From a Box

I placed an order a few days ago and 48 hours later, it arrived.

Nothing too much.  Probiotics and two kinds of stevia, but all are staples for me.

If you want to save 30-40% off retail prices on your supplements, stevia, bulk spices, health and beauty items, nutritional yeast, vitamins, you name it, check out iHerb and use coupon code AVE630 to save $5 at checkout.

iHerb also sent a couple free samples like they frequently do.  Madre-C Cocoa Mix and a cute mini jar of raspberry pomegranate jelly.

My grandma used to “borrow” the mini jars of jelly right into her purse that restaurants left on the table.  She didn’t want them to “go to waste”.


iHerb’s magazine of the month features Sarma.

Does she look familiar?

I reviewed her books, hereTwo of my all-time fave cookbooks. They may not be “every day eats” type books, but they are inspiring.

After I unpacked my iHerb box, it was time to eat.

A salad

with Peanut Sauce Baked Tofu

Skylar and I split the rest of the leftover Vanilla Avocado Banana Smoothie in a Bowl that was hanging out in the freezer.

Tasted just fine a couple days later and it hadn’t turned brown.  Avocados tend to do that so quickly but not in this.  I think the banana + freezing it helped.


In case you were waiting anxiously, the winner of the Granola Giveaway is Carrie!

14 Carrie (Moves ‘N Munchies) May 4, 2011 at 2:03 pm [edit]

“i liked you on facebook!”


Carrie, email me your shipping address and Love Grown will ship your granola to you.

Glad you enjoyed my last post on the Great Grub I’ve seen this past week around the ‘sphere.  I like featuring what I think looks good and in bloggieland, there’s never a shortage of droolworthy food!


1. What was the last box you unpacked and what was in it?

The last box I unpacked was my iHerb order

Before that it was coconut oil.

Prior to that it was a cookbook.

Before that, yoga pants and yoga DVDs.

Yes, FedEx and UPS definitely know where I live.

2. Any recent online orders you’ve made?

I love ordering things online that I know are just so much cheaper to purchase online rather than in stores, i.e. dry/bulk food items, supplements, and even shoes if I am just replacing running shoes.  I know my size/style in Nike’s and can order online.

However, some things like bras and jeans, I just can’t order online because it’s just too impossible for me with sizing and not knowing how things are going to fit.

I had to laugh yesterday because one of my coworkers has hair extensions and she said there’s no way she could ever order her hair online even though it would save her so much money if she did.  She wants to touch and feel the hair in person, first.  Totally understandable, I told her.

3. Mother’s Day Plans?

Still nothing for me, as I explained.  And I am fine with it!  It just gives me more time to get my chores accomplished and enjoy the weather!

Who needs a dozen roses when you see one of these roses on your running path?

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms!


  1. I order from iherb a LOT! It’s actually more cost effective for me to put regular small orders in to get the flat rate international shipping so I’ll have a to work around my wishlist to make sure I come under the weight limit, but I usually manage fine and it keeps the postman in work busy :) I’ve been able to try so many wonderful products that I’ve seen on websites and blogs from using iherb. Things like chia seeds are available here but it’s still cheaper for me to order from the States and I go through a lot of chia seeds. I love all the Navitas Naturals products I’ve tried, and various different flavours of liquid stevia.

  2. I have been thinking of your PB sauce tofu almost constantly lately; but I keep just eating the ‘fu plain before I can get to it! The time will come. Soon.
    Fun iHerb order! I love fast shipping. The wait and the cost is the final determinant as to whether I order online or not – in which case, Swanson and iHerb are the winners. Quick and cheap!
    Boxes seem to come in swarms here – I’ll get sent something every day for a couple of days straight which makes me wonder if my postal worker hates me, and then there will be a lull. The last box was my Rawxies!!

  3. My last box-unpacking experience was a wedding gift- an AWESOME garlic press from Sur La Table from my sweet co-worker!

    My last online order was a new phone charger, because mine went missing the week of my wedding!

    I’m running the TOUGH MUDDER in VT on Mother’s Day, then my sisters are I are taking her out to lunch!

  4. Mine was a huge box loaded with NuNaturals goodies! I love that stuff! Actually, Tony opened it while I was standing next to him and looked through all of it to find his favorite. It’s the little things that make us happy, right! Have a great day Averie!

  5. I do the same thing with my raw books – I go to them every couple of weeks and see what inspiration I can get from them. They never, ever let me down! I’m amazed at how quickly you got your order. That’s unreal.
    Last box I opened was supplements! wooo hooo!

  6. I’ve been shopping online for EVERYTHING lately! It’s kind of an obsession.

  7. Last package I got — some Foodbuzz tastemaker stuff that I still need to use! :)

    Last order I placed — I ordered the blu ray special edition Star Wars collection for Jason — obviously not for me!

    Mother’s Day plans — going out to eat with my parents and then we’re swinging by Jason’s mom’s and Grandma’s — both were too busy to want to plan something but we like to stop and say hi, give them some flowers, that sort of thing.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  8. i love when places throw in free samples or little extras – the surprise is nice, plus you get to try product without investing any money!
    i can’t remember the last package i rec’d in the mail, and i very rarely/next to never shop online. me = boring!
    i’ll visit with my mom tomorrow – i think COFFEE OUT is our plan!
    enjoy your day! we’ve got SUN, finally!

  9. I recently unpacked a lot of boxes when I moved. Yesterday I finally got the computer power cord I ordered (came in a padded envelope, not a box) so now I can use my computer again instead of my husband’s! And yesterday I ordered a birthday present for my dad.
    I won’t be able to see my mommy on Mother’s Day, but I’m making her a present she’s been wanting for years: A collage of a beach for her beachy-themed living room. It’s huge, I think it looks good, and I hope she likes it! If she doesn’t, she’ll smile and stick it on the fridge anyway, because that’s what mommies do.

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  11. ha – my hubby’s grandma also “borrowed” those jars. and now i do too!

  12. Hi!!!
    The last box I unpacked was a big huge Easter box from my mother in law!! She spoils us (thankfully all with chocolate that I can’t eat!!) haha

    I hope you have a great Mother’s Day!!!!

  13. I don’t shop online that much. But then, I don’t shop in general that much. Besides grocery shopping seemingly every other day, lol.

    My mom owns a bookstore so I stick to it and the library for books. I have enough clothes to…clothe me. I just don’t tend to buy anything except if I grow out of it, darn losing weight, I’ve lost more clothes that way ;), or it is something that needs to be replaced.

  14. How’s this for nerdy – the last thing I ordered was two books from amazon about how to survive your first year of college teaching. Yeah, I’m going to be that professor.

    I was actually going to email you about the stevia powder vs the pure stevia. My supply is at almost zero and I was going to order from iherb…

  15. Sarma is so cool! I got the chance to interview her for an article. She’s such a smart lady.

    I have to thank you for introducing me to iHerb. I almost always order my supplements from them. They rock. But the last thing I ordered was a book from, where my order is not shipped but rather, “dispatched.” I just found out on Amazon that if you have a student email address, you can get a year of free 2-day shipping.

    I gave you a shout-out on my blog today! It’s an article about not wasting food and saving money.

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  18. My last unpacked box was a belated birthday gift of homemade macaroons from the lovely Lisa at Thrive Style… so good! And the next box I unpack will be my badass new shoes that Alex bought me for my birthday… finally on their way as we speak! Keen’s MaryJane’s in a fun set of plaids… I’ll show em off when they arrive!

    My parents and I went to Disneyworld when I was 10-11 and we stayed in a pretty nice hotel. My mom took me on a “scavenger hunt” to each floor where we checked each room service tray left outside a room for unopened tiny bottles of ketchup, mustard, jelly… you name it, we took it! :D

  19. YAYAYAYAYAYYYAYAYAYA!!!!!!!!! ima email you NOW!
    ps… iherb is amazing!! I ordered stuff from them overseas- not too expensive and great service!! plus that peanut sauce tofu= AMAZING!

  20. Oh my goodness that tofu sounds so darn good!!! I am making that tonight because the grandparents are visiting and are looking for some yums:)

  21. Your avocado smoothie looks great, need to try that. So does the tofu, well everything. :-)

    1. More pea protein from Amazon, my current fave protein powder.
    2. Lots from Amazon, protein powder, dry shampoo, cacao, stevia, etc.
    3. Taking my mom to an early brunch before she goes to work.

  22. I love getting packages, it’s so exciting! especially filled with FOOD lol :)

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  27. I love to give gift to my friends at their special occasions like bday,marriage anniversary etc.
    I like my friend aisha most . i m a little confused for gift selection.
    bt now after this article,i have made my mind about the gift.I hope she will like this.

  28. I love to give gift to my friends at their special occasions like bday,marriage anniversary etc.
    I like my friend aisha most . i m a little confused for gift selection.
    bt now after this article,i have made my mind about the gift.I hope she will like this.

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  30. I just love your photoes, and they do really have an professional look now – congrats!!! Love the tempting recipes too – and I use iherb A LOT! Here in Norway we can’t get half of what you are used to in the US :)

    I wondered, I’ve never been able to like avocado, and I KNOW how healthy it is, and I just wish I could get some easy recipes with “disguised” avocados in. Do you have some ideas? I bet you do…. :) Thanks in avance – and have a lovely day “over there” :)

  31. Pretty much the only thing I order online is Lululemon. I celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday b/c Noah has soccer all day today. I was treated to a mani/pedi and the house was magically clean when I arrived home! :) Have a great Mother’s Day, whatever you end up getting into!! ;)

  32. The last box that I opened was some coconut butter and other products from a company that sent me samples. I am excited to use them all.

    We had dinner with my in-laws for mothers’ day today, and got some gifts/cards for the mothers in our lives too.

  33. The last box I unpacked was from Upaya Naturals. It has a huge bulk order of Chlorella tablets for us. Usually last us about 6 months.

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  35. Great review! You actually covered some valuable things in your post. I came across it by using Yahoo and I’ve got to admit that I already subscribed to the RSS feed, it’s very great :)

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