)

      Yes, grains ARE bloating to many people. If you are bloated after eating gluten, that’s detective work 101 and yes, you probably are a bit gluten intolerant. As are tons of people!

  16. There’s supposed to be some sun out this weekend (at long last!!) so I’ll be doing aaaallll my best to soak it up before next week begins. A walk, maybe some coffee in the sun…ahhh. And no work! Blissed-out. And we are getting a dishwasher tomorrow. Should make a difference (two kids+two grownups=lots of dishes!).

    I love chickpeas, but I can’t tolerate them right now. Looking forward to some future when I can – I never tried chickpea flour, so that’s a to-do, plus I want some hummus, obvi! ;-)

    Your hair is gorgeous! I had the best haircut the other day, expensivos, but it’s such a feeling of luxury – plus it really makes a huge difference for your looks to be a little coiffed, I think. I am the very-messy-hair type, but recently cut messy hair just looks more pro, haha…

    I didn’t leave with my hair wet, though. Freezing outside! A blowdry at my hairdressers is a couple of minutes – it’s a non-fancy place I guess – a tiny room in a basement inside a cafe! And in a couple of months he’s leaving for two months to travel and be a ninja in India…hehe. Nice w-e to you :-)

  17. glad you could enjoy some relaxation time at the salon, averie!
    this weekend = leaving for aruba! i’ll say hello for you! :)

  18. Your hair color is so soft and pretty. Your colorist does a great job. I have not been to a salon in over 15 years. I learned to cut hair when I was 18 from my husband’s aunt who is a stylist and have cut and colored my own hair ever since, although she had to rescue me a time or two when I first started.

    Favorite hair product? I color my hair with Moroccan henna. It’s sort of an auburn color and I love it.

  19. Your hair is always beautiful! I wish my hair was straight, instead I have to blow dry it straight : p plus I get that keratin done too !

    This weekend we are watching my sons basketball team play, the championship game ( go gators ) going to a movie maybe, and just relaxing!

    Happy weekend to you!!! <3 xoxo

    • girl i flatiron mine (my brazilian blowout treatment wore off months ago). It isn’t just wash and go like this.. i WISH! haha!

      Do you like your keratin? I loved my Braz Blowout…I know Gina got the Keratin. I have only seen B.B. around here, and loved it, no issues, but just lmk if you like your keratin.

  20. I totally need to get myself to a salon soon….I have a habit of going a year w/o cutting my hair…but I don’t get split ends and I wear it up or in braids a lot, so hopefully nobody notices :)

    I grew up calling chickpeas ceci beans (italian) and then knew them as garbanzo beans. Whenever I hear them called chickpeas, i picture each little individual bean as a tiny baby chicken. It makes them even cuter!

    Have a great weekend, Avery!

  21. Looking good! I never leave the salon with wet hair– the blow out is the real reason I’m there, ha! I always try to make the blow-out last as LONNNNNG as possible! :-)

    Have a great weekend, girl!!

  22. Your hair looks great! As do your abs… :)

  23. plans for this weekend involve a consult for wedding invitations and church…and dinner with my uncle and his family…haven’t had dinner with these guys for 20 years…amazing eh?

    i have left the hair salon with wet hair many times…for a number of reasons…it takes hours to do my hair and i hate sitting for more than 3 hours…so to have to sit for another hour just to blow dry my hair doesn’t sit well with me, sometimes…and i don’t want to pay an extra $40 for it…so yes, i have left the salon with wet hair, even in sub zero weather!!!

    i LOVE chickpeas…in any form…have you ever made a salad of chickpeas and then smashed the chickpeas? amazing…they soak up all the dressing!!! yup! i love me my chickpeas…the other night i wanted hummus and i didn’t have tahini, so i grabbed some sesame seeds and a little water and used an immersion hand blender and guess what, i made my very own tahini paste…

    one more thing…you’re one hot lady girlie!!! before and after you got your hair did!!!

    have a beautiful weekend friend!


  24. Your hair looks AWSOME! Simply Beautiful.

    We LOVE Chickpeas at our house.. we snack on them all the time. I have been dying to try your cinnamon sugar roasted chickpeas.. but haven’t found the time. Perhaps this weekend?!?

    Enjoy your time with family and have a great weekend :)

  25. I used to leave the salon with wet hair all the time because I didnt want to spend the extra $30 for a blow out. I live in a cheaper city now so I let her dry my hair. :-)

    I love chickpeas!

  26. I love chick peas.. all of my friends are so intrigued by them whenever I eat them! I tell them they’re what make hummus and the reaction I get is a mono-tone ‘oh’. I think its kind of funny.

    I’ll have to try that peanut flour. I didn’t know that existed. Does it have any peanut flavor?

  27. You actually save $5 at my salon if you don’t get your hair dried, so I always leave with wet hair!

  28. Your hair is so lovely! I love the cut. I’m growing my hair and bangs out- I want it all really long- but I have to wait until I get some stitches out before I can go in for a trim. Can’t wait! These split ends MUST go away.

    I love all of your sweet chickpea recipes… my favorite is Tomatoey Spiced Chickpeaas from, but I kind of burned out on it because Ari used to request it every week!

  29. Gorgeous hair Averie!

    I’ve been going through a garbanzo obsession recently. Most in their pure form – on top on salads or mixed with quinoa.

    Also to comment on your post about convenience vs homemade, I almost always buy canned beans too. The only ones I almost always make myself are lentils since I like mine a bit “al dente” haha!

  30. Jeez woman…you look SMOKIN!!!! I’m planning on chillaxing with the kiddos this weekend. My girls had some STELLAR conferences this week so they’re getting treats and then we’ll play games and watch movies. Hoping to get some SLEEP as well. :)

    Have a great weekend Averie!

  31. YUM the chickpeas look so good!!! I have made mama peas pumpkin spice chicpeas which are awesome and i KNOW yours are so so so good!!! they are on my ‘to make after competition’ list LOL

    hair looks awesome!!!

  32. Do you do anything to your eyebrows? They’re so light it doesn’t seem like they match your actual hair color. If there’s something natural and safe, I’d like to tell my mom about it; her hair is snow white, but her eye-brows are almost black and they look odd together!

    I actually volunteered to work my day off tomorrow. I’m caught up on housework and someone needed the time off, so I figured what the heck. I’m still amazed (and happy) that I have a job I actually like going to!

  33. your hair looks so pretty I love the color! Plans this weekend working, cooking, and studying for midterms wooo and yes I am madly in love with chickpeas in all forms! Have a great weekend :)

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  35. Your hair looks beautiful; it’s SO healthy! And It’s a 10 Conditioning spray is my favorite too! :)

  36. Truthfully I don’t miss spending hours at the hair salon, it always had to be a weekend day for me with my work schedule. Your hair looks great! The Mango Balsamic Rice with Garbanzos & Mixed Vegetables looks wonderful, I’m a fan of dishes that make great leftovers.

    1. A Whole Foods raw foods fest, running and maybe a home show for yard ideas.
    2. Yes, I always to. Stylists never know how to work with my naturally curly hair usually gumming it up with mousse. So I skip it.
    3. Yes, more chickpeas now since it’s easier to type and say.

  37. I’m obsessed with hair! Mine tends to not grow past my shoulders (Ive tried EVERYTHING) I love that It’s a 10 product– makes my hair so soft!

  38. I have that same leave in detangler! Works great for my super thick hair!

    Mmm, those chickpeas sound so good! I’m feeling lazy though right now, so I think you should just come to my house and make them for me! ;)

    Today’s agenda included cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning! Boo! But tomorrow is going to be so much better…Pancake Sunday and a lunch date with HEAB!

  39. Averie, your hair looks wonderful!!! So bright and soft. And I LOVE chickpeas. They’re awesome!

  40. I LOVE the “It’s a 10” leave in spray. It really is a miracle product!

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