Forgotten Food

It’s been almost a year that we’ve been back in San Diego after nine less-than-stellar months in Phoenix.  Imagine my surprise when our old realtor gave Scott two packages when Scott was in Phoenix on a recent business trip.  Apparently our realtor had collected the mail shortly after we moved but forgot to tell us about it.  Ooops.

What was in the box #1?

Kale Chips from Blue Mountain Organics

The Nutty Cheezy and the Cheezy both had a good flavor and I would have loved them even more a year ago, no doubt.


Slightly stale and lots of dust crumbs at the bottom of the bag, but what do you expect after a year. Ironically the expiration date was 4-11-11 so I was reunited with, and ate these, just in time.

The chocolate kale chips rocked!  Crumbs and all.

How could coconut oil, cocoa power, and agave not be great?  I need to recreate these at home.

I love my kale chip recipe but chocolate could make everything so much more interesting. Like dessert chips. 

Box #2 contained these Bora Bora bars.

A little sticky and gummy but not a biggie.  Perfect for snacks on the go or lunches.

I have reviewed Bora Bora bars in the past but if you don’t have access to them, make your own snack bars.

Some make-at-home ideas….

No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Energy Bars (with protein option) – Vegan, GF, freezer-friendly, fast

Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter and Oat Snack Bars (Vegan, GF, 5 minutes to make)

Or Homemade Granola (Vegan, GF, 20 minutes to make)

Or you can always make a Biggie Microwave Banana Oat Cakes (Vegan, GF, 3 minutes to make) and let it cool and wrap it in plastic wrap or a baggie and treat it like a snack bar.

From my last post on the food styling and photography workshop I went to, thanks for letting me know you enjoyed that post!  I am glad you enjoyed my photography tips, and all 40+ pictures. As I said in the post, it was an amazing day.  A life-changing, perspective-changing day and I wanted to document it, well.

Many of you said you could hear and feel the enthusiasm in my post and yes, I seriously just so happy and feel like a whole new world has opened for me.  It was great to read what workshops, events, or single days in time really changed and moved you and why. Thanks for sharing your stories!

So far, I submitted my Grilled Portobello Mushroom Sandwich photos…

and Tastespotting accepted this one

And Foodgawker accepted this image

Lately when I submit to these sites, I usually submit two images so the editors have a choices, and it’s interesting what one site will accept, another will pass on.  Case in point, the rice pudding with raisins.  FG took it, TS passed.

Or in the case of the grilled portobella sandwich, they accepted different photos.  Figures. Just makes it even more tricky to figure out what each site, and the editor-du-jour, looks for.


1. Best thing you ate or did over the weekend?

My workshop!  Which will likely be the “best thing” for quite some time.  A truly moving and powerful day for me on so many levels!

2. Have you ever forgotten about food?  What was it?

I cleaned and organized my pantry a few months ago and found tons of goodies I forgot about.

Yay for the hidden benefits of getting organized. i.e. finding bars I forgot about

3. Do you keep your pantries, cupboards and fridge neat and you know what’s in it?  Or are there some science experiments going on?

I hate messy cupboards and fridges.  Due to lack of cupboard and kitchen storage space in our smallish, urban space, my cupboards are very full with all my cooking, baking, and just every day supplies.  Caramel sauce falling from above is a big problem.

But with my refrigerator, I keep it extremely neat and well-organized.  I can honestly say I never “find” rotting, gross, un-used, or old food in it.  No way! I hate to waste perishable food, too, so I always know what I have on hand.

Have a great week everyone and if you’re just catching up on posts, here are mine since Friday:


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  1. i do love organizing not only my pantry but my bedrom too! I find things i totally forgot about its so nice to see things turn up again!

    i am LOVING the photos! You have truly taken on this passion and it is so coming through in your pictures, and descriptions! I love hearing about it!

    Sorry I havent been popping in here as much lately…just dealing with some personal stuff (break up with the bf) and what not so I have been a bit MIA but still thinking of you!!! xo

  2. OOOOO those pictures are beautiful!!!! Great job :)

  3. I’m intrigued by the chocolate kale chips! Best thing I ate was a Fitnessista breakfast cookie :D

  4. Messy fridges and pantries give me anxiety. I hate not being able to see everything!

  5. I just realized today that I had forgotten about the chickpea flour I made and it was bad. I was really ticked at myself for letting that go to waste.

  6. definitely a cheeky question, but… do you get paid for your FG/TS submissions? just asking out of sheer curiosity! :)

  7. Chocolate kale chips sound very interesting! Once I get the hang of making kale chips, I might try it!

  8. OMG, that’s kind of funny about the year-old mail! We’ve moved so many times, I can’t imagine what has been lost over the years, lol.

    TS and FG are wonderful, yet fickle creatures. Just when I think I’m doing great, they say no, I’m not, LOL. When I am not especially proud of an image, it’s accepted! I also submit 3 at a time for variance, and they’re usually ALL rejected, lol. I’m improving though. Between being sick and being up when it’s dark (no daylight!), it’s been a slow process. I’m getting there.

    I have a shizz load of emails to reply to, I’ve got yours in drafts, working on it as usual! :D

  9. Hi Averie!!!

    Hope you had a great weekend! The chocolate KALE?! Oh my gosh! looks amazing! I want it! I love yummy kale chips!

    Hope all is well ! love ya! xoxo

  10. 1. On Saturday I ate two pounds of organic strawberries, and then on Sunday I had the biggest sweet potato I’ve ever had, smothered in coconut oil and cinnamon.
    2. Nope. If I buy anything snacky like bars or cookies they’ll usually last less than a week. I can’t resist.
    3. Yup! I don’t usually have a lot in my pantry/whatever at home/here so there isn’t much to organize, but what I do have is nicely lined up and I like going through everything every once in a while to see what I need to use up, if anything.

  11. Nice article, thanks for the information.

  12. I’m so impressed with all of your photos, great work!

    The best thing this past weekend is a toss up: unlimited tapas brunch or a friend’s first pottery show/sale. Great food and art :)

  13. My cupboards are…decently organized. They’re a little crammed and as such, probably don’t look organized…but I know what’s in them and it’s as tidy as it can be. (after the last couple weeks, at least, lol) No science experiments! Well, nothing worse than some almost-forgotten-about-but-unopened boxed unperishables, at least!
    TS and FG really are SO different!! I’ve found TS to be WAY pickier lately. I also often have troubles with doing the square crops both sites like. I usually utilize and compose for the full frame when I shoot…so more often than not, the picture I’ll like most will look terrible as a square :/ I know I can just shoot looser, but I never think of that while I’m shooting. Have you ever used finding vegan? I like that site, too. MUCH smaller, but I’ve found I’m more likely to gain readers from it, rather than just someone clicking through.
    You’re seriously inspiring me to keep playing with food photography, though! I think I’m going through a funk with it lately…probably doesn’t help that I haven’t been baking or cooking much :P

  14. So, I read about your time in Phoenix AND went back and read about your $199 wedding. Too cute! What a great story.

    I had local grass fed beef burgers this weekend. Best thing I ate. Or maybe it was the pizza at the kid’s birthday party. That was pretty good too.

    I have forgotten about food a LOT. I cannot count.

    But there are no science experiments in my fridge. I am pretty anal about keeping it cleared out, especially since I work full time. I am usually so desperate for leftovers that there’s nothing languishing. It does happen occasionally, like when my hubby travels, but it’s rare.

    Then again, he’s traveling 3 OUT OF THE NEXT 4 WEEKS!! Yucky. He eats half of our food, so occasionally when he leaves, I may get tired of beans and rice.

  15. I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I threw out rotten food. It was probably at my parents house over Christmas, and I’m sure I yelled at them about it.

    Chocolate kale chips? I want in on that action. you should make your next batch with nooch, cocoa and pb flour. That’s got blog success written all over it. :)

  16. I forget about frozen food all the time. Today I had some Trader Joe’s potstickers that had been in my freezer for … um… I have no idea how long. And I have some Trader Joe’s frozen Biryani that has been in the freezer for at least a year. I should probably toss it.

  17. those granola bars look amazing! ill definitely be coming back soon for some chocolate granola lovin!

  18. Perfect timing on the kale chips! I’ve never seen your microwave chocolate pb bars… you better believe I have it opened in the next tab to figure out when/how I will make them! yum!
    Again, great work on those pictures!
    I used to forget about food in my fridge/freezer/pantry so a couple of years ago I started cleaning either one every Friday. So, each one gets a good cleaning + organizing every 3 weeks. If I didn’t do it, I would likely have a TON of science experiments living in my house…

  19. I keep forgetting about junk food that accidentally finds its way to our house ;) When we have a party, usually everybody brings something to munch on. There is real food like salads etc., but also tons of chips, crackers and the like, usually bacon-flavored, soaked with fat and generally not the kind that I’d like to eat. My husband used to be a chips guy, but he kind of kicked the habit. So we toss all the chips and stuff and gallons of beer that people bring along and don’t manage to eat into a separate cupboard. Then we forget about it. And once in a (long) while I clean the cupboard and find loads of junk snacks with the best before date long gone ;)

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  21. OMG! those really looks so delicious on pictures, I realized when was the last time I binged on chips? yummy…After reading your blog, I think I need one..

  22. If all the food forgotten are like this? I would instead place them in front of me all the time. OMG I would never forget eating all these food unless I am on a strict diet. But I definitely had my share of forgetting food if I am so busy and do not have the time to even open just a can of soda.:)

  23. The only cabinet I have to keep food in is a bottom one, so things are often forgotten in the far back of that. Thankfully they are all things that stay good for awhile. In my fridge, I never forget things. I’m great about keeping it organized and going through things before they go bad.

  24. I forget about food all the time! I hate it … especially when it is produce in my fridge!

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