Movin’ & Groovin’ with Caution

I had a productive day.  I went to the grocery store and restocked…




And Greens

I also restocked my Band-Aid and first aid supplies.

I am doing better since my fall in terms of my glute, hip, and knee swelling and pain.  Bruised, but not as painful, which is great.

However, my hands have horrible gashes on them and I am missing chunks of skin the size of golf balls.  And the craters are deep.  The holes on my hands are more painful than getting a half sleeve tattooNot joking. The stinging and throbbing makes my eyes roll back in my head but I have just been trying to tell myself it doesn’t hurt because life must go on.  Mind over matter.

So what’s a girl to do?

Well, I enjoyed the beautiful weather and went for a run/walk combo.  I spent most of the 20 minutes I was running/walking wondering if I was going to trip again!  I concentrated on every. single. step. I. took.  Overthink much? But better overthinking than falling!

It was just too beautiful of a day not to enjoy the 78F and sunny weather and admire all the beautiful flowers on my path.

From my last post about Cost of Living, it was so informative to read whether you like where you live and whether you live in a high, average, or lower cost of living area.

I enjoyed hearing what things you like about your area and what you’d be willing to give up, or not, as it pertains to cost of living.

Lots of California readers chimed in and said it may be expensive here, but that’s okay because you love the weather and everything else and you’re willing to pay for itMe too.

In foodie matters, springtime, warmer weather, and all the fresh produce I picked up has me wanting to make Raw Cucumber Wraps with Sweet Citrus Mustard Dip

For Dessert, try Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Cupcakes


1. How did you move and groove today?

I went to work, was a mommy, did housework, was a short order cook, and blogger to name a few things.  Movin’ and groovin’ is the only way I know how to be!

2. Have you ever had an event or situation come up that left you feeling a little gun shy, leery, or had you proceeding with caution?

In my post about falling, I also rattled off dozens of other sports-related injuries I’ve had.  I have lived a full life in terms of physical fitness and athletic pursuits and with that comes accidents and injuries.  You can never learn to ski, ice skate, or ride a bike unless you spend plenty of time on your butt, first.  Falling is how you learn to stay up.

But, I always get back up and try again because that’s just who I am.  Maybe stubborn?  Crazy?  Or just passionate and determined.

That doesn’t mean that I wasn’t a little, okay a lot, gun shy on my first run/walk since falling.  I watched every crack in the sidewalk, every rock, pebble, and stone.  I concentrated on every step I took.  It was like running for the first time but hey, I did it.

Tomorrow’s run will hopefully be a bit more “autopilot”.  But that’s how I fell, was by being a little too autopilot-ish.  So who knows.

Other things that have left me gunshy and proceeding with caution:

Shellfish.  I had a sudden, unexpected anaphalatic shock reaction to them in my early 20s.  However, I adore lobster and shrimp, especially when we’re in Aruba and it’s everywhere, but I am leery about partaking, for obvious reasons.

I am gunshy about buying products or clothes from certain stores because usually their items don’t last long.  As in one use.

I am also very cautious about relationships with certain people.  Every time I let certain people into my heart or headspace, I get comfortable and things are “fine” for awhile.  But as time passes and these individuals true colors show once again, I am left disappointed, let down, or hurt.

What situations have you proceeding with caution?


  1. Movin’ and groovin’! I’m glad you were back out running! I’m sure you will be leaping over curbs without a care in the world in no time. I was cringing reading about your injuries though. Sounds SO painful!

    Could you please send me some of those yummy raw rollups? AND COOKIES! They both look divine!

  2. glad to hear you’re feeling better in terms of your lower-body injuries, averie! take care of those hands!
    i totally agree: getting a tattoo is not that painful…i think i’ve had sports massages that were more cringe-inducing! the little scratchy feeling from tattoo needles just doesn’t bug me…why i am going to get at least two more, when the time is right!
    i have learned to proceed with caution in BUYING BIG TICKET ITEMS. clipless pedals, designer jeans, dyson vac…all are examples of where i spent lots of $ when i should not have. now i really think before i spend. ex: thought about a dslr camera and realized it’s just not for me. $ saved – whew!
    hope you get more sunshine today!

  3. I hope your hands get better soon, Averie! Mine hurt just reading about them :\ I certainly know the gun-shy feeling. I haven’t fallen off a horse in a while, but every time after I do I’m a little more cautious at first ;) Just like with everything that I leave off as a bad experience, though.
    As for how I’ve moved and grooved so far? Well…I walked into the kitchen and made myself a bowl of cereal…and that’s about it as of now, haha. Hope you have another gorgeous day!

  4. I love the looks of those cucumber wraps … delicious!!!

    I hope your scrapes get to feeling better, I think I would have been a bit paranoid to run after that too!

  5. I am in love with all the produce that’s been coming out lately! Thank goodness for Spring. :)

    Yes, I think most unexpected injuries make you wary about doing whatever is was you were doing when you were injured again. But the best option is just to get back and go again! I used to be a gymnast, and this happened ALL the time. Doing cartwheels on the beam, back handsprings on the floor… just crushed your head? Do it again. ;)

  6. Owww- look at all your yummy produce! I want some fresh tomatoes and grapes stat! Sorry to hear you’re still feeling the pain from the injury :( Hope the wounds heel up quick. After I broke my hand doing gymnastics- I was super afraid to get back into it. Its definitely mind over matter. And yesterday I got my move on by walking & teaching pump, running errands, cleaning, working, cooking :)

  7. I am still petrified of lunges due to dislocating my patella doing them. Squats scare me too, and skiing has never been the same, which is a shame because I love it!! I feel like everyone gets a bit more cautious as they get older, though. I used to FLY down ski slopes as a kid without a care in the world, but now that there’s more at stake and it’s way more of an inconvenience if I hurt myself, it’s hard not to be more careful. I would probably STILL be crying if I did what you did to your hands though. Blood and gore gross me out to the point of tears!

  8. whoa, youre allergic to shellfish? that scary! but you are right, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Falling and all. Hope the leg is healing nicely. With all those colorful foods, it should!

  9. what a great question! gosh I would say biking, I’ve raced long distance triathlons but I’m scared silly that I’ll run into another biker! :P

  10. I hope your hands get better soon! :)

  11. Your floral pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

  12. Yikes, that sounds like a nasty fall! I hope you are healed up and feeling better soon.

    A few years ago I was working out at the gym and wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing – in truth, I was eavesdropping on a conversation nearby! I twisted my arm somehow strange and immediately knew I had done something bad. For months, I was unable to move my arm in a certain way without pain. I went to chiro and massage but no one was able to really tell me what happened, or help me with it, so I just let it be and gradually it has gotten better. But I am still nervous to do much lifting with that arm, and so my exercise patterns changed drastically after that injury. The memory of an injury is sometimes as annoying as the injury itself.

  13. I have recently developed an unsightly skin issue over the past few months, and I can feel it holding me back! I don’t feel like myself. I can’t wait for it to get cleared up, literally.

  14. Beautiful colors in today’s post… I love the idea of getting well balance nutrition by eating all different colors.

  15. Well I’m glad you aren’t in as much pain as before — and I’m sure your hand hurts so much more — the skin there is so tender anyway, that when it gets scraped up it hurts so much!

    I’ve only been in a few car accidents (thankfully nothing too bad) but for a few weeks after an accident (none of which were my fault, either someone rearended me because they weren’t paying attention or they totally cut me off/turned in front of me, etc) — I am super nervous. Everytime I need to cross an intersection, I just start to feel my heart beat out of my chest, etc. Those feelings eventually go away, but it takes me a while!

  16. Your poor hands!!!!! I hope they get better soon!

  17. I fell down a flight of stairs last summer so every time I encounter a situation where I’m walking down stairs I always make sure to hold on to the rail lol

  18. I proceed with caution to any group/organization/religion/dogma filled whatever that claims their way is the ONLY way!
    Also, anything that seems too good to be true (except for maybe collard wraps!) usually is!

    Your hand sounds sooo painful… hang in there.
    also, those cucumber wraps.. yum!

  19. Movin’ & Groov’n: Work, shopping at Costco, cleaning, laundry, and then chillin’ with a movie.

    Gun Shy: 3 days after getting my drivers license, I was hit by a taxi. I didn’t want to get back in the car and drive right away, but my mom insisted – she really does know best. So glad she made me drive right away so as not to let the fear build up and feel overpowering. Also a great lesson in defensive driving – and staying clear of taxis ;)

    The picture of your Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Cupcake reminds me to take advantage of the cooler weather and bake.

  20. mmmmmm I need one of those veggie wraps….or the cookie. both would be fine though ;) haha

  21. Hey Averie

    I understand about being gunshy on taking up relationships again with people and having them disappoint you. I have some family members who flake off and disappoint me everytime, but expect me to be there for them whenever they need me – no questions asked.

  22. Sorry to hear about your fall! Glad you are better.
    What a beautiful assortment of foods! Lovely photos indeed.

    I am still planning on making your cake balls this week, I can’t frickin wait!!

  23. Relationships have me proceeding w/ caution! Always!! Hahah

  24. So happy to hear that you are starting to feel better.
    After a car accident a few years I was gunshy about going through intersections for a while. I still proceed with caution but no longer think about it every time I drive
    Those veggie wraps look amazing.

  25. Everytime you post those grapes, I drool! They look so crisp! Where do you get them??

  26. Glad you got back out there, Averie! I hope your wounds heal soon.

    And can I just tell you that I love that I see you comment on so many blogs? I think of you as a “big time” blogger in the sense that you have a lot of content/readers/comments and I don’t really see others that I consider “big time” bloggers commenting on others’ blogs. So yeah, I really love that about you. :)

    • Thanks so much, April, for noticing. It is a turnoff to me to not show support for fellow bloggers which is why I do my absolute best to comment on as many blogs as I can. We all have “real lives” and so not everyone can comment all the time, of course, on other people’s blogs…but I sure try to “get around” and show the love :)

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  28. Those raw cuke wraps look so so good!! I should try raw food more often:)

  29. OMG, really tasty looking stuff you have there. I am so hungry right now :)

  30. Glad you’re feeling better after the fall, functioning through the day in pain is not fun. Gorgeous pics.

    1. Just work so far, will be running a Target errand then taking hubby out for his bday.
    2. Sure, after a pretty nasty mountain bike wipeout, it took me awhile to get back into it.

  31. I have had a lot of experiences that make me “gun shy.” One of the worst jobs I ever had was working as a customer service rep. It was almost six years ago and even thinking about doing a job like that again starts a panic attack. It was a horrible, horrible environment! Working at my church is a lot nicer :)

  32. Your injury on your hands, those are the ones that are hard to heal. Hope you get better soon:))
    I did have 2 narly falls off of a mountain bike. So climbing back on my first thought is I hope I stay on top of this thing!!!:)))

  33. I didn’t move and grove enough today, but after class tomorrow I am going to DANCE and JUMP for joy :-)

  34. Those hand gashes are so wicked! I hope they heal fast!

    One of the reasons I love playing rugby is that it continually pushes me into my “caution” zone and makes me deal with it. It’s always a challenge because I am definitely not angry, violent, or even competitive in sports!! For that reason, I’m really proud when I succeed, and it sets the standard for other challenges I take on.

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