Five Fun Friday Facts

A couple days ago I opened the mail to find a pair of chocolates waiting for me from Intemperantia

Does that backdrop look familiar to you?  It may because t’s part of the scarf collection I posted about a couple days ago that I bought to enhance and prettify my blog photos.

The chocolate didn’t need any enhancing.  Chocolate truffles in the mail always make for a great day.  They were wonderful!


But since man cannot live on chocolate alone, I decided to make some other food.  However, I am pretty sure woman could live on chocolate alone.

I made a batch of Cinnamon Sugar & Ginger Roasted Potato Sticks

And some muffins.  Cinnamon Raisin Banana Oatmeal Muffins

I was on a Cinnamon + Sugar kick which worked out just fine for both the taters and the muffins.

From my last post about Little Thrills, I am glad you liked my new Marshall’s finds.  Yes, I was pretty stoked about them, too.

And thanks for the compliments on my Tastespotting feature.  It was fun to read about your little thrills, too.

Also, doesn’t sound like most of you are that into practical jokes or April Fool’s Day jokes.  But a few of you have played some doosies on unwilling recipients.  Glad I had you going with my little “announcement”.  For 1 second at least.

Dessert is no joking matter.  I would never joke about chocolate.

Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs

One bowl + spoon.  Freezer-friendly.  Vegan, GF.  Fast. Easy. Chocolate.  Say no more.


1. Do you like truffles?

I do!  What’s not to love about a rich chocolate treat?

2. Time for Five Fun Friday Facts:

I can keep a smile plastered on my face for a really long time even when mentally I am not “smiling”. 

I used to be a figure model for drawing classes.  Get paid to lay like a statue and not move a muscle and drink wine.  It was a perfect job.

I haven’t had a professional pedicure in over a year.  I used to get two a month.  Now, I just do my own nails.

I feel uncomfortable when people have heated arguments in front of me.

I would rather have wrinkles and go in the sun that be wrinkle-free and stay indoors.  I love being outside!  It’s in the low 80s and sunny here today.  Time to get my workout in!

I know I just posted a tidbits and trivia post with two awards, but it’s Friday.  Let’s keep it light. Hope you enjoyed my facts and have a great weekend!

What are your Five Fun Friday Facts?



  1. “not move a muscle and drink wine” – after awhile, don’t those two things become mutually exclusive? ;P

  2. I love reading your random facts girl!! I love that you got to drink wine for a living, I think I would be in heaven! Lol.

    I also wish it was in the 80s here today and sunny….but no, Vancouver is a little rainy :|

    Happy Weekend!

  3. Love fun facts Fridays. I’ve only had a pro mani once and it peeled off that same day and I’ve never had a pedi!

  4. I love anything involving chocolate, so truffles aren’t my fav but I enjoy them now and then.

    Sunlight is healthy! Too much fear-mongering about it, I think. Of course, too much of anything can be bad, but you have to pick your battles. :)

  5. I love cinnamon + sugar. I know people talk about PB + chocolate being such a great combo (and it is) but cinnamon/sugar is better in my opinion!

    Five facts – I can’t whistle, I drink ungodly amounts of water each day, I’ve gotten one pedicure in my life, I got my drivers license at 18 not 16 — believe me, that seemed like a huge deal at the time since all of my friends drove and had cars!, and I am scared of bugs, bees and spiders.

    Have a nice weekend Averie!

  6. I have been trying to come up with fun facts all day today for an award I got…I still haven’t come up with one.

  7. “However, I am pretty sure woman could live on chocolate alone.” Amen, Sister! Remind me again why chocolate hasn’t been given it’s own food group… ;)

  8. five facts: i played the violin in high school; i have two tattoos; my favourite flower is lily-of-the-valley; i dislike that my birthday is in january; i’ve never had a cavity.
    i love fun facts/personal trivia – share any time you wish!
    have a great weekend, averie!

  9. I could definitely live on chocolate alone!
    You just reminded me that I desperately need a pedicure. It’s been a while over the winter…spring is here and my toes will see the sun soon!

  10. I would rather have wrinkles and be outside too!!!

  11. Those colors are incredible on the first couple of photos. Impressive!

    AMEN to the SUN!!! NEVER to the tanning beds (not sure if you remember my experience with them that I posted about a while back), but WAYYYY yes to sun. :) I feel so much healthier, happier, and more energetic when I’m in the sun. The benefits of sun for me far outweigh any drawbacks.

  12. Oh, I modeled for art classes, too! You’re right, it truly was the perfect job. Great pay and so fun and easy. I never got wine, though. You win! :)

  13. Amen to “I would rather have wrinkles and go in the sun that be wrinkle-free and stay indoors.” I crave sunshine :) Chocolates in the mail? How fun! I love the looks of those fries. Fun fact? Josh and I have still not picked out a name for the little one and I don’t think we will for a while haha…

  14. It would be fun to be an art model if I could listen to my iPod. I’m not very good at sitting there sans aural stimulation.

    Hehe, your little joke gave me a chuckle. I did an April Fool’s post…which a surprising number of people are falling for.

    Random Mimi Facts:
    – I am a total anime lover. Wolf’s Rain, Fullmetal Alchemist…I like my bishie boys.
    – I’m a shameless freebie whore. If I have a small sweet tooth craving, I’ll pop into one of those self-serve yogurt places, get a sample cup, take a sample, and sneak out.
    – I was almost a film-student.
    – People (usually guys) randomly assume I’m a crazy wildchild. Maybe it’s the hair?
    – I hate sappy, “tra la la” musicals. Give me a dark work like Sweeney Todd any day.

  15. I had a friend who was a life sized mannequin… that to me would be so hard.. to be still like that.. I’m always fidgeting..

  16. I get really uncomfortable when people argue in front of me too! SO awkward. Especially when it’s co-workers- yikes!

  17. I seriously love the recipe for those potato sticks. I think I will use sweet potatoes! we call them kumara here in New Zealand

  18. I was a figure drawing model once too! Instead of wine during the job though, I got taken out for beer and pizza afterwards!
    Thanks for reminding me about your coconut snowballs! I had totally forgotten about them and have everything I need to make them :)

  19. I love getting treats in the mail! I just got some tea today and it made my day!

  20. Loved those facts!

    My five facts:

    1. I couldn’t be anything but a teacher because I like laying out in the sun too much.
    2. I am in my pajamas the second I get home from work.
    3. I can only think of two. :)

  21. I wanted to comment this morning and say I love your new ribbon bowl, but my internet dropped out for some reason. I collect bowls and other pretties for my photos as well, but someday I hope to be able to afford little goodies to do entire tablescapes. We don’t have the $ wiggle room right now, so I try to be responsible!
    If you’re ever by a fabric or craft store, you can get a really wide array of pretty fabrics to use as your “backdrops” for a great price! You can sew them up for a finished look, but if the edges don’t show in the photo, they don’t need to be perfect anyway! You can find especially fun things for themes and holidays!! Idk, just a tip. :)

    I get very uncomfortable when people have arguments in front of me, too. They don’t even have to be heated… I’m not a fan of confrontation, especially when I’m just a bystander for some reason!

  22. I’ve been following for a while, just can’t get enough – and decided today post-workout, pre-study (cause that’s so fun on a Friday night) that along with a protein shake I needed some banana biggie oat cookie in my life. Let me just say, Skylar and I would probably get along great skipping side by side enjoying the cookie sans silverware. Thanks for the recipe!! Hope your Friday is much more eventful than mine :)

  23. Five facts about me:

    1. My parents were restaurant owners growing up but were too busy to teach me to cook. I had to teach myself.
    2. I am drinking red wine and reading blogs on Friday night and am totally content.
    3. I need a hair cut so bad it is embarrassing.
    4. I spelled embarrassing wrong 3 times before I got it right. I’m so glad I have a Mac.
    5. My 2 year old daughter is in bed right now, but not sleeping. I am listening to her sing, “The Wheels on the Bus” on the monitor.

  24. oh fun facts! lets see…
    1) I have a secret obsession with buying purses
    2) I have fallen going up the stairs more times than I have fallen down the stairs..
    3) My house I rented in college was haunted!
    4) I love anything vanilla
    5) My favorite treat to myself is a nice long massage and getting a mani/pedi… Spa day baby! Its what its all about =)

    Have a great weekend!~

  25. I could live on cinnamon, sugar, and chocolate. There’s something about combining sugar and cinnamon, it gets all sticky when it’s baked… best comfort food EVER! Fun facts: I’m watching a documentary on Mt. Everest right now, I had pasta + veggies for dinner, I’ve never had a professional pedicure, I’ve never been to a spa :(, ummm my favorite fruit is apple!

  26. great post! wow! a figure model, you are brave! my 5 facts are: i love hostess cupcakes, i love tabloid mags, i love people but need my alone time, i’m a wannabe morning person, & ate mostly jelly bellies today for food consumption (not a usual thing). NICE photos!

  27. Interesting of you to mention pedicures. I just got one. As in, right this moment I just got back…I have sunny yellow nails now :)

    Was it hard to pose so still for the modelling? I’ve drawn from life drawing classes but never modeled.

  28. Love the scarf use in your photos, very pretty. :-) The chocolate sounds wonderful, so do the Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs.

    1. Yes, my hubby is a bigger fan, so I never get that many. :-)
    2. Fun facts. I really need a pedicure, but have been waiting for a bad nail to grow out from my first half marathon. I’m a sucker for stupid comedy movies. And I can’t think of anymore facts because it’s Friday and I’m burned out. :-)

  29. I could definitely live on chocolate alone. I will say, though, that the potato sticks look amazing!

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  31. Gosh, you always have the most delicious sounding recipes!

  32. Here are my Friday facts:
    1- I only like ketchup on French fries. Nothing else, not even on potatoes in other forms.
    2- I was born in southern California and even though I’ve lived in Utah for most of my life, I still hate cold and winter and feel like a California girl at heart.
    3- I’ve never died my hair or had a professional mani or pedi.
    4- My favorite TV shows are still the ones I watched as a kid: The Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock.
    5- I used to have a dog named Hershey and a cat named Nestle. I think now I would name them Lindt and Endangered Species…

  33. I agree about the heated arguments. My good friend and her boyfriend used to come over to my house for dinner, and he was such a jerk that he would always get mad at my friend for something and start a fight. It was SO awkward for the hubby and I!!

  34. How could you NOT like truffles?! I even named my ferret after them :)

  35. I wear my heart on my sleeve, I have zero ability to look happy when I’m not. I really wish I was better at that!! Oh and that job sounds like pure torture to me. Having to sit still? I can certainly zone out watching a movie, but just knowing that I can’t move drives me crazy! And I also can’t stand confrontation, even just witnessing it.

    Some random facts: My hair has been pretty much every color you can dye it, except for green. My mom and I agreed when I was a kid that no one needs “booger-colored” hair. When my niece wanted streaks in her hair she wanted blue. I told her that was cool, but let her in on the green hair warning just in case she changed her mind, lol.

    And, I am one of the pickiest eaters in the entire world and yet my favorite vegetables are broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts which most people hate!

  36. I knew you’d be a model!

    Oh man…my landlords live right next to me – I’m like in their “Granny suite” off of the main house. They were in a HUGE argument today. Well…I’m walking out (quietly trying to escape through the main door) – and the husband opened the door at the same time….I don’t know who was more embarrassed!!

    Their yelling was annoying – but everybody fights! Whatever – I’m not that sensitive! But he seemed so embarrassed which made me feel bad…it’s a cycle ;)

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