I hope your Monday has gotten off to a good start.  My weekend was crazy and hectic and Monday is turning out to be the same.  Scott was traveling all weekend, so I was juggling my work, Skylar, babysitters, errands, single parenthood, my blog, my workouts, and just life.

I was able to juggle up a good plate of greenery, though.

I made a dressing use 1/4 c mashed avocado + 1/4 c Vegan Slaw Dressing


I could have just drank the dressing.  It was so good. And it made use of my 67 cent each avocado stash.

Nut pates are great for when the weather warms up and I can’t be bothered with turning on my oven to make tofu or roast chickpeas or juggle anything else.  A quick blend and they’re ready.  No oven juggling required.

Try Sweet & Tangy Chicken-less Salad

I snacked on some dried mango and raisins.

Reminds me that I need to make another batch of No Bake White Chocolate & Mango Cookie Dough Bites

I juggled a few workouts in.  I run outside for 20 to 30 minutes and then do 10 to 20 minutes of yoga/core/pilates moves indoors.  In, out, and done in 40 minutes.

The weather has been so-so.  This picture was taken when it was sunny, but we’ve had lots of overcast and dreary, windy, cold weather the past week.  However, by the middle of this week, it’s supposed to be in the low 80s!

From my last post about Flax, I am glad so many of you love your flax.   As mentioned, so many benefits to it.

And I’m glad you liked the flax recipes I shared.  The no-bake flax cookies I mentioned seemed to be popular in the comments.  Let me know if you make those.

Hopefully you have time to juggle your schedule and make Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding (No-Bake, Vegan, GF)

Takes 1 minute of active work to make.  Then the chia seeds go to work and do the rest.  You can squeeze that in, right?



1. Best thing you ate or did over the weekend?

I savored a few No Bake Nutter Butter Special K BarsSo good.

2. Can you juggle?

I can’t.

As a kid, I really wished I could but it’s not exactly something I practice trying or care much about as an adult while I am juggling real life.

3. What are you juggling lately?  How do you feel about it?

Life is one big juggling act for me!  Work, child, husband, household, workouts, money, cooking, cleaning, errands, my blog, fitting in ‘me time’.  It makes me dizzy some days.

But somehow I am keeping most of the balls in the air, most of the time, so to speak.

However, I’ll admit, there are times when I just want to stop, drop, and let the balls fall. But that’s not in my nature; that’s not who I am.  I am the proverbial juggling act with 17 irons in the fire at all times.  I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I didn’t have countless projects, people, and things to juggle.  That’s where yoga comes in.  It grounds me, centers me, and recharges me to go back out there and keep on, keepin’ on.  Keep on juggling, baby.

I know I will look back on this phase of my life just like all the other working moms who have raised their kids and wonder how I did it, but that I did it, and it all worked out.

What or Whom is in your juggling act?

49 comments on “Juggling”

  1. Your pics are looking so foodpornriffic these days!

    I’m so with you–I’m a juggler. Sometimes I feel like a clown, but at my best times I’m an acrobat. People tell me to just relax and “just be.” I can do that…for a few minutes. Usually by playing video games or reading a book. But make me “just be” for longer than a few hours and suddenly I “just become” a lazy ass. An object in motion stays in motion, yeah?

    You’re definitely an acrobat though! Screw super moms, you’re a plain super lady between kids, work, yummy eats, money, and most importantly, YOU. I don’t get people who praise these run-down “do it all” ladies who look like they should just take their kid’s doctor appointment from themselves. That’s not good juggling. But you take care of yourself dang well too, and that’s the real art of it.

    Oh, and I got a ton of free dried mango, both sweet and sour kinds. Besides your white chocolate dough balls, got any other mango ideas? :-)

  2. 1. Crunchy peanut butter on organic bananas. I had like, eight of them in two days. SO GOOD.

    2. Nope! I wish I could though.

    3. Term papers, studying for finals and maintaining my social and bloggy life.

  3. I definitely love white chocolate, but not real excited about mango cookie dough. I definitely like the dressing and it sounds delicious. That’s probably the one thing i’ll definitely try.

  4. can we talk about my absolute LOVE AFFAIR with chia seeds. haha i just order the 20 buck 2lb bag from chia seed direct yesterday because i’m almost done with my initial bag i bough from wf last week. they’re AMAZING and seriously have some SEWIOUS staying power.

    anyways! um i was just thinking earlier tonight how much i love a good buttery cado.

    you’re the queen of juggling girl!

  5. I love that TJ’s dried mango. So good!!
    Right now I’m juggling my personal training business picking WAY up in so many ways, while still maintaining my part time job as a project planner for an insurance company. If only fitness was a consistent career…

  6. It’s been a crazy start to my week too. I hear ya on juggling, that was me at work today. Your dressing sounds great.

    1. Got in a little relaxing and saw a movie with hubby.
    2. Nope, but I’ve never put much effort into learning it.
    3. A lot at work between training a new employee and working on my own tasks, exercise, housework, time with hubby, and not letting this cold get to me. It’s a lot, my work schedule is crazy enough that I don’t know how some mom’s work full time, go home to kids and find enough time to take care of themselves.

  7. Just wanted to let you know that every time I see your white chocolate mango balls, I drool just a little!

  8. Mmmm…I love anything with avocados in it! That salad dressing sounds yummy! :)

  9. The best thing I did was perform in my gospel concert! The second, make muffins. And now you’ve given me a craaving for mango :)

  10. I can’t juggle – literally.
    But I’ve been “juggling” a lot – a lot of moving around and relative craziness.

  11. I can juggle with 3 items, but I am not good at it!

    I juggle work, grad school, blogging, and a social life …

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  13. I always wanted to juggle, and I realized I can…once. And then they all fall ;)

    Right now I’m just juggling work (part-time at my church), some health problems, and keeping up with bills. Oh and my husband, can’t forget about him, lol. I say “just” because I think mom’s do all of that and a whole lot more!

  14. Oh, do I ever juggle a ton of stuff in my life! But I don’t know that I’d want it any other way. I think I’d feel lost with “nothing” to do. I really thrive on routine and schedules, so I think I do a pretty good job of keeping those balls in the air!

  15. The best thing I did and ate over the weekend, was a cookie at VegFest with my Mom. It was peanut buttery caroby heaven.
    Right now I’m juggling school (6 more months), part time work, wife, homemaker, blogger, etc. Juggling is the perfect term for it. I’m doing alright keeping the balls in the air…it’s good to be busy and fun, but there are things that I would love to be doing that I can’t make the time for like reading for pleasure, movies, crocheting, and seeing my friends more often.
    I can’t juggle for real.

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