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I received a couple items in the past few days that are going to be perfect for our trip.  Even though we’re not leaving for a couple weeks, I have a bag that I am putting trip items into as a “pre-packing” attempt so I don’t forget anything I intended to bring with as the chaos of departure week draws nearer.

First, this Camelbak Groove water bottle that I received is coming with.

The tap water in Aruba (and San Diego) is safe to drink but filtering it definitely couldn’t hurt.  Nor can it hurt to have a nice big bottle of water to keep hydrated with.

According to their site the Camelbak bottle has a filter built into the straw “to turn tap water into fresh, great-tasting water anywhere you go.”


And then I got this Eucerin Everyday Protection Body Lotion and Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion.

I do use lotion daily on my body, but I confess, I am not a fan of sunscreen.  I love the sun in all its glory and if I get extra wrinkles because I don’t slather up with sunscreen, it’s a calculated risk I’ve made.

Something about the smell of sunscreen that really bothers me.  I don’t like the way it feels on my skin but it’s the smell that turns me off most.  The Eucerin isn’t branded as a sunscreen per se, and doesn’t smell as sunscreen-ey to me as regular sunscreens do, but I can still smell it to a small degree.

In general, I like Eucerin products because of how moisturizing they are.  I grew up with my mom handing me a tub of Eucerin to combat the effects of long, drying, winters on my skin.

For this precious skin, especially when we’re traveling on the Equator, some sunscreen is a must.

The lotion with SPF 15 & 30 will come in handy.

If you would like to try a sample of Eucerin lotion, Like their Facebook Page, fill out the quick form, and enjoy your complimentary sample!

Other things I know I am going to bring with on our trip include:

Stevia & Probiotics.  The same as what I brought with before.

You can order both the stevia and probiotics from Use code AVE630 to save $5 off your first order.  Both items are about 40% off retail prices through iHerb.

Also bringing my Toiletry Kit that I really like

Macbook with “Book” Case

Looks like a book but it’s really a case.

This Book

My Camera


And I’m bringing a good, laidback attitude about everything!

I did a post on my Top 20 Travel Tips and having a good attitude and letting stress roll off you when traveling is huge!

Thanks for the comments on my last post about what the Easter Bunny brought when he stopped by.  Yes, Skylar is loving her new “phone” and she is so happy about it.


1. What did you do over the weekend?  Did you celebrate Easter?  Any great food or stories to share?

As I mentioned last night in my post, all I needed to see was Skylar’s excitement from her Easter Bunny loot and my weekend was complete.

2. What do you bring with on trips?  Any “must haves”?

I have posted before that I do try to enjoy the food that is local at my final destination because I think it’s fun and adventurous to try the local cuisine.  However, common sense prevails and I bring enough portable snacks and fresh fruits and veggies if possible (not always with air travel to bring fresh produce with) but I don’t leave home empty handed.  Never know when hunger is going to strike or what the options en route to one’s destination are going to be.

In addition to some snacks, I never go on trips without a couple bikinis, running shoes and socks, my passport, cash money, one credit card and one debit card, a computer, camera, and whatever shampoo and conditioner I am loving at the moment.  Sorry, no hotel mini bottle samples for me. Chapstick, gum, and a sense of humor about long travel days also make the trip list.

Those are a few must haves of mine.  What are yours?

P.S. If you’re just catching up on posts from the weekend, here are mine since Friday:


  1. I’m currently drinking out of my new camelbak!! I won mine from a giveaway. I LOVEEEEE it. I’ve already drunk more water than I would in days!! (Whoops :D)

  2. So many awesome things! I like that filtered water bottle, I have to get obe, plus a regular camel bak for my outdoor walks.

    And I love that book case for your laptop, lol! That rules.

    This weekend I worked and ate… Same ole. :)

  3. Oh my beach vacay is in a month and I cannot wait!!! I almost always take a book with me, a baggy with things like single packets of PB, low-sugar instant oatmeal (especially if I won’t have microwave), stevia, and granola/power/protein bars). It all sort of depends on where I’m going though.

  4. I just got the groove from a giveaway and it is AWESOME!!!!
    my travel staples always involve apples, workout clothes, running shoes, ipod

  5. I have a Camelbak bottle like that — although mine doesn’t have the filter, but it looks just like that one. I love it — so easy to drink out of it. I like that you don’t have to tip it back to drink (hate doing that when I’m driving) — that bottle lets you sip and keep your eyes on the road!

    Trip must haves — I try to be as prepared as possible and I always bring too much stuff — on our last trip to Kansas City MO we brought our humidifier for crying out loud — it took up 1/2 of the back seat. We always overpack but we’re always prepared.

  6. I was up north at the cottage for the weekend and it was filled with glorious food. The Easter Bunny even stopped by (which explains my chocolate coma :). I am all about bringing snacks and water on trips, you just never know when you might need a little something.

  7. I am so jealous of your trip!

    I always have to bring vegan snacks to eat at the airport and on the plane. I hate being stuck starving on a plane. Worst feeling ever!

  8. I celebrated Easter by catching up with family and enjoying some lovely food together, I asked my brother to make the car bomb cake hmmmmm it was a bomb but not a good kind BUT to replace it he made an amaretto & pear cheesecake by Gordon Ramsay seriously goooooood. Had fun time times with family and new baby nephew cuddles.

    My must haves for holidays are too many to mention … I pack light and organise things but have to have certain toiletries etc, my orthotics and shoes lol

    Happy Easter


  9. ooohhh, i am so excited for you, averie! you just know i’m going to be mentally in aruba right along with you!!
    i am so with you on disliking sunscreen. i reallllyyy don’t like the feel, the smell, and sorry, but i do go without more often than not. “it’s a calculated risk I’ve made.” amen.
    aruba must haves for me: a chick lit beach read; bikini…most stuff i just get when we arrive, since i can get any groceries i need, any diet coke i need!… :)
    happy pre-packing!

  10. My oldest son is leaving for Alaska for 5 months on Wednesday (and, I am FREAKING OUT.. I’m going to miss him sooo much)… and taking an emergency trip out to Oregon to help my friend who just had a premature baby for a MONTH!.. It’s going to be very odd being away from home for that long.

  11. If you guys are off to a tropical destination soon as well..try to get mineral (zinc or titanium dioxide) sunscreen! The chemical stuff washes off in the water and lands on pretty coral polyps- and KILLS them because they can’t photosynthesize (they don’t want sunscreen!). But the mineral stuff naturally degrades.

  12. Interesting on the products, nice having a sunscreen built into a lotion. Hope you have a blast on the trip.

    1. Had a fun family gathering for Easter.
    2. Laptop, camera, phone, workout gear, swimsuits, sun lotion, and the usual essentials.

  13. oooh, glad to see more companies are making the portable water bottles with filters. i had a water bobble that i loved the concept of…but it was just so hard to drink through! when i’m thirsty, i’m thirsty…i don’t want to have to nurse something for minutes on end before my thirst is finally quenched! you’ll have to update as to whether the camelback is any better about that factor for me :]

  14. That water bottle does look great, especially for traveling.

    It’s funny I totally agree with you that sunscreen is oily but the smell and feel is so connected with good times and sunny beaches in my memory that I really enjoy wearing it! :)

  15. I’m always the type that starts a “packing pile” WAY before I leave! It makes things less hectic when the time finally does come. I always pack bath/beauty products, shoe options, sunglasses, ipod, hoodies, hand sanitizer… I have a lot of essentials. ;)

  16. Yeah, I wish I could get my husband to understand that prepacking actually is beneficial. Not just me nit picking!!

  17. Hey Averie!
    I hate to admit it, but I totally am catching up! Between work and helping my dad through chemo and radiation, blog reading has taken a bit of a back seat.

    Anyhow, I’m glad you got the iPhone! You’ll have it glued to your hand….sigh. And I’m happy to hear your off on a trip again. I’m hoping to do some traveling with my papa soon…I know there are many places he wants to see before he goes. I tend to over pack even though I think i actually pack light. Well, for a girl that is!
    And as you know, I’m a Jew, so the Easter bunny leaves my half price peeps!

  18. I always am overly prepared when I go on vacation! Mainly with food… I make sure I pack a bunch of snacks so that I am not left without anything to eat. It usually works out well!

    Easter was fantastic – in fact, this entire weekend was.

  19. i love my camelpack too!! or back hahahaha anyways i think that reusable water bottles are super underrated! i love mine and fill it up like 4,000 times at work.

  20. Ill have to get one of those bottles, so perfect for travel! Im beyond jealous of your trip
    :) enjoy every second!

  21. Look at you with all your amazing products! I want it ALL! I’ve never thought of bringing stevia with me on a trip! My essentials: my vitamix… yes, you read that right! my supplements… mini cans of tuna, larabars, nuts + seeds + dried fruit, microwave rice packs, protein powder.

  22. Hi! Never commented before but I enjoy reading your blog! Just had to say I feel the same way about sunscreen- I use California Baby products which are free of harsh chemicals on my girls (one and three years old) and have started using on myself as well!! A little pricier, but worth it to me. :) Hope you have a great trip!

  23. All I need on my trips are:


    Anything else I can find at the vacation spot.

  24. Averie,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I am so intrigued about stevia. Are you off sugar completely? Is it a sugar substitute?

  25. I am a terrible packer. I usually have great intentions of packing ahead of time, but it rarely works out. I do make lists though, so at least when I settle in to finally pack, I just look over the list. I haven’t really forgotten anything major ever. Seasoned traveller, I suppose. :)

    I love Eucerin too. my sister got severe burns over 50% of her body when she was 2 and spent all of her life getting surgery and the doctors always told her to use that stuff over anything else. It is a little too think for everyday use, but I love it.

  26. I love the Camelbak bite-and-suck bottles! However, the cap does get moldy quite often and I found myself cleaning it every day out of fear. So, I ended up just removing the cap completely – just something to keep in mind.

    Instead of Easter, I celebrated Passover – although it was only the tail end…
    I MUST have my camera, water bottle and sunscreen. I wish I could be more carefree about wearing/not wearing sunscreen, but my skin is too sensitive!

  27. I am jealous of your vacation!! Bring me in the suitcase?? :) I have to bring a million clothes because I never know what mood I am in and what I will want to husband hates it because I will overpack a TAD :) to say the least!

  28. There are a lot of great sunscreens out there that don’t smell. I love the Aveno spray on lotions. Teach that gorgeous little daughter of yours that skin cancer isn’t cool when 5 seconds to apply a product can prevent it! Too many cases of skin cancer that I know of that could have been prevented – people think it’s all wrinkles but it’s your life in your hands! I’ll end my PSA now ;).

  29. I totally have to bring snacks, especially if I’m traveling somewhere where there isn’t going to be a lot of good food. I do like to indulge a bit while on vacation, but so many things upset my stomach that I can’t eat anyway. I also have to bring reading material. Books, magazines, vacation is all about relaxing. Ahhhh :)

  30. A few of my must haves: probiotics, bars, favourite shampoo & conditioner, extra zip lock bags (usually no name brand though), many swim suits, coconut oil, shorts, tank tops, Birks, passport, debit & credit card, small amount of local cash (unless the local bank won’t except my bank card then I get local currency ahead of time), hair clip, books to read on the plane, pens & paper, calling card, and emergency phone list – so far have never needed it.

  31. That Groove sounds awesome… I totally want to look into getting one of those! And Eucerin’s Aquaphor is my go-to healing ointment for tattoos!! :)

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