Kites & Cats

I started my Saturday off by taking some photos around my neighborhood in Aruba.

This view is always a good way to start the day.

As is this


Kitesurfing and windsurfing are very popular here.

It’s extremely windy here and some parts of the island are especially windy.

The divi trees grow with a bend in them from all the wind.

There are a few shacks where you can get an expert lesson on kite surfing.

I haven’t tried it but I know that windsurfing or kitesurfing are supreme workouts!  Wrestling with the wind above, the ocean below at your feet, while trying to balance on a surfboard. <–  Serious athleticism required and what a workout!

Later in the day I noticed my neighbors cats taking a siesta.

Tough life.

His cats are very well fed well taken care of.

There was also this kitty I featured in my Savoring Aruba picture compilation Friday.

Did you know cats have a sweet tooth?  It’s okay, I have one too.

I wonder if they’d like Coconut Banana Cookie Bites (vegan, GF) ?

Vintage photography, not so good.  Yikes. But the recipe is good.

I’m pretty sure my cats, back in the day, would have tried to steal a few licks from my Peach Banana Colada Smoothie

Or maybe they’d like the Angel Food Cake & Berries from yesterday.  Cats no doubt like whipped topping.  Who doesn’t?

FoodGawker did.


1. Do you remember flying kites as a kid or have you ever been kitesurfing?

As I said in the post, no on the kitesurfing for me, but yes on the kite-flying.  I was never that good at keeping my kites up in the air for longer than 30 seconds or so, but it was fun to try.

In San Diego, I see some adults who are really into it and have quite deluxe looking kites.  Lends new meaning to Go Fly a Kite because apparently some people really like it.

2. Do you like cats?

I love cats!  I grew up with cats and always had cats in my life as pets until a couple years ago when my 13 year old kitty (that I got right before I met Scott) went to Kitty Heaven.

One day in the future we’ll probably get another cat but the problem is that Scott is actually allergic to them.  He does much better with no cats in the house and it seems a bit selfish to get another cat knowing this.

Not to mention, we do travel quite a bit and for extended periods so another consideration.

But I’m sure Skylar will be asking for a pet soon.

And cats are definitely easier than dogs, that’s for sure.  I’ve had lots of small dogs over the years, too.

3. Are you a cat person or a dog person?

I am more of a cat person.

I like dogs, but only small dogs, and not “yippie” small dogs, either.

I admit to having a slight fear of big dogs because I grew up with huge, un-trained German Shepards across the street that were prone to jumping their fence and attacking neighborhood children.  In today’s world, the owners would be sued but back then, parents just told their kids to stay in the house.

I also hate dog “kisses”, i.e. dog slobber/saliva, and sometimes bigger dogs are just so slobbery happy to see you that it just gets, everywhere.   Not a fan.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. Oohhh Kitesurfing!!! My hubby kites most days (when he’s not studying or motorbike riding). Part of the reason I was hoping for a baby boy, was so he could go out kiting with his daddy when he gets a little bigger – but not to say girls cannot kitesurf, my girlfriend are awesome kiters. I just need to get the courage to try it.

    I am definitely a dog person but I still like cats and grew up with both as a kid.

    Your holiday home is in paradise Averie!

  2. What gorgeous scenery! I’m such a cat person, I melt every time I see one. They just have a way of making you fall in love with them. Unfortunately I’m allergic too, so I haven’t had a cat in a few years, but I really miss having one around the house to cuddle up with and just listen to purr. Since you’re a cat person you have to check out this adorable video from the Huff post the other day – . It’s ridiculously cute. Enjoy your vacation!

  3. Hmm…
    I have spent some 6 years flying kites. I was an expert. We even had a festival here dedicated to kites.

    I do love cats, but I am a dog person, the reason is that toy dogs like Lhasa Apso and maltese easily outdo cats in terms of cuteness.

    See these links:

    • my husband used to have a lhasa apso like 15-20 years ago and he still talks about that dog :)

    • Apsos are amongst the most intelligent dog species, and the most cute ones too. They just look like a perfect toy, with a life. They have soft beautiful fur and they just look like little angels. And their actions will make you their fans, the way they try to have your attention. I would definitely recommend you to have one. It will just add a new dose of joy and brightness to your life.

  4. Hmm, those pictures make me want to go on a holiday too… (I just have to wait for 1.5 month).
    I’m more of a dogperson then a catperson. I really love dogs, I had a Berner Senne, they’re like big fluffy bears and oh so sweet. I love cats too though, actually I love all sorts of animals, that’s one of the reasons I’m a vegetarian going vegan. :)
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  5. i love walking at that end of the beach and watching both the beginners and the pros with the windsurfing. but i have no desire to try it! aruba sure is the place to do that sport, though.
    as a kid, i loved kite flying – somehow, mine always found the nearest (or not near) tree and got tangled. it was a fun activity, though!
    not a cat or dog fan…both scare me. my niece (skylar’s age) asked for a dog for xmas – my brother and SIL had to tell her that santa does not deliver live pets. :)
    enjoy your last sunday in aruba. so glad you’ve had such wonderful sunshine this trip.

  6. Totally a cat person! I’ve always had cats, my two are my furry kids and are spoilt rotten!

  7. We always had both growing up and while I love love dogs, I will always have a soft spot for cats. When we were in Virginia one of Colin’s friend’s cats had just had kittens and he literally had to hold me back to keep from taking them all home with me!

  8. Gorgeous pictures, and gorgeous cats, too. And cats and whipped cream? We have one cat that can be dead asleep and as soon as he hears someone putting whipped cream (the noise the canned kind makes) on something he’ll run into the kitchen. It’s pretty hilarious, actually :P
    That said; we have cats and yes, I love them; but I’m more of a dog person! I like big dogs but I can understand your fear based on the past. Though I will say I hate dog kisses ;)

  9. While I like dogs, I’m a cat person at heart. I grew up with both and I like the ease of cats more. I think they are also just incredibly understanding little beasts! We have two now and they are such incredible companions. Maggie, our cat from when we first met, we had her at 3 days old and she was one of us. She has been gone for two years and we still miss her so much. She, Tony and I were like the three muskateers. She was so little when we got her that I her eyes weren’t even open yet, I fed her bottles and we had to help her go to the bathroom (since that’s what the mom does). I would come home from work to feed her and when I left her, I left a warm water bottle for her to cuddle. Gosh I miss her. Yep, I’m a cat person.

  10. Your pictures make me want to be there sooo bad! The windsurf and kiteshack are just too cool. How fun!

    I like cats, but not living with them. We had 3 at one point and now have none. Too much hair, too much jumping on my table and cupboards and too much litter box. Not for me at all, but I think they’re beautiful and smart. We have a great dog, a welsh corgi, and she’s just right for our family :)

  11. Yeah that would be the BEST way to start the day, seeing that beautiful beach!

    I am so glad you guys are having fun and soaking up the sun!

    Happy Sunday to you! xoxo <3

  12. I am horrible at flying kites! I don’t think i ever had the string attached right or something! When i lived in Argentina, the principle at the school i taught at had huge 8-10 ft kits and he would have to hold me down to fly the kite or it would drag me across the field lol
    After learning how to surf i can image that wind surfing is a crazy awesome workout! You should try it while you are there!!

    • I can hardly surf…I mean, I can get up, that’s about it. For 3 seconds. That’s enough for me :)
      Living in Argentina? How cool!

    • Yea I’m happy when im up for 3 seconds:) Right now the surf isn’t that great so hopefully ill be awesome by the time hurricane season brings the big waves:)

      Argentina was amazing and i would go back in a second!! The people there are so nice and the culture is so much more relaxed then in the US!

  13. I’ve always been a dog person because I love how much energy they have and how into every activity they are! Most cats are too laid back for my personal preference.

    Those trees totally crack me up! They have so much character.

  14. As much as I love our dog, I actually prefer cats. I have a cat that I adopted as a kitten a couple years ago and she is like my baby!

  15. Beautiful photos. I love cats! Have 2 of my own. :)

  16. I love both cats and dogs, but dogs have a special place in my heart! My dog, Fant, died a year ago, and it was the worst period of my life! He was 13, and had been sick for a while, so I know it was good for him to die at last! But it was hard to let him go. It felt like losing a brother and good friend. I still think about him every day. Im not sad anymore, I miss him like crazy- but I focus on all of our good memories!

  17. At one point I was up to 8 cats, and in serious danger of becoming known as the local crazy cat lady, but it wasn’t my fault. I started out with only ONE cat, and people started dumping the rest on me. My brother moved to New York and begged me to take his; then someone literally dumped a mama cat and her box of 3 kittens on my porch and I didn’t have the heart to separate them; and the others just sort of showed up.
    My original cat, Tarot, loved Yoplait yogurt. She would drive me nuts crawling up my back and hanging on my shoulders whenever I opened one, knowing that I’d give her the last spoonful at the bottom.

  18. Not a HUGE fan of cats, buttttt I don’t hate them. Actually, I’d love a kitty now that I’ve thought about it :D

  19. I love cats! And by the way, I think the picture of the trees and the black cat was one of my favorites from your Aruba photography posts.
    I’m not allowed to have pets, so my kitty is living with my family, but I have lots of kitty friends around the neighborhood who run up to me while I’m on my walks. I know where they all live and I always stop to pet them for a few minutes, which doesn’t do very well for keeping my heart rate up, but whatever. I’d rather pet cats.

  20. I’ve never been kitesurfing or windsurfing but it looks awesome! I remember flying kites as a kid, but I didn’t enjoy it that much.
    I’m def a cat person. I hate doggie kisses. I like bigger dogs only if they’re layed back and relaxed. I’m not a fan of small dogs usually, but I had one bite me when I was little so maybe that’s why. I find they tend to be more aggressive than most bigger dogs. Small dog syndrome? Lol. I don’t mind dogs in general though and I wouldn’t mind having one, one day. But not while the kids are still really little. We did have a cat at one point but my husbands slightly allergic too :( Too bad because I really love cats.

  21. I love, love, love DOGS! They are the best companions and pets ever. I grew up with black labs my whole life and love them. I can’t stand cats, their scratches, their pissy attitudes, and their ability to make my break out in a full body rash.

    I feel bad because my husband grew up with cats his whole life and he loves nuzzling any he gets a chance to be around. But then he can’t touch me or I’ll break out. And the cats seem to sense that I don’t like them because they all gravitate towards me and try to rub up on me.

  22. I love cats but I’m more of a dog person — although we’ll never have either since Jason is allergic to basically any animal with hair!

    I remember trying to fly kites and it never working out!

  23. I’m a dog person all the way!

  24. oh beautiful pics! i have to say I don’t care for cats at all…i am SUCH a dog person! i love all dogs but cats..meh I would never get one myself!

    looks like the perfect day and beautiful sights! xoxox

  25. I am a dog person all the way!! And doggie kisses make me happy! :) I’ll take your share of doggie kisses, don’t worry! I think your “vintage” photos look fine, lady… maybe not as nice as your awesome new photos, but definitely better than a lot of other photos ’round the ‘sphere… just sayin’! ;)

  26. Oh that ginger cat kills me! too cute- the face smooshed on its paws sleeping!!

    Well, you know I’m a cat person, but I HATED cats when I was a kid (because I treated them like dogs- running at them screaming- that doesn’t work with cats, I learned about 30 yrs later!)

    glad you seem to be enjoying still! Looks gorgeous!


  27. I just HAVE to share this adorable kitten video that’s been making the rounds of the internet this week:

  28. I don’t think I’m courageous enough to kite surf. I can hardly surf. I think I’ll just stick with flying kites ;) Which I’ve actually only done once in my life, but its a much calmer activity.
    I’d do stand up paddling any day though!…is that a popular sport in Aruba?

  29. I’ve never flown a kite or been kite surfing. I feel like I’m missing out on something.
    I love cats. I have a fat lazy almost 9 year old kitty who is always lying next to me on the couch when I blog.
    I had a dog before my cat, but I’m more of a cat person, or a small animal person. I loved my golden retriever, but I think having another big dog would just freak me out. I like cats and chihuahuas.

  30. Just found your blog, I will be following!

  31. Wow Averie, I’m just loving looking at the photos of Aruba, they’re relaxing to look at on this crazy day in work.

  32. I’m both a cat and a dog person — I love all animals (except spiders)!
    My cat goes absolutely crazy for cantaloupe — when we have it, she nearly attacks us for it and begs until we give her some. I’m not really sure if it’s safe for cats, so I never let her have too much (but I think it’s ok?). She also goes crazy for corn on the cob — not regular corn, only corn on the cob. So when I finish my ear of corn I purposefully don’t clean it too well and I hold the ear for her while she gnaws it clean. It’s adorable.

  33. Haha…those cats have a rough life indeed :-)

    I do like cats– although I consider myself more of a dog person. Ryan and I always throw around the idea of getting a cat some day…I’m sure we will eventually!

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  35. beautiful pictures!!
    my kids would love to get another cat, as ours ran off one day and never came back. :-(
    but, cats are kind of, I’m not sure yet if we will get another one. i guess we’ll just see…
    have a wonderful holiday weekend!!

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  37. I just HAD to comment b/c this post is about my fave topic: cats! I’m definitely more of a cat person; I loooove cats. I grew up with them, and have one now … she’s the love of my life. I noticed you said your man is allergic to cats; so is mine! My fiance is deathly allergic to cats (especially the one I have back at my parents’ house) but I love cats too much to be without. I did tons of research on the “hypoallergenic” ones and just had to take the risk … we got a Russian Blue (which is supposedly a hypo breed) and my man has zero allergies, and he’s in loooove with her. It’s so cute. Maybe invest in one of those breeds and your Scotty will be just as lucky! :) Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

  38. I am more of a dog person, but I like kittens a lot, and cats too … just probably wouldn’t get one.

    I remember flying a kite as a kid. We now take our nephew out to fly :-)

  39. Gorgeous pics, I could get used to those views! Kitesurfing is huge if Florida too, I remember when a friend’s hubby got dragged across a bunch of rocks doing it – not pretty! Adorable cats, looks like they have a rough life. :-)

    1. I used to windsurf in Florida, but have never tried kitesurfing.
    2. Yes, we have two rescues and I used to volunteer for a cat shelter which I’d gladly do now if I had the time.
    3. Both I’d say, but I do like my tiny, self-cleaning dog. :-)

  40. Aww, love the kitties… but, err, I think our cats are more taken care of than those, LOL. Two of our kitties are pushing 20 lbs!

    I love kitties. We have had SO MANY of them in the past 10 years, it’s crazy. Growing up, I had ALL dogs. I didn’t have my first cat until I was 16. Since then, I’ve had at least 20 cats and kittens. They’re such an awesome species. And any cat owner will tell you that they own you, not the other way around. :)

    Did not know they have a sweet tooth!! That’s funny. I know our cats are addicted to carbs, so it doesn’t surprise me. hehe

  41. Haven’t tried any kind of surfing, but have always wanted to try hand gliding and para sailing. Might do the para sailing on the next trip to Barbados.

    Those kitties are adorable. The last one (white with a bit of grey & black on his head) looks very similar to one of my kitties. He loves anything watery like: cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet peppers, or watermelon. The other cat is all about the meat and fish.

    I love cats & dogs equally. With our current lifestyle it wouldn’t be fair to own a dog. We are sticking with cats for now.

  42. LOVE cats! I have 3 of them! I like dogs, too, but have always been a cat owner b/c they’re easier to care for. Going away for a weekend is no biggie and I think my cats actually like having the run of the house when we go away! LOL

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