Imagination, Thoughts & Local Food Finds

After we were done trapse’ing (<—that’s a legit word) around yesterday, Skylar wanted to stop at this plant.


…because she had to “talk on the phone” she told me.  Of course.  She’s 4.  Makes perfect sense.

I give her credit for using plant leaves as cell phones.  Wish that worked for me.  Would have saved me a lot of time and money with the stolen iPhone situation.


But at least her imagination works because we left her “cell phone” at home in San Diego.  Gotta love the way kids’ brains work.

In terms of food, some recent snacks include:

Juicy grapes.  I like mine frozen.

Dutch pastries dipped in chocolate

Raisin Bread Pudding (frozen and cubed for me)

And I’ve been snacking on fresh veggies with local condiment finds for dippage:

The whisky cocktail sauce is something I found here on our last trip and I laid awake in San Diego dreaming about it.  And couldn’t wait until I was here again to have more!

It’s like a mild horseradish + mayo-ish infused cocktail sauce + a little whiskey kick.  It’s divine. And it’s not garlicky, oniony, or salty which I avoid.

And rum + pineapple in a sweet and sour sauce?   Again, has my name written all over it!

It’s sort of like the Mango Chutney I used to make Mango Ginger Maple Tofu with, but jazzed up with a little rum.

From my last post about White Chocolate, I’m glad you enjoyed the White Chocolate Recipes and it sounds like some of you are big fans!  I agree, white is not dark, and it never will be, but it does have it’s own appeal to many of us.

I went ahead and added the link to that post to my Specialty & Themed Recipes where you can find everything from recipes to help you use up ripe bananas to stevia recipes to recipes using pumpkin puree.


1. Do you have a good imagination?

As a kid, I wasn’t allowed to just zone out for hours and hours in front of the tv.  Some tv, yes, but not indefinite amounts.  My mom would shut it off and say, “Go play now!”  And, I did.  As a kid I had a vivid imagination.  Maybe even a bit too much but it all worked out.

I take a similar approach with Skylar now, too.

Unscripted playtime, being outside with no agenda, and just having time to gaze up at the sky, listen to the birds chirp, I really think does foster a good imagination in kids.

I believe it also sets one up as an adult to being able to think and ponder life, without having to be “entertained” by something else.

2. Being able to sit with your own thoughts.  Can you do that?

To this day, just having time alone when running, being outside, I let my imagination and my thoughts just….go.  Wherever they take me, whatever I “want” to think about, I just do. That’s how I came to some of my career epiphanies and fantasies recently.

And even though in yoga we are not supposed to let our mind “think” too much when practicing and we should find that place of mental and emotional detachment while still being present and mindful (<—boy, that’s an art isn’t it!) but being able to let thoughts come and go, accept them, release them, as necessary, is such a great thing.

But it also takes practice because some thoughts are hard to let go and some thoughts are hard to let in.

3. Any good condiment finds, or food finds in general, lately?

I love condiments so I’m always up to hear about some gems!

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  1. I had a very vivid imagination, and STILL have one. I can just get lost in my own thoughts for hours and make up (usually bad) scenarios in my head. I’m not particularly creative, but I’m imaginative- I think the two are completely different! Sometimes, though, I wish I didn’t think quite so much. Sometimes it can get in the way of really LIVING!!

  2. that is just way cute, using the flower as a cell phone. love it.
    we, too, did not have much tv time as kids, and as a result i spent a lot of time in creative play. that’s one of the things i wonder about today’s children: with tv, internet, movies so prevalent, how are their imaginations? i grew up in such a *simpler* era. so kudos to you, averie, for giving skylar creative play time.
    i am most creative while walking or running…and i enjoy time to mull over ideas, think outside the box. i enjoy quiet time!
    have a great day! pouring rain here, so do enjoy that sunshine!

  3. I love frozen grapes too. Taste like a naughty treat but they aren’t! Good condiments-I’ve been using Marzetti’s light ranch on fish and for a few sauces lately. It’s pretty good for a light version.

    I had a great imagination as a kid. I rode my bike around our tiny town and imagined I was all different people. It was a boring town, lol. Now I feel almost like I don’t have enough time to be creative :(

  4. Hmm, I like to think I have a good imagination, but creative writing was never my thing. Majoring in English, I actually preferred report writing over creative writing because I felt I lacked imagination here.

  5. I’ve always had a very vivid imagination – which can sometimes backfire on me even now! I think of crazy things that “could” happen and freak out a little. haha! Glad to see Skylar is enjoying being a little kid!

  6. TOO cute ;) A leaf cell phone? Very green of her! I spent like 90% of my time at home outside playing as a kid. I loved it and I had a HUGE imagination!! I think the tv/video game time these days is out of control! I hope to get my peanut outside as much as possible. Both of the sauces sound yummy

  7. Frozen grapes are the perfect hot wether treat! I LOVE them! I think I have a fairly good imagination with food anyway. Tony and the boys have extremely good imaginations with story telling though. I guess that’s good since his job is to tell stories through art.

  8. Hahaha! I am going to have to give the leafy cell phone thing a try. I just spilled water on my iphone last night. Yikes! Lovely photos, lovely daughter.

  9. As a kid I’ve always had a very vivid imagination. And I still do today! Back in the day I was quite a loner, so I often used my imagination to entertain myself.
    Last week I went to an ethnic grocery store and bought some home-made (by the owner’s wife) tahini. Best. one. ever! I used it as a dip for some raw veggies, without adding anything. So delicious!

  10. Love how kids can do that. I sure wish I could! We weren’t allowed to just sit in front of the tv either so we invented a lot of games, built lots of forts, that sort of thing. I think I’m pretty good with my own thoughts – running long distances will do that to you. You’re kind of stuck with just yourself for an hour or more ;-)

  11. Haha…I had a totally wild imagination as a kid…and I guess I have one as an adult too– it comes out in my poetry, for sure!

  12. Those condiments are right up my alley, too! I love horseradish-y things, YUM! Take a pic of the ingredients… let’s reverse engineer it!! :)

    Oh, yes, I have a wild and vivid imagination–always have! And like you, I was always outside playing when I was little. Summer AND winter. I used to pretend my bike was a car, lol. I want to be that young and carefree again! Using my imagination is one of my favorite pastimes. My own little world. Love it!

  13. My little girl’s (2 1/2) imagination is just exploding right now! It’s so cute and exciting to watch, and she is definitely able to entertain herself a lot longer now. My imagination I feel kind of wained as I got older, but as I’m remembering what I did when I was a kid, more of it is coming back. I think imagination is important!

  14. I think I have a good imagination — I remember all the silly things my sisters and I did as kids. We definitely did not sit in front of the tv or have someone else entertain us. We entertained ourselves!

    I can sit by myself for hours — just thinking about things, sorting through things, etc. I like to be able to reflect on things because I’m not very good at thinking/acting on the spot.

    I need to check out that chutney tofu — Jason made dinner last night and needed to buy some mango chutney and now I have no idea what to do with the rest of it!

  15. I became an actor because of my ridiculously wild imagination! It’s really the only career I can get away with without seeming like a crazy person!

    The ability to sit with myself has been something I’ve honed through acting and dance training, though I’ve ALWAYS needed private quiet time, and usually choose seclusion over socialization if given the option (not that I don’t love other people, but quiet moments are so rare!)

    I picked up a jar of Honey Apple Butter at TJ’s last week- FREAKING PHENOMENAL- I mix it in with some plain greek yogurt and almonds… Mmmm…

  16. I’m fortunate to have grown up in a big family, in a quaint safe neighborhood with tons of other kids, so literally all I remember from childhood is being outside exploring and playing. We were left to do our own thing for hours and hours, only to run in quick for a meal every so often. Such great memories! It’s a bit sad but I think growing up tends to dull imagination. Some people grow creatively but once you learn more about how things work and the world around you its not as easy to just aimlessly play and ponder. BUT, many people stay young in their minds and thats great!

  17. I had SUCH an imagination as a kid. My sister and I used to pretend we were Laura and Mary Ingalls… And I remember once when we got a new refrigerator I had just read about the Great Depression and “Hoovervilles,” so I brought the giant cardboard box it came in outside along with a bag of gummy worms and sat in there all day explaining to my parents that I was living in a Hooverville. Hahahaha!

  18. That plant looks like an oleander! If so, make sure Skylar doesn’t get the leaves or branches near her mouth. They are extremely poisonous -affects the heart, produces severe digestive upset and has caused death.

    I have a 3.5 year old so I understand how entertaining it is to hear what comes out of their mouths! So adorable!

  19. Trapseing. Love it! Did Skylar enjoy her trapseing too?

    Looks like some great dipping sauces you found there in Aruba.

    My imagination isn’t as good as it was when I was younger, but it is still there. As is the ability to just sit with my own thoughts – although it is easier when I’m near water and can hear it lapping at the shore.

  20. I would definitely say I still use my imagination…probably not as well as when I was a kid, but hey! That’s so cute of your daughter…I bet she had some important business to attend to, so I’m glad you didn’t let her miss the call lol. I love fresh salsa’s lately. Not ‘fresh’ here, but imported to Canada lol. I honestly would love to be someplace hot right now enjoying some chips and salsa! I hope you’re nice and tanned!!!

  21. That’s so cute! I love kids’ imaginations, and that’s so adorable that she stopped to talk on the “phone”. It must be such a joy to have such an adorable and imaginative daughter :)

  22. Aww, that’s so cute that she used the plant as a phone! It made me smile to see how tiny she is compared to that plant’s pot!

    I definitely have a wild imagination. That’s good considering I’m an artist! I need to be creative all the time :)

  23. I have a great imagination; however, I don’t have the ability to just sit with my thoughts. Whenever I do that my anxious thoughts tend to get the better of me. I’d rather have something else going on to help distract from my noisy brain.

  24. I was in the same situation as a kid so my imagination is pretty “vivid” too. I think that’s so much better for kids. Scheduling every minute of their day with activities and things leads to adults(or more likely, teenagers) that don’t know how to entertain themselves except to text their friends and say they’re bored. How boring is that, haha.
    It really does take some practice being able to let go of some thoughts as I’m finding. I hold on to way too many things and run over them again and again in my head especially when I’ve made a mistake or could have done something better. I always take time to just think, I think it’s pretty important to my sanity. But sometimes too much thinking has the opposite effect.

  25. I love the imaginations of little kids and te way they look at the world like everything is new and exciting! I have a pretty big imagination and creativity it definetly my thing. I do pottery and it’s really therapeutic to me. In my yoga practice I try to be mindful yet detached from my thoughts but I am good at being introspective.

    On a side note I love mango chutney! I just made some spicy peach-mango chutney at hum with dried figs (I might post this recipe soon) It was awesome :)

  26. Its so cute to see small kids do things of their own. Make the TV remote their cellphone, sitting on the couch and pretending that they are driving a car. And, what I love the most- sitting on a pillow and pulling the reins like they are riding a horse.

  27. traipsing–a great word! And I love her little bikini-clad phone-booth moment. Yes, imagination is so crucial for quality of life. I feel gratitude that I grew up a bookworm instead of tv-head, and made up my own stories, etc.

    Because I’m doing this super-plain diet kick, I’m not doing too many condiments right now, but a little while ago I made a cheezy sauce based on corn and nooch with a bit of mustard that I think you’d have liked!

  28. Your daughter is ADORABLE. Skylar is just too cute ;)

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  30. I’ve always had a wild imagination and just thinking is one of my favorite things to do. I have no problem being with my thoughts.

  31. Haha! Love to see that my little munchkin’s not the only one who uses anything and everything as a “phone!” Love their imagination! Mine’s not quite as out there as theirs but mine goes pretty wild at times too :) And definitely agree with you on letting them just play and be kids and use there imagination. Too much TV is never a good thing, for anyone.

    Averie, I tried the Sweet and Sour Honey Lemon Tofu last week and LOVED it. I actually tried it with tempeh last night and gobbled it up! I use Hot Pepper Jelly which is AMAZING! Definitely try it out if you haven’t yet.

  32. Hehe, Skylar is so cute. Great eats, frozen grapes are awesome.

    1. Yes, it was better when I was a kid. TV was limited for me as a kid too and built huge dollhouses out of boxes and whatever junk I could find.
    2. Yes and I do it regularly while working out.
    3. I just threw together a hemp mustard sauce that was pretty good tonight.

  33. Every child I know is obsessed with cell phones. Even babies who can’t even speak yet! It really says something about our culture, doesn’t it? We’re always on the phone!

  34. I like grapes frozen too!! The hubby taught me that!

    I definitely can sit with my thoughts and do often. I also love to walk and think. But, I do get bored quite easily.

  35. You know… I always think of how Skylar is such a great name for her spirit :) I don’t know why exactly, but she’s definitely special and it’s not everyday that you come across that name either :)

    1. Ohhh yes! In this sense I know I won’t ever “grow up”. I don’t even like to say that actually. I don’t believe that growing up necessarily means you have to let the imagination go. A lot of adults do… but that’s not how it has to be :)

    2. Yes, I practice that a lot. I feel much more at peace with everything and myself since I’ve become more aware of reflection, acceptance, and letting go.

    3. Hmm… I found a kabocha at the store other day :) I haven’t seen or had one in awhile! I have this fig and balsamic vinegarette that I have yet to try–got it on sale for $1. Incredible!

    XO, much love!!!

    p.s. I also love my grapes frozen :D such a refreshing burst of flavor

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