Orange on a Green Day & Seeing Things

I had a really busy day, but what’s new.

One of the highlights of my day was that I had a great workout!  Do you ever have one of those workouts where the stars seem to align and you just have a killer workout?  Yesterday’s workout was one of those days for me.

The weather was perfect for a 30 minute run.  Sunny and 70F.  Everything was green and lush.

The flowers are blooming and lining the streets with vibrant colors, making it that much easier to smile when I run.


On my run, I witnessed what was probably the chase following a robbery.  I saw a man running at the speed of lightning with some items in his arms, and two men chasing after him for dear life.

About a half a block later, I heard sirens and the police were at the scene.  I kept running.  Didn’t even bother looking back.

I live in the city in an urban area, so that type of thing happens and is not “new”.  But it sure did give me a mile’s worth of things to think about.

After I came inside from running, I did some yoga, pilates, core moves, and weights.   About 20 minutes worth of moves.

Then, it was time for some Amazing Grass GreenSuperFood in Orange Dreamsicle flavor that I shook up in the green shaker cup.

The Stats (or just click here)

All in all, the taste was very good.

Is it exactly like an orange dreamsicle?

No, but one scoop has the equivalent of 7 servings of fruits and vegetables so that is a big bonus and I can overlook the fact that it didn’t taste exactly like an orange dreamsicle.

As I’ve mentioned before, I prefer to get my nutrition, vitamins, and minerals through food rather than supplements but sometimes a little boost is nice.

On the food front, it was time for something easy, fast, and one-pot: Carribean Coconut Rice with Garbanzos & Veggies (and peanut butter!)

With Green Beans
The whole meal, plus planned leftovers so you get a couple meals out of this recipe, was ready in 30 minutes.


From my last post and recipe for Lemon & Dill Roasted Potato Sticks, it was fun to hear who’s a tater lover and who’s not.  Glad that many of you seemed to enjoy the recipe.


And in the spirit of St. Patty’s Day for dessert, try a No Bake Chocolate Mint Donut Hole (Vegan, GF)

I realize they aren’t green, but they are minty.  That counts, right?


1. Do you like Orange Dreamsicles?

I liked orange dreamsicles but as a kid, I begged my mom for Orange Push-Ups

They were my ultimate treat.

2. Do you like Orange flavored things?

I do, to a point.

I think orange flavored throat lozenges, citrusey gum, and orange soda (although I haven’t had any in about 20 years) are all good.

I am not big on Orange Tic Tacs, orange breath mints, or orange suckers.

3. Are you doing anything on this Green of Days?  Are you going out for St. Patty’s Day?

No, I have to work and carry on with life as usual.

4. Have you ever seen anything crazy while out running or walking or on your workout?  Crime, crazy sights, fights, etc.?

I have seen everything from:


homeless people screaming at invisible people

couples having some really nasty arguments

witnessing fistfights

people relieve themselves on the side of buildings

people having sex in parked cars

people doing all kinds of illegal things

people crying, laughing, screaming, yelling, shouting

I have been a runner (and walker) my entire life so in 20+ years of running or walking (always outdoors and almost daily) there is nothing that surprises me anymore.  I feel like what I see when I am outside exercising is a reflection on both society as a whole and on human behavior.  Not every day is tiptoeing through the tulips.  Some days are filled with sobbing and screaming and having arguments.  But that’s life.  And I love people watching.

What have you seen when you’re out exercising?  Or when you’re out just walking through the world?


  1. Oh my word I would be so freaked out seeing a robbery. I am so not a city girl! haha.
    I almost started freaking out thinking today was St. Patty’s day after reading this, realizing I have to rethink my wardrobe to coordinate but then I realized you’re talking about tomorrow :P
    I always hated those orange creamsicles. for some reason I could never do things that were “and cream” flavored. Probably because they always were my sister’s favorite and of course I couldn’t like the same things as she did ;) that said, if it meant getting in 7 servings of fruits and veggies i probably wouldn’t mind so much!

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  3. ok, that was an exciting run, today! i can’t think of anything too out-of-the-ordinary that i have witnessed…but i do love people watching and scenery-observing when i’m out running or walking!
    always have NOT liked orange flavour, esp orange dreamsicles, even as a kid. give me choc flavoured anything, any time. not even a fan of a real orange, really.
    enjoy that sunshine! it’s a sight for sore eyes as we still have snow on the ground!

  4. Oooh, yeah, I do like creamsicles. Tasty! I’m interested in that Superfoods powder; 7 servings of veggies? That’s awesome! Could use that for Dustin, as he isn’t always so good with that stuff, lol.

    No, nothing exciting ever happens here in the Catskill mountains. We have dog and squirrel chases, but that’s about it. :)

  5. oh I’ve been wanting to try that new flavor. Did you like it? love orange dreamsicles but I know it won’t really taste like that, haha. Did skylar try it? I wonder if it’d be good with coconut water?

  6. Since I’ve lived smack dab downtown in a large city, I’ve definitely become accustomed to the sirens, arrests, and city-life craziness and pretty much learned to turn the other way in most cases. It’s a little sad how much of that goes on, but I guess it’s just the you pay for living in the city!

    I was never an orange-flavored fan… never liked the orange flavored soda, or creamsicles, or gummy bears for that matter. I do, however, like oranges on occasion. ;)


  7. Dang, that robbery is kind of scary! I would have run like the wind at that point! I am working to get my vitamins through foods…I feel like I’m not eating right if I have to get everything through a pill. Besides, I like to eat, so I will just do what I like instead of swallowing a bunch of gross pills. I was never a fan of dreamsicles, but I do like orange. I don’t know why I never really like them though.

    I hope you have a great day and stay safe!

  8. I actually hated those orange dreamcicles – I guess I don’t much care for orange flavored things. I have witnessed a crime and been the victim. Either way can be super scary. I would have just run faster!!

  9. You have seen some crazy thing! I should pay attention more.
    I dont see things like that, I usually come across escape artist dog. Like the collarless pug I found in the spring. I picked up the grunting 30 lbs nugget and rang doorbells for 20 mins. Finally I found the owner and gave him apiece of my mind about not having a tag on his dog!

  10. I’m not a fan of orange flavored anything but I LOVE oranges, weird!

  11. I have to admit, I am really curious about all the cities you have lived in, various jobs you’ve had and random shananigans you often allude to! Is there any way you could do a fun post about some of the cities and adventures you have been on in your life, or is that too personal for you? I think it could inspire people to get out there and try new things and take risks! Have an awesome day!

    • I have blogged about the cities Ive lived in things I have done, here and there, in my posts over the past few years of blogging.

      I have lived a very full life. And I share what I feel is interesting to others while still protecting my and my family’s privacy :)

  12. I used to love those orange push pops!! Except I hated how sticky your hands got from them — those cardboard containers were worthless!

    I like oranges, but not many orange flavored things — same with grape. I love real grapes but grape flavored stuff just tastes off (and oddly enough, nothing like grapes!)

    The trail I run on goes through some not so nice areas, but thankfully I have never witnessed anything like you did today! Last year in May I was doing a long run and for about an hour straight I heard sirens — I had no idea what was going on. After I got home I checked the news (just to see if there was a huge fire close by, etc) — turns out just a few miles further down my running trail (I veered off to run on sidewalks to finish off my run) a police officer was shot and killed by 2 tools who had hijacked a car. It turned into quite an ordeal — the 2 men ran off, a jogger stopped and called out on the officer’s radio what had happened, tons of officers flooded the area (hence all of the sirens I heard), one of the shooters ended up beating another officer with a wrench — it was awful.

    I am just so thankful that I decided to get off the trail and run on sidewalks — I would have ran right into all of that!

  13. OH MY GOODNESS! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time. I’ve always known you were in SD (my hometown) but have never commented on your posts. I just want to say THANK YOU for posting the pic of Univ Ave. That huge apt complex in the pic is where my grandma last lived, the last place i saw her a couple years ago. Seeing this pic brought tears to my eyes.
    Btw, i love amazing grass! I use their chocolate greens and wheat grass powder everyday in my green drink.

  14. I guess Spring is the best season for jogging outside, admiring the scenery. Usually on winters i go to a gym and run, but it’s just no the same running while looking at the wall in front of you.
    It even feels like i don’t have enough energy.

  15. Nice shot of University :)
    I love Orange anything, I need to try the Amazing Grass stuff. I miss running in SD the most! I’m sure you enjoyed it

  16. I loved Push Ups! I made my my mom get the Flinstone ones. Is the orange dreamsicle flavor good?

    I was stopped in college on a run along the lakeshore one evening – it was dark, and I had just passed the college union and there was some rustling in the trees next to me, but I hadn’t thought anything of it. A policeman stopped and asked if I’d seen anyone on the path because a man had just been sSTABBED on the path literally right after I’d gone by. I’m pretty sure that rustling wasn’t an animal like I had thought.

  17. Whoa! Your runs sounds a lot more interesting than mine! Hee hee. ;)

    Btw, I’m hosting a coconut oil giveaway on my blog today through Sunday. Check it out!

  18. Loved the Flinstones push pops! :)

  19. I haven’t seen anything too crazy exercising outside. Thank goodness! Although I was honked at once. It really confused me! I have never had that happen before and coming from someone who used to weigh almost 100 pounds more than she does now, it all seemed quite silly!

    I love orange dreamsicle type things. Orange tic tacs, now that you mention them, never lasted very long around me! I agree with the supplements. Real food is good, but a little boost doesn’t hurt. I have some Amazing Grass in my cupboard right now!

  20. Wow, you HAVE seen a lot! Love the sunny pics. I love people watching, too; it’s so fascinating. Some of the best people-watching happens when you’re sitting in the car waiting for someone else to come out of a store or something and no one knows they’re being “observed.” Ha, that’s a good topic for your next post: What are the best people-watching sites on earth? I think Disney World is right up there. ;) (BTW- *not*not*NOT* intended to be preachy AT ALL, but I just thought it was funny that this came up in my Twitter feed a few minutes ago, after your post the other day – solely for the coincidence of it, nothing more: “YahooShine Beware! You might want to think twice before committing to a Brazilian blowout @CosmoOnline” – hope you’re not offended, just thought it was interesting timing to share! Seems like this is a hot topic lately. I totally agree with you about people being free to choose their own “risks” ~ like you say: to each, her own!) Also, know what you mean about killer workout days. Hoping for another today. Have a great day!

    • to each their own and every single time I post about a Braz Blowout, someone has to alert me to the “danger” of it.

      I would love to alert people to the danger of a million things but to each their own. Live and let live.

  21. A few years ago, I was home for winter break and went out for a run, stopping at the corner of my street to stretch. The roads were quite slick, and suddenly a car came speeding along, caught an edge, and spiraled (!) into the air and into the trees on the side of the road! I thought for sure the passengers were goners and I stood there in shock for a while, until I saw 2 boys, clearly not of driving age, climb out of the woods. One took off running, and the other fed me a story about needing to go the store for cigarettes. It was crazy! I let the cops take it from there.

  22. Obsessed with push pops!!! I miss those things!!! I don’t like any creamsicles…I have never been a big fan of the cream and fruit pops….

  23. it’s so beautiful there!!!! And I know what you mean about encountering a crime scene, I ran past a bunch of police cars during my walk yesterday….

    Oh and I’m all ABOUT orange creamsicle flavors. Favorite ice cream combination, no joke :)

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  25. The most out of the ordinary thing I’ve seen while running was a wolf..but they’re all over the place here so it wasn’t *too* strange.

  26. Now you’re just rubbing your weather in! :-P Ours has not been so perfect for running with tons of rain. Oh well, good thing I’m on a run rest. :-) Scary on the robery though! I need to try Amazing Grass, one of these days. Agreed on a little nutrition boost here and there, the Vega Whole Health Optimizer was great during my half training.

    1. I like orange flavor in general and the Mandarin Gu flavor reminds me a lot of orangesicle.
    2. Yes and I like throwing oranges in the Vita-Mix to make orange-flavored dressings.
    3. Working … that’s about it, no green beer.
    4. I’ve had to run around flocks of turkeys, had jack rabbits fly out in front of me and detour around heards of grazing goats.

  27. I just want to tell you that I’m new to blogs and definitely liked you’re web blog. More than likely I’m planning to bookmark your blog . You surely have fantastic articles and reviews. Cheers for sharing your web page.

  28. hey, love you blog…been reading it a while now. You little one is getting so big!!! such a cutie… have made your dough balls by the way, and are great!! bring them to parties for a healthy cookie for all to enjoy. :) Have also made your peanut dressing…delish…look forward to trying more… :)

    I have a 2lb amazing meal, tropical flavor (has a little protien) that I can’t use…. its worth like $70…my tummy didn’t digest it well….but i know others love it!! it tastes good, i wish I could use it. If you are anyone would like it let me know…. pay for shipping and its yours….or trade an item perhaps instead? :) A sweet healthy soy free treat?? :) I’d love someone to use it…..since its just sitting in my house….

    Email me…let me know… thanks!!! Erin

    • hi erin!
      thanks for the awesome comment!

      girl you should put an ad on ebay. someone will buy it from you especially if you keep the price fairly low, i.e. half of retail price. That way you at least make something from it!

      Or sell it on Craigslist. Even if you make 30 or 40 bucks, i say it’s worth it!

      Such a generous offer from you and i am sure I can find a home for it if you truly can’t sell it…but you will be able to. Make your money girl :)

  29. This is really weird, but my number one fear as a runner is finding a dead body!!! I run along waterfronts and I can’t even look closely at the water in case “something” washes ashore. Ever notice it’s usually runners or hikers who find human remains?? *shudder*

    Toronto is actually quite bad for people being killed by stray bullets. An alarming number in past years, including at a bar next door to where I live. I was out walking last week and saw about 10 police cars on the street with cops hiding behind trees around an apartment building. Drug bust maybe? I started thinking about stray bullets and got the hell out of there!

    I’m back on painkillers so there will be no partying or drinking for this girl on St Patty’s Day. I’m all Scottish anyways! :P

  30. I haven’t seen heaps of weird things….but one morning I saw a group of people playing “oh when the saint go marching in” on various instruments from tuba to tamborine at 7:30am up and down the street….

  31. NO WAY! I need to try this creamsicle Amazing Grass!!

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  33. That green powder sounds really good, haven’t tried greener grasses before.
    I wanted to tell you that I finally started brewing our own kombucha, have finished the second batch, and I’m loving it! Thanks for being one of my inspirations =)
    TOday on a walk during a break in school, we saw a used condom ;)

  34. I think orange tic tacs are awesome!! I like creamcicles, and and I used to like orange pop as a kid. I don’t like most orange flavoured things though.

  35. I totally saw a guy getting thrown out of his house with his lady throwing all of his stuff out the door after him the other night on a dog walk!

  36. Sarah and I witnessed a car accident a few years ago while out for a walk. It shook me up b/c the vehicles ended up on the sidewalk across the street from us…..the side we would have been walking on any other day, but for some reason, that day we decided to cross. The angels were with us that day!

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