Nicer Days & What To Make Next

I spent time with my camera Saturday afternoon taking pictures of the sky, flowers, and nature in all her glory.

I love this time of year because as a general trend, the weather gets nicer and nicer by the day.

I was running and saw these roses growing up the wrought iron bars and thought the color just popped with the black.

This weekend was no exception.  Last week it was in the 70s, then  thehigh 70s/low 80s over the weekend ,and by Monday and Tuesday they are saying low 90s.


Low 90s is extremely unseasonably warm and even in the height of summer, coastal San Diego doesn’t see many 90 degree days, but I will gladly take the hot snap.

I wonder what the flowers will think of it?

I loved how these flowers are just growing “wild” up the side of this person’s house in my neighborhood.

Skylar loves the warm weather just like I do and we spent time together at the park when I wasn’t working.

That’s her pretending to take pictures.  Monkey see, monkey do.

For snacks, I brought fresh fruit


No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

Thanks for the compliments on my White Chocolate Blondies with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting from earlier today.

Glad they looked good to you!  And for those of you who told me you’ve never had blondies, you better change that, pronto.

The blondies are all gone now, though.   I need to get to work on the next dessert-making project now.


1. Best thing you’ve eaten or done so far this weekend?

Being outside, having some nice hot and sweaty runs in the gorgeous weather, being with Skylar, and eating blondies were my weekend highlights.

2. Is it getting nicer by the day where you are?

San Diego is funny because it is often nicer in the late winter and early spring (Feb, March, April) than it is in the later spring and early summer.

San Diego is known for May Gray and June Gloom.  The weather stays cloudy, gloomy, cool, rainy, and yucky out for a few months and it’s such a “tease” after really lovely weather.  So I savoring what we’ve got going on now, for sure.

3. After I make one recipe and it’s eaten or nearly eaten, especially with desserts, my brain is always moving to the next item and what I am going to make next. Are you always thinking what you’re going to make next, too?

As I said when I showcased some of the lovely food I saw this past week in the ‘sphere in my recent post, there are so many great recipes out there and not enough time to make them all.  Or football teams or armies to feed. But that doesn’t stop me from reading, being inspired, and pondering what I am going to make next.

Often times with my normal food, I eat the same thing, or a version of the same thing, nearly daily.  It’s a food groove, not a rut.

Lots of vegetables, fruits, fresh, raw, simply prepared, easy, no-fuss, no real rigid food rules. Sums up what and how I eat, daily.

Dressed with Vegan Slaw Dressing

Sure the veggies themselves change, and the dressings and dips change, but really, there is nothing better than a big salad with fresh veggies, some edamame or tofu on the side, but for my “daily eats”, I make the same things over and over.

However, with desserts, there are so many decadent, wonderful, and different recipes I want to try that I tend to make different things.

Are you a creature of habit or do you mix things up?  Are you always thinking about what you’re going to make next?

P.S. If you’re just catching up on posts from the weekend, here are mine since Friday:


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  1. We had a warm snap come through over the weekend too. It actually got to 20C on Sunday. So happy to be out in the warm weather.
    Back to rain and cooler weather this week, then seasonal temps for the weekend.

    I’m making some gluten-free cupcakes from this book:

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