Today I woke up to gray skies and cloudy weather.  The temperature also dropped by about 20 degrees and it turned windy and icky.

Just yesterday it was in the low 80s, sunny, and perfect….

…Perfect that is, except for my fall.


Thank you so much for your awesome, supportive, and wishes to heal quickly.  I was feeling a little gray about things and your comments cheered me right up!  Big thank you to everyone.   Seriously, your comments made my day so much better.

I am feeling bruised and beat up.  The scrapes on my hands are stinging, weeping, and painful and I have a welt the size of a tennis ball on my left glute/hip.  I look like a grew a second butt! But time heals all wounds and I know to just give it time and I’ll back to normal in no time.  And in the meantime, the show of life, work, motherhood, errand-running, and housework goes on.

I am sorry that some of you have had your fair share of sports-related injuries, too.  Ugh. Lots of you mentioned you were clutzey and always tripping or falling over something.   Glad I am not alone in the tripping department.

What’s a girl to do on a gray Saturday morning?

Drink coffee, of course.  Loaded up with extra Vanilla Coffee-Mate and half-and-half and it was delicious.

Missed my Dairy post?  There is just something about cream in coffee that is just so good.  And I have always loved Coffee-Mate.  No Shame.

I also made breakfast for Skylar and I.   Mircowave Blueberry Banana Oat Cakes

Easy, fast, no hassle.  That’s the name of the game.

And we nibbled on some grapes.  I much prefer green to gray.

I’d love to make a Caribbean Stir Fry with fresh veggies, cabbage, pineapple, and seasonings because bright colors beat gray

…But I will probably make some Caribbean Coconut Rice with Garbanzo Beans & Mixed Vegetables (and Peanut Butter!) since I have all those ingredients on hand

Dessert always brightens up the day.  Peanut Butter Banana Bread Cake (Vegan, GF) should brighten your day, too.


1. Best thing you’ve eaten or done so far this weekend?

The best thing is that I have a renewed appreciation for my health.  Being sick, injured, or hurt puts life in perspective, quickly.

All of a sudden it doesn’t matter if your apples were organic or not or if your broccoli was fresh or frozen.  It never really did to me, but being in pain and not operating at 100% makes me appreciate the big picture of life and my health, even more.

It’s also a great reminder not to sweat the small stuff or make a bigger deal out of simple choices or the smaller things in life.  If one’s greatest problem of the day is whether or not the bread you ate was sprouted or not, as my dad used to say, “You don’t have problems.  I can show you what problems are.”

2. Do you like Gray anything?

I don’t like: gray weather, gray food (I can’t think of any, but I’m pretty sure I don’t like it), gray moods, or premature gray hair.

I like: gray pants, sweaters, jeans, clothing, or shoes.  And gray purses and luggage are okay, too.  Gray eyeshadow and smoky eyes make me happy, too.  I also like gray sheets and duvet covers.  My bedroom is a gray motif.

3. Do you like Coffee-Mate?

I know it’s “not cool” to admit to “crappy ingredient lists” in the blogosphere but I know for a fact that (off the record) there are some Coffee-Mate fans in the house.

I will happily profess my love.  Even if that makes me uncool. See #1 above.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Life is short.  Enjoy it.  In whatever way that means for you.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Those grapes look incredible! I’m so glad produce is coming back now that it’s Spring.

    I had a fabulous Whole Foods shopping trip today. I love it when I’m successful getting my groceries!

    I’ve actually never tried Coffee-mate before. I’m a devoted “steamed soy topper” kind of girl when it comes to my coffee. When I make coffee at home, I’ll heat up about 2 tbsp of soymilk and add that in.

  2. Averie – your recipes are AMAZING! I just discovered your blog a few days ago and I have so many recipes I want to try. Everytime I read a blog entry, I click on a link to see the recipe and before you know it, I have 15 tabs opened :) Thank you for sharing your creativity! I especially can’t wait to try the PB Choc Chip Protein Bars!

  3. Averie, I love what you said about liking coffee mate. You make so many healthy foods, and it made me smile to see that even YOU have some “unhealthy” indulgences. I put unhealthy in quotes because–in my own opinion–these “unhealthy” vices are actually HEALTHY for us. There was a time in my life when I ate overly “pure” and incredibly PLAIN. I was not happy at all, and after a visit to the doctor, it turned out I was far from healthy too. Your dad is right. There are much larger problems in the world. What’s life without treats? Hooray for wiggle room!

  4. My mom uses vanilla creamer (International Delight) by the gallon, lol. It is quite tasty, but I don’t drink coffee often, so I’m not too attached. She’s crazy about it, though. She can’t drink “regular” coffee now, e.g., half-and-half, lol.

    I feel and look gray. Being sick is the pits. This wasn’t our weekend, huh? :(

    • oh i am a coffeemate vanilla girl. the I.D. vanilla is more “french” and tastes diff and there are two camps of people…coffeemate ppl and I.D. ppl

      Telling you…it’s like a science for me!

      And i almost wrote a question…gray or grey, but already had enough ?’s at the end. I think gray is prettier too.

  5. PS. Thank you for spelling gray with an A. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one; seems like others spell it grey. I think the A is prettier!! :)

  6. It was sunny here today but for the past few weeks it has been pretty gloomy (I know you’re not surpised to hear that, right?)

    I love gray — I have plenty of gray clothes (I think I look better in gray than black, so I tend to choose it if it is available). And to be honest I have kind of a gloomy, blue personality/attitude, so when it is gray outside I actually feel pretty good — like the weather matches my mood? Not sure. Or maybe I’m just used to it!

    I’m not a huge coffee drinker period, but I do love coffeemate when I do have coffee. Especially the seasonal flavors, like egg nog and pumpkin, etc. There are plenty of other things I consume more regularly that are definitely not “cool” in the blog world (diet coke!)

  7. I like gray in almost everything except the sky! I hate gray days. Too many of those in Ohio.

    I used to drink coffee mate all the time, then one day I tried my coffee black and I haven’t gone back. Now I feel like I don’t want the extra flavors in the morning. I love a mug of strong, black coffee!

  8. Gray is such a yucky color. Over the holidays I pretty much chugged peppermint mocha coffee creamer. I’m glad it’s just a seasonal thing haha!

  9. I like Matthew Gray Gubler. I like gray pants and gray cardigans. I used to have a gray cat that I loved a lot.

    Sorry you got injured. :( At least you ate lots of bright, cheerful food!

  10. So sorry about your fall! My only sport has ever been equestrian, so I had a few falls too. None of them injured me though (even the one where I crashed into a jump and got to see another horse leaping over me!). The only time I was injured on a horse was when I sprained my ankle the day before a show and still rode in it. Fuuuudge (not sure if your spammer nixes swears!) that was painful!

    Triple antibiotic + Epsom salts baths = much happier recovery. I think it’s the perfect time to give yourself some extra lovin’!

    I usually just put real cream in my coffee, but the Coffee Mate flavors intrigue me. I’m not wild about the trans fats, but I’d like to think my body’s badass enough to handle an itty-bitty tablespoon or two of it. Plus, I have a frugal streak a mile wide and the peppermint mocha creamer is cheaper than Starbucks.

    Oh, and I may have said this when your spam filter was nixing me, but I LOOOVE your peanut butter banana bread! It’s seriously one of the top 5 things to pop out of my oven! My dad liked it and he despises peanut butter.

  11. Yeah, Utah’s pretty gray today too. And I’ve seen that picture of the Caribbean Coconut Rice with Garbanzo Beans & Mixed Vegetables before, but today it just caught my eye, I think that’s going to be in the dinner menu this week!
    The best thing I’ve done all weekend? Chilling with my family, just relaxing before I move tomorrow. I think my mom might be making my favorite chocolate chip cookies tonight too…:) Here’s crossing my fingers.
    I’m with you on the gray days and gray food…yeah, I can’t think of any either. Food shouldn’t be gray. I love gray clothes though. I have a gray pea coat and a gray thermal shirt that are probably my two favorite winter things to wears.

  12. glad you’re able to put your fall and resulting aches in perspective, averie~a little ‘woe is me’ time is always acceptable…then you gotta pick up and move on. i do hope you’re feeling less achey really soon.
    i’ve never had coffeemate! but i just started drinking coffee in january…so far, i love it black with stevia – i know YOU’RE a stevia fan! in coffee, too?
    just back from seeing “the lincoln lawyer” – i know you don’t get to movies, but i’ll just share that this one was wayyyyy better than i thought. it gets the thumbs up!
    not a gray fan – food, clothes, weather. just not my shade!
    have a great eve, my new twitter friend! :)

  13. Hope your feeling 100% soon. The stir fry looks great!

    I used to love Coffee-Mate! Still do get it on occasion. But I generally just try to save moola and use the sugar and milk I have here already…that and I usually just forget going down that aisle at the grocery store ;)

    I love adding vanilla or maple extract to my tea and coffee though!

  14. Just now read about your fall. Sending you a big, healing hug to help you feel better soon. Such a bummer. I’ve had my share of falls and injuries, including a couple of epic, slow-mo type falls that resulted in nasty bruising and scrapes. Bruises the sizes of fists on both of my thighs that took weeks to heal? Been there, done that. Ouch.

    But like you said in your other post, the body is resilient and smart.

    I sometimes like gray skies. And I like the other gray stuff you like.

    Coffee-mate? Yeah, they have so many neat flavors now, don’t they? I’ll indulge every now and then, but I gotta admit that the ingredient list kinda skeeves me out. But like you said, this sort of thing definitely falls into the “small stuff” category. I like that about you and your blog…you keep it real and relaxed. ;-)

  15. Sorry to hear about the chilly weather! Hope tomorrow is a little toastier. I need to try your Oat cakes- I think J would like them too. I think we all have those few things we eat that have crap ingredients in them- but we love them Oh so much- that they’re totally worth it. For me, thats sweet baby rays bbq sauce. I just don’t care that HFCS is the first ingredient ;). Best thing I’ve done this weekend? We had a really great dinner tonight with my parents, I also finally got an iPhone. Best thing I’ve eaten? Probably the dinner I made Friday night (post coming on Monday). <3

  16. Hey Averie! Is it really terrible that I chuckled a bit at your gray picture and thought “see, San Diego isn’t ALWAYS perfect!” Well, it hailed today in DC so I got mine.

    This weekend I made soft pretzels. What an adventure! I broke my food processor in the process but the pretzels turned out fine. Phew!

    I am really scared of coffee mate. I’m convinced using/eating it will give me a terrible disease. But I do love those little flavored creams at 7-11 (not sure if they are coffee mate or another brand). As much as I want to hate them, they taste so freaking good. Thank goodness I only go there about once every 4 months.

  17. I have never been a big coffee mate fan. I think I just like my coffee bitter. Like I am. ;)

  18. I love having my cup of cream I mean coffee:))) in the mornings. I do try and keep it in moderation to one cup a day. I use the sugar free and then use the stevia.

    Averie I do hope your are feeling better after your fall. I love all of your recipes, thank you for sharing.

  19. I am glad your feeling a little better, despite the fall and crummy weather. It’s a good thing your enjoying some delicious food to make it somewhat better :)

  20. when i was little i would eat coffee-mate with a spoon! same with hot chocolate mix :D

  21. It was a little overcast here too today, still better than all that rain we had recently!

    Interesting on the coffee cream, I’m a huge fan of fresh hemp milk in my coffee because it’s richer than almond milk and faster to make.

    Great eats, lots of bright colors.

    1. Finally grocery shopped and saw Source Code with hubby.
    2. A day or two of gray weather really doesn’t bother me, but a week of it is another story. Gray clothes are fine and chia seed pudding is kind of gray looking, but awesome. :-)
    3. I haven’t had store bought coffee creamer in ages, I used to like some of the flavors in my non-vegan days and will occasionally use store bought almond milk, but mostly hemp milk is my fave for coffee that I’ve usually added plenty of vanilla and/or cacao powder to. :-)

  22. Oh, I completely agree on the need for good coffee and something sweet on a gray day! The emotions simply need it :)

  23. 1. Brown rice and steamed red chard for brunch, a sweet potato with tons of cinnamon and some virgin coconut oil for an afternoon snack, and Mama Pea’s kale salad with more brown rice for dinner. I felt better all day than I’ve felt since August.
    Btw get better soon! I had a pretty nasty fall last year first thing in the morning at school and had to put up with crappy bandaids falling off and no polysporin or anything to put on it. I’m thinking that maybe coconut oil would help, because I’m pretty sure that it’s antibacterial. Agave also helps too.

    2. I’m pretty much on the same page with you on that! I love grey anything but grey food and grey weather. The green grapes and banana bread cake look pretty good though!

    3. I haven’t ever tried Coffee Mate to be honest. I don’t really want to either. I’ve decided that I’m not going to buy anything with ingredients that I wouldn’t use in my own kitchen, not to be a food snob but just because that kind of stuff makes me feel gross, or rather, grey. ;)

  24. Dear Averie,

    I came across your website a week or so ago and think your recipes are great!! I tried making your no-bake vegan granola bars and absolutely love them! They are so great for giving me a burst of energy and I love how natural they are! I also love how you don’t need an oven. (I am living abroad and my apartment doesn’t have an oven). Keep it up! Hope you are having great day,


    PS> If you would like to check out my attempt of your recipe here is a link,

  25. I walked 10 miles across one of the narrowed points of New Zealand and it was awesome! except I was sad to realize when I was packing up snacks that I was out of your oat bars I made!!!! I need to make some more!

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  27. best thing i ate? i had a chestnut mashed potato dish last night that is still blowing my mind

  28. hope that knee heals! i love gray clothing but not gray days unless it’s autumn and a brisk wind then it just feels right! best thing i did this wknd was family visit (havent seen my folks since xmas!) and a geek art festival. i honestly don’t like coffee mate, it’s too sweet for me but silk is making this unsweetened almond milk that i am loving! i thought i’d be a tjs or blue diamond girl forever but i’ve switched!

  29. Gray is definitely a yucky color. Except for the instances you mentioned. I have quite a few gray clothes.

    I don’t drink coffee so I have never tried coffeemate. But I say we all need our “vices.” In the end, nutrition awards will not be handed out!

  30. That is so refreshing to see you “admit” to enjoying CoffeeMate – it seems like it’s so easy to succumb to the blog-world peer pressure or elitism (whatever you want to call it) about only consuming the purest and healthiest things at all times. Sometimes things just TASTE GOOD! :)

  31. Hey, I wouldn’t feel bad for the CoffeeMate. I’ve been working on a “clean vegan” diet now for sometime but I’ve got to remind myself sometimes and put things into perspective. It’s “ok” if it’s not perfect. Today, I felt incredibly good just to eat a good ol’ soft wonderbread turkey sandwhich with cheese and mayo.

    Not sweating the small stuff is important, and I don’t think your “uncool!”

  32. “I look like a grew a second butt!” – this made me LOL :-)

    The best thing I ate all weekend was black truffle and mushroom risotto croquettes.

  33. I actually LOVE grey weather. I love overcast days. It gives me a good reason to sit in my backyard with a good book and get lost in it. What really really really tops of my day is if it starts to rain! Then I’m in heaven.

  34. hi Averie,

    I’m a brand new reader (about 2 wks), and so far I love your blog. I just stole your Caribbean Citrus Veggie Stir-Fry recipe and made it for dinner last night. Of course, I doctored mine a little, because I rarely follow a recipe 100%. It came out delicious! I can’t wait to try more of your recipes, especially the granola bars. Thanks for an awesome blog

  35. Cool or not…I love Coffee Mate!!! :)

    Sorry to hear about that fall! Sounds nasty. I’ve tripped in public before, but I think my ego was more bruised than my body. Ha! Hope the scrapes and bumps are healing quick, Averie!

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  37. Apparently I like grey clothes. I’ve noticed recently a lot of my clothing is favoring greyish tones… looks like it’s time to lighten up for springtime!

  38. Sadly, CoffeeMate is a Nestle’s product, so I don’t partake.

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