The Easter Bunny Stopped By

The Easter Bunny stopped by our house and Skylar woke up on Sunday morning to some goodies that I picked up last week that the Easter Bunny brought her.

She was all over the Dora phone as I suspected she would be.

Thrilled about it!


She told me now she can text all her friends.  She’s four.

Soon she’ll be showing me how to use my iPhone.

She cuddled right up with the stuffed bunny.

And he hops, too.

She was so happy that The Bunny stopped by our house that she didn’t even miss the candy I forgot to buy to include in her basket.  Whoops!  But love it when things work out that way.

The weather was sunny and nice here on Saturday.  A little chilly by my standards (low 60s and windy) but it could be far worse.  Like Sunday.  It was cold, overcast, rainy, and dreary on Sunday.

I spotted this bright flower on a run on Saturday.

It’s so vibrant it almost looks fake to me!  Don’t the colors found in nature just amaze you sometimes?

Another thing that amazed me was that Target was closed! I know it’s a holiday and all but I don’t remember Target ever closing for Easter, then again I don’t keep tabs on it, either.

I was putting off a Target run to replenish things like body wash, toilet paper, and chapstick because my last trip there was really just to buy Easter basket making itemsOh well, there’s always tomorrow.

From my last post about Chocolate Coconut Kale Chips, I’m glad they looked good to many of you.  Not everyone’s cup of tea, I realize, but I assure you, they are great and the combo of chocolate and coconut with kale totally works.   I did a product review on some storebought chocolate kale chips but I prefer my recipe since it’s more chocolaty and less “healthy” tasting than the storebought kale chips were.

I would not say “oh, so good” if they weren’t.  No way! I love sugar, chocolate and rich food and would not steer you wrong.  I got lots of “interestings” in the comments on the post so just wanted to say they really are good!

The recipe and pictures appealed to Foodgawker and Tasteologie which is an honor for me.

My love of photography helps fuel me to create recipes and photograph them as beautifully as I can, and when my photos are accepted, it inspires me to keep going and keep learning and trying to improve!


If chocolate kale isn’t your thing, how about just Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate?


1. Best thing you did or ate over the weekend?

Seeing Skylar’s excitement about what the Bunny brought her was the best thing, for sure.

Reminds me of her excitement Christmas morning in Aruba seeing what Santa brought her.

2. Did you celebrate Easter? Any fun stories?

I grew up celebrating it, but Scott didn’t, as I explained.

We celebrate both Christian and Jewish holidays in our house, just in very loose ways. We keep try to keep holidays light, easy, and stress-free.

3. Did the Easter Bunny or anyone bring you anything fun?

No flowers, chocolate, candy, Easter baskets, or anything special for me this year.  That’s ok though because seeing how happy Skylar was over her little items was all I needed.

Enjoy your week!

P.S. If you’re just catching up on posts from the weekend, here are mine since Friday:

60 comments on “The Easter Bunny Stopped By”

  1. Skylar is such a darling!! :D

    Nothing big for Easter this year since we’re all still unpacking, haha.

  2. Your daughter is too adorable! I love that four-year-olds want to text their friends nowadays…so hilarious. The best thing I ate over the weekend was shrimp and grits, my favorite! We celebrated Easter this year but I have to say it’s just not the same without kids around to be all excited!

  3. Glad you guys had fun!!! :)

    We got away for a mini honeymoon for Easter! 4 days away and it was lovely!!! I’ll be posting about it tomorrow for sure!

  4. Looks like a fun family Easter :-)

    I noticed that my Targets were closed, too. Hmmm. I wonder if this is a budget-cutting thing or if Target is usually closed on Easter but we just never noticed?

    Best thing ate: Figs dipped in chocolate, sunflower seed butter, and coated with coconut flakes. I heart figs! Oh, there was a gluten-free chocolate muffin or two that were pretty fabulous as well. The kale chocolate chips look great to me, btw.

    Best thing I did was a long walk on the sunny part of Sunday. The sky was a gorgeous blue, the birds were chirping, and the flowers were blooming beautifully and smelled fantastic. Which reminds me. . . I agree, that flower in your post almost looked fake. But gorgeous!

  5. Looks like Skylar had a great Easter (which means you did too!)

    I am exhausted — running around from house to house, eating and drinking too much — seriously. I am happy the holiday is over! Time for bed and somehow get geared up for the workweek. I can tell that tomorrow is not going to be very productive!!!

    Thankfully Jason’s Mom and Grandma fill our Easter eggs with cash — I made $5 today :)

  6. I didn’t necessarily celebrate easter, but I took advantage of the 3 day weekend and went to the beach with my boy-friend <3

  7. i drove to FOUR grocery stores trying to find one that was open…..i was out of almond milk, which is a threat level red situation. luckily the one that finally was had it on sale. but sam’s wasn’t open either, so i have no fresh produce until tomorrow. sad.

    you better get your shotguns ready. skylar’s gonna be a heartbreaker.

  8. Awww love that she’s so into the phone. So cute.

    The best thing I ate this weekend would have to be a slice of key lime pie. So, absolutely, delicious. I don’t usually eat many sweets so I savored every bite :) And since I usually eat vegan I don’t usually eat key lime pie either. But sometimes I make exceptions for my usually’s ;)

    I did celebrate Easter with my family and had a wonderful time doing so. My grandmother even went out of her way to make sure there were vegetarian options this year, since my mom and I both are veggie eaters. And grandma is soooo traditional so I was pleasantly surprised.

  9. The look of pure joy on Skylar’s face just made my night. I can only imagine your huge smile as she was loving her basket! And no candy? Who needs it when you have those kale chips, right?

    The Easter Bunny didn’t come, but the relax and take the weekend off fairy did, and it was grand.

  10. So nice to see how excited she is and that you had a nice Easter. The flower is amazing!
    Suzanne Williams

  11. ohh what a wonderful Easter, thanks for sharing your special day!

    The best thing I ate was Easter dinner of shrimp cakes at the Heart Boys Restaurant. Delish! Otherwise I just spent time with my boys – husband and pup! :)

  12. We went to the Easter parade in NY.

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  13. Target is usually open on holidays so I was very surprised to see it was closed today. It totally sucked actually that it was closed since we had just got on the bus after going to Trader Joe’s, got off at Target and then saw it was closed so had to wait 40min for next bus. Luckily, it was sunny out and we had chocolate chips from TJ’s to keep us happy. ;)

  14. Her joy must be the best thing about Easter for you :)

  15. What a cutie! I love that she said she was going to text her friends :) I can definitely say I am not looking forward to the whole teenage texting/growing up! lol

  16. That’s so great that Skylar had a fun Easter!

    My Easter ended up being pretty interesting. My dad got drunk and we all played guitar hero!

  17. Aww, Skylar is so cute!! She looks like such a happy little girl. :) I could totally go for some of that raw chocolate and I’d be all over the kale. Yum!

  18. Kids are the best part bout Easter – they get so pumped about the baskets!

    The best thing I ate was a spinach bread pudding I made. And the limoncello champagne cocktails. :)

  19. SO glad you guys had a great Easter! I LOVE that vibrant flower. The Easter bunny (my dad) brought my dark chocolate covered pomegranate pieces!

  20. oh, love skylar’s expressions as she’s opening her easter bunny treats! what a cutie!
    if she gets tired of the dora phone, you know where to send it! :)
    best part of my weekend: playing with my two nieces on saturday.
    we’re celebrating as a family in mid-may this year, so i still have an easter get-together to look forward to!
    congrats on getting those photos accepted! i can see why!
    stores up here were all closed to…i think it’s actually nice that we still shut down most retail stores for christmas, easter…
    happy monday!

  21. Skylar is growing up so fast! So cute with her play phone… glad she loved it. :) And that flower is amazing!!! What a gorgeous photo!

    I stayed at my apartment this weekend since I had a lot of schoolwork to get done, but I enjoyed the holiday nonetheless! :)

  22. Skylar is THE CUTEST. (I think I’ve said that before!) Seriously though, that smile is so full of joy. What a good mama you are!

    And WOW, what a stunning flower. So vibrant. Hello springtime!

  23. Looks like Skylar had a great Easter! I hope you had a beautiful day Averie!

  24. Aw :) Those pictures of Skylar melt my heart. She looks so excited. And I’m thrilled she will be able to “text” all her friends now ;). The picture of that flower is unreal. Nature can be amazing. Best thing I did this week= my baby shower. Best thing I ate…oww toss up- either the parfait at my shower or the fruit salad I had yesterday. I just love fruit. Didn’t get anything from the bunny, but got more than enough at the shower ;)

  25. Skylar is such a doll….I had to comment! Glad you had a good Easter!!!

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