Granola Giveaway

Granola anyone? 

Love Grown Foods is providing 3 bags of their granola to one lucky winner.  Winner chooses flavors.


To Enter:


1.  Tell me your favorite snack lately or what you’d like to see more of on my blog.

2. For a second entry, Twitter Follow Me and Twitter Follow Love Grown Foods and then tweet the following:

“I just entered to win Free Granola @loveveggiesyoga @LoveGrownFoods ”

3. For a third entry, do one of these things (or more if you’d like but you can only claim one for contest purposes)

Facebook Fan Me, Facebook Like Love Grown FoodsStumble This, or post this Give Away on your blog.

Contest will run until Saturday, May 7, 2011 and a winner will randomly be chosen and announced on Saturday.  Love Grown Foods will ship directly to the winner.

Open to U.S. residents.

If you have a granola craving right now and want to make something at home here are a few of my oat-based and granola-ish recipes…

Homemade Granola (Vegan, GF, 20 minutes to make)

Microwave Banana Oat Cakes (Vegan, GF, 3 minutes to make)

No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Energy Bars (with protein option) – Vegan, GF, freezer-friendly, fast


Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter and Oat Snack Bars (Vegan, GF, 5 minutes to make)

Microwave Blueberry Banana & Oat Cakes (Vegan, GF, 5 minutes to make)

If you just have to have granola-ish food now, those are my go-to snacks and recipes before you can go out and get your hands on some Love Grown Granola.

Comment below to get your contest entries in!


  1. Fave snack right now is gluten free crackers and herbed cream cheese! I’m staying with my Mom, she always has the best snacks!

  2. I have been digging on your spicy “doritos” dip with celery, carrots, and the Mary crackers Yummy thanks for the recipe!!!

  3. I’ve been snacking on fresh fruit lately! Mango, melon, you name it!

  4. I liked Love Grown on facebook! I want to try their stuff so badly!

  5. My breakfast lately has been Vanilla Greek Yogurt with raisins!

  6. I love granola and yogurt!!

  7. Mmm my favorite snack lately has been those microwave cookies!

  8. PB and banana smoothies with chia seeds :)

  9. I just love granola! My favourite breakfast since I was 5. I am now 35 and I still have granola for breakfast…

  10. My favorite snack right now is kale chips!
    I love granola but have a hard time finding one that is healthier! I would love to try their brand!

  11. I love my chia seed pudding! Can’t get enough! I would love to try this granola and mix it in to get a little crunch:) yum!

  12. I follow @loveveggiesyoga and @lovegrownfoods and I tweeted about it!

  13. lovely coconuts Reply

    My new favorite snack has been your blueberry-banana oat cakes. I made one for myself and for the last 2 days have had to make them for everyone in my family for breakfast.

  14. I would love to see what you eat on a day to day basis as far as fat/protein/carbs ratio. You have such a great fitness routine and diet so I would love to see all the other foods that fuel your workouts!

  15. My current favorite snack is Cara Cara oranges.

  16. Hmmmm… favorite snack right now is probably apples and peanut butter….it just doesn’t get any better!!! :)

  17. favorite snack lately are fresh berries — when they are in season, nothing can beat fresh raspberries and strawberries. sometimes i’ll add greek yogurt and peanut butter, too.

  18. I’m loving frozen fruit pops. They remind me of being a kid in the summer, sitting by the pool.

  19. My favorite snack lately has been Peanut Butter & Co’s Cinnamon Raisin Swirl PB. So tasty!

  20. Favorite snack right now is carrot sticks with spicy peanut butter. Yummy!

  21. My favorite snack lately is roasted chicken.

  22. Facebook fan of Love Grown

  23. my favorite snack lately is DEFINITELY protein pancakes ala christina at i love feta cheese! just a scoop of p powder + 2 egg whites and flax or chiaz

  24. taweeeeeeeeeeeeted!

  25. I know like Love Grown Foods on Facebook!!!

  26. my favorite snack now-a-days is avocado kale chips! i made them on my own (completely made up) and they are my fav snack mmm

    and since i do not have fb or twitter, this is my only entry. :( oh wells! love your website though!

  27. I’ve been snacking on yogurt with granola and chia seeds at home lately and just plain raw almonds during my work day.

  28. I follow you both on twitter and I tweeted about the giveaway.

  29. I love chocolate almond butter on graham crackers. I would like to see maybe some crockpot vegan meals for busy single mommas.

  30. My favorite snack lately is almond butter on toast…YUM =)

  31. I liked LGF on FB

  32. I like apples with peanut butter. Yum!

  33. My favorite snack lately is Avacodo and Edamame seeds. Slice an avacodo in half, add some edamame seeds and you have an amazing snack.

  34. Fanned you on facebook

  35. My favorite snack lately is avocados on toast with a lil’ bit of salt and pepper, and occasionally some tomato paste spread on underneath the avo. Soo good, I tell ya.

  36. Just liked you on FB :)

  37. greek yogurt is definitely my go to snack!

  38. My favorite snack right now are BBQ pop crisps!!

  39. My current snack rut is slush… I’d love some more smoothie recipes

  40. My favorite snack lately is raw cashews and fruit! I can’t wait for fruit season to kick in.

    I would love to see more on what you do for your 40 minute workouts!

  41. My fave snack lately is apples with almond butter and raisins

  42. I already follow you and love grown foods on twitter :)

  43. My favourite snack has to be a suoer nutritious energy bar- quick and easy!

  44. I twitter followed you, Love Grown, and tweeted!

  45. I tweeted about the give away :)

  46. I Facebook fan’d you!

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