Chocolate Coconut Kale Chips

If you think kale is a boring vegetable, think again.  This recipe will change your mind.

And it’s easy.  No dehydrator required.  Just a love of chocolate.  



Chocolate Coconut Kale Chips

1 bunch of kale, washed and big stems removed

1/2 c cashews, soaked

1/2 c agave/honey/maple syrup (combo of one or any)

1/3 c cocoa powder

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 tsp cinnamon

Optional and omit if you don’t like coconut flavored items:

1/4 c coconut flakes (unsweetened or sweetened)

2 tbsp coconut oil


Soak cashews in water for at least an hour (4-6 hours ideal).  Remove the soaked cashews and add all the other ingredients (except the kale) to a Vita-Mix or blender.  Blend until mixture is smooth to make the chocolate coconut coating.  Pour this mixture over a bowl of washed, de-stemmed kale leaves and toss to coat.

Transfer coated kale to a parchment-lined cookie sheet and bake at 300F for about 20 minutes.  Flip, and bake for another 10 minutes, give or take.  Watch them closely because the honey/agave/maple mixture can burn quickly and it’s hard to tell with the dark chocolate color if they are burning or not.  Let your nose and common sense be your guide.  Remove crispy chips one by one if necessary.  

You could dehydrate these chips, too, but because many people don’t have dehydrators, I purposefully made these in the oven.



A Visual Guide

Gather your ingredients

Add soaked cashews and all other ingredients (except kale) to Vita or blender and blend until smooth.

First time trying Tropical Traditions Shredded Coconut Flakes.  They worked perfectly in this recipe but if you don’t have them any shredded coconut will do, sweetened or unsweetened, It won’t matter much after all that agave. I have been a fan of their Virgin Coconut Oil for years.  Not sure what took me so long to try the flakes.  And now I have 2 pounds of them.  Not a bad “problem” to have.

Combine chocolate mixture + washed and de-stemmed kale leaves and toss leaves to coat.

If you are ever want something decadent, just eat this coating. It’s essentially chocolate coconut cashew butter.   Crazy good.

Bake on parchment lined cookie sheets, flipping as indicated in the recipe.

Spread the kale out for optimal results.

Then enjoy the fruits vegetables of your labor.

These were so good.  You forget that you’re eating a vegetable.

Crisp, coconut-infused, chocolate kale chips.

I hesitate to call these “healthy” because I doubt a vat of chocolate-coconut sauce on top of anything is really “healthy”, but the kale is healthy.  I’ll go with that.

You can’t even really “taste” the kale.  They’re not Pringles or anything, but they don’t taste like “health food”, either.

In fact, they make a great dessert because they are crunchy and sweet.

They are going to become a staple for me.  They already have, actually.

How could the coating mixture, which is essentially chocolate-coconut-cashew-butter not make anything, kale included, taste amazing?

Skylar loves my other kale chip recipe for Cheezy Kale Chips, and she loved the chocolate coconut chips just as much.  And so did non-kale loving Scott.  He actually asked me to make more.  More kale?  Really?  Sure!

Store extras in an airtight container.

I purposefully “forgot” about a second batch of these for 3 days just to see how well they would store and hold up.

Three days later, the storage verdict?  Just fine!

Still crisp, crunchy, and chocolaty, three days later.

From my last post about Bunny Crafts, thanks for the compliments on the pictures of Skylar.  Yes, she’s my little lovebug love bunny.   And the Easter Bunny is on his way.  She’s so excited!

If you need another snack idea that goes with the chips theme, try my homemade “Mary’s Crackers” (Vegan, GF, can oven bake or dehydrate)

They are seed-based (no nuts) and you can take them sweet or savory.  Just adjust the spices to your liking and palate.


1. Do you like kale chips?

Yes, I love them!  However, I do need to watch myself and not eat an entire batch, or half batch (which is very easy to do!) of kale chips in one sitting.  <— Fiber much?

2. When did you first try kale chips and if you haven’t yet, do you plan to?

It’s another one of those blogosphere influenced foods for me.  Something I tried a few years ago because of the ‘sphere and reading about them on blogs.

I’ve tried both my homemade and store bought varieties of kale chips.  Honestly, I prefer making them at home.  Easy, fresher, and way cheaper!

3. Favorite way to make kale chips?

Share your technique.

Everyone seems to have a slightly different method, i.e. spraying with cooking spray, what seasonings/spices/nooch/etc that you use, oven temp, broiler or not, flipping or not, high heat low time duration/low heat longer time duration, oven door ajar or not, dehydrator or not.

As an aside, I do like my dehydrator but as I explained in my Favorite Kitchen Appliances post, buy other gadgets and appliance first.

Can’t wait to hear your kale chip cooking methods.  And also your reviews on this recipe if you try it.  I’m 99.9% sure you’re going to love it!

Happy Easter to all those celebrating!

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  1. I was totally planning on making up my own recipe for chocolate covered kale chips but you beat me to it! Obviously, though, because you’re like the queen of kale chips and balls (that sounds weird. Sorry. HA!).
    Also, since when is kale a boring vegetable? I LOVE KALE! I also love chocolate. I’m going to make these for my friend who loves kale and is intrigued by the idea of kale chips. And maybe even some for me. Bah, who am I kidding, I’ll probably eat them all before I see her (or even talk to her) again, and it will probably be in one sitting. There are worse things.

  2. Yay–you’re trying out your shredded coco bucket!

    I’m looking forward to trying kale chips. I’ve pretty much decided I need a dehydrator, so maybe I’ll wait till I’ve gotten one–Phil adores crackers and they’re so much harder to make in our little toaster oven than they would be in a dehy…

    Demand for “More kale” from Scott? So cool. I’ll have to try them on Phil, that’ll be the day when he asks for more kale…
    Happy Easter!

  3. These look so good Averie! I have to make these!

    So Im thinking about getting a vitamix blender. I know you have one and am wondering if you would recommend it? Is it worth the money?

  4. I’m in love with kale chips I could eat it all day! So crazy, I had a dream a couple of nights ago about kale and chocolate because I was thinking of blog names and that came up but wondered if anyone has tried making it. At the movies I brought raw chocolate and kale chips but had them together and it was so good. I love kale, chocolate, and coconut! My 3 must haves! So glad you made them so now I have to try it out. Happy easter!

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  7. wow! a must try these chocolate Kale chips.

    btw,I made your no bake chocolate cake balls…whoa! good but CRAZY SWEET! 1-2 is all ya need. :)
    Happy Easter

  8. When I saw the initial image in my reader… I just knew you were up to something fantastic. I then said “Ohhhh yes!” when I read the title. Fantastic work, Averie. I cannot wait to try these.

  9. chocolate covered kale seems to be the latest kale chip rage! ever since that company came out with them. i know russell james has a great recipe too for them. do you find the baked chips taste much different than the dehydrated ones? I did some baked ones and I felt they were not as good by a long shot.

    • I have tried those by the company I think we’re both talking about and I like my recipe way better. Theirs was still bitter and something about the choc coating wasn’t rich enough or I was lacking for me.

      I dont think the baked kale is inferior. If you have 10 hrs to babysit dehyd ones with flipping, checking, etc…I think they are *somewhat* better…but not for 10 hrs more work. I’ll take the 40 min variety…cost/benefit analysis so to speak.

      dont even know who russell james is…i think a raw food celebrity?

      • I always just throw that sort of thing into the dehydrator overnight and hope for the best, no babysitting for me! Too bad the company skimped out on the chocolate. Glad I didn’t spend the money on them.

        Russell James is a British raw chef, you may remember him from Amber’s blog, he was her instructor at 105 degrees.

      • Got it on R. James…yes remember the 105 connection now, yes!

        They totally skimped on the choc. That is a perfect way to describe it. Totally skimpy. And lots of kale “sticks” in the bag. Worthless and those bags are small. I want leaves, not sticks.

        I have a fear of running a heated appliance while I sleep. Call me crazy, I cannot sleep with a hot appliance running for fear of disaster…maybe my little phobia but rather phobic than fire!

      • I love the sound of it! Because I love sleeping with a fan on. Someone told me once that it has the energy of a lightbulb and it is basically a fan so I stopped worrying, but I get it. I’ve left the burner on before….not good.

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  11. I prefer baked kale chips to dehydrated for the taste mostly, but also so much easier and faster. I just tear em up, stick them under the broiler and dip in mass quantities of ketchup and mustard. Maye I’ll just make this chocolate sauce and dip them in that instead. ;)

    Happy easter!

    • baked to dehyd, yes. As I just told bitt, “If you have 10 hrs to babysit dehyd ones with flipping, checking, etc…I think they are *somewhat* better…but not for 10 hrs more work. I’ll take the 40 min variety…cost/benefit analysis so to speak.”

      choc sauce. I have plans already :)

  12. LOVE THIS!! Love the photos and the Kale Fever and Making Kale Chips Chocolately!!

    Your photos are truly rockin’ and we can really see the results from all of the time & energy you put into your equipment, reading about food photography, and just your great eye!!

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  14. This is awesome…you’re my type of girl! Love it.

    It’s funny, I believe I follow you on Twitter and I see you round the web, but I’m not sure if I’ve come to your site before. (maybe before you changed the appearance?), but it’s beautiful! I know I’ll be back! Lovely stuff! So glad I found you!

    Happy Easter!

  15. Happy Easter!! Kale is one of my top 3 faves…sweet potatoes and avocados are up there as well! I have made Kale Chips before using your recipe and it was so good!! this is an interesting concept but it’s from you and i must now try it!! x

  16. You are one brilliant cookie! Chocolate kale chips, YES PLEASE

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  18. I never thought you could combine chocolate + kale. Interesting!!

    Happy Easter!

  19. oh my gosh, seriously? you seriously went there? and did that? you amaze me, woman

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  22. Oh my goodness! Those look AMAZING! I’ve only ever made savoury kale chips. What a fantastic idea to coat them in chocolate! I think that pretty much everything tastes better smothered in chocolate.

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  24. Hi! Long time lurker here! This is totally random, but I just love your blog! I think youre awesome (Not intended to sound creepy or anything) :)

  25. I cannot wait to try these chips. I love chocolate, coconut, agave and kale. This might be a match made in heaven. Thanks!
    Suzanne Williams

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