Look on the Bright Side

It’s been a hectic week and it’s only Tuesday!  But at least it’s Fat Tuesday and that means that somewhere, someone, is having a fabulous time.  And maybe you’ll be going out and having a fabulous time later on, too.   You always have to look on the bright side, right?

Maybe these pictures will put a little bright side on your week.

Bright Side #1: Nature in bloom, the sun is shining, the days are getting longer, and spring is in the air!


I love how my neighborhood and neighbors have cute gardens and pretty plants to take pictures of for my blog for practicing my photography skills.

Bright Side #2: A fast and easy dinner that makes planned leftovers and very little dishes because it’s a one-pan meal.  <— See that link for more ideas.

Cheezy Vegetable Bake (Vegan, GF)

It’s hearty because of the potatoes and beans and no one will miss the meat.

Bright Side #3: Skylar Smiling!

Bright Side #4: A batch of Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Snack Bar3 bars ready in 3 minutes.  Can’t beat it.

Bright Side #5: Thinking about making Kale Chips (Vegan, GF, use oven or dehydrator)

I love the cheezy factor
And there’s always a bright side to vegetables for me.  I really do love green veggies.  Thus, my blog’s name.

From my last post about Caffeine and wondering if you’re addicted to it, or if you’d like to become caffeine-free, thanks for the caffeine comments.  Everyone was really jazzed up to talk caffeine.  Pun intended. Many of you enjoy your caffeine in coffee and tea and have no plans to change.  Some of you are caffeine free already.   Whatever works for you.

Dessert.   In honor of Fat Tuesday and New Orleans where Bananas Foster originated at Brennan’s in 1951.

And this would be Bright Side #6: my Vegan Bananas Foster

Bananas Foster involves flaming, alcoholic bananas

That’s a brown mixture of: vegan butter, brown sugar, rum, and banana schnapps.  Slurp.

Pour this over ice cream.  And die and go to heaven.
Or over Vegan Vanilla Softserve
Chocolate Sprinkles, optional


1. Has your week been going by fast, slow, or average?

Average pace, but just as busy and hectic as ever!

2. Do you try to look for the bright side?

I do because it makes life easier and more enjoyable not to focus on the negatives in life.  We all have them, but why dwell on them.

A glass half full attitude is the way I am and even though I do have craptastic days, I try not to dwell on them because like my grandma said, tomorrow is a new day and everything is better in the morning.  I’d have to agree.

There’s also the Law of Attraction:  What you put out there is what you will attract.  I’ve posted about this before.

Put out happy vibes, and happy vibes and happy things will come back to you.  Even if it’s not always true, it’s a good intention to have.

3. What are some of your bright sides today, this week, or lately?

My bright side is that I just got in from a fabulous workout and 20 minutes of at-home yoga.

Happy Fat Tuesday!  Don’t Drink & Drive and Be Safe!


  1. ALWAYS bright side! the bright side of this post is that stellar looking bananas foster and cute lil’ skylar doing her thang. much love to you averie dear!

  2. I definitely look on the bright side more now – honestly, figuring out all my various food intolerances was huge for that – not feeling sick all the time sure helps me look in the bright side.

    It’s been a fast paced week. I wish it would a little slower.

  3. Wow–S is looking more and more like a young lady! How are you liking your new camera after a few months?

  4. The bright side! I try to always look on the bright side but it sure is easier when spring is in the air. Yay for sunshine!

  5. My husband came home after being gone for 4 days! That is a major bright side for me! Love Skylar’s smile!

  6. This week is going painfully slow, but tomorrow is hump day! I always try to look on the bright side of things, even though sometimes it’s really hard. It takes more energy to worry and mope than it does to suck it up and move onto the next thing! I’m healthy, have friends and family that love me, there’s always a bright side somewhere.

  7. my bright side is that I am living the dream here in New Zealand! and I am constantly finding new blogs that I love! :)

  8. this week is fly-ing!!! please slow it down!!
    totally agree 100% with your philosophy on looking on the bright side. each day IS a wipe-the-slate-clean, brand new start. judging from what you have shared on your blog, your grandma was one wise woman!!

  9. That bananas foaster looks sooooo good!! Going on my must-try list. :)

    You can tell you’re such a good mommy — Skylar is such a happy little girl!! And so beautiful!

    I want to live in paradise! Love the flower pics.

    I try to look on the brighter side… once I get all of my whining out. hahaha I’m bipolar like that. :D

  10. My week is flying by! I guess that’s how it is when spring break is just around the corner :)

  11. This week (and the past few) have been pretty brutal on the work front, but at least I’m fortunate to work in a field I love for a great company. That’s my bright side. My big bright side is that on Sunday I booked a mommy-and-me trip to Disney with just my youngest (7) and I!

  12. I look on the bright side of my day… i don’t think focusing on the negative side any more than necessary helps me or anyone around me… sunny days always make me smile and brighten my life a lot!!! i really enjoy reading your blog, i have just found it recently, and adore your unconventional easy-goin outlook on life! and i tried (my take on) your frozen banana soft serve (with mangoes) and it was so so good thanks for that :)

  13. I am not sure how it is only Tuesday. I feel like I have already done a weeks worth of stuff.

  14. Pretty pics! No partying for me tonight.

    1. Busy so far, lots going on at work!
    2. Yes, as much as possible. I think I’m harming myself if I don’t.
    3. I’m not sick – it seems like everyone around me is! I could list many blessings to be thankful for.

  15. Oh gosh lady! I just posted a blog about this very thing- just how crazy this last few days have been! My bright side: Amazing Burrito Salad & Vegas on Saturday!

  16. I do try to look on the bright side! The universe swings in favor of those who put good energy out there… I really believe it. For instance, yesterday morning I received an email from one job I had interviewed for saying they chose to pursue other applicants. For just a minute my brain went right to the negative place, thinking that if I didn’t get the other job I’d interviewed for that the last 2 weeks would have been such a waste. It was brief, and then I switched my mentality. I thought to myself, “F*ck that! I’m getting hired by Progressive TODAY!” And sure enough, within a couple hours I was called and made a fantastic offer that I could not refuse, and i start my new job next week. And to even FURTHER look on the bright side… had my Dad paid for me to go on the cruise with my family that week (long story, but essentially he said I could go, then pulled the plug over a financial misunderstanding) I wouldn’t have been around to get the job in the first place! Silver linings are EVERYWHERE, and the world really is conspiring to shower you with blessings! :D

  17. Since I was off yesterday, the week seems to be going faster thus far. Ask me again on Friday ;-) It was a nasty rainy day here today, but on the bright side, it’s supposed to clear up tomorrow and warm up by the weekend!

  18. I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday, either. I think if I had Skylar’s pants I’d be feeling much more enthusiastic about it though

  19. My week is zipping by as always! The best part of my travel is time ZOOMS by! I am without a doubt a glass is half full kinda gal. I hate being down in the dumps, so I let myself vent and be upset for a bit but then it is time to move the heck on!

  20. The week is going by quick — Wednesday is tomorrow! Woohoo!

    That bananas foster looks so good — I want to slurp up all that brown sugar deliciousness.

    I try to look on the bright side, but usually I piss and moan at first and then realize what the bright side is!

  21. aww girl! i hope you have a really FAT tuesday! haha and fun fact is that i just learned today that fat tuesday is mardis gras in french! hahahahaha hellooooo julie. anways! you know i’ll never be going caffeine free! totally never in the stars for me :) you MUST get your paws on some strawberry dunkin!

  22. I love looking on the bright side! There is ALWAYS something to be happy about :) Always!
    I want a banana now!

  23. oh your sweet pictures make my day. Such beauty in nature. I love the colors.

  24. My neighborhood has great gardens too. Can’t wait until spring. The week has been going slow..heck the whole winter is going slow.

    Bright side: chocolate and a good TV series I am getting into.

  25. This week is going just perfectly…not too fast and not too slow!

    I always look on the bright side. I didn’t always, but I totally believe in the law of attraction and can see how my outlook has made my life awesome. I have an occasional “down” day, but that’s probably hormones or fatigue or something—mostly, I’m just happy in the moment (even when I’m doing stuff I don’t really want to do).

    My bright sides: I love my new gym. I met a blogger….and she introduced me to ethiopian food, which was really great (and cheap). I also got an offer out of the blue to sell my gluten free granola in a local winery. Now I just need more hours in the day!

  26. This week is going by so slowly for me! and I always try to find the bright side in everything.

  27. Bright Side: I like the phrase “Where Attention Goes Energy Flows”

    And I have GOT to get me some nutritional yeast for those kale chips!

  28. Hi Averie,
    I’ve been reading your blogs for a while and tonight i made your “Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Snack Bars” I just had to let you know that they tasted AMAZING :)
    thanks for the great recipes and life insights!

  29. I always look on the bright side. Perhaps it is my fatal flaw, but I am an eternal optimist, and I ALWAYS give people the benefit of the doubt.

  30. Everything looks good. That one dish meal, if kept vegan, will be great for Lent for the kids. I can keep aside the veggies for me and marinate, then dehydrate–top with a raw macadamia cheeze and everyone will be happy.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  31. Hey!!

    Awesome as usual I must say! Im getting up early to make those snack bars for work. Looks so good! Things have been super unbelievably crazy busy..yikes! I’ll be around more this weekend I think but wow. But despite the crazy I always look on the bright side of things. Life is too short to dwell on the negatives thats for sure. Plus a positive energy radiates to others. So I think thats important too=) Have an amazing day/week hon!!

  32. Its busy week, my school weekend is coming up, so it shortens my regular week. I am trying to see bright side, but sometime sits not working, like now my little boy got a cough . Not nice.

  33. My week has felt slow! And I’m so grateful – I’ve felt good, and that stops the feeling of wanting to go to another place and another time, just waiting for things to get better. When I feel good I’m in the NOW, just how I like it ;-). Ahhh.

    Skylar has your beautiful eyes :-)

    The huge bright side this week (besides health!) is the weather – I hate to talk about the weather but after this dreary winter I have to admit there’s a special flutter in my chest from waking up to sunshine and blue skies, even if there’s still frost on the ground. YAY!

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  35. I am currently going through a break-up w/ my live-in BF of 7 months.. therefore, I am DEFINITELY trying to look on the bright side!! While I’m sad that it is ending, the past few days I’ve been more in tune w/ my feelings and what really needs to happen for me to grow and be happy as a person. He’s just not currently meeting all of my needs.. and if you’re not happy then what is the point!! So now I’m looking for new, fancy one-bedroom apts and couldn’t be more excited!! Wish me luck!!! :)

    P.S. Skylar is just way too cute. :) I wish my sister would spit out a girl already! (She’s got 3 boys.. poor her, HAHA)

  36. This week has been super slow for some reason!! But I bet it’d go by faster if I made that bananas foster to add onto some Vegan Vanilla Softserve. YUM!!

  37. That caserole looks so yummy – what kind of cheez did you slice out on top? I think I might be able to get my husband to eat this!!

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