Much Needed Meetup

I spent a wonderful, and much needed, couple hours with Marla on Tuesday afternoon.  

We met our usual.


We chatted, laughed, talked husbands, kids, blogs, blogging, cooking, photography, you name it, we covered the bases.  And it was wonderful and a much needed meetup.

Every time I part company from a Marla Meetup, I am left feeling happy, energized, re-centered, and refreshed.

Marla’s an amazing friend, woman, mother, confidante, blogger, photographer and I am so blessed to have her in my life!

It’s amazing what time with a good friend can do and really put a smile on my face!

After I left our meetup, I realized I needed to get gas for the drive home.

Sticker shock!  I think this goes down as the most I’ve ever spent on one tank of gas.  $73 bucks!  And I drive a car, not an SUV.  Thank goodness!

After making my way back home, it was time to think about food.

Salad with cucumbers, red cabbage, tomatoes, green beans, carrots (broccoli and edamame buried).

With homemade Creamy Honey Mustard Dressing

Lemon & Dill Roasted Potato Sticks

And Mango Ginger Maple Tofu

I had a half opened jar of mango sauce needing to be used before our trip so tofu was in order.

And I popped down a few No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls (with Extra Protein Option)

No mixer or Vita required.  Just a bowl + spoon + 5 minutes = done!
From my last post and the Purple Rain Smoothie, I’m glad you liked that one.

And it sounds like there are some major Prince fans and 80s music fans in the house, too! Katie left a great 80s music playlist in the comments. Thanks girlie!  I may have to copy most of that one!


1. What was the last Much Needed thing you did?

A few of the last much needed things I’ve done:


yoga.  Always much needed for me.


made a pot of coffee

Marla was the last much needed person I saw.

2. How much is gas in your area?

Premium gasoline is in the $4.50+ to almost $5 range in San Diego.

I have to use premium, I don’t have a Prius, and so I suck it up.  Pun intended.

3. How’s your week going so far?  Anything exciting happening?

I have plenty of excitement from our trip and packing to baking for the bake sale to holding down the fort while Scott travels to my fulltime job.  Exciting indeed.  Maybe a little bit too exciting but there’s no way around it.

Thanks for all the entries for the CamelBak Groove Giveaway for 3 readers.  Keep ’em coming!


  1. Hey Averie! Sounds like such a fun meetup! A few of us are getting together after a 10k race on Sunday and I’m really excited for it!

    My week is going well.. the weather in DC is INCREDIBLE, but it’s tough being inside at my desk all day!

  2. $4.79 holy smokes!!!

    I had a ladies night recently that was awesome. So great to relax with my friends and talk about all the stuff my husband doesn’t want to talk about :)

  3. Mmm, thanks – summery post, I’m reading as a five minute break from late night working so this was MUCH NEEDED :-)

  4. Awww I love meetups with gal pals like that. I’m very much in need of one very soon. Thanks for being there Averie xxx

  5. You’ve inspired me to ask my boss to start working from home 1x week. Gas is RIDICULOUS! I’m paying 4.25 for regular here in CT. Bleh…

    Things for myself? Ate some chocolate for the first time in 3 weeks. felt good… and a little bit bad ;)

  6. Aww, you are glowing after meeting up with Marla! I want to be there. Looks so fun and invigorating. :)

    Girl, I feel you on gas. We have an SUV (a crossover) and it costs about $70-75 to fill it up. I’m in upstate NY and the prices are around $4.15/gallon for regular to $4.75 for premium, but the closer you get to NYC, the more expensive it gets. It’s probably $5/gallon in the city. And it’s making everything go up along with it! Groceries, etc. Ugh. I simply will not drive or buy. That’s all there is to it. If I don’t need it, I’ll cut back. I’m hoping our government will do the right thing(s)… but I’m not holding my breath.

  7. We spent a couple hours outside at lunch time and then again in the evening in the sun last night and then today for lunch too. I really needed that. It’s been the perfect temperature and sooo sunny :D
    Regular gas works out to about $5.50 a gallon here and I don’t even know what premium is. We have a fairly small car and it regularly costs us $60+ to fill it up. It’s ridiculous. It’s nice because we live close to the states we can go across the line to fill up because it’s considerably cheaper.
    I think my little sister in law is coming to stay with us for a few days so I’m excited about that. And a little mad that we have to look after her because the rest of the family is going out of town for the other kids sports stuff and they do this quite regularly. But I love her and it will be lots of fun especially since she is so good with the kids and they love her to bits and pieces. I did want to watch at least some of that online photography course that’s going on but it looks like I wont get to watch much of it, if any :( Are you going to tune in if you’ve heard of it?

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  9. Gas in Honolulu is around the same as your gas prices in San Diego. I’m so glad I’m in TX right now though. I bought premium for around $4 the other day. And I was already thinking it was high since the next day it dropped down to under $4.

  10. UGH, don’t talk about gas prices…mine cost $70 last week to fill up and it is the dreaded SUV. I am not looking forward to the prices this summer. I wish I could bike everywhere! I’m glad you got some much needed good mental time in today! I hope you have a great afternoon!

  11. Meeting with a friend for coffee or tea is something I really need to do. Soon. I’m glad you got to have a good meeting today!

    Gas is under $4/gallon, but not by much. I am also thankful that we have 2 cars — Jason used to have an SUV that was an absolute gas hog. What a pain!

  12. I went on a much-needed date with my hubby last night. He’s been out of town for 4 days for work and I’ve been totally alone with no husband and no kitty, for our anniversary and Mother’s Day. I thought he had to work last night too, but he came home and surprised me!
    I think gas in my area is around $3.70ish. Sam usually drives the car, so I haven’t actually filled it myself in awhile.
    And I did something exciting (to me) today: I bought and registered my domain name! Finally! No more pesky .wordpress in my domain name anymore. I’m pretty excited. I’d like to move into self-hosting in the future, but baby steps.

  13. I though gas was expensive around here!We are about a dollar less. I have been trying to limit the times I drive, doing errands on the way home from work so I don’t have to go out again, exercising at home so I don’t have to drive to the gym, and going to dinner close to home so we don’t have to drive. I hate spending so much on gas!
    I have been wanting to make homemade dressing for awhile and yours looks amazing! Thanks!

  14. honestly? with gas prices these days I do not even try to look at how much it takes to filly my Jeep tank! expensive, around that much and has gotten higher and it make sme sick to my stomach! i think i need to trade it in for NOT an SUV! I have to think abotu where I go now to save gas lol

    i LOVe that tshirt you’re wearing! burn outs–all the way! love em


  15. Time with dear friends is always such a blessing! It’s so nice to have people in our lives who can refresh our spirits, just by being themselves and spending time with us.

    Enjoy your trip!! =)

  16. The last Much Needed thing I did was see my friend Jenni! Last year I saw her 2-3 times and this year so far I have seen her about 4 times. Much better! I’m trying to be a better friend and you know, after talking to someone that just “gets it” (unlike my boyfriend sometimes!) it is just so nice to walk away from that. I feel so much better and I think she does, too. We always meet up at Starbucks. :)

    I live in Canada so gas prices are in litres. Right now it is 131.9 cents/L. I think there are about 4 gallons in a Litre? So about $0.33 cents/Gallon for you? My math is probably wrong though. :P

    • You mean 4 litres in a gallon :) So about $5.28/gallon where you are in Canada…I am a Canuck too and it is $1.29/litre. We’ll see how much gas goes up come the May long weekend :(

    • 1 Litre is .26 of a US gallon.

  17. That’s great about the meetup, looks like fun. So true on gas, I’m in sticker shock filling up my econo car.

    1. Spent time with hubby over the weekend and got my car detailed this week.
    2. About $4.15/gal now.
    3. Busy, but not exciting busy. Already looking forward to the weekend.

  18. I am going to try all those recipes! Yumm. And yoga for me is a must! I am going through a yoga teacher training program through Corepower and it consumes my week. But it’s a great consumption. I too also love catching up with my friends. Those are always usually needed nuggets to my weeks.

  19. My much needed thing is a date with my bff!! She’s living far away right now, but she’ll be home in less than a month!! wooo hooo!!! She just makes me so happy and we have a blast together!!

  20. I hear ya on the gas! ugh. :( Another reason I ride my bike whenever possible.

    Best much needed thing: dinner out with husband and friends. :)

  21. My much needed activites were lifting weights, packing, and teaching. I just love the kids (except the punk who told me today “you just need to chill out”…he almost got smacked) and am going to miss them so much!!

    I still have a ton to do today too, so I bet get on it. I’m starting to get the lazy bug though…

  22. I just found your blog this week and love the coconut oil chocolate (our new, justifiable dessert)! I also appreciate that you have vegan recipes, raw recipes and yoga without being preachy about it! I may even give yoga another shot.

  23. I miss you and our old meet ups!!! Gas is ridiculous. Around $4.10 for regular and I drive SO much. Yesterday, I spent $100 for gas. Thankfully work pays for it, but still, YIKES!

  24. A meetup sounds wonderful. The last much needed thing I did was go on a long walk with a good friend. Amazing!

  25. Hi beautiful! I always scan and read whenever I can, but it’s been ages since I commented! I just wanted to send a quick hello and a lot of love! So glad to see you’re treating yourself to a fun trip! I know how hard you work, while still being an amazing mother & wife, and it’s so inspiring!

  26. My much needed – is running. and sleep. I need 7-8 hours.. or you better watch out.. I am a grump!

    In CT – we are paying about 4.30 for regular… ihave a small 4 cylinder car so it costs me about 45 to fill up. Word on the street.. is gas should go down 50 cents by summer.

    Even then.. it is still a lot of money!

  27. what a fabulous meetup!!! haha venti do it up! and your starbucks is GORGEOUS hahaha i wish we had outside seating with starbucks umbrellas! they should put umbrellas in your drinks too :)

  28. In a few, I’ll get some much needed cookie dough :)

  29. I have been reading for a while now, but since I just finally started a blog I figured I would comment under a “real” name! LOVE your blog, averie!!
    i hear gas should be coming down by june!!!! here’s to hoping!
    my week has been phenomenal, spending time at home with my brothers before work starts back up for the summer. went on a gorgeous and challenging hike today. hope your week is great too!

  30. Aweeee meeting up with friends is always the best thing!! And girl you are SO tan. I am appalled at the gas prices too….it amazes me how just months ago we were outraged when they got up to 2.97, and now they’re up to four!

  31. I live in Central CA, our gas prices are pretty much the same as San Diego! Maaaybe a few cents cheaper.

  32. How fun! It’s so nice to have those friends that are there for you to hang out with and have a good time :)
    I bet you are getting excited for your vacation coming up! I am super jealous!!

  33. You look SO happy in that picture at starbucks. Wow.

    Thank God I live in New York and would never use/need a car (except when I am moving). New York probably has the best public transportation system in the country. It works all the time, day or night (although at night you might have to wait 15 minutes for a train), and only occasionally does a track break down. There are definitely some characters on the train though.

    It costs $2.50 for each ride, unless you have a monthly pass. So that’s $5.00 per round trip, but it isn’t so bad. I probably take four or five trips a week right now, so that’s 20 or 25 bucks.

  34. 1. I have something much needed coming up tomorrow, a haircut and color touch-up! Finally, after about 3-4 months.
    2. Oh boy, don’t get me started about gas prices! Gas is insanely expensive in Germany, somewhere around 6 – 6,50 $ per gallon! I have a fairly small car, but one filling still costs over 80$. Plus, I have to drive 150 miles per week, just to get to work and back home. And word is on the street that the prices will rise even more. Ugh!
    3. This week has been crazy! I started a new project on Monday, and it’s frying my brain cells pretty bad. Looking forward to the weekend!

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  36. Hey girl!! Our meet-up is the last time I have relaxed. I mean really….where do these days go?? LOVE you and our time together.
    I really need to divert my eyes from the numbers on the gas pump. Hideous indeed.
    Looking forward to our next live session :) xxoo

  37. Girl time & girl talk are great. An absolute must!

    Sticker shock is an understatement. We drive VW Golf and recently every time we fill up the gas tank we are shocked. No more speeding for me. The gas is too costly! $1.36 per litre for regular.

  38. Well today is my birthday, so that’s pretty exciting. Can’t believe I’m already 28!

    Too be honest, I have absolutely no idea how much gas is in my area. I always just pull in and tell them to be $20-30 in. I go to the one place I know is always cheaper than anywhere else, so I never even think about it!

  39. Last much needed “thing” was a relaxing mani/pedi. It’s been WAY too long and I love doing that with Sarah! Gas in my city is $140.9/litre…not sure how that translates into gallons, but it. is. a. LOT!!! Weeks’ been great so far…thanks! :)

  40. Our gas is about nearly $1.50/ liter … in other words it costs almost $60 to fill my small car … I remember when it was only $20!!!!

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