Spruce it Up & Dippy

I recently received some Crystal Light Pure from Kraft Foods

They sent me three different flavors to sample.  I liked the Tropical Blend best, but they were all good.  There was no funky aftertaste and it did not taste “chemically” to me.

I think that Crystal Light may have gotten a bad rap in the past because of how artificial many people believed it to be.

The new Crystal Light Pure:


·         Contains TruviaTM, an all-natural, no-calorie sweetener derived from the stevia plant

·         No artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives.  Colored with natural ingredients

·         Contains 15 calories and 4 grams of sugar per serving

·         Caffeine free

·         Gluten free

I have posted in the past that 95% of what is water.  The other 5% is coffee, homemade kombucha, homemade coconut milk kefir, and very rarely, an alcoholic drink.

For a way to spruce up plain water once in awhile, the Crystal Light was fun.

I like to spruce up my veggies with dips…

Horseradish Mustard Dip

Creamy Honey Mustard Dip

Raw Cheddar Dipping Sauce

Spruces broccoli right up


“Spicy Doritos” Cheezy Dip

Dip sugar snap peas, red peppers, or whatever veggies a little oomph. For all the Doritos lovers, this dip is for you.

Then again, you can always enjoy dips of the sweet variety…

Quick Raw Vegan Chocolate Sauce

And Strawberries

From my A Little Birdy Told Me post, thanks for sharing what a little birdy would tell me if she overheard your last conversation.  Fun conversations!

And I’m glad you liked my Meetup with Marla pictures, too!  It was such a fun, and much needed, couple of hours after the stolen iPhone debacle.


1. Do you drink lots of water? Do you “force” yourself to drink water or do you drink to thirst?

I’ve discussed this before and yes, I drink lots of water.  I drink to thirst and don’t obsess over counting ounces or “forcing it”.

2. Have you ever tried Crystal Light?  Or do you have anything you add to water to spruce it up?

Years ago I tried my mom’s Crystal Light.  But it was too chemically tasting for me and not something I have tried in many years.  It’s much better now.

And not that I am advocating it, but I have friends who add Crystal Light to their cocktails to spruce them up, virtually calorie free.   Not something I’ve tried personally though.

3. What’s your favorite dip lately?  Or any go-to dips that you always keep in rotation?

Let me guess, hummus, right?  Try my homemade 30 second, four ingredient hummus if you need a quickie dippy.


I am off to run a zillion errands.    I have soooo many places to go!

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  1. I drink lots of water also. not obsessively though, to the point of hyponatremia.
    my bf always has a pitcher of crystal light juice in the fridge at all times. he gave up soda so he drinks that instead which i’m happy about!

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  3. haha, we were on the same page yesterday! I love dips and sauces :] I’ve looked at your dorito dip too many times to count and don’t know why I haven’t made it yet, but it needs to happen soon! It’s bookmarked now, so no excuses.
    Thanks for the heads-up on the Crystal Light, too! I remember drinking it a while ago but it was so chemically tasting. I drank it anyway just because I thought it was “good for me” compared to juice or whatever. I drink a loooot of water, too. Sometimes it’s nice to have a little something different, though. Aside from coffee, flavored seltzer water, coconut water or kombucha is my favorite thing to switch it up a bit.

  4. I keep water with me at all times! I try to drink a lot of water every day, and I have an occasional La Croix or tea. And I definitely have a cup of coffee every morning! :)

  5. I do keep track of how much water I’m drinking, but I don’t force myself to drink it. I do get about 10 cups a day. I have had the old Crystal Light and I actually liked it. Of course, that was also the time when all of my meals came out of a box (mac n’ cheese!) or a can (spaghetti-o’s!). Which I can’t even imagine eating now!!

    I LOVE dips. Cashew cheese dips, homemade ranch, salsa, hummus….yum.

  6. I drink lots of water – to thirst, not to a set quantity.

    Tried Crystal Light ages ago in University. In the summer months I like adding lemon, lime, or a strawberry to water.

    Favourite dip lately: sweet heat mustard, olive oil, and ground ginger. Yum!

  7. Yummy Chocolate Sauce! Crystal Light, haven’t heard those words since 8th grade!

  8. Yummy chocolate sauce“
    But for the Crystal Light ,I haven’t heard about it!

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