Monday, Funday

I hope you had a nice Monday because I did!

I started off my day with local Aruban coffee

Then I went for a quick run while Scott was at the house talking to his business associates.  It was such a hot and sweaty run, which felt great.

But it also felt great to jump in this with Skylar afterward:


When I’m out running, I run past the high rise hotels here in Aruba and admire their flowers.

After running, I came inside and stretched with a little yoga and core work for about 15 minutes…

…and then it was time to go to the pool with Skylar.

We munched on lots of fresh fruit today.

I bought half of a fairly large watermelon for less than $2 US Dollars.

I haven’t had watermelon since last summer and it hit the spot!

So juicy and refreshing.  And it was a really “good” watermelon.  Sometimes you just get lucky.

Thanks for all of the comments you left on my last post, Desserts & Healthy Living.

It was interesting to hear your take on moderation, and if you believe you can eat desserts (or eat whatever your “comfort” food is) and still be healthy and balanced.

Most of you said yes, you can, and to live a life without desserts is a life not worth living.  Paraphrasing there, but the comments were reassuring and nice to read!

A life without chocolate just wouldn’t be fun for me!  See my Chocolate Recipes post for everything I’ve ever made and blogged about with chocolate in it.

Including White & Dark PB Cups with Chocolate Peanut Butter Filling


1. Best thing you ate or did over the weekend?

The beach yesterday

The apple glazed vegetable & edamame stir fry were two weekend highlights for me.

2. How was your Monday?  Was it a FunDay Monday or not really?

I know most people who work or are in school don’t really get too excited about Mondays.  I know I don’t usually but I’m on vacay so I can’t complain!

3. Do you like watermelon?

I forgot how much I love it.  A really good watermelon is a gift from nature I’d say.

My idea of perfect watermelon is not too mushy or “mealy”.

The flesh of the fruit has to be firm but not so firm that it’s hard.

And obviously it has to be juicy and sweet!

Ironically I don’t like other melons much such as honeydew and I hate cantaloupe.  Ick! But watermelon has always been a favorite!


  1. That photo just made me crave watermelon, but it’s not ripe here yet :(

    Glad you’re having a great time :)

  2. I wish it was a FunDay Monday. It was a workday Monday. I always want to like watermelon. Just isn’t happening. I love to be able to jump in the pool after a hot, sweaty run!

  3. I love watermelon! Have you ever tried vodka watermelon? A friend had one at her wedding and it was such a hit! Just halve a watermelon, scoop out the pieces into little chunks and then put them back in the halves and pour in a little vodka. Yum!

    • I have had watermelon soaked with vodka. As well as vodka watermelon martinis…which is just pureed watermelon/watermelon juice with vodka shaken with ice and poured in a fancy cup.

      And one of my all time fave drinks/shots is called a watermelon jolly rancher!
      watermelon vodka + splash of cran + splash of 7up. so good!

  4. Oh, I love watermelon! We just bought one today. I was worried that it was too early and it wouldn’t be juicy, but it was fantastic. It was more than $2.00 though. Those Aruba produce prices are great!

  5. MEH my monday was pretty mundane, work was blah and its rainy out! what I would GIVE to go to aruba and hang with you!!!

    Ok I got your email abotu the suits and i totally may take you up on that! I need to get back to you because I want to knwo if she makes them from scratch?!

    I went to dinner friday night with a girlfriend and it was SO much fun not to mention the food wasbeyond delicious!!!

    I love a good watermelon but it has to be “good” if it is not the perfectly ripe sweetness, I wont like it!! I also feel that way about most melons like honeydew and cantelope! but hey, I love fruit so im not THAT picky ;)

  6. I want watermelon now. I’ll put it on my shopping list.
    It was not a Funday Monday here for a lot of people, but nice to know someone enjoyed it. :)

  7. I made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies as a gift for someone on friday. One of those straight from the oven with a little vanilla almondmilk ice cream was by far the best thing I ate all weekend!
    And I LOVE watermelon, especially when it’s sweet and juicy! It’s so refreshing!

  8. I just bought some watermelon yesterday and you’re right, it definitely hit the spot!

    The best thing I ate this past weekend was the Grilled Salmon Salad I made for dinner last night. Gosh, I want it all over again. :)

  9. watermelon is my favorite summer fruit but I dnt like it too sweet! :)

  10. The best thing I ate this weekend was definitely cookies and cream ice cream cake. Sooo good! And I do like watermelon…just in moderation. Its the only melon I like and super refreshing on a hot summer day. Like the ones you’re having in Aruba! :)

    • I actually really like the rind too. And it has lots of health benefits!

    • Omg my fav is the rind, and people always look at me funny when I eat it. I love the butt end lol. I hear they candy the watermelon rind in italy so it must be the italian in me that loves the rind lol!

    • the rind…my grandmother used to pickle it and make watermelon rind pickles. Sort of like a sweet and sour pickle and it sounds a little weird but they were like candy… a delicacy!

    • the rind…my grandmother used to pickle it and make watermelon rind pickles. Sort of like a sweet and sour pickle and it sounds a little weird but they were like candy… a delicacy!

      i tried to juice it once and ended up, ummm, overdoing it so no more rind in juices. lol

  11. THE best way to explore while on vacation is by running… you find so many things and places to see that you wouldn’t normally. But a dip in the ocean or pool afterwards is by far the most amazing feeling ever. <3

    Those white and dark pb cups look SO amazing! <3 watermelon, can't wait for the weather to heat up here so I can eat nothing but fruit all summer :)

  12. you are looking so tan! oh how i love watermelon, i think it’s been a year since i’ve had any i miss it! best thing i did this weekend was go to a local watering hole ;) my monday was not a funday haha. i worked ridiculously hard but hopefully the rest of my week won’t be as bad. tomorrow is looking pretty packed full of science though…meh

  13. glad you had such a fun day, averie! that is what vacation is all about!
    it was victoria day holiday here…but i worked. but i had fun and it was time and half so i won’t complain!
    i LOVE watermelon BUT it has to be juicy, sweet, crisp. nothing worse than a blah, mealy, over-ripe watermelon. hits the spot after a hot run, for sure!
    wish i was running thru the high rise section with you! enjoy your eve!

  14. I love watermelon. Especially with a little vodka – but that’s a whole other issue.

    • i wrote this to another reader, ahead of you…

      I have had watermelon soaked with vodka. As well as vodka watermelon martinis…which is just pureed watermelon/watermelon juice with vodka shaken with ice and poured in a fancy cup.

      And one of my all time fave drinks/shots is called a watermelon jolly rancher!
      watermelon vodka + splash of cran + splash of 7up. so good!

  15. I love watermelon — but like you said, it has to be a “good” one.

    Monday was a LONG day and I’m still so tired from the weekend. I’m looking forward to going to bed early!

  16. I love munching on fresh fruit in the hot summertime! Yum!

  17. Runs, ab work, fresh fruit, tanning, a crisp pool…you are in paradise <3

  18. Today was much better than the weekend, haha. Except I spent most of it in the kitchen. It was my mother in laws birthday so I made pitas and tzatziki and burgers and a salad which doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a ton when it’s for 11 of us. And my sister in law made a really yummy lemon rhubarb cake. So good :) Love watermelon, but I totally know what you mean. I must have gotten a whole lot of bad watermelons because I didn’t like them up until a couple years ago although I like all other kinds of melons. I can’t get enough watermelon now :)

  19. Those mini personal watermelons don’t stand a chance around me. I can eat one in a single sitting. Its funny, I had my first watermelon of the season in Phoenix last weekend, and I have been eating some daily since then. I got a honeydew today and you are right – not nearly as good.

    Coffee and watermelon. I could live on that.

  20. Avery your pictures are getting so vivid, mouth watering actually. Your vacation looks awesome. Ours usually involve driving to a relatives. I went to school in Hawaii and would love to take my kids there, but first we need to save some money. If you have a few minutes please check out my blog post as I would love to pass along the hard lesson I learned.

  21. Averie! Sorry for the misspelling.

  22. What a day, the fruit looks wonderful.

    1. Spent time with hubby and got a lot done at home. And my savory pepper chips.
    2. Okay, another busy day at work, but I survived.
    3. Yes, one of my favorite fruits. I have a frozen stockpile for smoothies.

  23. Well, I must say that I love watermelons, and having plenty of fruits in your diet,indeed does improve your health a lot.

  24. This is amazing!! I love watermelon too. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Hmmmm I love fresh water melon! My weekend and Monday was pretty average. Lots of studying was involved.

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  27. I bet running there is AWESOME! Loveee! And I am jealous of your access to cheaper fruit! I need to pick some up for dinner tonight- I’m thinking watermelon or cantaloupe…or maybe berries. My monday was good! Lots of catching up around the house (after traveling), work, taught at the gym and Josh and I put together our strollers!

  28. I love, love, love watermelon! Although I don’t think I ended up having any last year because it got so expensive. I am definitely saving room in the budget this year because I just can’t live without watermelon!

    I had to get a blood draw done yesterday and it was not a fun Monday! After two medical assistants poked me and dug around in my arm with no luck they sent me to the lab. There she had just as much trouble and now I have a nice bruise on my arm. Darn uncooperative veins.

  29. My Monday was pretty great because it was a holiday in Canada :-) I didn’t have to work, but I did do some homework for school.

    Mmmmmm, you have me craving watermelon!!! I love the stuff!

  30. Watermelon is such a great refresher on a hot / humid day. I can’t wait until they are in season here.

    Monday was a holiday here in Canada. Although, I did work at the paintball field. It was our employee “play day”. So I was the ref and all of the employees got to play paintball all day. Good time had by all, and the weather held out until we finished. Perfect!

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