Yesterday I was in the kitchen chopping vegetables and all of a sudden Skylar got quiet.  Not a good sign because I was thinking, oh God, what is she into now.

But I turned around and saw her practicing some yoga.  She was working on bakasana (crane pose).

She just turned four.  But she’s been watching me do yoga since her birth.  Well, technically sooner, since I did yoga while I was pregnant with her so maybe she felt the yoga, too.

I don’t ever “practice” yoga poses (asanas) with her.  She just does what she feels like which is how my practice is.  I just work on whatever pops into my head and what my body asks for that day.  Plus, kids are natural yogis.  They just contort, bend, and pop themselves into all kind of poses and take it for granted.


Here’s a really old picture of me in bakasana from this post with tips on how to stay up, or get up, in bakasana

Many of my really long time readers have asked why I don’t post yoga pose of the day pictures anymore? 
Because they are incredibly time consuming to take and a lot of work! Not something I could continue, but in my 2009 and some early 2010 posts, there are Yoga Pose of the Day pictures.  Those posts are all in the archives.  <— Left hand side margin of the screen with a drop-down menu in case you’re interested.

After chopping all those vegetable it was time to east some.   Spring time means lots of salads with fresh veggies.

I dressed this one with Orange Coconut Lemon Pepper Vinaigrette

And also had some leftover Mac-n-Cheeze (Vegan, GF, one-pot) to go with it.

Or just pair with Cinnamon Sugar Roasted Chickpea “Peanuts” if you’re craving something a little sweeter.

From my last post about In the News and the Influence of Blogs, thanks everyone for the congratulations you extended for my Fox News feature.  It was really exciting for me to be quoted and hopefully just the first and not the last time.  I liked hearing if you’ve had any brushes with fame, too.

Everyone seemed to unanimously agree that yes, blogs have incredible influence and power in shaping and influencing purchasing decisions.  Everyone seemed to report that yes, you’ve bought things after seeing them on blogs and that you trust the opinions of bloggers more so than celebrity opinions, for the most part.

Dessert:  Who doesn’t love chocolate?  I actually know some people who don’t love it, but they are not from the same planet that I am.

Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies (Raw, Vegan, GF.  You can dehydrate them or bake them in the oven)


1. If you do yoga, what’s your favorite pose?  Why?

I love pincha mayurasana (feathered peacock pose).  I love the feeling of being inverted but balanced on my forearms.   I’m in the pose, here.

Inversions and arm balances are poses I really love to practice.  I dig backbends, too, because I love to open my chest and chakras and I like the feeling of being upside down and looking at the world from that vantage point.

2. Any poses you’re working on in yoga or otherwise?

I am working on the:

get more sleep pose

try not to blow up my slow computer pose

laugh more, worry less pose

spend more time in my kitchen creating and having fun pose

lay on the beach pose (but that’s coming up!)

What poses (silly or otherwise) are you working on?

3. If anyone has any topics you’d like to see me address, recipes you’d like to see more of, questions you’d like answered, I am open to suggestions from your inquiring minds and could do a future post(s) covering the popular requests.

Speak now and enjoy your day!


  1. I want some chocolate chocolate chip cookies! Oh how I wish you could come over for some tea and some gabbing…and cookies! Wouldn’t that be great?

    And how cute is Skylar? I love that she’s doing yoga already, that is starting such a great habit that she can carry on for the rest of her life.

    I have been going to yoga lately, a Vinyasa class taught by this wonderful instructor. She blends the spiritual with the physical, says stuff that makes the yoga *click*. I just love her. I don’t know that many poses yet, but I do love all the warrior poses, they make me feel so strong, and I love all the twists, the ones where you place your hands at heart center and twist sideways from your belly. Oh feels so good!

  2. My favorite yoga pose at the moment is pigeon pose and child’s pose for destressing! I love how Skylar is doing her own yoga! I have found greater enjoyment of yoga by just doing poses that feel right at that time instead of following a set out flow :-)

  3. i love downward dog, as *simple* a pose as it is…the “easy” yoga poses are awesome the most powerful as you can concentrate on breath and how your body feels, practise getting deeper into the pose.
    i read your blog for your personality and writing style! so whatever you care to share is fine by me! (lately, have been loving the photography posts because all the info is new to me, and also because your enthusiasm just shines right through!)

  4. Awww, Skylar is her mommy’s girl! That’s so fantastic. She seems to enjoy the poses and she’s forming wonderful staying-fit habits that she’ll likely have with her for life. I know you don’t push her to do anything, but she clearly looks up to you and admires you!! :D So adorable.

    I don’t do yoga… I think I’m too fat for it? LOL I don’t know, but I’d love to get into it someday. Dustin, too. It’s so good for the body and mind! I have heard so many people rave about it. I’m entering a phase of my life that it’s time to reduce inflammation and stress levels and I think yoga is a great outlet to do so! :) I have Wii yoga, I should try it, haha. I think starting with any kind of moves is beneficial.

    • don’t even say that about yourself. you are beautiful, inside and out!! :)

      As for yoga, it’s the #1 thing that reduces stress, inflammation, toxic thoughts, and is what helps me feel centered. You will love the benefits, too!

  5. I’ve never been to a real yoga studio before or anything, but I love doing yoga on the Wii Fit. My favorite post is the Sun Salutation – I always feel so relaxed and calm while doing it.

    I’m also working on my baking pose – I have had quite a few disasters in the past few weeks and really want to come out with a good recipe this time! :-)

  6. I loved your daily yoga poses! I think that’s so cute Skylar was working on a pose. So fun! I’m working on my “let’s not worry about money and take a vacation” pose.

  7. That’s so cute about Skylar! I think it’s great that she’s growing up with yoga around her, whether she realizes the benefits of that now or not! I know you’d never “force” anything on her, and I’m sure that will make her all the more excited to someday soon develop her own practice. :)

    Warrior 2 and Utkatasana always stick out in my mind as favorites, just because they both are such powerful poses. But I also love headstand and tri-pod headstand – inversions are always fun!

  8. I am still working on pincha mayurasana, myself! That and handstand, those are my next two. I was so proud of myself when I finally got up in Crane pose! It’s such a rush! As for life poses: need to “get back to reality” after a nice week off and do my “wake-up-when-alarm-goes-off pose” followed by “apply myself to job” pose.

  9. Triangle pose is my favorite. I am really just a beginner with yoga and can’t do a lot of the more complex poses.. but I am sure my balance will increase as time goes by.

    When I can’t sleep – I literally sit in child’s pose in my bed for about 5 minutes. After that I can go to bed in an instant. It’s a miracle worker!

  10. I need to work on a “I don’t have to go to work, but am not poor” pose ;-)

  11. honestly, i’m not doing as much yoga lately as i’d like to be. . . at some point though, i’d love to get back into it. skylar is so cute!!

  12. I really hate to say I do any yoga — it is just glorified stretching on my part. I do lots of warriors and downward dogs and pigeon poses after running and those all seem to help. But I’d love to take some instruction on what to do and to make sure I’m doing the poses right.

  13. A current pose I’m working really hard on right now is bakasana. I just feel like it’s a challenge and I’ll be so proud when I can do it for more than 2 seconds! Also, I am REALLY trying to get more limber, ie, not having to constantly bend my knews to do forward folds. How long does that take? I know yoga isn’t a competition and it’s a practice, but I just need to “feel” more limber. ;)

  14. I’ve yet to find a yoga practice that I love. I seem to be more of a Pilate’s gal…..And I think I’m still working on keeping my pose, period! Some days can be a challenge…HAHA!!!!!

  15. I am so uncomfortable whenever I do yoga. I know that means I need to do it more to get my body more bendy (flexible is probably the word I’m looking for here ;-)) and better balance, but it’s so hard for me. My favorite pose is probably child’s pose because I don’t feel like I’m going to fall over or pull a muscle.

  16. my fave pose is crane or just a simple should stand. i love being upside-down! congrats on your news spot–i visited the site and saw it! :) the circle of influence is indeed strong because we are real people, with limited funds so we have to make our purchases with thought and think of others!

  17. Averie, that is so precious, I can hardly stand it. My 4 year old son loves seeing me do yoga, and he pretends to do some of the poses. But I can’t do anything like a crane pose!!!

  18. Too freaking adorable! I agree though, taking yoga pictures takes SO much time – I did a photography assignment once that was centered around yoga poses… It was almost comical how ridiculous it was!

  19. haha! I love the idea of making up poses!

    I am definitely working on the “finish my blog posts before 3 am pose!” I’m not surprised that Skylar is doing yoga, kids definitely pick up healthy habits just by observing their parents! :)

  20. loving the cinnamon chickpeas, yummy!

  21. I love pigeon pose because I have insanely tight hamstrings and I also love the wheel pose because it took me a while to open up enough to do it. I’ve recently been moving over to vinyasa flow from bikram and I have been trying to work on some of these headstands but they are hard! Especially when you’re super-cramped in at a small yoga studio!

  22. Awww, Skylar is absolutely adorable! Totally made me smile when she popped into my google reader this morning. Sadly, I haven’t done yoga in forever…I’m a hardcore spin class junkie.

    Keep me updated on any meet-ups or blog-related things you’d like to do, there’s always opportunities popping up!

  23. I love that Skylar practices yoga! I also love her name by the way :)

    My pose: I need to be exercising more pose!

  24. That’s so precious that Skylar was practicing yoga! It’s true, kids naturally move and bend their bodies without even thinking about it. We should all learn from that! My favorite yoga poses are any kind of hip opener or lunge. I love feeling opened up! I feel that backbends are super beneficial to me too. I love the heart opening and spaciousness that comes! I’m not very strong in my arm balances or inversions. Something to work on for sure!

  25. I used to do yoga, but I haven’t done it in years. I’m sure I could really use it too. I have a long torso and short legs, so I always loved poses that showed how far I could stretch. But what I need to do are poses to stretch out my back. I can’t do a backbend, even if I start from the floor.

  26. I need to do more yoga. I keep saying that and it keeps not happening. Sigh.

    I’m working on the “just keep your eyes on the prize” pose. I have to practice my talk today – at aleast twice, I keep telling myself – but its hard to make myself do it, because it is an hour long! Ugh. Listening to myself talk for an hour??!?! Twice?!?! Not my idea of fun.

  27. I did yoga while I was prego, and I loved it, but I have never been one able to do challenging posing..I am not that good yet, but maybe some day :)

  28. Averie, we are psychically linked. I have a serious pose-crush on bakasana RIGHT now, I literally just held my first one yesterday. Ive been practicing every day. AAhhhhh. and Skylar is SOOOOOOOOOO cute! I was just reading an article about how yoga is incredibly beneficial for children, in the same ways that it is for adults, and more. I love that Skylar does like Mommy!!

  29. That’s so cute! It’s great that she’s developing healthy habits like yoga while she’s little.
    My favorite pose is probably straight-up triangle. I love how it stretches everything out and opens up my chest. I love chest openers for some reason. It’s also a pose I’m really good at, so it makes me feel strong.
    I just learned to do crane pose actually, so I’m currently working on holding it for more than a couple seconds. I’m also having a good time with wall (or ceiling) assisted handstands.

  30. Finally made the white chocolate mango cookie dough bites and am presently sitting down eating them. I wanted to let you know that i love them! thanks for the new recipe!


  31. Hi Averie! After reading yesterdays article, I wanted to ask a little bit about your name change. I’ve read some of your previous posts about your legal name change, and I think it’s great you decided to change it to something that makes you happy. But after seeing your last name as “Sunshine” in the article, I take it you didn’t take Scott’s last name when you got married? I’m getting married in four months and don’t intend on taking my future hubby’s name, and I’ve gotten mixed feedback from others about that (future hubby doesn’t care). My question for you is how to you deal with negative feedback regarding your name change? If your last name is different than Skylar’s, does that bother you? I keep hearing people say “oh but you’ll want the same last name as your children!” and that’s so far off in my plans right now that it doesn’t concern me, but since you have a child I thought I’d ask.

    Wow this was a longer and more loaded comment than I expected! Sorry about that! Hope to hear from you soon :)
    Sidenote… I haven’t been called my legal name since I was 10 or 11. I’ve been Amy since then and no one has really said much about that (except once a year my dad will say “your legal name isn’t so bad!” and I tell him “it’s not, that’s why it’s the third most popular girl name for the year I was born!”). I don’t know if I would ever legally change it though!

    • Names are highly personal and you have to name YOURSELF what YOU want to be called.

      Who cares what people think, they aren’t walking in your shoes.

      If you dont like your name, change it. If they don’t like your choice, who cares. :)

      And who cares if people’s names match, don’t match, “take someone’s name”, etc..it’s 2011. Families and parternships dont have “rules” like they used to. Make your own rules!

  32. Hahahhahah I’m working on the get more than 5 hours and change of sleep a night pose… I don’t know how you do what you do on so little sleep! :) And I too have been eating tons of raw produce… big salad beasts and lovely fruit… yaaaaaay for springtime! :)

  33. I don’t really do a whole lot of yoga, but I do remember really enjoying your yoga pose of the day pics :D I’ve never been to a studio(although one just opened up in town recently) but I do some at home. I’d really like to get into it more.
    My hubby and I were just talking last night about how our son copies him. He’s almost 4 and it’s SO cute. We just can’t get over it :D
    Don’t even get me started on people that don’t like chocolate. My hubby hates it. It drives me crazy. What do you make a man that doesn’t like chocolate? Jeeeeez, haha.

  34. My fave Yoga poses change with the seasons, the days, what’s going in my life. Right now I’m loving me some deep, soothing forward folds. I also like Pincha mayurasana, as you mentioned. Took me AGES to nail that one, but now it feels great.

    Ok, this might sound like a silly request, but I’d like some housecleaning and/or organizational tips. Ha!

    Which reminds me, I’m working on my Be More Organized Pose. ;-)

    Oh, and before I forget, some Vita-mix tips, if you’re interested in posting on that.

  35. haha–YES, I am working on the sleep more/laugh more, worry less pose too, I love it. :)

    CONGRATS on the Fox News!!! I just watched it, woohoo!

  36. She is so cute! I can’t get into yoga, I’m not coordinated at all, it’s like an elephant trying to do it!

  37. I will suggest, Everyone can do yoga! Only try easily and step by step, You will LOVE it.

  38. Skylar is so stinkin’ cute! I can never decide which pose is my favorite – I really love Triangle though. I feel so long and strong and stretched out.

    I’m also working on self-hosting pose – where I’m trying to switch everything to a new host myself! It’s crazy – so many acronyms!

  39. i need a good vegan chocolate chip recipe. Can’t wait to try it!

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  41. I thought Skylar was so much older than 4! She looks so old for her age! Kids are fantastic at yoga. I used to work at a studio that had mom + daughter yoga classes everyday in the morning and some of the kids were unreal. They just fall into poses so naturally!
    My favorite pose will always be Natarajasana – Lord of the Dance because I seriously feel like a Queen when I do it.
    I had a chance to make your cheesy kale chips recipe that you shared with me awhile back and I made them in my dehydrator [why had i never thought to do this before?] and they were DELICIOUS! I plan on making a huge batch this weekend for my lunches next week. Thanks again for another amazing recipe :)

  42. haha, i wish i could do crane! i like happy baby and all the awesome spinal twists – they feel so good!

  43. It is so cool to find here a real little community that share my passion for veggie foods and yoga! I am new on the Internet but I write a lot about those subjects, so much that I decided to build a complete magazine. Here is one of my thoughts: Culturally defined differences in the diet can explain differences in behavior in different cultures. It now has scientific evidence that the use of fat and blood, all components in meat, tend to use a phrase of old “animalize nature.”
    If anyone want to collaborate, I am open to guest posts or other ideas.

  44. Cute Skylar pics, love that she’s a yogi already. :-) More great eats here, one day I’ll try the chickpeas.

    1. I need to do more yoga, it’s one of my goals for this year since I’ve throttled back running.
    2. Not at the moment, but I wont to.
    3. Just whatever you’re into – parenting, exercise, photography, etc. :-)

  45. I have never tried yoga, but I do remember your pose a day posts!!!!

    I was wondering about your 4 hours of sleep … what time do you go to bed, and what time do you rise? I think you did one before, but I would love to see a “day-in-the-life” post again to see how you fit it all in! I am convinced you are superwoman!

  46. I have never done yoga…I always think that it would be fun, but I have never taken a class or been taught….looking at your pose I am thinking, “yeah…my body wouldn’t do that!!!”

  47. Way to go Skylar! Getting an early start on yoga can only help.
    I was taught that pose as “Crow” and found I had to look further forward to maintain balance. I was so excited when I finally got it – so excited I lost my balance ;)

    Finally found an online source for Nooch, and it is sold out and on back order. D’oh!

    Favourite pose: changes depending on my mood. I find that doing a round of sun salutions, or even 1/2 sun salutions is a great way to loosen up tight muscles after sitting at my desk for too long. Downward dog is also a favourite for loosening / stretching out my back. And pigeon sometimes calls to me when my hips want some attention.

    Slow computer – did you look into getting more RAM for your Mac? Tiger Direct has great deals and sales on a regular basis.

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