Birthday Girl

Yes, today is my birthday.

I really didn’t intend to post about it because as a mom, I’d rather talk about my child’s birthday festivities, but you all forced my hand.

I want to thank everyone who has wished me a Happy Birthday on my personal Facebook page, my blog Facebook Page, on Twitter, on my last post in the comments, in text messages, in voicemails, and on email.  Whew.  I have never felt so loved!

Once again, I am blown away by all my wonderful friends and your kind words and well wishes.  Thank you!


Ironically, and this is such a cruel twist, I feel like total crap today.  I am sick. I have a super sore throat, I have a fever, my body aches, I am tired but can’t sleep.

Scott took these pictures and said, “But you don’t look sick.”  Trust me, I am.   Fake it til you make it, right?

And fake that this picture is in focus, right?

So what’s a sick birthday girl to do?

Just tell myself I am not sick, carry on as usual, and try to make the best of the day which is what I’ve done!

I went on a photo shoot bonanza at the farmer’s market today.

Here are a few of the images I captured that I have edited (of the 150 I took in about 45 minutes) that are early favorites.   

I hope you like looking at produce and plants because I have a whole post of pictures coming up in the next day or two from my birthday photo shoot bonanza.  And I don’t mean this photo shoot.

Scott didn’t buy me any presents.  I buy my own. After the farmer’s market as I was walking home, I stopped in a thrift store and went “all out” and for $5 bucks scored two pink bowls and two plates.  Last weekend it was a new computer but this weekend I kept it very thrifty.

I love little thrills and cute ‘n cheap dishes.   It makes picture making time so much more fun with a few new props.

I didn’t make myself a birthday cake.

I ate No Bake Nutella & Peanut Butter Graham Bars with Chocolate FrostingThey are so easy to make and you too will enter a sugar coma and nut butter heaven all at once when you try these.

And honestly, one of the best presents of the day was having FoodGakwer and Tasteologie like my images.  Photography is so important to me now and if I am judged well by the Food Photography Gods, then it’s a happy day for me.


1. Have you ever been sick on your birthday or any other important day or holiday?

Growing up I would invariably get sick over holidays or when school was on break.  It’s like I would take my final exams and my body said, ok, the stress of that big event is over now you can relax.  And then my body would let out a big sigh and proceed to get sick.

I think after the running-on-adrenaline phase is over or the stress of a big event has passed, our bodies relax, including our immune systems, and that’s when sickness happens.

Not to mention, it’s no surprise, now that we’re home from Aruba and Skylar is back in preschool, she is bringing home tons of germs from all the other (sick) kids so it’s like going through my own childhood all over again with being exposed to every imaginable germ and virus out there! 

Kids are little germ incubators.  But I love her anyway.

Honestly, as a mom, being sick with a cold, fever, a headache, or anything else is just like any other day.  You just smile, carry on, hug your kid, and pray to God the razor blades in your throat go away soon.  No rest for the weary.  I couldn’t imagine just laying around.  Not when there’s pictures to make and snacks to fix!

Chugging vanilla iced coffees has felt good on my throat, though!

2. Best birthday memory or celebration you’ve ever had?

25th birthday comes to mind.  We were living on the beach in North Carolina and I did a sunset yoga class on the beach with a dozen or so awesome free spirits, we carried on with a vegan potluck, Scott had me a hot pink cake made in the shape of a high heel, we drank all night long, went skinny dipping in the ocean, and watched the sun rise the next morning.  Fun times!

Today’s festivities are just a wee bit different.   Plus, I have to work later.

3. Best thing you’ve ate or done over the weekend?

The farmer’s market and taking pictures rocked for me.  Sickness and all.

Ok and the Nutella & PB Bars rocked too.

And if you’re just catching up on posts since Friday, here are mine:

Have a wonderful week and although I can’t thank everyone personally for all the birthday wishes, each and every email notification that I opened brought a huge smile to my face.  Thank you so much!

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  1. Happy birthday beautiful girl! Just because you are an adult doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve some birthday celebrations. Hope you had a great one!

  2. Happy birthday, Averie!!! SO sorry that you’re sick on your day but hopefully you will get better soon! Love those dishes you got–way to be thrifty, girl!

  3. Happy Birthday Averie! I hope you feel better soon!

  4. I hope you feel better!! I got sick 2 days before my first full marathon a month ago. I was so excited for the marathon I didn’t even think about the fact that I was running with a temperature!

  5. I’ll say it again: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!” :)

    I’m like you–I power through finals/et cetera and then crash. I finished school the Friday before Memorial Day & crashed for a week afterward. Fortunately Ryan knows to expect this & is prepared to fend for himself for a few days!

  6. Happy Birthday Averie!

    I know these things become less of a big deal as we get older, but it’s still a reason to celebrate!

  7. ouch – sorry to hear you are under-the-weather today of all days, averie. that aruba tan hides all ills, honest! :) hope you feel better soon – just like you buy your own gifts (me too) just postpone your bday til you feel like celebrating…although sounds like you’ve included quite a few of your favourite things today.
    love the snapping colour in those market photos. and nice work on the purchase of dishes.
    first year university: got sick with mono less than two weeks after the end of the year…total burn out coming thru.
    best bday: 16 – dad took me to get my learner’s driver’s license and i got my own key to the car. felt so grown up!
    enjoy the rest of your day!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVERIE!!!!!! I was thinking about you today and so sad that you aren’t feeling 100% but I hope you feel better soooon! :)

    drink those liquids, get some sleep and you’ll be healthy in NO time!


  9. Happy birthday! and get well soon!

    I used to always get sick during winter/spring breaks. It wasn’t the most pleasant, but I learned to deal with it and still ended up having fun.

    Your photos look fantastic!

  10. Happy Birthday, Averie!! I hope you feel better very, very soon. I know how being sick on your B-Day is…that was me two years ago. But don’t worry…my birthday party was still had. Without me. All I wanted was to sleep and I was getting drunk dials every 10 minutes trying to get me to go join my own party. Okay, now that I relive that I just kind of laugh a little, bahaha…
    GORGEOUS farmer’s market shots!! I so wanted to bring my camera to ours this weekend but chickened out last minute. It was kinda drizzly anyway :\

    • I ONLY brought my camera. I didnt even bother with cloth bags, buying food, etc…it was all about photography for me today :) I live across the street from it. I can go every week type of thing.

      I noticed when people saw my BIG camera and BIG lens come out and they realized I was shooting food, they actually moved a bit. Not that I cared, and all of these shots were done in 2 secs on the fly but i think you’d be pleasantly surprised at how cooperative folks are..they think you’re “important” when they see that big camera :)

  11. Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you feel better soon:)

    And good job on the photos:):)

  12. Happy, Happy Birthday, Averie! Sorry to hear you’re sick on your birthday – I hope you’re feeling better soon! :)

  13. Happy Birthday!
    I haven’t commented before, and I have no idea how old you are, but you look wonderful and just radiate health and vitality (even sick!). I’d love to hear about your skin care regime. I’m betting food plays a major part, but I’d love to hear the other secret ingredients to that great complexion.

  14. Happy Birthday! Sorry to hear you are sick!

    Your 25th birthday sounds fantastic. The food, the drinks, skinny dipping, all of it. Awesome!

    Your Farmers Market pics are beautiful — I love the first one with with bundles of carrots and beets.

  15. Happy Birthday!! Your photos are gorgeous. I love the one of the tomatoes. I hope you feel better very soon. I know how it feels to be sick on a special day. I’ve been sick on Thanksgiving and Christmas a few times. :-(

  16. Happy birthday! You look so pretty, even if you weren’t feeling your best. I hope you feel better soon! Last year I had food poisoning on my birthday but I recovered soon enough :)

  17. Happy Birthday Averie!! Hope you feel better soon :)

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you feel better soon!

  19. I’ve never been sick on my birthday (don’t think so at least!!) BUT I’ve been REALLY sick on Christmas :(


  20. Happy birthday! So sorry you’re sick, not fun on your bday! :-( Cute pictures, you look great! Great thrift store finds too.

    1. Probably and I blanked it out. :-P My luck is I get sick on weekends when I should be playing and enjoying time off, then feel fine for work.
    2. 22 I think, hubby too me to Busch Gardens for a weekend getaway.
    3. Made great progress on our new office and ate too much at an amazing vegan brunch.

  21. Happy Birthday! Oh my gosh, it is my birthday too! I am so glad to have the same as you, but I hate you are sick. I love those plates and bowls, they are so delicate looking!
    My best birthday was my 27th – my hubby gave me a surprise party – the 1st and only one I have ever had. My family came from out of town and we had tons of boiled shrimp and watermelon- my very favorite.

  22. Happy Birthday, Averie! I’m so sorry you’re sick, but just treat it as a time to relax and rejuvenate if you can! And Scott’s right — you don’t look sick; you look gorgeous! The farmers market and nutella bar pics look lovely, and I’m so glad you’re getting the recognition your deserve! I was sick when my hubby proposed to be in 2008! I had the worst sore throat and cold and sounded awful . . . but it didn’t matter because I was so excited :) Hope you have a lovely rest of the day and feel better SOON!

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE! I am so sorry to hear that you are sick tough. :( Being sick on your bday is the worst. I hope you feel better soon and I hope you enjoy every moment left of your special day.

  24. HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!!

    I’m sorry you are sick on your birthday. :(

    Get well soon!


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