Hair Products I Use

I love trying new hair products.  Every time I write about what I’ve been using and trying, I get so many questions about them so I decided to put many of my latest product finds and obsessions into one post.

1. Unite Shampoo and Conditioner

I wrote extensively on my love for Enjoy here.

It’s sulfate free, gluten free, vegan and more.


But it’s a very “thin” shampoo and conditioner.  It’s not rich and luxurious or overly moisturizing and recently I felt my hair was a little dry and could use more moisture.

Winter is to blame…

….as is hair color and highlights….

…and a Brazilian Blowout

2. That’s when I cheated on Unite and tried this drugstore Loreal.   See my thorough review, here.   One thing I really like about it is that it smells sophisticated.  Very Aveda-ish in its smell.

For a drugstore shampoo and conditioner, it’s very good for all the reasons that I explained here.

3. Recently I bought the Enjoy Luxury Line of Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner.  This is 100% luxurious shampoo and far from drugstore. If you don’t have dry hair or hair that needs an extra boost of moisture or TLC, I wouldn’t recommend this as it’s so thick and so moisturizing and gentle.

It’s really rich and decadent.  If I were to compare this shampoo and conditioner to food, it would be like eating cheesecake:

Super rich, decadent, thick, luxurious, lush, you only need a little bit to be satisfied.

Raw Vegan Cheesecake (Vegan, GF, easy, 10 minutes) anyone?

The Enjoy shampoo and conditioner also smells heavenly; like coconuts.  I think the shampoo is better at being a great shampoo than the conditioner is as a conditioner, but they are both wonderful.

4. I love It’s a 10.  I posted about it here, but it’s a leave-in detangler that is the best ever.  A couple spritzes of this and you can comb through the worst tangles, knots, and snarls, effortlessly. It does not leave your hair gloppy or greasy, shiny, nor does it weigh fine hair down.

Best detangler I’ve ever used.  As the name suggest, it is A Miracle.

5. Another leave-in/detangler/treatment product is this Loreal Professional Absolut Repair

It’s thicker and weighs my hair down more than the It’s a 10 does, but sometimes that’s desired or preferred.  It’s still light though and does not make my hair greasy, gloppy, or shiny.
It’s more of a leave in conditioner than a detangler per se, in my opinion. As far as a treatment product goes, I like the next one better…

….This One.

6. It’s a new-to-me product as of last week.  Schwarzkopf Professional Repair Rescue.  It’s a cream that you use to smooth down any frizzies or flyaways mid-hair shaft.  You can put it on wet or dry hair and it seals the cuticle down and so if you have what looks like breakage or split ends, this will seal them down and it’s supposed to prevent future breakage and splitting and do as the name suggests: repair rescue.

If you don’t put chemicals on your hair, i.e. color, highlights, perms, straightening treatments, you probably don’t need this.  But if you need it, and you know who you are, I love this stuff.

It smells great, is not greasy or gloppy, and does not add oil or really much shine, which is nice because anyone with split ends or breakage isn’t (or shouldn’t be) washing her hair daily anyway, so no one wants to add shine and grease to 2-3 day old unwashed hair.  But you can still use this stuff and not feel like the Grease Police will come and arrest you.

7. Dry shampoo.  I’ve never previously used any dry shampoos.   This one works fine, given the limited amount of occasions that I’ve used it thus far.  I’ve also heard the Frederic Fekkai is great, but much pricier.

It smells nice, and cuts some of the grease at the roots on day 3 of unwashed hair when I am trying to stretch washing my hair by 12-24 more hours but just need a little something to control the oil in places.  Baby powder works for this, too.

So there you have it.  The products I’ve been using lately and my reviews.  Whew, that took awhile to get that all out there but hair is worth anything!

From my last post about finally receiving my replacement iPhone after mine was stolen earlier in the week, yes, I am so happy to have it back!

And thanks for chiming in with all your Brownie Recipes!  Wow, great links and info.  Thank you all so much!  The event I am planning on making brownies for isn’t for a few weeks, but should I end up making some, or making some based on the comments you left, I will be sure to blog all about it.


1. What hair care products do you use and love?

Enlighten me and share.  Someone may be reading and you can help them.  Sharing is caring.

I also love this Kiehl’s Deep Conditioner that they call Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak.  Simply amazing!   Uber thick, gloppy, rich, and powerful.  If you have uber dry hair and you don’t want to put mayonnaise or butter in it, this stuff rocks.

2. Any hair care products you’ve recently tried but would not recommend?  Why?

I have tried so many duds over the years, I don’t know where to start!  

3.  Weekend plans? Easter plans?

I am working this weekend.  And the Easter Bunny is coming and there will be a cute Easter basket given out, I know that!

Happy Easter & Passover to those celebrating!  And Happy Earth Day, too!

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  14. I am super loving on the Costco brand organic shampoo and conditioner… thick and moisturizing but not too heavy, and it smells heavenly! :) I’ve been giving serious consideration to dying my hair in some form or fashion, whether it be bleaching streaks to dye purple or henna-ing the whole thing, so if I end up doing that I may need to reevaluate my hair care regimen accordingly! And one of these days I will be able to afford a Brazilian blowout and all will be glorious :)

  15. This is great!! I love “It’s a 10” but never can figure out why! You explained it well.

  16. I will actually be looking for a new shampoo & conditioner. The one I love during the winter is Aubrey’s Swimmer’s Shampoo & Conditioner. It gives my hair the right amount of clean & moisture during the cold & dry winter months.

    I did try a new shampoo & conditioner a couple months back, but my hair was still too dry. I’m thinking this was due to the weather – and heaters inside. Now the spring it here, I’m going to give it another shot.

  17. Lovely just what I was searching for.Thanks to the author for taking his time on this one.

  18. A couple of thoughts come to mind. First, i’m glad that i’m not a girl (i wouldn’t be able to handle that many products for one part of me) and second, i’m hard pressed to believe that one shampoo makes much of a difference over another.

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