Easter Baskets & Celebrating

I was at Target last week and picked up some Easter Basket Items for Skylar

I thought this “dress me up” felt basket was cute

Nice shades, chick.


I went a bit unique this year and went for a brown, more life-like rather than the cartoony white ones.

Socks and a sparkly Dora pretend cell phone. 

Hopefully no one steals her phone.

After I came home, I realized I didn’t buy her any candy!  Craft-making gifts took a front seat to candy and I skipped the jelly beans and Peeps.

Her grandma sent her some Peeps in the mail though.  So we’ve got the sugar covered. If you happen to want to make Smores out of Peeps, check out Jenn’s post.

If you need Easter Meal Ideas, I have no idea what to tell you because I’m not cooking one!

We are a blended religious household and aren’t really celebrating Easter nor Passover.  They’re nice holidays and I love the message in both, but we’re not doing anything special like church, temple, family get togethers (they all live 2000+ miles away), or special meals or food.  Unless jelly beans count.  The Easter Bunny may bring some of those. And yes, the Easter Bunny is coming.

I bet the Easter Bunny would like Roasted Coconut Ginger & Peanut Butter CarrotsBunnies like carrots, right?

The peanut butter caramelizes when baked and gives these carrots a great flavor.  Bunny approved.

From my last post, Spruce it Up & Dippy, thanks for sharing your fave dips of late.  And for letting me know what, if anything, you do to spruce up your water.


1. If you celebrate Easter, do you have any childhood memories or family traditions?  Did you get Easter baskets?

I would wake up on Easter morning to foil-covered chocolate eggs scattered all over the steps and floors, in a trail, that led to an Easter basket with more chocolate, candy, stickers, and little “stocking stuffer” type items.

The best part was not actually eating the chocolate (shocking!) but going around and putting all those chocolate eggs in a basket and finding the ones that were hidden behind furniture or in random places.  The thrill of the hunt.

2. Do you celebrate Easter or Passover?

I have posted before Here and Here about our half and half household.   We are raising Skylar with love and kindness and hoping to shape her into a wonderful person who cares about others and the world around her.  We don’t label her, and I don’t label myself, as a true practicing member of any one religion.  We are spiritual without following the tenets of any one religion.

3. Do you have any plans for the Easter Weekend?

In addition to working, we have been invited to a few events that take place outside that we hope to attend.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate!

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