Productive Day

I had a productive day Tuesday.

Here’s what I tackled and accomplished:

Went to the post office to mail my taxes.   They are done.   And I got a small refund.

Did laundry and changed the sheets on my bed.  I hate changing sheets because I am a stickler for good, tight, hospital corners on my bed and it takes time to get them just right. But it’s one of those tasks that just has to get done frequently. 

Went grocery shopping for some produce staples.


And yes, I cleaned my own lettuce again rather than buying bagged.   It saves me money and is fast.  Under 3 minutes or I wouldn’t bother.

I bottled a fresh batch of homemade kombucha.

And I sampled a glass.  Perfect.

I went to paid work.  I had a ridiculously long day.

I ate a salad with Orange Spice Vinaigrette dressing which is a quick dressing to make with the juice of an orange, some oil, and agave/maple if desired.

Plus I added Sesame Ginger Maple Tofu

And for Dessert, I made some Dark Chocolate Fudge Balls (No-Bake, Vegan, GF)


From my previous post, it was fun to hear what has made you look on the bright side of things lately.

And I am glad that most of you seem to be optimistic, glass half full types.  Not every single day is a peppy rah-rah kind of day, but our outlook on life has so much to do with how we in turn feel.  I could go on and on about this.  My undergraduate and graduate work was in psychology, so I’ll just stop now so I am not writing a dissertation.  Oh wait, that’s Katie’s job right now. Major props to anyone who’s had to write one of those!


1. Anyone nursing a hangover or have any Going out on Fat Tuesday stories you’re dying to share?

I worked, so no, I can’t help you with any hilarious shenanigans.  See this post for some, though.

2. As I mentioned, I changed the sheets on my bed.  How often do you change yours?

I aim for at least once a week, but probably about every 5-6 days.  I sleep so much better with clean sheets on.  Sounds crazy, but true.

3. What did you do that was productive yesterday or today?  Or this week?

I also worked out.  My usual 20 minutes of cardio + 20 minutes of at-home lifting/yoga/core moves.

It’s all about keeping things streamlined.  I don’t live in the gym, or have time, energy, or the desire to.  Getting my workouts in and done. Now, that’s my idea of being productive.



  1. I aim for changing the sheets once a week…but I sometimes forget. Please, don’t tell me about the microorganisms living in my not-so-clean sheets. I already know…but apparently it didn’t gross me out enough to remember to change them every single week. Haha!

    That tofu looks fantastic!

  2. haha…I’m with Stephanie on this one…I definitely aim for once a week but I’d be lying if I said I was 100% on top of it! However there is nothing I love more than nice fresh sheets on a bed so I can’t say I’m terrible about it, either.
    You bottle your own Kombucha? Okay, you were my hero before…I don’t know what the level past hero is, but you’ve achieved it.

  3. I like to wash my sheets every 6 days as well. I love a clean bed!

    Yesterday I finished 2 long assignments, washed the towels, worked out, cooked etc. :)

  4. I made your banana blueberry oat cakes and they turned out delicious, of course! thanks for inspiring me to keep eating healthy in my college dorm apartment!

  5. I scrubbed the house Monday, which felt so good. We keep it clean, but with two boys that don’t seem to understand that the whole house is not their rooms, stuff ends up everywhere. I hope you have a great Wednesday Averie!

  6. homemade kombucha! I need to start making that again…it’d save me a LOT of money!

  7. hahaha, I’m with everybody here: workout yesterday was scrubbing floors, cupboard doors, panels, vacuming and carrying down some heavy garbage from demolishing a quarter of my kitchen…then some yoga stretching. Oh, and lugging groceries. and I WISH I changed my sheets every week (it’s more like every four weeks. yes, I like to go to the point when I can call all my microbes by their first names).

  8. Have no fun going out/hangover stories. I don’t have time to be hungover :)

    I change my sheets at least once a week—usually 5 or 6 days like you. There’s nothin’ like clean sheets!

    I’ve been so productive this week—I love it. I hope it means that thurs and fri will be a little lighter for me. I need to socialize or something! You got me wanting to brew some more kombucha too. Are you still doing continuous brew? I did that for several months, but then my scoby got moldy….

  9. Love clean cool sheets-i’m constantly fixing mine to attempt to make them crisp and tucked in but I sleep with a giant ninja who likes to torpedo himself-pain in the butt!!!! haha.
    I made kombucha once, and I messed up one batch and it all went to hell! Such a bummer tho-I didn’t even attempt to try and make it again-Synergy’s enlightened came back and it was much better tasting than what I came up with (but with a hefty price tag).

  10. I’ve been fairly productive and even managed being a bit lazy. I think that earns some major props ;-) I love climbing into my bed with freshly changed sheets

  11. Hey Averie!

    I have a question for you about Kombucha… I purchased some bottled at Whole Foods and when I got it home it had horrible stuff floating on the top. Is this normal? And are you supposed to drink that stuff? I am new to Kombucha so I wasn’t sure.

    Hope you and Skylar have RELAXING day :)

    • The floating stuff was probably part of the scoby/mushroom and no, don’t drink that. That would be like eating a bite of bacteria/yeast which is what a scoby is. It could also be mold and bad kombucha. You would need to google pics on the internet to see what it was….

  12. I love productive days. I feel so much better when I get alot of stuff done! I change our sheets about once a week. I hate doing it though cuz then I’ll usually start on laundry and I HaTe laundry. And folding. Andnputtinf clothes away lol :)

  13. I agree–clean sheets are a must. Once a week here, minimum.

  14. I try to wash my sheet often, but being a busy student makes it hard to make it a priority. Right now I am working on two papers and a presentation for next week! I am very stressed out!

  15. I need productive days…everyday!

  16. No crazy stories from last night — although I drove by the liquor store near us and it was a madhouse! So I’m sure there were plenty of people who had a good time!

    I change the sheets at least once per week. And I’ll change them again if we go out of town for a day or two — I like coming home to a freshly made bed. I sleep much better. If I could change the sheets every day, I would!

  17. I had a really productive day too! I taught, ran with the dog, did laundry, made dinner, and finally was able to relax around 7. I slept like a baby too.

  18. Fresh clean sheets are the BEST. I aim for once a week. Sometimes I forget though. :) Its just me in there.

    I’ve been all kinds of productive lately. Kind of have to be though.

  19. yesterday was extremely productive, I got all my marathon training done, attended all my meetings with the PR people here and the other organizations we are working with for our tobacco awareness event, I secured a venue for the event, and read 150 pages in my book :-). I attempted to make gluten free muffins without a recipe. Those were a fail lol but it was fun trying!

  20. mi-an dela cruz Reply

    MMMMMM i too love clean sheets!! there’s nothing like sleeping in freshly washed sheets. I also aim for weekly change but sometimes i get so busy so usually 1.5-2 weeks! never longer than 2 weeks though! :))

  21. My sheets get changed and washed weekly. I should be productive today and give the apartment a good cleaning. And then make some dark chocolate fudge balls :)

  22. Sigh. So wish we had a washer/dryer in our NYC apartment!!

  23. We change the sheets every 2-3 weeks….and I love having a washer and dryer in our little home! I am productive (most days) and wrote tons of thank-you cards from out wedding! :)

  24. I did my taxes, too. ONLY because my accountant was pinging on me. I also trimmed my trees and bushes which were freeze- damaged. We had record cold here this winter in Tucson. Uh, oh, being a guy I only change my sheets every other week. Is that OK?

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  26. This whole week has seemed long so far, lots going on at work and plenty of home tasks.
    1. Nope, it was a quiet night of shopping, eating and exercising.
    2. Once-a-week during the winter, more during the summer since we tend to sweat more.
    3. Worked, went grocery shopping, worked out and housework.

  27. There is nothing better than crawling into freshly cleaned sheets while wearing freshly cleaned PJs… one of my favorite little things in life!

  28. okay, don’t laugh or gross out but we only have one set of sheets. So i have to wash and put back on in one day, so we aim for every other week. Don’t tell my mom. haha!

  29. Jealous that you are done with taxes, I am still working on ours. Hopefully tomorrow I will be done!!!

  30. Yay, I’m not the only one that loves tight, military-style sheets!! I tuck our sheets in so firmly and Dustin HATES it, he’s always ripping out his corner. And it annoys the shizzle out of me!!! :evil: I love when sheets and blankets stay in place, cannot stand sloppy beds! But Dustin is an obnoxious sleeper and always, always crinkles his side. My side is perfect, even when I wake up. ;)

    YAY for getting a refund!!!! That is AWESOME! Love hearing that.

    I buy about 75% of my lettuce greens whole and not in bags because the bagged lettuces are always so iffy. I hate finding mushy, wilted lettuce in them. It grosses me out. I find that whole heads last much longer on average and are usually better quality. Now, I only buy bags of washed kale because it’s so firm and usually 98% beautiful inside and lasts WEEKS; tubs of baby spinach, and mixed lettuces ONLY if it looks perfect inside. If I see one spot of wilt from the outside package, I put it back. Wilted, mushy lettuce is a major pet peeve of mine and why I am the only one who can buy proper lettuce; I don’t trust anyone else in the house to do it correctly, lol!!

  31. I sleep better with clean sheets too … I like doing laundry :-) I just hate folding it or hanging it up!

  32. I got a lot done at work yesterday so I guess that counts as being productive, right? We do sheet every Saturday. And I think it’s a pain, too. Esp with 3 beds to do!

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