Mango Recipes

I was at Trader Joe’s the other day and saw this.  It was like heaven speaking to me by way of this jar.

Mango, sugar, water, pectin, lime juice concentrate.  I can handle that.  Happily.

And oh boy, it’s so good. It’s like eating mango jelly, sort of. It’s creamier than jelly.  And it’s sweet but not ridiculously sweet like jelly can be.  It’s perfect. It tastes much more decadent than you can imagine.


If you’re ever had apple butter or pumpkin butter, similar concept but with mango.  The last time I used pumpkin butter I made Vegan Bananas Foster

If you happen to like sugar, more sugar, rum, and bananas, you should make this.  You don’t even need to use pumpkin butter.  It was just an optional add-in.

But back to mangoes.  I have a serious love for all things mango so figured I would compile some of my favorite mango recipes and highlight them…

Mango Basil Personal-Sized Tortilla Pizzas

Mango Balsamic Rice, Beans, & Mixed Vegetables

Mango Ginger Maple Tofu

If you have never tried that chutney, you’re missing out.  No garlic, onions, added sodium (I don’t like any of those) but still packs a bit of heat + sweet mango flavor.  If you can’t find that chutney but still want to make the tofu, just use apricot jam or something similar with a bit of red pepper flakes.

Mango Banana Vanilla Softserve (vegan)

Mango and Sour Cream Muffins with Streusel Topping

Mango and White Chocolate Chip Cookies

No Bake White Chocolate & Mango Cookie Dough Bites

These bites are my latest obsession and one of my personal favorite desserts of any desserts I’ve ever made and posted about.  And I’ve made a lot of desserts.

I have all kinds of other specialty recipes in my Themed & Specialty Recipes section such as Stevia Recipes, Peanut Butter Recipes, Game Day Recipes, Easy Snack Ideas & Recipes, and more.  In case you have an ingredient like pumpkin, peanut butter, flax, etc. and you’re curious to find ways to incorporate that ingredient into recipes, I have lots of themed recipe posts.

From my last post about Making Lightbounces & Using Light, I am glad you enjoyed my cheapie, quickie, DIY project and that you enjoy those kinds of tips and my photography tips.

It was also interesting to read about your lighting challenges in your own house and what you do to rectify the issues.


1. Do you like mango?

I do think this is a love it or hate it food.  I for one, hate cantaloupe.  I know some people feel this way about mango.

Also, mangoes can be hard to get just right.

Under-ripe fresh mangoes are like eating a piece of dry wood.

Over-ripe and they are a stingy, juice-everywhere-but-no-real-fruit-flesh mess.

Frozen can be freezer burned and sour.  (I’ve found TJ’s to be the best of any, consistently.  But even theirs are not perfect)

Dried can be over dried and like a piece of leather.

But when you find that perfect mango, for me, it’s like a piece of heaven!

2. Do you know how to slice a mango?  Any tips or tricks?

This is another one that’s tricky!  I peel it with a knife.  Then, I make long slices, taking care to avoid the pit but sometimes I feel like there is more pit than flesh and I end up with a juicy mess all over my cutting board.

I need to get a mango slicer.

OXO Good Grips Mango Splitter

I have plenty of gadgets.  And plenty that just collect dust. But that’s one I really should pick up because I think I would use it and it would be helpful.


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  1. oh my goodness I don’t know how it is that I am a huge Trader Joe’s fan and don’t know about these fabulous products! Mango Butter and Chutney?? I know what’s on this week’s list! :)

    I loooovvvve mango :) I actually spent a summer volunteering as a health educator in west africa and our village had hundreds of mango trees. Every afternoon we would peel a bunch and stuff ourselves silly with them :)

    My poor mom is allergic to them!

  2. I used to love mango. Then when I was 12 I developed a really serious allergy to it. 10 years later and I’ve yet to have any except accidentally. Like this January when the Jamba Juice I was at didn’t clean their mixers properly and I had a pretty severe allergic reaction the next day from a strawberry smoothie. Every time I see your recipes with mango I feel sad that I can’t make it!

  3. I love the flavor of mango; sorbet, etc., but have not gotten used to the fresh versions yet. I’m working on it! Well, actually, I’m not. I haven’t had a fresh piece in a long time! I’m going to buy one the next time I see one that looks decent.

    The mango butter sounds amazing! I love when products have 0mg sodium! It makes me all giddy. :) And I love using fruity spreads in savory dishes. Apricot is my favorite, but I might have to pick up a jar of the mango butter if I ever go to TJ’s, lol. (It’s 75 miles away!)

    True story: We had 2 yellow Labs when I was little. One was named Kiwi and the other was named Mango! :) We named a lot of pets after food, LOL. We had a Walnut, Peanut, Chestnut, and Cocoa, too! God, I had a lot of dogs!

  4. mango is incredibly delicious! i love the flavour and texture of it :) although i’ve never worked out the proper way of slicing it, i just try and cut really close to the stone with a good knife, and that seems to do the trick.

    my latest exciting news is that we’ve just picked our own homegrown rhubarb!!

  5. Have you had the green dried mango slices from Trader Joes? OMG They are way too addicting. I ate an entire bag the other day. It’s sweet and tart like a good sour candy. I literally walk by the dried fruit aisle and my heart starts beating fasting. Check them out.

  6. that mango gadget is hiilarious! would be a good xmas giftie for my mom – she adores mangos. i am not a fan – but i DO love cantaloupe!
    apple butter is made locally where i live; i’ve never heard of or seen mango butter – probably because mangos are NOT grown here!
    hope you get a chance to take some photos, get out in the sunshine today, averie!

  7. I saw this on Monday and TJ’s and almost grabbed it!! I LOVE mango! Definitely need to get it next time now.

  8. Oooooh, perfect transition for spring and summer!!!

  9. I LOVE mango! I’m going to have to look for that at Trader Joe’s the next time I shop there. I’ve tried pumpkin and apple butter before, but never mango! I peel my mango with a knife, make two slices on either side of the pit, divide the sides into squares, and then cut the rest of the fruit out from around the pit. I actually really like that way of doing it!

  10. I adore mangos! They had them on sale at Whole Foods the past couple weeks for a dollar each and I am embarrassed to say how many I bought! I love eating them in oatmeal on on salads.

    As for slicing, I make 4 cuts around the pit and then score each slice into smaller pieces, turn inside out and slice off. It works very well!

  11. They were all sold out of it at mine! I was so mad.
    I absolutely love mangos!

  12. We’ve got some nice weather headed our way in Virginia, too. I can’t wait! But I think today is going to be another chilly, wet day.

    That mango butter looks awesome. Trader Joe’s has some of the neatest stuff. I am bookmarking three new recipes now, thank you. I really want to try the tofu, but not sure I can find that chutney at TJ’s right now. Do you know if they always carry it?

  13. Mango butter? Oh my goodness! I must get my hands on this! I wish I had heard about it before Josh’s Mom made my TJs run for me- darn it! The endless possibilities! I love love love mango. Josh is not a huge fan. Exciting? We finished putting our baby furniture together last night- thank goodness! And we’re getting our couches cleaned- which I’m excited about

  14. I love mangoes! I’m horrible at cutting them though. I need a better technique!

  15. That jar even looks like it has a halo over it. HA! I really like mango, (pineapple is my favorite though). I have a hard time cutting them and always feel like half of it goes to waste. I think I need to pick up that handy dandy slicer too.

  16. I love mangos but have to admit to not buying them much just b/c they can be so tricky…to find the perfectly ripe one AND to peel & cut!

  17. I don’t think I’ve ever bought and eaten a fresh mango. I think I’ve only used frozen or dried!

    I need to find that Mango Butter at TJs! That sounds delicious!

  18. I LOVE mangos!! That mango butter looks insane! I wish Canada would catch up to the US and get some of these fun foods! haha… we need a traders joes desperately!

    • Most of the time I can find similar products at Canada’s Superstore. Do you have one nearby?
      Found the Sweat Heat mustard there a while back.

  19. Averie!

    you HAVE TO get that mango slicer!! we picked one up in the last few months and OMG wow, it makes slicing mangoes so easy. the purchase was easy to justify: we eat 3+ mangoes a week!

    mango butter! mmmm! i’m adding that to my list of recipes to recreate. i love that the kind that you picked up has simple ingredients.



  20. love mango, and i’m obsessed with the dried mango from TJ’s too. i saw that mango butter there last night!

  21. Mango Butter! WHAT!? How did I miss that? It sounds delicious. The closest TJ’s is about an hour away from me so I usually only make one trip a month, but I make that trip count lol. I will have to add this to my list.

    The freeze-dried mangos from TJ’s are like candy. A little silly though for 1.99 a bag, but a nice treat every so often.

  22. LOVE MANGOES. I always have dried mangoes (unsweetened) at home for quick snacks.
    I recently went to Hawaii and literally had mango with every meal. Great post!

  23. I sooo love mangoes. Dried mango is definitely one of the best! all the pictures looks enticing.. yummy

  24. I have actually just recently found out I loooove mangoes! I must say that I love that you love Trader Joe’s as well. The employees there know me by name! I call it my “sanctuary,” because every time I go, I enjoy so much and it always puts me at ease! I’m kind of weirdly obsessed w/that joint :) Anyways, I get their frozen mango chunks as well … I eat them every night as my bedtime snack over some TJ’s Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk. It’s so good! I’m too cowardly to buy a REAL mango & slice it up myself just yet … maybe in the near future! :)

  25. I just saw this yesterday but I was afraid to get it out of fear that I wouldn’t like it and it would be wasted! Darn. I need to go get it now. And I love mango! But I agree. You have to get that perfect one :)

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