Plugging Along & Bigfoot

I’ve sure been plugging along and keeping busy this week, and the weekend is in sight which is great.

The weather was gorgeous here  on Wednesday and the trend is continuing today.  Low 80s, sunny, not a cloud in the sky.  Just one of those days that makes me happy to be alive!

When it’s warm out, fruit tastes especially good.  Like grapes…

…and strawberries smeared with Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter never hurt, either.


I plugged along right with a Target run yesterday, too.  I’ve been trying to get there since Easter Sunday when I realized they were closed, and although I found a few items at the drug store, I really needed a Target run because  Someone’s feet are growing.  And at t warp speed.

If she takes after me, she’ll be wearing a size 12 ladies shoe by time she’s 12.  Yes, that’s true. I wore a woman’s size 10 shoe at age 10, size 11 at 11, and size 12 at 12.  Thank God the trend stopped there.

I found these numbers at Tar-jay.  Perfect for warm weather and beach days, too.

For me, I picked up some health and beauty items, household products, and some cheapie dishes.  Each item was $2.99.  Cheap little thrills.

I don’t consider my blog “my job”, but in a way, it is. Having new items for food photography is essential.  At least that’s what I tell myself. Seriously though, who wants to look at pictures of food on the same plates or with the same linens.  Plus, the right dishes and linens can really bring out and accentuate certain colors or textures in food, too.

I like that these placemats are “reversible” (no ugly seams on the back side) so I can get two “looks” out of each color.

From my last post, sounds like you all are some Bag Lady’s, too!  Nothing wrong with that.

And it was fun hearing what you hoard collect or are “into”.  Shoes, purses, makeup, dishes, and more.  I can relate.

If you want to plug along and make a fast batch Butterscotch Rice Krispy Treats with Vegan Chocolate Frosting, you’ll be happy you did.


1. What have you plugged along with this week?

I have been really busy in the kitchen and with my photography.  It’s so fun cooking and then photographing the food.

If I didn’t have to work 40+ hours a week and parent 40+ hours a week, oh the things I could DO and accomplish in the kitchen, with my photography, and with my blog would be amazing!  I could really plug along and cover some serious ground.

But alas, not at this current life stage.  Those 80 hours are already spoken for.  So I plug along when and where I can and just do my best.

2. Have you found anything cute lately at Target or another store?

Target has all kinds of cheapie spring dishes and clothes.  And I just got the West Elm catalog in the mail yesterday.  Love it all, but I am not even going into the store.

3. Do you have small, average, or big feet?  Narrow, average, wide?  Do you love shoes?

My feet are long, aka big, and narrow.  I am almost 5’11” so my feet “match” my body but it’s insanely hard to find shoes.  I don’t want granny shoes, shoes that are “orthopedic” looking, I don’t want “walking” shoes.

I was sassy, sexy, fun, cute, hip shoes!   When I’m not in my Rainbow flips or ugg boots.

Nordstorm is okay for shoes in my size but pricey.  Some years they are better than others with their selection of shoes over a size 10 or 11, but other times, meh. Unfortunately, the shoe companies don’t want to make shoes in 12’s because I’m sure such a small percentage of the population needs them, but for those of us who do, it’s a real curse!

Mail order catalogs are usually pretty “granny” with their shoe styles.  And, mail order + shoes = a recipe for lots of shipping charges to send shoes back.  Don’t like to even bother.

All you size 8 regulars, count your blessings!  Don’t even tell me they are frequently sold out of your size. At least you have a size to choose from in another style.

I think Skylar’s feet will be just as big as mine but hopefully in the next ten years or so, the shoe companies will expand their size selection!

Talk to me about finding shoes in your size!

P.S. Don’t forget my Coconut Oil Give Away!

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  1. Love green grapes…esp when they are crisp! CUTE dishes! I haven’t bought any in quite sometime, but haven’t really been out shopping much, either. I wear a size 8 shoe….pretty standard…..:)

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