Little Thrills

First off, a big announcement:  I’m Pregnant!!!!!!!!!

With sextuplets!!!!!!!!


Happy April Fool’s.

All kidding aside, yesterday I went to Marshall’s and for $34 bucks, got some little thrills from the shopping adventure.  It had been a few weeks since my last trip to Marshall’s, and I was excited to find some new goodies.


New dishes and linens

The bird and flower print pieces were only $2.99 each

The blue ribbon shallow bowl was on the clearance rack for 3 bucks

More linens to go with my other scarves and linens I just snagged to beautify my photographs

And a big box.  With two boxes inside it!

It reminds me of the Russian nesting dolls I had as a child


A perfect place to stash blog linens with plenty of room to spare.  <— Room to spare is a good problem to have.

Another little thrill was the gorgeous 84F and sunny weather we had on Thursday in San Diego.  I got a great run and workout in, worked up a sweat, and I am not even a sweater.  Felt good to get my heat on.

The flowers are blooming and spring is in the air.  Thursday actually felt like summer, not spring.  No complaints from me.

Another little thrill is a plate of Pumpkin Pie Spiced “Baked” Bananas

My final little thrill is that Tastespotting accepted my No Bake Nutter Butter Special K Bars recipe.   Actually that was a pretty big thrill for me and put a huge smile on my face.

Here it is on their site

From my last post about Art & Artists, it was wonderful to read what you consider to be your art.  It’s always fun to read about what people are skilled at and also in the future, what artistic mediums you’d like to develop and work on more.

And I am glad many of your parents saved your childhood art projects!


1. Do you like practical jokes or April Fool’s Day jokes?

I honestly don’t really like them that much.  I do have a sense of humor but there is something about practical jokes that I don’t really like.  Call me a softie, but I always feel sorry for the person who’s on the receiving end of the joke.  That’s not to say I don’t laugh at Candid Camera type jokes, but I still feel sort of bad and uncomfortable for the person.  I guess I’m just not a “jokester” type.

April Fool’s Day jokes are only funny if the punchline comes about two seconds after the joke begins.   Pregnant?  Dream on.  One and done here.

2. What are your Little Thrills lately?

A few other thrills of mine include:

longer, warmer days

more energy that just happens naturally for me when the weather is nicer

paying off my debt (not a little thrill, a big one!)

a couple cool events I plan to attend

recent meetups with friends here and here

3. Weekend plans?

I am working, working out, hopefully spending some time in the kitchen working on recipes.

And then I get to take pictures of what I make.  Lately I love taking pictures probably more than even the cooking process, but it’s a hard call.  I dig them both. They are both relaxing to me.

And of course, I will spend time with Skylar over the weekend, too!




  1. i love those stacking boxes that you picked up, averie! yes – totally like those russian dolls. have fun with all your new “photography accessories!”
    i do love a good joke but NOT at someone’s expense. but if no one ends up feeling bad, and someone can totally fool me, i do love a good laugh.
    enjoy the weekend – sunny skies, a happy skylar, strong workout – hope they’re all yours!

  2. Ha, you had me for a minute… until the sextuplets part. ;)

    I honestly never liked April Fool’s either. A practical joke or two during the year is funny, but a whole day devoted to it just seems a little cruel to me.

    Such pretty patterns! Definitely money well-spent!

  3. I am way too gullible/soft-hearted so I fall for just about anything. I’m sort of glad today happened to be April 1/happened to be the day I took off from work because my co-wroker is SUCH a prankster. Granted it’s usually just little stuff, but I just don’t believe him when he tells me stuff now lol. That said, as long as it’s not at someone’s expense I don’t mind a good joke :P
    I LOVE those little ribbon bowls you keep finding. I think I need to track down some of those! My photos are getting rather dull lately, something with a splash of color might liven them up :]
    Congrats on the tastespotting acceptance! The pic looks awesome; and I LOVED the collage you did of the salad yesterday!!

  4. That sure woke me up…I ALMOST don’t need my morning coffee!
    Yesterday I was walking to work in the glorious sunshine when I suddenly realized it was my anniversary: March 31 last year is the day I broke my ankle, and now here I am walking around good as new; that’s pretty thrilling!

  5. Haha, I totally believed you until I read the sextuplets part … then I got it! ;)

  6. I just found your blog and I love it! Those nutter butter bars look delicious. I am not an April Fool’d person either. My Mom loves it though, and every year she goes to great lengths to “get me.”

  7. I don’t like pranks at all. I think I’m too used to bad stuff that I don’t like it when something fake good happens to me or someone pulls a hurtful prank.

    Congrats on Tastespotting. That’s great!

  8. I love microwaving bananas for a bit: It’s like eating cake!

  9. Gotta tell u girl, I am never in Marshall’s but now it is essential that I head over that way. I am in love with those printed bowls. Perfect fro spring & they look expensive & vintage. Thanks for the find :) xo

  10. The pregnant one might be overdone, but it’s never been done to my Husband. I’m thinking long and hard about that one.

  11. Wow, what great loot from Marshalls! We don’t have a Marshalls around here, but we have TJ Maxx which is pretty similar. I’ve gotten some great deals. I think it’s great you’re so excited about food photography. You’re pictures are great and I can definitely tell a big difference-you’re getting good at it!

    And no, I’m not one for practical pranks either, although you did get me with the preggers thing. I raised my eyebrows and sucked all the air in real quick! Funny how you feel like you get to know someone and really start to care about someone through their blog! I think we’re done with one great little girl here too. We’re happy.

    Have a great one!


  13. Woops…didn’t finish my comment, haha :)

    I cannot wait for warmer weather here, I get more energy as well. Marshalls and all those stores are a TOTAL thrill for me too!

    Love you! Have a great April 1st!

  14. I think you have a shopping addiction…you always need new stuff, gadgets yet talk about overstuffed cabinets and unused items some with their tags still on.

    Live simply so that others may simply live…

    • A shopping addiction? If you read my blog then you know I buy used, shop at thrift or discount stores, and look for deals. I just happen to post about what I do. Millions and millions!!!! of people buy farrrrrr more than I do. I am debt free and have zero debt. ZERO! Nothing on my credit card, I owe no loans or money to anyone and if I want to spend 30 bucks at Marshall’s on dishes, that’s my prerogative.

  15. I love the bird/floral dishes — how pretty for Spring!

    I don’t do April Fools jokes, mostly because I can’t keep a straight face and I can only think of mean things to do, not funny :(

    Little thrills lately – marathon training going well, no knee pain, building our savings $$$, steady readership on my blog, learning how to use twitter/windows live writer/etc.

    Weekend plans – help my dad go car shopping tomorrow, 14 mile run tomorrow, date night tomorrow night (hopefully), relax/clean Sunday.

  16. for a second there, I almost believed you! until the sextuplets part.

    No Bake Nutter Butter Special K Bars ? oh em gee, they look tasty!

  17. Oh – my – GOD you so had me with that preggo thing, hahaha….I’m SUCH a sucker when it comes to april first – last night I remember thinking, hm, have to be careful at work tomorrow, don’t fall for the obvious crap stories, and already at breakfast I’m going gaga over some thick story on the news, and my boyfriend just looks at me and goes….today’s april first, honey. Um, yeah, maybe I should just stay at home…:-). Sixtuplets gave you away, though ;-)

    And would miss sour-face with the shopping addiciton comment above just shove it already? Anybody who reads anything on your blog can see that’s not the case. And I love the bowls and the bird plate – right up my alley. I think shopping is somewhat like food – we need to eat and we need to shop sometimes if we want clothes on our backs. For some people – far, far too many – it’s a struggle to get food and buy things, and really, anyone who has the luxury of eating for pleasure and shopping for pleasure should be thankful every day. You seem like someone who both knows how to strike the balance between need and enjoyment and I know you are for sure someone who thinks about giving back and how to be a positive force in this world :-). Hope you get to serve up some cute/delish stuff for Skylar in those bowls! Have a great w-e Averie.

    • I just replied to her on my site. People need to find better things to do with their time. And it’s always an Anon. Never someone who steps up to their own words with a real username.

      Have a great weekend my sweet friend. Glad I got you..for 1 second :)

  18. Oh my!!! My heart skipped a beat! Man! LOL…..I love your blog and have featured you in my latest post – hope that’s ok sweetie :-) xx

  19. You always find the best deals! What’s your secret??

  20. I just realized that one of my good friends on facebook punked me! She announced she was pregnant and it never even occurred to me it was a joke!

    Love your Marshall’s score!

  21. ahhh! beautiful springtime stuff! LOVELY! :)

  22. I don’t like April Fool’s either. It seems so…contrived. I dont know. I’m also crabby today, so if anyone tries to get me, well, I don’t think I’ll take it well.

  23. HA!! love your little April Fool’s joke at the start…good stuff:)
    Love your new plates and place settings! I’m going shopping this weekend and hopefully I’ll be able to find some vintage things and other fun dishes.

    congrats on getting your recipe on tastespotting:)

    I’m not a fan of jokes that go over the top. I can handle if you hide my chocolate but if jokes involve faking injuries or crashes…that just gets me pissed off because I would freak out.

    My thrills lately…

    biking to work
    playing frisbee in the back yard
    finally getting to wear sunglasses
    reading Uglies:)

  24. I’m the same way. They make me uncomfortable and I always feel super bad for the person on the receiving end. I have a sense of humor, but not when it comes to getting a laugh at someone else’s expense.

    I love the bowls! They are so pretty. And I can’t wait for some warmer weather up here to your north. Send some Oregon’s way!

  25. SEXTUPLETS! :) haha have fun with that one! :) I love marshalls! And 84 degree weather! :) Yea for SD!

  26. You freaked me out for a second with the pregnant thing! (I didn’t see the sextuplets comment; that tipped me off) lol Those boxes are so pretty! I love scoring awesome things at a low price :)

  27. AHH I swear every time you go to marshalls you make me want to go. Not good haha but your dishes are precious! I was also wondering who you use to host your site, I am considering self hosting but am not sure who to go with and I remember your recently made the move! Also any tips? Im a little overwhelmed!

  28. 1. Totally agree with you on that one.
    2. I just punched in my usual workout into map my run and found out that I biked/walked over 11 km every day this summer! I totally thought it was way less, and I even did workout videos almost daily, and when I didn’t do one of those I was on the elliptical for 20 minutes. No wonder I always felt so good. The major baking and volunteering I did probably helped a bit too. I can’t wait for summer to be here! (Technically mine will be here in 26 days, because that’s when I’m going home for summer vacay! Can I get a woop woop?)
    3. I have to write two research papers. One is due on Monday and the other is due on Friday. Tonight I’m making Mama Pea’s kale salad though, so it’s all good. It’ll balance out the suck.

  29. I love Marshall’s! There’s so many unique things there. You never know, you can walk out with a couple of things, or a basket full of things :O

  30. LMAO, I totally believed you!!! I was about to be sooo excited for you. Awww, now you have to have another baby! :lol:

    Love all of your Marshall’s goodies!! Very, very pretty. I love the ribboned plates. Ooh la la!

    Dustin and I play jokes on each other all. the. time. Every day is like April Fool’s day here. I haven’t pranked him yet, but I plan to later today. :twisted:

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  32. I think I get more thrill out of little stuff like this than the big things. Love those ribbon dishes! Congrats on your recipe going to Tastespotting. That’s awesome!

  33. yea Averie, stop being such a shopaholic or your readers are going to have to stage an intervention, geez!…. lol, people need to get over themselves. I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some good deals, I swear I might actually be addicted! But I always buy on (deep) discount too. I have found some of the greatest deals lately. I stay within my budget, am very rapidly paying off my only debt at over 5 times the rate I need to (student loans), put away savings, and donate to other worthy causes so who really cares if I shop a lot!?! I think anon is just jealous of all your cute stuff ;)

  34. Six babies? Wow Congrats LOL :D

  35. My husband got me really good on April Fool’s Day 5 years ago. Today, I got revenge. I felt bad all day though. :-(

  36. Great post! My little thrill was green juice from a restaurant. Yup, 7 bucks of it. I wasn’t going to, because I know I own a juicer and should be less lazy, but then I did. And you know? Tastiest green juice I’ve had all week. It’s nice to treat yourself to something that’s made FOR you now and then.

  37. Great finds at Marshall’s, fun colors and prints! The boxes are great too.

    The bananas look wonderful, I need to try that.

    1. Yes and no, they can cross the line to annoying quickly. I like seeing them played on other people, like a co-worker listing our bosses cell on Craigslist for a clown ad. But I’d be pretty annoyed if it was my phone. :-P
    2. Nice weather and looking forward girl time with my sisters this weekend.
    3. Gardening, relaxing and going out with family.

  38. Congratulations!

    That genuinely is exciting news.

    I hope this wasn’t an April Fools!

  39. I love April Fools pranks/jokes but didn’t do or experience any yesterday. I am catching up on blogs today and it seems I missed a lot of April fools posts :-)

  40. You are the master of finding cute things at Marshall’s. I always get stressed and leave that store in a panic. I’m loving the floral dishes, and I may have to hit up my local Marshall’s (or TJ Maxx or Home Goods — gahh!) for some treasures of my own.

  41. sextuplets? lol. I’m hoping you’ll use that word on other special occasions as well, and not reserving it for April Fools day

  42. I just saw those bowls at Winners (our version of Marshall’s) last Monday!!! I did not, however, see 84F and sun. LOL

    I’ve never been big into April Fools Day. Seems kinda silly to me…..

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